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  • Жамиля Тайлибаева

    Mroon 5😂😂😂

  • Percabethforever 12
    Percabethforever 12 14 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Suga look like a legit panda?

  • Gaming Loyal
    Gaming Loyal 14 hours ago +1

    Wow jimin sound is super cool 😱👌

  • Emma C.
    Emma C. 14 hours ago

    If Jimin was a police officer I would always break the law😏😂

  • jimin still got no jams
    jimin still got no jams 14 hours ago +1

    vmin in this was reeeaaaalll

  • Maricruz Rubio
    Maricruz Rubio 15 hours ago

    What about Cardi B she good Rap

  • Popular By Payton
    Popular By Payton 17 hours ago

    I'm dying from the subtitles "HE'S A SHY BEAN" who made these Lol

  • Lil Meow Meow And Lil Chim Chim

    “ He said I should be in my room for the worlds peace” lol 😂

  • Heather Case
    Heather Case 20 hours ago

    Can we just talk about the English subs. They go me cackling 😂

  • sarah joo
    sarah joo 20 hours ago

    I literally watched 4:32 - 4:55 more than 7 times over and over again. from taehyungie to kookie to jiminie

  • Light One
    Light One 22 hours ago

    I like namjoon face he always wear little makeup he is very manly and so natural he is just an fine man with no personality disorder whatsoever he also very clear about him self humble and with manners sense , as well the rest of the group they are good people i like their discipline level 💞💞💞💞

  • WifiIs4Wafflez _

    0:09 jhope literally says 'okay' so many times lmao

  • eira William
    eira William Day ago

    12:44 RIP headphone users

  • Clarissa
    Clarissa Day ago

    18:50 viens JIMIN on va bien t accueillir 😏😏 et si tu veux ramène V avec toi

  • Praise Thompson
    Praise Thompson Day ago

    14:30 I thought he said pornstar 😂😂😂😂

  • Anna Adams
    Anna Adams Day ago

    when JK made that joke and everyone looked at him, but no one laughed
    that was the most relatable and funny moment of this entire video

  • xx_GachaWolfieVerse _xx

    I swear! J-hope is so adorable! BTW if you don’t know what ChimChim said on the letter V said he put ‘I love you’

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  • salaing Kee Shwe

    When I’m 10 I’m going to your concert

  • salaing Kee Shwe

    I love you BTS

  • Crázÿ
    Crázÿ Day ago

    Aww my shy lil kookie

  • ma. eliza Cada
    ma. eliza Cada Day ago

    Jk is in trouble hahaha 5:31

  • louhazzanoend
    louhazzanoend Day ago

    1:02 awe hobi is adorable

  • Jamie Anderson
    Jamie Anderson Day ago

    Is no one going to talk about their singing at 4:30.

  • Arul Johnson
    Arul Johnson Day ago

    Jimin was so quiet most of the time

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon Day ago

    Okay okay okay jajaj

  • Emma Bowden
    Emma Bowden Day ago


  • Emma Bowden
    Emma Bowden Day ago

    Rm is so genuinely done with the other members, he can’t remember if he’s akready read a question or not

  • Alena Holland
    Alena Holland Day ago

    *i want some fanda, fanda, fanda, fanda, fanda express woo, panda express woo, panda express woo*

  • Abby Ko
    Abby Ko Day ago

    This video is iconic. You have:
    Jins iconic laugh and his Fire dance and his RED poem
    Yoongi being a lil bean
    Hobi glowing and being funnier than life
    Me forgetting Namjoon is NOT the oldest (damn bro my bias is hella done)
    Jimin disappearing into thin air
    Tae being loud as hell
    And Jungoo being annoyed by his hyungs
    Worth all the 20 minutes, literally iconic

  • Wonder Women
    Wonder Women Day ago

    I love how our sunshine HOBIE was excited 😆

  • Mofeyi Adeyemo
    Mofeyi Adeyemo Day ago +1

    2:17 and I *REALLY REALLY REALLY* want to go to Korea

  • Hanako_ Stories
    Hanako_ Stories Day ago

    Omg, I used to talk that too. My mom would ask me “you don’t like broccoli?” And I would respond with “Yes”. It was engraved into my mind that I should respond with no instead of yes, and I wonder why people would say “no”. I thought that means that no, I like broccoli. Looking back, I still don’t get it. 😂

  • Gacha Chancla
    Gacha Chancla Day ago

    8:01 , Yoomin anyone? Also, too many angelic vocals in there to count 👌🏻

  • SO WHATT??Life is a bitch mine is a movie BTS BP

    Imao *3:09* rm talking to j-hope and then j-hope doing that face
    JH: yeah .."Oh baby..."❤

  • Dana Albano
    Dana Albano 2 days ago

    He loves cabbages -RM 2017

  • J-Hope
    J-Hope 2 days ago

    Somebody save Jin's hair. What happened? Who tf made he's hair its literally...

  • im bts' bitch
    im bts' bitch 2 days ago

    KFC or KFC
    I chose KFC

  • Fariha Hyder
    Fariha Hyder 2 days ago

    12:44 😂 bless you Taehyung 🤧

  • Grace Clarke
    Grace Clarke 2 days ago


  • Min Woosu
    Min Woosu 2 days ago


  • Artemis Keys
    Artemis Keys 2 days ago

    The “oh my god” at 0:33

  • Jennithe Sweet
    Jennithe Sweet 2 days ago

    Ok who wrote the troll captions

  • princess ali
    princess ali 2 days ago

    it's been a year and a half since this godsent interview i am devastated

  • Blah blah blah Eheheheh

    J-hope just an over enthusiastic soccer mum

  • BTS fan
    BTS fan 2 days ago

    I wonder what Namjoon didn't want to translate at 10:58

  • Ale Fernández-Caro Pérez

    1:06 next kestion😂😍😍

  • Michelle Delgadillo
    Michelle Delgadillo 3 days ago

    My good luck charm is my face - Jin 😂😂😂

  • fan_of_the_pals
    fan_of_the_pals 3 days ago

    Rip headphone users 12:44

  • becky
    becky 3 days ago

    panda express, omg im

  • becky
    becky 3 days ago


  • SayGooderbye
    SayGooderbye 3 days ago

    14:55 he got the bronze medal in the contest and there were only 3 teams😂 our daddy/muknae leader might be clumsy at times but he surely knows how to tell jokes right😂

  • Ειρήνη Δελατολα


  • LEGGOo ArmyyY
    LEGGOo ArmyyY 3 days ago +4

    Still can’t get over this
    Rm’s facial expressions is such a mood😂