Last To Remove Hand, Wins House Challenge

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  5 months ago +67978

    Subscribe and I’ll give you a plane

  • Singinggirl31
    Singinggirl31 4 hours ago

    I love Mr.Breast!! Buying your sweatshirt

  • LiLoHbonGo 'U'
    LiLoHbonGo 'U' 4 hours ago

    So mr beast is still paying the rent

  • Francesco Savarese
    Francesco Savarese 6 hours ago

    Who pays the taxes on the house??

  • holoriri
    holoriri 6 hours ago

    Chandler: I am afraid of no man.
    *pickle appears*
    Chandler: But that thing.. *it scares me.*

  • hailee ryan
    hailee ryan 7 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks chandler is cute🤣

  • Benjamin Guzek
    Benjamin Guzek 9 hours ago

    Me when I lose in fortnite. 9:58

  • OfficialJRBGscar
    OfficialJRBGscar 9 hours ago

    9:22 chandler remove his hand

  • Judah Kurpjuweit
    Judah Kurpjuweit 10 hours ago

    U are so awesome bros
    I l

  • Andrew belcher
    Andrew belcher 11 hours ago

    You should have marshmello make you an outro

  • Talan Helt
    Talan Helt 12 hours ago

    Hi JIMMY

  • Victor Fogh Toft
    Victor Fogh Toft 12 hours ago

    Is jake a viking from denmark

  • IH 2024 Shaurya S
    IH 2024 Shaurya S 14 hours ago +1

    Does any one see the hole 7:17

  • Shrack
    Shrack 23 hours ago

    Chandler: I’m king of losing
    Chris: hold my beer

  • ShawnCarter1114
    ShawnCarter1114 23 hours ago

    Someone bring a pickle ao chandler can lose

    HOT POTATOE Day ago

    No to be mean or anything to anyone else but Chandler is the HOTESSSTTT🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • KM10 Striker
    KM10 Striker Day ago

    Dude Perfect: Coby
    Mr Beast: Chandler

  • funny cloud09
    funny cloud09 Day ago

    Mr.Beast logic has all the money in the world but lives in a apartment

  • NatureWolf
    NatureWolf Day ago

    I would’ve brought some duck tape and just duck taped my hand to the wall lol

  • Red _Gizmo
    Red _Gizmo Day ago


  • Phil J.L Fig
    Phil J.L Fig Day ago

    This guy is the biggest troll on TVclip

  • Colton Decker
    Colton Decker Day ago

    Chandler I vote for you

  • 1967impala_pie
    1967impala_pie Day ago +1

    once my aunt threw potatoes at me while i was sleeping to get me to wake up.

  • Clyde Frog
    Clyde Frog Day ago

    I love you, Chris

  • Andry 21gamer
    Andry 21gamer Day ago +2

    Chandler moving his hand just because of a pickle

    Me : YEP IM DONE!!!!!!!

  • RiZe Fallback
    RiZe Fallback Day ago

    But chandler doesn't win

  • Hector Bolton
    Hector Bolton Day ago +1

    Let's get mr beast 30 milliam

  • Roxie Singleton
    Roxie Singleton Day ago


  • Spirit Bear
    Spirit Bear Day ago

    Will Chandler ever win a challenge? the world may never know.....

  • Serena Green
    Serena Green Day ago

    Real question tho.. how did Bailey put his jacket on without removing his hand??

  • Belen Bicere
    Belen Bicere Day ago

    Chanlder hasn't won a challenge yet☹️🙁

  • Belen Bicere
    Belen Bicere Day ago

    Wow is this rilly a good 🏠 lol😋😌

  • Cylobe -
    Cylobe - Day ago +1

    I wanted chandler to win

  • Justine Acer
    Justine Acer Day ago


  • Millan Khanna
    Millan Khanna Day ago

    0:40 🤔

  • Demi
    Demi Day ago

    The Bottas cap tho. VB is never gonna win so maybe the cap cursed chandler

  • Betty boo Bitch
    Betty boo Bitch Day ago

    Oh look an egg

  • Lydia Key
    Lydia Key Day ago +1

    Me: Damn Chandler..

  • Darina & Lada
    Darina & Lada Day ago


  • itsmegeorgeypea
    itsmegeorgeypea Day ago +1

    First to count to 10,000 wins £10,000

  • Fish.
    Fish. Day ago

    "My mom kicked me out of my house"

  • Kaylee Hyppolite

    I’m glad they actually got the house

  • Jbull Boi
    Jbull Boi Day ago

    Why is chandler even in the thumbnails we know we’re gonna see him lose no disrespect

  • Connor Belote
    Connor Belote Day ago

    I’m with chandler I want pickles to die

  • Thetransman Art
    Thetransman Art Day ago

    Kinda hurts that Chandler didn't win mostly he doesn't have a house for his own

  • Ruthvik Koppala
    Ruthvik Koppala 2 days ago

    How did Bailey put on the blue jacket if his hand was always touching the wall????

  • JJ Army
    JJ Army 2 days ago

    Chandler is never going to win do more last to leave challenges so he can have a chance lol 😂🤣

  • youyas78
    youyas78 2 days ago

    Garett was so lucky their

  • Kaj
    Kaj 2 days ago

    Last one to leave the house wins the house
    Chandler jumps out of window

  • RxAttacker
    RxAttacker 2 days ago +1

    0:40 Garret lets go but still loses

  • Aura Ditto
    Aura Ditto 2 days ago

    Do another one of these but try to let Chandler win

  • Antoine Tran
    Antoine Tran 2 days ago

    Music at the very beginning ?

  • Haven Jackson
    Haven Jackson 2 days ago

    Viking is cheating because his to tall

  • Alexis Kelly
    Alexis Kelly 2 days ago +1

    Can I move in with the editor damn

  • why mom
    why mom 2 days ago +1

    y r they wearing gloves their hand would be sweating

  • kiki g
    kiki g 2 days ago


  • kiki g
    kiki g 2 days ago

    poor chandler =/

  • Alexia Williamson
    Alexia Williamson 2 days ago

    Who else saw the guy in the white shoes take his hand off at 0:41

  • Greatgenuinełøza g

    Did anyone notice that at 0.48 seconds in the back Garrett was actually the first one out

  • Jonathan Valencia
    Jonathan Valencia 2 days ago

    I am trying stay on my bed until they end

  • Kittytastic Pop
    Kittytastic Pop 2 days ago

    Omg I read the title and I thought you were cutting your hands off

  • Dave ram
    Dave ram 2 days ago

    give indonesia translate pleases

  • Fuseless102
    Fuseless102 2 days ago

    bailey would look better no moustache

  • neotenken
    neotenken 2 days ago +2

    When Jake swatted the fly to lose the car, Chris was sitting down to eat just before then, just saying xD

  • Ave Games
    Ave Games 2 days ago

    Bailey should have claimed both rooms upstairs so one room is his bedroom and the other is his editing room. Just my opinion but what ever they want to do.

  • Dijana Cikoš
    Dijana Cikoš 2 days ago

    Beginners luck😂

  • Dijana Cikoš
    Dijana Cikoš 2 days ago

    Poor Chandler😢

    LAKSHMI NARAYANAN K 2 days ago

    Hey beast change the rules.... First to take the hand gets house... Chanler wins😍

  • hruhaan bakale
    hruhaan bakale 2 days ago

    mrbeast - why do you need the house?
    me- its free real estate

  • Cole Elliott
    Cole Elliott 2 days ago

    War Eagle!

  • _meplayzgacha_
    _meplayzgacha_ 2 days ago +1

    0:27 Chris already faild

  • Eqaulix
    Eqaulix 2 days ago +6

    MrBeast: Ok last one to talk wins 999,999$$$
    Chandler: What?

  • Electronic Gamer
    Electronic Gamer 3 days ago +2

    0:42 ;)

  • Logan & Kameron Sherman

    You guy

  • CJ Black rabbit
    CJ Black rabbit 3 days ago

    Elimination an order

  • Guy Michaely
    Guy Michaely 3 days ago +1

    Chandler's stupidity knows no boundaries

  • vanessa Ornelas
    vanessa Ornelas 3 days ago


  • Amanda Lassen
    Amanda Lassen 3 days ago

    Did he just say “last one to take he’s hand off the house or sits down loses”? 0:18

  • Liam Anderson
    Liam Anderson 3 days ago


  • Carrie Loving
    Carrie Loving 3 days ago

    I already know Jake won

  • Kade Hinks
    Kade Hinks 3 days ago

    That one friend that you Bully for fun

  • Alex Duffy
    Alex Duffy 3 days ago +17

    MrBeast : I will. Give everyone on earth 10 grand
    Chandler : *moves to the moon*

  • Janette Lazaro
    Janette Lazaro 3 days ago

    I want to be MrBeast's besty hahaha 😂 take me to New Zealand!

  • Queen_Devin Channel
    Queen_Devin Channel 3 days ago

    They really hoed chantler with that pickle

  • Adam falcon
    Adam falcon 3 days ago


  • Yeeting Ass
    Yeeting Ass 3 days ago

    Jake has Nike air 270s 1:42

  • Dani and Kk Vlogs
    Dani and Kk Vlogs 3 days ago

    i’m with chandler. i am AGAINST pickles. they are scary and evil. I AM STARTING A PETITION TO ELIMINATE ALL PICKLES.
    please donate to my no pickle society. ._.

  • W W
    W W 3 days ago

    Chandler's gone have depression because of yall😂

  • Shrek
    Shrek 3 days ago

    Use slo mo on 5:51 jakes hand is off the house. Cheater!!!

  • leah sav
    leah sav 3 days ago +4

    mr beast: first one to stay silent for the longest wins $10,000
    chandler: *screams*

  • Braiden David
    Braiden David 3 days ago +1

    5:48 R.I.P Chandler's giblets

  • Doritoz _sans
    Doritoz _sans 3 days ago +1


  • Eva Campbell
    Eva Campbell 4 days ago


  • Jacque Clift
    Jacque Clift 4 days ago

    Who else notices the four ✋

  • Michael Gutkin
    Michael Gutkin 4 days ago

    This Channel is some heavy capitalist propaganda

  • Edith Berrio
    Edith Berrio 4 days ago

    Do lastto leave limo wins 20,000 dallars

  • Hannah Vulgamore
    Hannah Vulgamore 4 days ago +5

    Bailey should be in more videos!! Bring him back!!!

  • Anthony gaming 356434

    Chandler I'm gonna win
    Pickle hold my bear

  • Barnes Nelson
    Barnes Nelson 4 days ago

    Send me a application form to be one of your friends.