My MASSIVE Art Supply Collection


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  • Vexx
    Vexx 28 days ago +4152

    weird flex but ok

  • Kelsi Strand
    Kelsi Strand 8 hours ago

    my dream

  • RamonaWinchester
    RamonaWinchester 11 hours ago

    You could send me that graphite set that you dont need :D ;)
    Getting art supplies - even when you're not using them - it's kinda the best feeling to me XD
    I always draw in my night shifts when there is less work than usual - it's just very relaxing :D

  • Pop Art
    Pop Art 12 hours ago

    Amazing collection....😍😍😍

  • Kato
    Kato 15 hours ago +1

    *Everything in here is designer* "Continue your journey through Crayola"

  • Shannon xiaomei Meriales

    Plsss give away for me the any color pens and other you old supplies

  • Haci Nom
    Haci Nom 17 hours ago

    Can i have your "stuffs you dont know what to do with" in your drawer😍

  • Potato Chips
    Potato Chips 20 hours ago

    why the heck do u remind me of laurnzside and safiya

  • diamondogs1
    diamondogs1 23 hours ago

    !!! I have the same shelf! Haha

  • Valerie Barraza
    Valerie Barraza Day ago

    Nice 👍🏻

  • Eslem Eslem
    Eslem Eslem Day ago

    Marker set fırlatı ver bana ordan bacım

  • La petite ASSAL الطفلة آصال

    Please please sucribe to my Chanel la Petite assal 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Terrible Saturn
    Terrible Saturn Day ago

    Oh wow, I don't know if I could show all of my art supplies it's so alllllll over the place lol

  • SSJB
    SSJB Day ago +1

    7:14 I love Pokemon cards

  • sarah alamri
    sarah alamri 2 days ago

    Snape Chat for drawing:sarosh-1995

  • Selena Cortez
    Selena Cortez 2 days ago

    I wish I had that much art supplies and your art room is amazing😁🖌

  • Hussein Alankouni
    Hussein Alankouni 3 days ago

    Whats in the tank in the beginning

  • Mai Fenton
    Mai Fenton 3 days ago

    you don't understand how satisfying this is

  • Creation With ME
    Creation With ME 3 days ago


  • Eric Mack
    Eric Mack 3 days ago

    You have some really cool supplies. Your marker display looks really cool. It's cool how you keep everything so neat. Nice studio. Very nice.

  • Jastine Ambooras
    Jastine Ambooras 3 days ago

    Mannn her nails is soooooo beautiful....... 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • mariem ah
    mariem ah 3 days ago

    i love your room she's wawww so

  • rootz1649
    rootz1649 3 days ago

    Me :Where the chameleon markers??
    Rae:these are the chameloen markers i recently bought...
    Me:oh there they are 😪😃

  • Jaxon Roberts
    Jaxon Roberts 4 days ago

    She should do a giveaway

  • Min Na
    Min Na 4 days ago

    i wish i can have it too😍

  • Alfonso Di Forno
    Alfonso Di Forno 4 days ago

    Jesus loves you!

  • Buggyboo Fangirl
    Buggyboo Fangirl 4 days ago

    The brush markers are usually used for hand lettering

  • u r mad
    u r mad 4 days ago

    7:01 😂😂😂

  • Alice Holmes
    Alice Holmes 4 days ago

    I wish I have these art supplies 😭😭😭

    PONÇİK TV 4 days ago


  • μαριλενα μ
    μαριλενα μ 4 days ago

    When you dont know where are your things and your room is a mess ......

  • Princess also
    Princess also 4 days ago

    I love you ❤️

  • Madison• Vadasz
    Madison• Vadasz 4 days ago

    Dollar tree gang where you at?

  • Dreams Forever
    Dreams Forever 5 days ago

    I wish that was my bedroom
    She’s so pretty

    GALAXY FOX 5 days ago

    I just got so intreseted on the tower markers

  • Helena Xx
    Helena Xx 5 days ago

    “I thought you were the dog”

  • Claudia Moral-Ortega

    14:38 did she burp?!

  • Meii chan
    Meii chan 5 days ago


  • kaylacreates2018
    kaylacreates2018 5 days ago +1

    I have the exact same Xacto sharpener and DAAAANG is it delicious! Literally .2 seconds and the lead is ready to spear my enemies xD.

  • Oreo Brewer
    Oreo Brewer 5 days ago

    That was so fetch!

  • JackiePlaysRoblox_Roleplays/And more

    I found ur channel and I’m in LOvE!

  • Ultimate Girl Vlogs
    Ultimate Girl Vlogs 6 days ago

    You burbed gross

  • Sereen Mohammed Nouman Al-Sammarraie

    were is the marker tower link?
    am i the only one who couldn't find it??

  • Mônica Silva
    Mônica Silva 6 days ago

    I have i have i have i have I have i have i have i have I have i have i have i have I have i have i have i have

  • COTF Anonymous
    COTF Anonymous 6 days ago

    Kurt Cobain!!!

  • Dalia Schroeder
    Dalia Schroeder 7 days ago

    you are amazing!
    i have been subscribed since 400k .
    keep up the great work,

  • Bella & Nathie’s World

    wow!!! you have so much staff, my staff is not close to what you have and well organized.

  • Gala Castel
    Gala Castel 7 days ago


  • Lee-Lee does Arts
    Lee-Lee does Arts 7 days ago

    What I get for christmas-
    An touch five Markers and A goddamn SketchBooks-

  • Soraya Lahrach
    Soraya Lahrach 7 days ago

    14:37 ????? wtf???

  • SnowTom
    SnowTom 8 days ago

    10:16 LOL!

  • Song Maggie
    Song Maggie 8 days ago +1

    I don't know why people even need those super fancy art supplies cuz I used just a pencil and paper

  • Jenn Hoffmann
    Jenn Hoffmann 8 days ago

    Your organization makes me so excited. One day, I want a studio in my home where it's just for creating...and seeing yours is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  • 可愛い Kin-Ku
    可愛い Kin-Ku 8 days ago

    *has only watercolors*

  • Moon The Wolf
    Moon The Wolf 8 days ago

    Rae I have a collection of crayola pencils

  • Greete Rohtla
    Greete Rohtla 8 days ago

    11.06 I love this

  • Josephine Salzman
    Josephine Salzman 8 days ago

    I has just decided to subscribe and hit the bell! 👍

  • yu han
    yu han 8 days ago

    Did you use all of them?

  • Fun with Nuba
    Fun with Nuba 8 days ago

    I'm gonna rob ur house

    Just kidding

  • Claire The Clefairy
    Claire The Clefairy 8 days ago

    This Is What I Want For My Future Art Collection. I Want Art To Be My Life.

    COLOUR CLOUD 8 days ago

    i love drawibgs amd u are looking too cute like my dream drawings videos ,friends see my drawings videos

  • EllieLiLi
    EllieLiLi 8 days ago

    Today I got prismacolour it’s sooo good

  • Jazztiger07 1234
    Jazztiger07 1234 8 days ago

    You made me jealous :C

  • ramiz ahmed
    ramiz ahmed 8 days ago

    I love colourfully stationary things

  • Isthat_tescosbleach
    Isthat_tescosbleach 8 days ago +1

    Wait hold up,
    Why do you have a PS4 controller on your Christmas tree?

  • Spriggan Brandish
    Spriggan Brandish 9 days ago

    Me watching while drooling wishing I had that much art supplies

  • Sandy Pusineri
    Sandy Pusineri 9 days ago

    Jaaaammes cchhaaaareeeelllssśsssssss!(9:18)

  • SL Films
    SL Films 9 days ago

    This is such an amazing art supply! Would die to have one like this! It's AMAZING!!!

  • Teri Lynn
    Teri Lynn 9 days ago

    So happy for you ...

  • Grethel Every day life

    I’ll put a🖌 for every like I get

  • elo tarakjian
    elo tarakjian 10 days ago

    i want all of that

  • Nic Nelson
    Nic Nelson 10 days ago

    Wannna give me the stuff u don’t need

  • I don’t have A name
    I don’t have A name 10 days ago

    This is random but I was eating my 49 cent instant ramen noodles (lol broke life) and while I was slurping them up, it clapped back and I got juice in my eye.

  • Nobody Likes me
    Nobody Likes me 10 days ago

    “ I have every single charcoal pencil” weird flex but ok

  • Mareen Shah
    Mareen Shah 10 days ago +1

    She so obviously went over her Cupid’s now on purpose it doesn’t look good,

  • Chrystal Milligan
    Chrystal Milligan 10 days ago

    Satanic markers hahahahaha

  • Sydni Gacha
    Sydni Gacha 10 days ago

    *me when I'm older*

  • Plein Air Adventures with Tez Dower

    It's like an art store👌🎨

  • Max Mora
    Max Mora 10 days ago

    Best artist
    Go and check her out:
    Her Instagram:

  • NabaruTM
    NabaruTM 10 days ago

    *hand movements intensify*

  • Vegeta the best
    Vegeta the best 10 days ago +1

    I want your studio

  • Ryan Inked
    Ryan Inked 10 days ago


  • izabelle lind
    izabelle lind 10 days ago

    love the curt cobain artwork and poster

  • Sarah Marchuk
    Sarah Marchuk 10 days ago

    Hey if you don’t want those brush markers I love them. Hint hint. Great video

  • Kaitlyn Rosen
    Kaitlyn Rosen 11 days ago

    All girl artists know that instead of drawers of makeup your drawers look like this

  • otaku poop
    otaku poop 11 days ago

    I'm jealous af

  • hannah mac
    hannah mac 11 days ago

    just wanted to point this out for acrylic artists:
    apple barrel paint is great for small crafts but when using it in paintings and such it flakes off over time. liquitex is a muchhh better brand for doing strictly acrylic paintings. thank you for coming to my TED talk. (if you have any suggestions for acrylic paint brands i would be open to them)

  • Holographic 80s
    Holographic 80s 11 days ago

    I've never heard someone call a blending stump a tortillon omg that is so weird

  • amie does art
    amie does art 11 days ago

    And am glad ur so so lucky

  • amie does art
    amie does art 11 days ago

    Ur so lucky

  • Bunnylife647
    Bunnylife647 11 days ago

    flexing much?

  • Flirentina Aposol
    Flirentina Aposol 11 days ago

    I was looking after some supplies. Now i understant why i find nothing. Those are all at you.

  • eldunari 02
    eldunari 02 11 days ago

    Your enthusiasm is lovely

  • Izabella Tóth
    Izabella Tóth 11 days ago

    This Room is amazing! I want it! :D :3

  • Razan Telfah
    Razan Telfah 11 days ago

    I'm open for art suppliers donations if you don't need an art supply just donate it to me coz I've realised how broke I am after watching this vid 😅

  • Antara.
    Antara. 11 days ago

    Hey! Maybe you could review Brustro Alcohol Markers?

  • Animallover 1236
    Animallover 1236 11 days ago

    I thought you where going to say something about having 2018 art supplies but instead you said 2018 room tour

  • Samantha Louise
    Samantha Louise 11 days ago

    just get to the video lolz

  • Lunar Skye
    Lunar Skye 11 days ago +1

    Wow I’m so jealous
    AII the supplies I have are just 7 penciles, and just faber castle ;-;