Pizza Chef Reviews Delivery Pizzas

  • Published on May 26, 2018
  • A must watch for all pizza lovers - who will win the title of best delivery pizza?!
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    Simone Falco

Comments • 4 410

  • Fortnite No skin
    Fortnite No skin 6 hours ago

    I eat it even if its bad

    DANK APPERANCE 11 hours ago

    i didn’t know that much about pizza until now

  • TechMaster XD
    TechMaster XD 12 hours ago

    Also everybody has different tastes so you can't really tell which is better from this video

  • TechMaster XD
    TechMaster XD 12 hours ago

    It's pizza bro, just enjoy it...

  • Skim Milk
    Skim Milk 14 hours ago

    Which one won?

  • l Ency l
    l Ency l 15 hours ago

    You gave them pizza from like the worst places

  • Ridley Main
    Ridley Main 15 hours ago

    Dude I wish I had a Sbarro in my town the closes one next to me is like 2 hours away...

  • Ignacio Moyano
    Ignacio Moyano 16 hours ago

    La de Argentina se coge a la de itala.

  • Slim ps
    Slim ps 16 hours ago

    Italians are always using the same hand motions, like they’re clawing upwards

  • Kristóf Máthé
    Kristóf Máthé 19 hours ago

    What kind of pizza does he make to afford a Patek😂😂👌🏻

  • GT XC
    GT XC 19 hours ago

    The amount of jump cuts

  • Mashir
    Mashir 19 hours ago

    Ma porco dio tu che sei italiano cosa cazzo dici peperoni cristo, di salame o salsiccia e insegna a sti animali cosa cazzo è il peperone

  • Michael Thackray
    Michael Thackray 20 hours ago

    0:52 when you go down on her and it's bigger than yours

  • The Ewok Lord
    The Ewok Lord 21 hour ago

    Wtf where can I get that Little Caesars pizza?

  • Ciaran Mcmullan
    Ciaran Mcmullan 22 hours ago +5

    Imagine they gave him his own pizza and he just started dissing it 😂

  • Dallas
    Dallas Day ago

    can I get a video of him just saying “mozzarella”

  • Just An Average Joe

    Sam's club pizza is best.

  • fde.__
    fde.__ Day ago

    Le doy un treh

  • Paco Evertdush
    Paco Evertdush Day ago

    i got a pizza hut ad b4 the vid lol

  • Dls Channel
    Dls Channel Day ago

    Even Bad pizza tastes good

  • Cristiano Pogba
    Cristiano Pogba Day ago

    Anyone else notice the Patek Phillipe 👀

  • PredatorCheto
    PredatorCheto Day ago

    Frickin do Homeless man reviewing different boxes/houses.

  • Ammu Patel
    Ammu Patel Day ago

    He should have oven story

  • Tom Gorman
    Tom Gorman Day ago

    Does anyone think his accent sounds French ?

  • George Winckler
    George Winckler Day ago

    Signori e signori? Mah maschilista!

  • _ Anonymous
    _ Anonymous Day ago

    He thinks he is the best pizza maker in the world

  • Ernesto Martinez

    He looks like big daws

  • Typical Gamer
    Typical Gamer Day ago +2

    “The crust is stuffed with not just cheese but mozzarella”
    Food scientist 101

  • Jack Norkiewicz
    Jack Norkiewicz Day ago

    I swear these r not what they look like when they show to my house wtf

  • Omar Alabed
    Omar Alabed Day ago +2

    Why you gotta diss Domino's Pizza like that

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown Day ago

    1:47 I think he’s reviewing a bit more than just pizza

  • Cheeseball45
    Cheeseball45 Day ago

    0:57 when you ask her out and says no


    And I haven't even tasted any of those pizzas😭

  • Bradley Jack
    Bradley Jack 2 days ago +1

    So which one is best? Pretty pointless review 😂

  • BEAST Boyz
    BEAST Boyz 2 days ago


  • Alex Sepelenco
    Alex Sepelenco 2 days ago +1

    He shits on all the pizzas so we eat his

  • Anaknya Eko
    Anaknya Eko 3 days ago +5

    Plot twist : he just wants free pizza

  • Andrian Ryudo
    Andrian Ryudo 3 days ago

    Pizza hut is my favorite pizza

  • straight shootah
    straight shootah 3 days ago

    I eat in his restaurant rosso pomodoro every time I visit italy. I love it. I always eat the simple pizzas, margarita, pomodoro, or verace. I eat the whole pizza and still i don't feel stuffed. Excellent quality.

  • Suhail Abbas 24/7
    Suhail Abbas 24/7 3 days ago

    Buzz feed should fire their editor

  • Fluminox5284 -
    Fluminox5284 - 3 days ago

    If it's delicious it's fine

  • Dhruv Chawla
    Dhruv Chawla 3 days ago

    Watch game on point! Is it a Nautilus?

  • Roop __[]_
    Roop __[]_ 3 days ago

    God bless the person who edited the video

  • Jovan shadow Knight
    Jovan shadow Knight 3 days ago +2

    I Got Pizza delivery add lol. Also i Got hungry from this

  • BalthazarTheGreat
    BalthazarTheGreat 4 days ago +6

    Im more interested in the Patek phillipe the guy is rocking.

    • Dallas
      Dallas Day ago

      *patek nautilus

  • P.J Pokemon
    P.J Pokemon 5 days ago

    he got that patek on

  • Frères De Jeux
    Frères De Jeux 5 days ago

    Look like bigdawstv😂

  • Mitsuo Kudo
    Mitsuo Kudo 6 days ago

    0:53 ah

  • Aboutanything
    Aboutanything 7 days ago

    With us, all of that pizza look very good. 🤤🤤🤤

  • babim alzeen
    babim alzeen 8 days ago

    This was great

  • kendrick shakur
    kendrick shakur 9 days ago +1

    Little ceasers dont deliver

  • maxbeast one
    maxbeast one 10 days ago

    Italy is in america right?

  • C D
    C D 10 days ago

    At least rank it

  • Max Pressy
    Max Pressy 12 days ago +1


  • Steven Zambrano
    Steven Zambrano 13 days ago

    1:papa johns 2:dominos 3:sbarro 4:pizza hut 5:little ceasers

    • Ayesp
      Ayesp 8 days ago

      Dominos is bad why do people like it

  • Devin Braden
    Devin Braden 18 days ago

    I’ve been to Naples Italy where pizza was first made and I can tell you after eating 1000 REAL ITALIAN pizzas from Napoli, sbarros is as close tasting as it gets to real neopolitan pizza l promise.

  • Sarah Le
    Sarah Le 21 day ago

    Dominos pizza made me couldn’t shake hands with my principal in a graduated day lol 😂 tooooo oily

  • Pink’s Cheeto
    Pink’s Cheeto 21 day ago


  • Vincent
    Vincent 21 day ago +1

    We need a sweaty fat Italian guy to review pizzas!

  • Samuel I
    Samuel I 22 days ago

    Little Caesar's ranked high. Ok.
    Give it to him on day 2.

  • Kieran Delaney
    Kieran Delaney 23 days ago

    Imagine Lil bored edited this

  • Diosep
    Diosep 24 days ago

    Theres a different between italian pizza and american pizza.

    But i eat both of them... pfft

  • fagiolification
    fagiolification 27 days ago

    "Pizza chef" is called "pizzaiolo". Also Rossopomodoro sucks lol

  • fagiolification
    fagiolification 27 days ago

    "Pizza chef" is called "pizzaiolo". Also Rossopomodoro sucks lol

  • Nicholas Crego
    Nicholas Crego 28 days ago

    Great review. You should review Ray's Pizza. They are my favorite, and the best in my book. I do want to try authentic pizza one day.

  • Wu Tang
    Wu Tang 28 days ago

    Caught a seizure with all these cuts

  • George Khidasheli
    George Khidasheli 29 days ago

    Next: Pornstar reviews average cocks

  • 50,000 subscriber with No videos

    He haven’t tell us what is the best delivery pizza

  • Aman Vishwakarma
    Aman Vishwakarma Month ago

    Was He wearing a Patek?

  • Gustavo Escalante
    Gustavo Escalante Month ago

    That sbarro pizza was so thin i though it was printed in the plate

  • Stupidities are endless

    1:48 lol that’s real first time

  • gghhhgf
    gghhhgf Month ago

    Un tré

  • LegitStefan
    LegitStefan Month ago +1

    Even though pizza was made in Italy I hate their pizza.

    • NegrettoClashino 2006
      NegrettoClashino 2006 Month ago

      Why? There are thousand of pizza different by culture in Italy.
      Rome style pizza, Naples pizza, Siciliy Pizza i think you've not tried any

  • TurnUpKing 410
    TurnUpKing 410 Month ago +4

    Some people make pizza look like rocket science lol.Its bread sauce and cheese no matter how its put together it will sell

  • Ernesto Guevara
    Ernesto Guevara Month ago

    Is This Fidel Castro??

  • I’m a weeb
    I’m a weeb Month ago +29

    Plot twist: he’s Actually homeless and just wants some food

  • Llama craft
    Llama craft Month ago


  • Dr. Zeus
    Dr. Zeus Month ago

    All taste good to me :)

  • MephisStuffPolis
    MephisStuffPolis Month ago +31

    Next time: *Gordon Ramsay reviews different types of lamb sauce*

  • Wanderingwalker 1990
    Wanderingwalker 1990 Month ago +1

    Swear I’m the only person that love papa johns garlic dip, it’s more of a butter but still.. luuuuush.

  • Scott Lane
    Scott Lane Month ago


  • Scott Lane
    Scott Lane Month ago +1


  • Kanishk jain
    Kanishk jain Month ago +15

    When you realise dominos pizza tastes better than yours

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke Month ago +3

    Ffs it's a pizza, if a pizza is bad, it's still good

  • Dylan Smith
    Dylan Smith Month ago

    Alright, now lets see a review from someone who ISN'T a paid shill on a garbage ass channel like Buzzfeed.

  • PhoBoyz
    PhoBoyz Month ago

    Everytime you make one of these videos you should give them something from their own restaurant without them knowing

  • skip Mac
    skip Mac Month ago

    Shut up just eat....

  • Vega Vlogs
    Vega Vlogs Month ago

    Have the chef try toppers let’s see him
    Try that

  • Vishwas Patel
    Vishwas Patel Month ago +2

    When you prepare for Physics exam but you got Maths paper.

  • shela
    shela Month ago

    did emma chamberlain edit this

  • Maricel Arenes
    Maricel Arenes Month ago

    I would rather eat all of those pizzas with no complain than eating your signature pizza!!!!!

  • Hamza2k5 TV
    Hamza2k5 TV Month ago

    How much you wanna bet they got a random italian to say big words

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog Month ago

    Forza Napoli

  • Kayla Lloyd
    Kayla Lloyd Month ago +1

    Who agrees

    • Kayla Lloyd
      Kayla Lloyd Month ago +1

      Mozamb!tch Flipflops I never said anyone had to like it 🤦‍♀️I was just asking who agreed

    • Mozamb!tch Flipflops
      Mozamb!tch Flipflops Month ago

      Kayla Lloyd trying to get likes I see?

  • Jiren Chillin In The Comment Section

    Is this guy reviewing pizza or disecting it?

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago

    Seeing sugar in tomato sauce is not a thing

  • Iso
    Iso Month ago +1

    why is he putting the crust in his nose lol

  • Davis Campbell
    Davis Campbell Month ago +1

    Pizza hut went down hill.

  • dan61909
    dan61909 Month ago

    Nice Domino’s add

  • Tavaman3
    Tavaman3 Month ago +1

    italian pizza is hella overrated compared to ny dont @ me