Pizza Chef Reviews Delivery Pizzas


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  • Kingsley Frizzell
    Kingsley Frizzell 2 days ago

    Like if dominos should sell their garlic sauce in shops

    • cool guy
      cool guy Day ago

      Papa jons gotta sell their butter thing

  • Luke
    Luke 3 days ago that you?

  • grapsta
    grapsta 4 days ago

    dude just gave ok reviews to some terrible pizzas. get someone whose happy to 'go in' to review next time

  • SplinteredX
    SplinteredX 4 days ago

    bigdawstv reviews delivery pizzas

  • Alejandro Reguera Diaz

    Un tré

  • Jacob Mudd
    Jacob Mudd 5 days ago

    Cesears delievers?

  • Lucas
    Lucas 5 days ago

    Una porquería, un tre

  • Yukiko Otsutsuki
    Yukiko Otsutsuki 6 days ago

    i guessed that he wouldnt like something about each pizza

  • planetX15
    planetX15 7 days ago +1

    So what was the verdict? Which one did he like best?

  • the Alchemist
    the Alchemist 7 days ago

    sbarro was one of the best pizzas, but theyre all permanently closes around me...

  • Kristian Petkov
    Kristian Petkov 7 days ago +1

    'Inside is a little... tight.'

  • XDaRkModzX
    XDaRkModzX 7 days ago

    watching this while eating a pizza that is everything he said he doesn't like in this vid

  • laserbeamlightning
    laserbeamlightning 8 days ago

    When they don't know how to cut pizza so they hire an editor to cut the hell out of the video

  • FlavorLevel
    FlavorLevel 8 days ago


  • Cloudy Covers
    Cloudy Covers 8 days ago

    Papa John’s is a fraud.

    ZADAN 8 days ago

    Big daws tv?

  • Evgeny Stolyarov
    Evgeny Stolyarov 8 days ago

    am I the only one who really enjoys the background music?

  • A Dawg
    A Dawg 9 days ago


  • Mati 93
    Mati 93 9 days ago

    muy ricaaaa la pizza digo jajaja

  • Reiga
    Reiga 9 days ago

    I wish i had dominos in my country ...

  • Jordan Vallejo
    Jordan Vallejo 12 days ago

    I guess cardboard is the way to go.

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face 13 days ago

    Little Caesars is the best pizza in my opinion.

  • Potato Pants
    Potato Pants 14 days ago

    I want Italian Pizza now ;-;

  • Keedly
    Keedly 14 days ago


  • Chorus Kid P
    Chorus Kid P 15 days ago


  • Desti Llen
    Desti Llen 15 days ago

    Al video le doy un *treh* :v

  • Akxsis
    Akxsis 16 days ago

    stfu and just eat the damn thing

  • Thomas Cool
    Thomas Cool 17 days ago

    No Pineapple pizza hahaha that’s disgusting

  • The Troll
    The Troll 18 days ago

    You pronounce it like "Halapeño" might be spelled with a "J" But definetly not how you pronounce it

  • Blazer
    Blazer 19 days ago

    this guy is a legend

  • Stoner Slater
    Stoner Slater 19 days ago

    Am I the only one thinking that they forgot about Marco’s pizza?

  • Dexter Puga
    Dexter Puga 20 days ago

    At dominos we use cornmeal not flour....

  • no, it's venn
    no, it's venn 20 days ago

    the jump cuts gave me epilepsy

  • No Goutty
    No Goutty 22 days ago

    I feel like I’m the only one who likes Little Caesar’s.

  • abrahamwashington1
    abrahamwashington1 23 days ago

    To me dominos is easily easily the worst in your local town unless you are like starving. I don't thick anything about them is appealing except the meat toppings maybe. The dough or breading to me is just so bad....

  • natalialol _1
    natalialol _1 23 days ago

    What about fast pizza?

  • Pink’s Cheeto
    Pink’s Cheeto 23 days ago


  • _I Don't Even Know_
    _I Don't Even Know_ 24 days ago

    0:32 my favourite part lol

  • rashard D'Auvergne
    rashard D'Auvergne 26 days ago

    Who tf puts sugar on pizza 😐

  • scrapper142
    scrapper142 27 days ago

    Professional chef tries food from Africa

  • mafia
    mafia 27 days ago

    like = dominos
    dislike = papa johns
    comment = little caesars

  • Ettore Fontana
    Ettore Fontana 27 days ago

    P A T E K

  • Danny Phantom
    Danny Phantom 28 days ago

    shia labeouf

  • Morsa Marmotil88
    Morsa Marmotil88 28 days ago +1

    When you hear his accent you know he knows about pizza

  • Deathbat WWE
    Deathbat WWE 29 days ago

    You look like Dawson of Bigdawstv!

  • Hyper Akali
    Hyper Akali 29 days ago

    Thin dominos pizza is the best thin pizza (my opinion)

  • AutreAdam
    AutreAdam 29 days ago

    Dude let the guy talk a full sentence please! This is cut so hard!

  • iiMYS007
    iiMYS007 Month ago +1

    The best pizza is from Papa John's. Ugh, I want one right now.

  • Sown Intergral955
    Sown Intergral955 Month ago

    I met him .........

  • Altra_1
    Altra_1 Month ago +1

    Are you sure he's Italian? That’s not how you eat pizza.

  • Gaming With Ethan
    Gaming With Ethan Month ago

    Sausage, jalapeño, mushroom, *UNCOOKED DOUGH*

  • internet asian boy
    internet asian boy Month ago

    0:57 When your teacher asks you a question but you can’t answer it but someone else answers it for you.

  • Lit Vids
    Lit Vids Month ago +3

    Italian Big Daws Tv ? 😂😂

  • Salar Mz
    Salar Mz Month ago

    Big Daws talking with an accent so we don't get suspicious😂😂😂

  • bryn clark
    bryn clark Month ago


  • Johnny-san
    Johnny-san Month ago +1


  • its lenlen
    its lenlen Month ago

    This is big daws tv from the future he must of us a time machine

  • _i_am_monocratic_
    _i_am_monocratic_ Month ago

    It needs to be the same pizza all the way through

  • JL Gam1ng
    JL Gam1ng Month ago

    Is he an expert?

  • Mr. Beep-Bop
    Mr. Beep-Bop Month ago

    I’m currently eating pizza right now.

  • Rawkstar
    Rawkstar Month ago +2

    He's being way too nice lol

  • Cheeseball45
    Cheeseball45 Month ago

    0:57 when she rejects you

  • The Rogue Cow
    The Rogue Cow Month ago +1

    Not just cheese but mozzarella...

  • Kingsley Frizzell
    Kingsley Frizzell Month ago

    Domino's is the best

  • Cobuild
    Cobuild Month ago +1

    Bro when did Big Daws start making pizzas?!

  • Vytil
    Vytil Month ago

    pizza hut always had the shittiest pizza

    KRΛKΞN Month ago

    Chef: Maybe potatoes ?
    *litteraly stuffs his nose with the pizza*

  • Jasu
    Jasu Month ago

    I love how he doesnt act all pumped and crazy hostile against pizza cuz at the end of the day, its pizza its tasty

  • HeWhoPlays4Days
    HeWhoPlays4Days Month ago

    Anyone else think his pizzas looked the worst?

  • Tre W
    Tre W Month ago +1

    Round Table is still the best!

  • Louis Henau
    Louis Henau Month ago

    I see the Patek mr pizza

  • Trimon
    Trimon Month ago

    Is that a Patek Philippe Nautilus?

  • Anti Peanut
    Anti Peanut Month ago

    Domino's Pizza is my all time favourite

  • Moonlight Quartz
    Moonlight Quartz Month ago +1

    Everytime I eat Papa John's I have to order three boxes because it's so good

  • Frederick Sii
    Frederick Sii Month ago

    Nice Patek Nautilus

  • Gabriel San Luis
    Gabriel San Luis Month ago

    Its not like that chef could do better

  • Houlp29 Gaming
    Houlp29 Gaming Month ago

    how many money did Pizza Hut give u? I give u double !

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Month ago +1

    That editing job was nauseating

  • HonokeeDraws
    HonokeeDraws Month ago

    Papa Johns
    Mmm... taste like privilege

  • Anna Nutella
    Anna Nutella Month ago

    Edited by: Emma Chamberlain

  • Nickster99 XD
    Nickster99 XD Month ago

    Pizza is like sex. When its good, its great. And when it is bad, it is still pretty good. 😏

  • Riccardo Blaso
    Riccardo Blaso Month ago

    in Italy rossopomodoro is considered as papa john’s...

  • macforme
    macforme Month ago

    For all the PP watch watchers, I am impressed that ya'll know one from such a distance. I Googled the watch for prices and found a Nautilus for around $56k. Or you could go buy a luxury car.

  • Recon Boi
    Recon Boi Month ago

    When is a homemade sushi maker going to review chef made sushi?

  • dedicdavid1
    dedicdavid1 Month ago

    Can i just say that all pizza in Italy is pure trash.The only good pizza I had was in Naples.

    • dedicdavid1
      dedicdavid1 Month ago

      +macforme No I was talking about my stay in Italy

    • macforme
      macforme Month ago

      Naples IS in ITALY...unless you are talking Florida pizza

  • Michael Garhartt
    Michael Garhartt Month ago

    Had his pizza and it sucks

  • Jellyfish60
    Jellyfish60 Month ago

    i tried papa johns for the first time today, the garlic sauce is definitely not garlic sauce, its some kinda sweet tasting mess...

  • Because I'm Batman!

    Plot twist: all pizzas came from his pizzeria

  • 80M8
    80M8 Month ago +1

    I'm so hungry right now.

  • Me You
    Me You Month ago

    See Those three chains i rarely eat at,due to the fact when you add it up its expensive 😂so little Caesars has always been in my heart,cause its cheaper

  • Luciano Martinez
    Luciano Martinez Month ago

    I liked that he was so impressed by Pizza Hut's personal pie 😂

  • fuck hades
    fuck hades Month ago

    is he wearing a patek philipe nautilus?

  • Påřķ Mïyøųńğ-sśï

    The chef should review Shakey's, S&R, lol i forgot some other ones.

  • Påřķ Mïyøųńğ-sśï

    I have loved pizza ever since i was a baby (im 20 rn) and any pizza makes me happy and I LOVE THE EXTRA CHEESY ones ehehehehe Pepperoni squad?

  • Kyle Kuester
    Kyle Kuester Month ago

    lil ceasers is what we call cardboard pizza in canada

  • Sneha 2004
    Sneha 2004 Month ago

    Click ⬇️
    0:57 & 0:53
    And try to make a beat box sound, and show me the steps if u can cause I’m too lazy to do it. (Please) 😂😂😂

  • Frizzer -
    Frizzer - Month ago +12

    Sono il commento italiano che state cercando. LA PIZZA MIGLIORE È QUELLA DI NAPOLI UAGLIÙ!

  • dank Dynasty
    dank Dynasty Month ago

    This guy is awesome

  • Orson
    Orson Month ago

    So witch on did he like the best. Pizza was invented in America, who cares what Italians think. Go back to eating disgusting poor people food.

  • Anthony Curanaj
    Anthony Curanaj Month ago