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  • Laura Eghøj
    Laura Eghøj Hour ago

    Who’s who here? New fan lol, so they all look the same to me 😬

  • SmH fKn t R i P p E r E d

    14:29 “sExAPoRNiStAhR” this bitch know wtf he said 🤦‍♀️

  • SmH fKn t R i P p E r E d

    Omfg who ever made the caption translations thank you

  • Simply Peachy
    Simply Peachy 2 hours ago

    I would die for jimins vocals / voice

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 6 hours ago +1


  • I3_ gamer
    I3_ gamer 6 hours ago

    0.31 is just the begin of a intreview and this Oh my goooddd of Yoongi has killed me allredy

  • jungkookjedi
    jungkookjedi 7 hours ago

    If I got a dollar for everytime i watched this video, I'd be rich enough to buy their concert tickets.

  • EnYi Sakura
    EnYi Sakura 7 hours ago

    Did they just call Jimin an international playboy? 8:00

  • Hafiya Moulana
    Hafiya Moulana 7 hours ago

    I barely recognize each

  • RM gotJAMS
    RM gotJAMS 8 hours ago

    The person who wrote the captions is an *ARMY* for sure

  • Rachma Pratiwi
    Rachma Pratiwi 9 hours ago

    2018. and still. laughing.lmao
    and Jungkook getting that one of his dream :") Charlie x Jungkook

  • Lorna Loca por sus SHINOZ!! :v


  • love yugkook
    love yugkook 9 hours ago +1

    Jungkook =savage

  • lil meow meow uwu
    lil meow meow uwu 13 hours ago


  • Viocinrin Nohrish
    Viocinrin Nohrish 14 hours ago

    Keep on repeating 16:28 you’ll see

  • bangtanjoyyy_
    bangtanjoyyy_ 14 hours ago

    8:58 jHoPE's vOcAl tHo tHaT wAs 👌👌👌

  • meghna sharma
    meghna sharma 18 hours ago

    V's sneeze is cuter than my entire face. 😐

  • Yumna Faisal
    Yumna Faisal 18 hours ago +1

    Jimin would be one hell of a hot police officer and and officer I would wanna be arrested by"😂😘❤️😍

  • Shastika Roy
    Shastika Roy 20 hours ago

    8:03 RM called out to Jimin “International playboy” I died

  • iiAlyx_ Gachaii
    iiAlyx_ Gachaii 21 hour ago

    NamJin and YoonMin standing and sitting together

  • Bish Bye
    Bish Bye 22 hours ago

    Gotta give credit to whoever made the captions! Like omfg ahah 😂😂

  • Ayanna Kelly
    Ayanna Kelly 22 hours ago

    2:56 jimin in the background "my phone my earphone" 😭😭 adorable baby!

  • but she drawsanyway
    but she drawsanyway 22 hours ago

    I honestly think jimin is very clumsy😂

  • Tattiana
    Tattiana 23 hours ago

    12:45 V earraped me!! 🤣🤣

  • Ummayh Siddiqua
    Ummayh Siddiqua Day ago

    Is it just me or this was the day Jin and V had the disagreement for the spring day choreography that they showed during burn the stage??

  • Alexa perez
    Alexa perez Day ago

    Korean fried Chicken I'm dead!😂

  • Alexa perez
    Alexa perez Day ago

    My favorites are V RM jhope jimmin Jin and jungkook and suga

  • Bangtan
    Bangtan Day ago +1

    JM: I originally wanted to be a police officer.
    JK: Please arrest/catch me~
    - silence -
    SG to JM: You have to shoot him with a taser gun

  • Matome Ephraim
    Matome Ephraim Day ago +1

    Korean fried chicken😉

  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp Day ago

    *Fanda Express*

    ELLEisaMELODy Day ago

    JHope 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Heyab Shishay
    Heyab Shishay Day ago

    Why did RM throw that question without answering it at 1:05

  • Yasmine Hall
    Yasmine Hall Day ago

    7:55 He said. Omg. He said "Jimin. Chim Chim. International play boy." I DIED

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside Day ago

    "I'm saxuhponistas"

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside Day ago

    Dear Translator,
    Strong power, thank you :)

  • xxx 82y
    xxx 82y Day ago +1


  • Syeda sakina Jaffri

    Jimin is so shy 😍

  • •Andie• Why?

    Question "where do you miss the most."
    Suga: "Chicago"
    Me: "Awwwww so sweet. "
    Question "what are your favorite fast foods? "
    RM: "Chicago pizza"
    Me: "We do have pretty lit pizza. "

  • karla francis
    karla francis Day ago +1

    V's little words of encouragement throughout the whole interview.... nice, good job

  • Estarion Viela
    Estarion Viela Day ago

    Me: *breathes in*

  • Yazi07 L
    Yazi07 L Day ago

    15:21 I keep rewinding this part again and again
    Hahahaha everyone just stopped and stared for a too long awkward amount of time

  • Yazi07 L
    Yazi07 L Day ago

    1:12 I'm laughing at how RM is being clumsy right before he asks who in the room is the clumsiest 😂😂

  • e l l i e
    e l l i e Day ago

    jeSus chRist I actually flinched when taehyung sneezed

  • Erin Kilpatrick
    Erin Kilpatrick Day ago

    whoever did the captions omg

  • Christine R
    Christine R Day ago

    Jimin letting me hear a piece of Not Today acoustic huhu please do sing in acoustic my love.

  • Jungkookie 4ever

    Rm: Who is the messiest roommate?
    Chim chim: YoU (with out a dout) lol

  • Isabella Pellichero

    Who did the captions in English lmao 😂

  • hey pao
    hey pao Day ago


  • Danna Paola
    Danna Paola Day ago

    I think that i'm deaf because of Tae at 12:44 R.I.P. headphone users

  • LA Sama
    LA Sama Day ago

    14:31 & 16:11 only me or there is somebody noticed that V embarrassed by RM? he do it twice “ RM make jokes about V’s accent in English “ whhhyyy💔

  • Kookie1 Abdullahi

    He is youngest in the group so we will see after this

  • x Axrii
    x Axrii Day ago

    *panda express*

  • ` UnicorngirlPlayz

    14:00 *AnD SpRiTe*

  • x Axrii
    x Axrii Day ago

    Im telling you, the person who did the translation in the captions is amazing.

  • BTS Boy
    BTS Boy 2 days ago

    *The captions: you finna get it*

  • too tumblr
    too tumblr 2 days ago


  • FLawLesS TaStE
    FLawLesS TaStE 2 days ago

    from 10:55
    RM- "I won't translate that."
    PeopleTV- "Don't worry, we did it for u."
    I can't stop breathing... ROFL 😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Jade Mist
    Jade Mist 2 days ago +1

    i think im starting to have a crush on jimin hes so cute

  • Sofia Bouguereau
    Sofia Bouguereau 2 days ago +1

    I don't know what to say
    just *Suga*

  • Anjie Basumatary
    Anjie Basumatary 2 days ago

    The sneeze though 🤣🤣

  • vmins’ a vitamin
    vmins’ a vitamin 2 days ago

    The captions lol 🤣

  • Leonie McK
    Leonie McK 2 days ago

    *ye I have is my face*

    We love you jin😂❤️💕

  • Lonnekehoi Keuken
    Lonnekehoi Keuken 2 days ago

    Ik denk dat die schattig Love van 4 zo schattig❤❤😄

  • Ama Ni
    Ama Ni 2 days ago

    Jk : charlie puth
    Ohh baby ur dream comes true now , u did it 😘

  • Nadine Mascarenhas
    Nadine Mascarenhas 2 days ago

    15:25 😂😂😂 I always thought that those crack videos were exaggerating
    Not at all!!! Look everyone’s face

  • DyingWillForever
    DyingWillForever 2 days ago

    We waited a whole year to watch the FULL VERSION thank god it wasn't the 22 years I thought it would take 😂

  • Marmy Central
    Marmy Central 2 days ago

    14:28 ohhhhhh sis I Hurd "sexy porn star"

    KNIGHT MASTER 2 days ago +1

    19:00 Lmao V

  • Kimtaehra •
    Kimtaehra • 2 days ago +2


  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 2 days ago +1

    Jimin give me a present please!!

  • BTS_stan ARMY
    BTS_stan ARMY 2 days ago

    19:18 taehyung's giggle is so cute I replayed it at least 10 times😍

  • Soo min Min
    Soo min Min 2 days ago

    if you hear closely or put subtitle in 8.52 you hear this
    Sg: as expected of th main vocal of *SOPE*
    Like bitch wat

  • moist apple
    moist apple 2 days ago +1

    5:02 Jimin: "*starts singing not today*-ah shit"

  • kookie jk
    kookie jk 2 days ago


    BTS ARMY 3 days ago

    Im laughing so much on the sneeze on 12:44

  • shay shay
    shay shay 3 days ago

    Whoever wrote these captions is a legend

  • Spoopy chicken nuggets Wow

    Is namjoon having to read those upside down through the paper 😭

  • Peter Eagles
    Peter Eagles 3 days ago

    12:44 holy shit Taeyung my speakers weren't ready!!

  • Cosplay Nerd
    Cosplay Nerd 3 days ago

    When they asked about collaboration I knew they were gonna say Charlie puth at some point

  • Claudi B.🇰🇪
    Claudi B.🇰🇪 3 days ago

    Yes yangnyum chicken is amazing. Theres a place 30 min away in Dallas that i drive to for it.

  • Anukta Pandey
    Anukta Pandey 3 days ago

    Jin is obsessed with his face 😂😂 Just like us 😂😂❤️

  • Dy Pangan
    Dy Pangan 3 days ago

    V singing drake song♥️

  • Aleena G
    Aleena G 3 days ago +1

    These are the best captions ever

  • ImAnastazia
    ImAnastazia 3 days ago

    this is my favorite bts's interview that's been done in america so far

  • Lara Kirana
    Lara Kirana 3 days ago

    And my boy Hope is so cute throughout this whole interview. I'm really proud that his English is becoming better each day. He learned really hard so he can communicate with us

  • Lara Kirana
    Lara Kirana 3 days ago

    I swear to God, V is totally obsessed with Panda Express 😂😂

  • aimshila shila ainie

    10:56 bersday🤣🤣🤣
    12:44 s n e e z e

  • Matt Matt
    Matt Matt 3 days ago

    Suga: why am i here

  • Zaii San
    Zaii San 3 days ago

    Me: Mum let's go and eat KFC tonight
    Mom: ok, let's go since its very near
    Me: Mum. It's "Korean Fried Chicken"

  • acik2001 auni
    acik2001 auni 3 days ago

    so funny hahahah

  • Laney Zavala
    Laney Zavala 3 days ago

    "no, no, no. im panda." - Tae 2017 😂💜

  • I am Ansaria
    I am Ansaria 3 days ago +2

    So we just gonna ignore J - Hope singing Just Hold On in the most beautiful way possible and It is at 8:58

  • Zaed Idris
    Zaed Idris 3 days ago

    Yo who in the hell wrote the caption lmaf🤣🤣🤣

  • Aaheli Das
    Aaheli Das 3 days ago +1

    They are just boys. Protect them 😭😭❤❤

  • Canan Halıcı
    Canan Halıcı 4 days ago +3

    This is the most legendary and crackhead Interview ever😂👍💜

  • Katie Gacha !
    Katie Gacha ! 4 days ago

    KoReAn FrIeD cHiCkEn

  • Kookie1 Abdullahi
    Kookie1 Abdullahi 4 days ago

    Namjoon is a mood

  • Sally R
    Sally R 4 days ago

    I just rewatched this and I am on the floor!

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 4 days ago

    16:29 lol I didn't notice til now but jimin went down lol so cute from laughing to hard 💀Rapmon

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 4 days ago

    16:18 so cute I love their bubbly personalities