EndGame of Thrones - War of Music

  • Published on May 16, 2019
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  • Rick Hunter
    Rick Hunter Hour ago

    This feels like old school Lindsey Sterling, while her newer stuff is still awesome, it's stuff like this that made me become such a huge fan of her work. BRAVO!!

  • MIchael 164165
    MIchael 164165 2 days ago +1

    Beautiful music and a great view of downtown Los Angeles CA.

  • Marena Pikachu
    Marena Pikachu 2 days ago +1

    I played this on all the TVs in the house it sounds like someone’s playing it cuz it’s echoing

  • Agnes
    Agnes 3 days ago


  • 민윤기
    민윤기 3 days ago

    So amazing

  • RowanMayfai23
    RowanMayfai23 5 days ago

    and I'm crying now

  • David Yeray Lopez Molto

    Of Spain🇪🇸 have you a big talent ❤❤❤

  • GGG1402FFF FFF
    GGG1402FFF FFF 5 days ago

    Американская красавица на русский манер

  • carl dupuy theano mcgregor

    Wowwwww just like this

  • GORF
    GORF 5 days ago

    2.2k dislikes? Are there really that many tone deaf people in the world? How can you not like this?

  • 방탄 소년단보 민 라

    Боже,почему так красиво?😍😍😍💜

  • Williehimmi
    Williehimmi 7 days ago

    Dude no way! You don’t even know how much this makes me so happy. And then just to know you went above and beyond with a 110% with the elegant clothing just tops everything! Much needed thank you so much! Definitely deserve to sit on the Iron Throne now!

  • jack games
    jack games 8 days ago

    Wonderfull mix

  • Mojo 23
    Mojo 23 8 days ago +2

    Awesomeness!!! Incredibly Talented!!! Beautiful!!!

  • PrincE Chowdhury
    PrincE Chowdhury 8 days ago

    After a long time..... 😉

  • Chanel Onguene
    Chanel Onguene 8 days ago

    ok i think i'm in love💙

  • Chendzeea Li
    Chendzeea Li 9 days ago

    At least something good came out of the GOT finale :) Great stuff Lindsey!

  • you can
    you can 9 days ago

    Wow so pro

  • Enabi Seira
    Enabi Seira 10 days ago

    My friend and I trying to lure each other into their respective fandom.
    This is beautiful

  • Cari S
    Cari S 10 days ago

    i met you at the MN tour!

  • Thomas Knapp
    Thomas Knapp 10 days ago

    Hammmmmmer Frau die würde ich einmal live sehen 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • stopglobalswarming
    stopglobalswarming 10 days ago

    That’s hot

  • kymsheba
    kymsheba 10 days ago

    the greatest ever

  • Antonio Martines
    Antonio Martines 10 days ago

    EndGame of thrones
    -Pero que mamada?!
    Es el mejor nombre de la vida!

  • masoud norouzpoor
    masoud norouzpoor 12 days ago

    a iranian song👍

  • Cody Blue
    Cody Blue 12 days ago

    i got a game of thrones ad

  • Litsa Litsa
    Litsa Litsa 13 days ago

    I Love you a little more for this!! 😘 😘

  • douglas rodrigues
    douglas rodrigues 13 days ago

    Adoro game of thones

  • Forrest CAMP
    Forrest CAMP 13 days ago

    Ja chamo na vara essa gostosa

  • Angela Wilson
    Angela Wilson 13 days ago

    Kind of wish it was in a forest but I guess she doesn’t live around any anymore haha

  • Northern Sentinel
    Northern Sentinel 14 days ago

    Just saw her for the first time on PBS at the 4th celebration.
    What a talent and so beautifully cute!

  • Tavo
    Tavo 15 days ago

    Una delicia como siempre la mística música de Lindsey. 👏👏👏

  • Sylvia Rosales
    Sylvia Rosales 16 days ago

    Your awesome

  • Josef Vogl
    Josef Vogl 16 days ago

    wou krásné, nádhera bravoo

  • god hades
    god hades 16 days ago

    More Game of Thrones please

    YOUR PROJECT 16 days ago

    Soooooo pretty

  • blakspyder
    blakspyder 17 days ago

    Like playing two songs at the same time on your computer.

  • Leru Lamperouge
    Leru Lamperouge 17 days ago

    Abla düşcen aq

  • Bohdan 36
    Bohdan 36 17 days ago

    Это ЛУЧШЕ оригинальной темы в сериале на протяжении всех сезонов!!!

  • Hayrullah Ceylan
    Hayrullah Ceylan 17 days ago

    Very impressive but why such a location for that kind of music?

  • Franek Jedrzejewski
    Franek Jedrzejewski 18 days ago

    Lindsey Striling, Mother of Violins, I love you 3000 form that mashup. Thank you :-) .

  • Миша Бурый
    Миша Бурый 18 days ago

    Классная скрипачка. Шикарно играет и танцует :) И все это не считая того что сама прелесть и очарование. Так держать!!!!

  • Shrini Bhattacharya
    Shrini Bhattacharya 18 days ago

    Honestly whenever I hear this I literally cry.....

  • Linkanator 1000
    Linkanator 1000 19 days ago

    Wow she looks different

  • Shay Kitoffe
    Shay Kitoffe 19 days ago

    I luv U!!

  • Nahuel Monzon
    Nahuel Monzon 19 days ago

    lindsey stirling🙌🙌🙌

  • Илья Перетрухин

    Класс!!!мне нравится Линдси Стирленг!

  • • Eclipse •
    • Eclipse • 19 days ago


    LORD AUTUMNBOTTOM 20 days ago

    I love her!🤗

  • Dodo Swan Klim
    Dodo Swan Klim 20 days ago +1

    Recuerdo un anime en donde las canciones tienen poder, desde el 2011 sigo a @Lindsey y cada una de sus canciones hacen imaginarme un mundo de aventuras, peligros y cosas fantásticas, su música es inspiradora y hace crecer la imaginación. Amo tus canciones Lindsey gracias por compartirlo.
    Dios ha visto tu esfuerzo y te va a llevar más arriba, Peace to you!

  • ErCapoAlex
    ErCapoAlex 20 days ago


  • Dmitry Kalinin
    Dmitry Kalinin 20 days ago

    Where is a snow? I mean SNOW

  • Briggs Nance
    Briggs Nance 20 days ago

    Funny title

  • Bobby Hempel
    Bobby Hempel 20 days ago

    YES YES YES!!!!

  • Maximo Ticona
    Maximo Ticona 20 days ago

    Grande Lindsey stirling

  • Emad Majdalawi
    Emad Majdalawi 21 day ago

    This melody is full of life, but you just make it even better !!

  • Flute Guy!
    Flute Guy! 21 day ago


  • Johnny Cade
    Johnny Cade 21 day ago +6

    I heard about "shouting from the rooftops" But playing Violin..That,that is a new one

  • Tsukino Carolina
    Tsukino Carolina 21 day ago +1

    Avengers, game of thrones, violin, dance, lindsey... could this be perfection?

  • Lord Motorsports
    Lord Motorsports 21 day ago

    How good is this? You need to do a movie soundtrack. I would go watch it just for the music.

  • Katniss Chan
    Katniss Chan 21 day ago

    It's so cool 😍😍 i love

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    จุดเริ่มต้น หุ่นยนต์สมบูณร์แบบจะเกิดขึ้น มันจะจริงๆหรือนี้ จริงไหมเนี้ย

  • FirefulXD
    FirefulXD 21 day ago

    the game of thrones look looks like a perfect combination of cersei and margaery **o**

  • valentina arenas
    valentina arenas 22 days ago

    Un trabajo con fines académico, el abordaje que se da para un problema de gestión en el cobro de cartera de una distribuidora. si pueden darle like en youtube ayudaría mucho 😁

  • Justin Yeh
    Justin Yeh 22 days ago

    Does that violin seem larger than normal ones or is that a viola?

  • Ariana Sprague
    Ariana Sprague 22 days ago


  • Maria Paula Arguedas
    Maria Paula Arguedas 22 days ago +2

    Beautiful 😍🐉🐺🦁

  • razorjake
    razorjake 22 days ago

    @$!# the 2.1k for disliking this vid.... They have no souls.

  • hafadude69
    hafadude69 22 days ago

    Its good, but you really don't need to dramatis it like the way you are. It's like you're trying to hard to impress.