The Colin Furze BOOK!!!!

  • Published on Apr 6, 2017
  • Oh yes Furze is doing a book, but not just any book, no this is a book to get the mini furzes out there building there own amazing projects.
    Pre Order your copy now
    From UK:
    From USA:
    Viewers from other countries can order through these link.
    This Book Isn’t Safe! publishes on 7 September in the UK and 12 September in the USA.
    It contains ten awesome inventions that you can make yourself with an affordable toolkit!
    Please note: inventions may need parental supervision.
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  • colinfurze
    colinfurze  Year ago +501

    Just a note people from other countries other than the states or UK there are amazon links on the UK link so everyone should be able to get one.

    • Benoit Thiery
      Benoit Thiery Year ago

      colinfurze Is the book is avaible in french?

    • Luggi Player
      Luggi Player Year ago

      colinfurze Is this book aviabel in German? Greetings from Austria

    • Chucho Elías
      Chucho Elías Year ago

      colinfurze Hey! Your book is also avalible Spanish? Greetings from Mexico!!!

    • i wanna die
      i wanna die Year ago

      colinfurze oh thank god amazon ship to every country and im thai

    • Der_Yannis 03
      Der_Yannis 03 Year ago +2

      colinfurze Is the Book in German too ? You are the best TVclipr ☺

  • Tony Clatworthy
    Tony Clatworthy 6 months ago

    Just wondered if you were planning on doing a book for adults as I can only speak for myself, but I can dabble with projects, but not to your standard, and would really like to get into doing something like you have

  • Kunal Madavi
    Kunal Madavi 9 months ago

    Well of death,Jet bicycle and a Huge swing, nominated for you have been warned?Isn't it?

  • Uttam Sarkhel
    Uttam Sarkhel 11 months ago

    this guy is my Hero

  • Zach W
    Zach W Year ago

    Hi. Got your book on Kindle and now my Kindle's caught fire; am I doing something wrong here?

  • red 0072
    red 0072 Year ago

    You should make an adult version

  • Tharith Thong
    Tharith Thong Year ago

    Where can buy if I in Cambodia

  • Isaac ICon
    Isaac ICon Year ago

    I've asked my Mum to get me this for Christmas :-)

  • Malcolm Payne
    Malcolm Payne Year ago

    I have enough for this book!

  • Marcus Davies
    Marcus Davies Year ago

    I bought this today

  • Martinian0
    Martinian0 Year ago

    I'm from South America, how I can buy it?

  • muteeb rahman
    muteeb rahman Year ago

    I want a pressure water thrower!

  • ancant ageaslash
    ancant ageaslash Year ago

    Can I set it on fire?🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Thanks again

  • Sir Hiffwe
    Sir Hiffwe Year ago

    Inspiring people to be someone who left school at 16 to pursue a plumbing career then became a mad scientist who is probably more crafty than the high budget scientists.

  • Kytetiger
    Kytetiger Year ago

    /me checks amazon.
    looks at recommandations... double-face tape, ok; marker pen, off course; blowpipe, you never know; 16x roles of rollers for skateboard, ^^ ; safety glasses, safety 1st; USB cables, for the cam i guess; Gymnastic Dancewear, ... O.o ???

  • banter videos 123

    Will it be in Asda bradford

  • MacupBanana
    MacupBanana Year ago

    ..almost got to the drill there.;D

  • Gamer happydude
    Gamer happydude Year ago

    Are you doing a book signing?

  • Lorna Humphreys UK

    I have order waiting to get a copy and I am a kid I use drills like you #Furze #colin

  • Thomas Goundrey
    Thomas Goundrey Year ago

    what is the age range for these inventions?

  • SD61
    SD61 Year ago

    I like how the cooler one caught fire

  • Video Weekly
    Video Weekly Year ago

  • Ottoman sipahi
    Ottoman sipahi Year ago

    i would totally buy this shit

  • Cnwamw
    Cnwamw Year ago

    can you mine burn when I open it?

  • The Cheaterman
    The Cheaterman Year ago

    I love how you're pretty much like Super Mario - you're a plumber, but you rarely ever do things as boring as common plumbing stuff :-D

  • Joël Marsman
    Joël Marsman Year ago

    That's A shame

  • Dubstep Foxy
    Dubstep Foxy Year ago


  • zinvidsio 12345
    zinvidsio 12345 Year ago


  • zinvidsio 12345
    zinvidsio 12345 Year ago

    hello can you message me

  • Alex Birch
    Alex Birch Year ago

    or something like that

  • Alex Birch
    Alex Birch Year ago

    it would be cool if you did something like ten must have tools

  • Mr Coeus
    Mr Coeus Year ago

    How you made the hidden blade in detail would be SICK!!!!!!

  • redstone craft guy

    "Put my name on anything it catched on fire"

  • Ben Kolocin
    Ben Kolocin Year ago

    I personally would like to see the Assassins Creed hidden blade in this book and I know it is not likely that he will put the instructions in a children's book for a weapon but what about, like an adult version of this book in which that is included. I don't know just a cool thought I will still be buying it either way.

  • Slughead
    Slughead Year ago

    "That's a shame!"

  • DoGe
    DoGe Year ago

    Brazil *-*

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith Year ago

    It's the Furzst book!

  • RWBHere
    RWBHere Year ago

    So, I expect the First Edition to sell like hot cakes! Like a house on fire! O.K., I'll shut the door behind me.....

  • Haotian Lu
    Haotian Lu Year ago

    This happens to a lot of youtubers. When they get popular, they write a book, and then their content goes down with longer and longer inactive periods. People have called it "the final stage of a youtube channel". Not sure if this is going to happen to this channel though, only time can tell.

  • InitiallyAwesome Studios

    THIS BOOK COMES OUT ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! Colin Furze you are so awesome!

  • ericbazinga
    ericbazinga Year ago

    Can you make a special edition one that does combust? I'd buy that

  • Noah king75
    Noah king75 Year ago

    I'm so getting one

  • Andrew K. Calvert
    Andrew K. Calvert Year ago +3

    Is there a limited edition which includes combustion? Because that would be "Lit" :D

  • Neroid
    Neroid Year ago

    Cmon I was hoping my book would catch on fire

  • SkiLLeR Man.
    SkiLLeR Man. Year ago

    I will buy that book after i finish my hightschool ( maybe a month or less ) you are super colinze

  • Lufe66
    Lufe66 Year ago

    Quando chega no Brasil?

  • Jascha Vigrel
    Jascha Vigrel Year ago

    Yo, Colin, Can you make, I don't know, maybe a Crazy Lawnmower using a pulse jet engine ?

  • RickDoet
    RickDoet Year ago

    i thought the title said the colinfurze bazooka

  • mr house
    mr house Year ago


  • Caleb
    Caleb Year ago

    I agree!

  • Jek Blui
    Jek Blui Year ago


  • Rasmon 123
    Rasmon 123 Year ago

    build a motorised fidget spinner

  • Remco Kieu
    Remco Kieu Year ago

    Der _Yannis 03 i hope to, i live in holland

  • Remco Kieu
    Remco Kieu Year ago

    I want this do later wen im older because im am 12

  • Nickonizer
    Nickonizer Year ago

    1 i always liked engineering but i find out how to build cool stuff from you 2 my teacher told our class we didn't have the mental capacity to build stuff ourselfs

  • dr.strange Raut
    dr.strange Raut Year ago

    best work man

  • Luke Thegreat
    Luke Thegreat Year ago

    you should put a tutorial on how to make the hidden blade (Easy) in the book.

  • ryan briggs
    ryan briggs Year ago

    can't wait for this to come out!!!

  • Christian Vande Guchte

    You should make a big Duck that drives on the road and sails in the water. P.S. you could make it fly too

  • razgriz33
    razgriz33 Year ago

    Nice one Colin :) You make engineering fun and creative, in fact i heard somewhere that you are at your most creative when playing around with stuff.

  • Victor Ditchen
    Victor Ditchen Year ago


  • Technie87'
    Technie87' Year ago


    MMBFITNESS Year ago

    Make the Worlds fastest leather Couch on wheels??? Haha that would be lit!!

  • Josh W.
    Josh W. Year ago

    I'm 26 and want to get into engineer...after already doing an MA. I cry ;-;

  • Thomas Busch Nedergaard

    does it contain with a CD with awesome Colin Furze inspirational punk rock :D

  • Khrazy_one
    Khrazy_one Year ago

    18,000th like belongs to me!

  • SWAT
    SWAT Year ago

    Colinfurze, Just Pre-ordered on amazon! Looking forward to doing some of these experiments with my kid. We love your videos.

  • Dj-jonfundy
    Dj-jonfundy Year ago

    For some reason, when I paused at the right time on 0:23. Colin furze has his lower lip moving and the book is moving up and down as well. Must bee a glitch on TVclip.

  • Dr. Murdercock
    Dr. Murdercock Year ago

    How can I get an autographed copy?

  • Rick McGuffey
    Rick McGuffey Year ago

    Already pre-ordered it... not telling my kids... they will be so STOKED when they see it!

  • docthebiker
    docthebiker Year ago

    Looking forwards to seeing all that furzegrammar and furzepelling in print.
    Colin has all the literary skills of a plumber.

  • Robert Malabriga
    Robert Malabriga Year ago

    idol can i have one

  • Jamanator9
    Jamanator9 Year ago

    "THAT'S A SHAME!" xD

  • echo 3562
    echo 3562 Year ago


  • jpatt1000
    jpatt1000 Year ago

    The first step in getting kids involved is having parents who actually care enough to try. I see (and sadly actually know some) people today who feel their children are a burden and let video games or the telly keep them occupied and "out of their hair". I see Little Colin in your videos more often lately so you are obviously not in that category as you let him get involved! Can't wait to see what his first crazy build will be! Good luck on your book and keep the great videos coming! (BTW, any chance on getting a signed copy of the book?)

  • Skillers Inc
    Skillers Inc Year ago

    Colin Furze is the British Bill Nye if he had gone mental. Thanks for being awesome.

  • Guardian 80053
    Guardian 80053 Year ago

    I'm soooo buying this

  • Nadabutsi
    Nadabutsi Year ago

    Gonna buy this for my niece! Perfect gift.

  • WintonMc
    WintonMc Year ago

    Book idea: How to upgrade the book to be self-combusting like the one in the promotional video.

  • bobbyseitz
    bobbyseitz Year ago

    Me and my boys love watching your videos! They are 4 and 3 and slowly turning into little Furze Freaks.

  • patrick g
    patrick g Year ago

    pre order check!!
    Cant wait to receive this work of genius !

  • Dj Morgan
    Dj Morgan Year ago

    even though i'm 35, after getting made redundant doing 10 years graft of delivering beds and building flat pack furniture, you inspired me to go to college and try to get a level 2 diploma in engineering, not long to go now i finish in june, and i hope i pass as i'm failing in my maths but excelling in the workshop, so we will have to wait and see, and maybe may crack on with going in for a level 3, for next year. Thanks for the great content and keep up the good work.

  • Callum Covill
    Callum Covill Year ago

    I want to be a plumber / electrician when I am older, BTW I am 13

  • DeadSh0t
    DeadSh0t Year ago

    This is why you are such a boss your videos are awesome you combine science with fun and your book is only 18$ keep going your the man

  • Shen
    Shen Year ago +1

    But I'm from Brasil ;- ;

  • Ultra_axe781
    Ultra_axe781 Year ago

    Can you add in how to make the hidden blade

  • Mexlom Kayzer
    Mexlom Kayzer Year ago

    lo sacaran en español el libro???

  • mashmanxeon
    mashmanxeon Year ago

    Already ahead of ya I want to become a inventor and your my inspiration

  • mistermodding
    mistermodding Year ago

    "The world doesn't need anymore engineers. We didn't run out of planes and television sets. We ran out of food"
    Quote from Interstellar.

  • Dave Perks
    Dave Perks Year ago

    I'd like to see you do something (not sure what) with one of those little single seater mini road sweepers (the sort you see in most city centres)

  • Tim Crow
    Tim Crow Year ago

    I want to be able to get a signed first edition!
    I am in the US (Seattle).

  • Heyli Nisala
    Heyli Nisala Year ago

    Good one man

  • Leandro Ogava de Paula Souza

    Hello Colin , did you included the schematics of that AMAZING bunker you made it???!!!

  • John Barber
    John Barber Year ago +4

    Yep, this is how you educate the future. Please accept your job on the TVs. Colin for pm!

  • carol mcdougall
    carol mcdougall Year ago

    BOOK, great, does it tell you how to make a book.

  • Sawyer Morgan
    Sawyer Morgan Year ago

    I laughed so hard at the gluing two toilet paper rolls together joke!

  • Nathaniel Manning


  • Richard Atkinson
    Richard Atkinson Year ago

    Description wrong on amazon, as you picked up another Guinness record for the fastest dodgem. "He holds five Guinness World Records for: the largest bonfire, the longest motorcycle, the fastest speed on a mobility scooter, the fastest pram and the fastest toilet. "

    LACH PHILLIPS Year ago

    colin please try to make iron man suit with flame thrower or liquid nitrogen thrower and a glowing chest. mini rockets on ankles. would be awesome

  • Simon Munden
    Simon Munden Year ago

    Colin, the flaming book has caused me to 'like' this video before finishing it - I don't do that often... As you have the original footage, please could you turn the "That's a shame!" clip into a sub-titles GIF meme? I would like to slap that into comments everywhere!