REACTING to my OLD YOUTUBE VIDEOS! *Cringe Warning!!


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  • lap time
    lap time 4 days ago

    I think this is supposed to be a kid friendly channel...I'm not a 100% shore

  • GrimReaper52
    GrimReaper52 5 days ago

    that hair gel tho

  • Arshaq Shaihan
    Arshaq Shaihan 8 days ago

    You havent changed and I love it

  • Megan Bentley
    Megan Bentley 8 days ago

    Thank god for current jazza, which makes up for past jazz as wierd... douche style (jazza is not a douche but I have no idea how to describe the thin chin beard and spikey anything other than ...douche.)

  • Princesskyla Pascua
    Princesskyla Pascua 10 days ago

    jazza you look more younger today

  • Ingrida Daubaraitė
    Ingrida Daubaraitė 12 days ago

    That beard and hair style on voice acting tutorial suits you quite well, you should go back to that

  • Night YT
    Night YT 20 days ago

    Pause at 0:21

  • cara freeman
    cara freeman 21 day ago

    I noticed every time you get uncomfortable you adjust your earphones

  • Asdqnbkr
    Asdqnbkr 23 days ago

    Y'all think past Jazza can Copystrike Slightly Less Past Jazza?

  • Marvel legends And more

    8:17 Kill it

  • PotatoBoi9254
    PotatoBoi9254 24 days ago +1

    “Females are people too”
    -Jazza 2008

  • BTS x army x bt21
    BTS x army x bt21 26 days ago

    who else went to jazza's channel and scroll down to see the old "cringey" (as he says cuz i think i would have done worst) vids? no one? only me? ok bye

  • Betty Loewen
    Betty Loewen 28 days ago

    😖😖😖😫tooooooooooo cringy!!

  • DemiWizardHuntr
    DemiWizardHuntr 28 days ago

    Jazza your youtube career is nearly as old as me. Dam son

  • ABookNerd
    ABookNerd Month ago

    Fetus jazza was phat

  • Lorantha K
    Lorantha K Month ago

    Oh hun you know we all went to go look at these.

  • Sislover1124126
    Sislover1124126 Month ago

    Can you try to recreate your old old artworks? If you already have, can you add the link? XD sorry :)

  • Notmychannel TM
    Notmychannel TM Month ago

    I appreciate the fact that you liked most of your own videos.

  • Kentucky Wildcat
    Kentucky Wildcat Month ago

    Don't sell yourself short Jazza. You're obviously multitalented. You are extremely artistic.

  • Infinite Vegan
    Infinite Vegan Month ago


  • The Mindless Fools
    The Mindless Fools Month ago

    I know its months later but did you realize you predicted that you would make a how to draw fat people video, and then you did.

  • Angels Life
    Angels Life Month ago

    Can we please talk about how amazing his voice is he can sing !!💙💙more singing in the future?? (Hope)

  • Fabmatthew
    Fabmatthew Month ago +1

    I was a day old when you started your TVclip channel

  • Amy Warren
    Amy Warren Month ago +1

    What did we do to be blessed with the existance of this fine specimen of a man. You are the high lord and god of all social media art 😍😍😂. Lol that's just my wierd ravenclaw way of saying thx for doing what you do we all love your Chanel so much it always makes us laugh

  • Yvette B
    Yvette B Month ago

    He looked like a blond smash mouth!

  • ConverseFilly5
    ConverseFilly5 Month ago


  • Miz • Imperfect
    Miz • Imperfect Month ago

    *_Hellow Everih Bodi_* with that Italian accent 😂

  • Andrew Slaw
    Andrew Slaw Month ago

    I also love how you talked to your past self XD

  • Andrew Slaw
    Andrew Slaw Month ago

    Always rocked The Joker impression :)

  • Ana Jasso
    Ana Jasso Month ago

    Have you tried making cars and houses out of paper?

  • caitlyn lepatourel
    caitlyn lepatourel Month ago

    Cringy Jazza looks like a young Jamie Oliver (5.28 mins in) 😂😭

  • Desi Cardinal
    Desi Cardinal Month ago

    Who else wants to see jazza with a beard again or a hint of one...😂😂

  • adam draws
    adam draws Month ago

    Lol who else noticed at 8:48 he liked his video

  • Mute
    Mute Month ago

    He is subscribed to his own channels 0:35

  • Pierce PS
    Pierce PS Month ago

    This is uh... gReAt

  • The Current Change
    The Current Change Month ago

    R I P brain cells

  • I like play do
    I like play do Month ago

    You started jazza studios before I was even born

  • Lang Kuoch
    Lang Kuoch 2 months ago

    You should bring the beard back though

  • Anto anto
    Anto anto 2 months ago

    ciao io sono lollo barcollo ma non mollo io dico cosi

  • Buntina
    Buntina 2 months ago +1

    At 5:00 you look like young jamie oliver haha

  • Mr_ Dode
    Mr_ Dode 2 months ago

    1:17 i where all most born

  • Rachel Frumkin
    Rachel Frumkin 2 months ago

    That chin beard is.....something.

  • Carlos Munar
    Carlos Munar 2 months ago +1

    I see that your subscribed to The Game Theroists, that's nice thing

  • Rae Everlark
    Rae Everlark 2 months ago

    Recording yourself in the reject shop... mate... lol

  • TylerTMM
    TylerTMM 2 months ago

    Your first video was uploaded on my 3rd birthday!

  • S12 GAMING
    S12 GAMING 2 months ago +1

    "Females A People To" - Josiah Brooks

  • Sara Becirevic
    Sara Becirevic 2 months ago

    Wait is your name Josiah brooks?! 😂 what

  • Emily Page
    Emily Page 2 months ago

    I was less than a month old when you created your first channel

    MAKENNA SMITH 2 months ago

    Hey, Jazza, if you want a needle in your veins just watch enough of these videos that you have to have someone feed you your best videos through an IV.

    That wasn’t at all funny.

    I’m so sorry.


  • Mercedes Settle
    Mercedes Settle 2 months ago

    I remember seeing Jazza on that video with a recording artist thinking "damn he pretty good" but I'm just like woah I would buy his rock music if he kept it up

  • Remy Mafia
    Remy Mafia 2 months ago

    Jazza looked hot with a beard. Now, he just looks cute. That's fine too, but he really pulled off that beard.

  • Glen Atchison
    Glen Atchison 2 months ago +1

    Imagine the cringe in ten years when you look back at your current stuff.

  • NiAmH WiLsOn
    NiAmH WiLsOn 2 months ago

    0:36 i subscribed to myself too

  • thelazyparent
    thelazyparent 2 months ago

    I'm here for a beard revival though, it's not too late for no shave november! #bringbackjazzasbeard

  • Roblox and Minecraft and more gamer

    207-2018 Jazza

  • Haleigh Tucker
    Haleigh Tucker 2 months ago


  • Samuel Underwood
    Samuel Underwood 2 months ago

    he is subscribed to game theory

  • Adam Weishaupt
    Adam Weishaupt 2 months ago

    Seems like there was no pc police back than.

  • Joke De Vries
    Joke De Vries 2 months ago +1

    Play the intro slowely some frames look hillarious

  • Henry Roberts
    Henry Roberts 2 months ago


  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 2 months ago

    2:09 9 days later I came into the world WHERES MY TIME MACHINE

  • Lil Meow Moew Yoongay
    Lil Meow Moew Yoongay 2 months ago

    Sorry Jazza, but you used to look like a Walmart version of All Star

  • Allenur's Art
    Allenur's Art 2 months ago

    Amazing voice

  • Eli’s Dun
    Eli’s Dun 2 months ago

    3:52 Josiah are you okay?

  • TitanShield59
    TitanShield59 2 months ago

    0:24 you're subscribed to the game theorists. good job

  • Web Detective
    Web Detective 2 months ago

    u looks good in beard

  • Jorge III
    Jorge III 2 months ago

    3:20 ew it looks like flipnote studio quality!

  • gaming & blogs with jm-foxy omg

    4:21 no it's not 😂😂😂

  • gaming & blogs with jm-foxy omg

    Hi (unwatched)

    (Watched). 😶. (5 seconds of silence) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • A weird Potato
    A weird Potato 3 months ago

    no jazza i dont remember i wasnt alive

  • A weird Potato
    A weird Potato 3 months ago

    holy fuck he's subbed to game theory

  • PandaPlays247
    PandaPlays247 3 months ago

    When you had the beard, you look like Capitan America from Infinity War.

  • bada bing
    bada bing 3 months ago

    I'm just wondering, how can one guy be that darn productive?
    Great stuff all the way👍👍

  • Noelle almansoori
    Noelle almansoori 3 months ago

    I just love jazza he just got even cooler to me

  • Alison G
    Alison G 3 months ago

    "Ya seventeen year old virgin!"

  • Jumin Baby
    Jumin Baby 3 months ago

    Nope look the same to me m8 lol

  • Mirasol Tabiliran
    Mirasol Tabiliran 3 months ago

    Wow........TBH,Younger Jazza looks old.While 20+ Jazza looks very young that he didn't look like a father! PEACE!
    (sorry for some of you thinks that i hava bad grammer)

  • Mirasol Tabiliran
    Mirasol Tabiliran 3 months ago


    Your future self will MOCK YOU!!!

  • Elvis Skellington
    Elvis Skellington 3 months ago

    CHIN HEAD PARODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zubayer Rahman
    Zubayer Rahman 3 months ago


  • Zubayer Rahman
    Zubayer Rahman 3 months ago

    Ur own reactions to ur own videos r GOLD

  • Zubayer Rahman
    Zubayer Rahman 3 months ago

    "On my another lesson we'll be drawing FAT people"......who just said females r people 2? 😲Racism!!!

  • Zubayer Rahman
    Zubayer Rahman 3 months ago

    Females r people 2-JAZZA 2007 or 2008??? I'm confused

  • Zubayer Rahman
    Zubayer Rahman 3 months ago

    I'm subscribing to all of em

  • o Mayonnaise
    o Mayonnaise 3 months ago

    Lookin for a needle stick it in my vein, lookin for a pill cause I wanna number the pain, I wanted to do almost Anything to escape. Very good and it is now stuck in my heax

  • Sarah Le
    Sarah Le 3 months ago

    Look Jazza is a Game Theorist!!

  • GalaxysDragon
    GalaxysDragon 3 months ago

    I was noticing when you sang in your older videos you would lose your Australian accent. Between no Australian accent, the different hairstyle, and extreme beard it's as though you were a completely different person! I don't recognize you Jazza from the past at all! 😱 Who are you, you imposter???

  • Swift The Fox
    Swift The Fox 3 months ago

    Omg I’m dying, pause at 0:21 in 0.25x Lmao

  • Bryan Animations
    Bryan Animations 3 months ago

    So back then it was more like music with jazza

  • MissLilyputt
    MissLilyputt 3 months ago

    Jazza’s singing is very good. I wish he would collab with the likes of BoyInABand, Roomie, Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon.
    PS- Young Jazza (sans beard) more than a little resembles a young Phil DeFranco in the way siblings would be. LoL
    PPS- I love that Train cover. It sounds great. Just update the video with animations or something.

  • Capitán Americanoso
    Capitán Americanoso 3 months ago

    Jazz’s kinda looked like the singer from smash mouth

  • kimysuarez 24
    kimysuarez 24 3 months ago

    17 year old Jazza looks exactly like MJ in 4:52

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 3 months ago

    "How to draw bouncing boobs" yes you are

  • Grow with Niks
    Grow with Niks 3 months ago

    Hahaha I never imagine Jazza has a musical side. Awesome it was great 😁😊😀

  • Janinna Maynz
    Janinna Maynz 3 months ago

    I love your (singing) voice Jazza. And now I understand your name. For the longest time I was like "What kind of name is Jazza?" Now I understand it's a kind of a *bleep*ardization of Josiah... I approve! I'd like to hear you sing more! Even if only now and then! Heck, with your voice, you're giving Grian a run for his money... in my books... (search some of his summer/fall 2018 videos for comments from me, and it'll probably start to make sense... or message me if you're too lazy. I'm on Discord with the same name!)

  • Sullyvan arnold
    Sullyvan arnold 3 months ago

    (: I watched this on a live stream.

  • Fox Gaming! Gaming in the den!

    Jazza in Jazza studios was pretty much the knockoff Thomas Ridgewell by his looks.
    I don't know how I noticed that.
    But I did.

  • diasifec
    diasifec 3 months ago

    What's there to be cringe about? his music channels were pretty good back then

  • Trworsh
    Trworsh 3 months ago