This New Tablet does A LOT!! - Huion Inspiroy Ink Impressions

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
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Comments • 2 164

  • Jor McBeath
    Jor McBeath Hour ago

    Literally laughed out loud 15:40

  • Pipi Chan
    Pipi Chan 3 days ago +1

    I have a question! Does the tablet works on an IPhone? Because I have one IPhone and I’m thinking about buying this tablet..

  • millgiass
    millgiass 3 days ago

    But Jazza, why would you need anything like this when you own Wacom companions? Aren't they just as portable yet self-contained?

  • millgiass
    millgiass 3 days ago

    Jazza's living room looks really compact, he doesn't even have a television o_o

  • Pikapower Kirby
    Pikapower Kirby 6 days ago

    I'd been looking at a different Huion as a replacement for my busted XP Pen Deco 01 and now that I've watched this video I definitely want to pick up the Inspiroy Ink. It's a bit pricier than the tablet I've been considering but I think it'll be worth it for all the extra convenience.

  • Anya Meade
    Anya Meade 7 days ago

    Does this only work on androids? Does it only work on phones or can it join with a laptop

  • Ninja Dash
    Ninja Dash 7 days ago

    Is there actually no digital interface for the rear pressure page?

  • Ievgueniy LiS7x
    Ievgueniy LiS7x 9 days ago

    Видел у нас уже продают на

  • Amanda is on Adventure

    wait but
    Wait if you can use it with your phone
    you could cast it to a chromecast
    and draw using a (smart)tv??
    Omg Jazza will you try if that works?

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon 10 days ago

    Does this also work on pc?

  • Alegre Roi
    Alegre Roi 11 days ago


  • Hash BrownYT
    Hash BrownYT 13 days ago

    I’m wondering if this would work on a chromebook. Is the huion art app on chromebook?

  • gizem
    gizem 15 days ago

    hey guys what do u think about huion tablet HS610 or INSPIROY INK H320M which one better? which one should i buy? i just wanna both of.... help me please, any idea?

  • gizem
    gizem 15 days ago

    im so in lovee thissss OMG!!!

  • eisblume116
    eisblume116 15 days ago

    Omg, he said bag of holding *giggles*
    I think, maybe I'm going a bit too crazy 😅

  • Drawing with Zam
    Drawing with Zam 15 days ago +1

    Can you use this with other apps?

  • Ramzan React
    Ramzan React 15 days ago +1

    I just bought my Huion H320M and i'm a beginner, so your video was a great help.
    I will come 6-8 months later to same post to comment how i have improved my sketching skills

  • Captain Glitch
    Captain Glitch 15 days ago

    When I was younger, I was devastated that I couldn't get a wacom tablet. That's always what I've seen people use. But as the years went on, I saw little to no people using a wacom, and a lot of artists using huions. Jazza has definitely confirmed my want of a huion, and I was actually wanting the hp950 because of the video he put out. But now that I've seen the inspiroy ink and watched his review, I obviously must go with it. I've always had to draw art on my phone, since I myself have never owned a computer/laptop without them breaking within a few months to a year(they've all be hand downs). I'm so ecstatic to finally see tablets that can connect to my phone!

  • Ryul-Z
    Ryul-Z 15 days ago

    I bought one of these mainly because I'm out of the house often, and wanted to make use of the Android functionality. But I learned after buying (really read those fine prints y'all) that it doesn't work properly with almost the entire Samsung Galaxy lineup. My phone being the S9. The main issue is that it doesn't show up with a mouse on my screen, but it also has connection issues and I really have to jam the OTG connector into my phone for it to turn on. I love the tablet, but I just wish it worked with my phone.

  • Samantha Chin
    Samantha Chin 18 days ago

    9:15 epic sounds

  • tina lane
    tina lane 19 days ago

    I dont know if jazza is ever gonna come back to this app but they added a lot of updates and new things to the app like a lasso or import image u can do more with the app now and i am getting my tablet today so i am super excited for it i use my phone for digital art before but had to draw with my finger because the stylus on the pens would always come off and it was always a strugle this is gonna be a game changer for me i am very excited

  • Evgenij Labuzov
    Evgenij Labuzov 21 day ago

    Классно конечно! ...но уж лучше, тогда на бумаге руками рисовать.

  • Tyler Kamps
    Tyler Kamps 21 day ago

    I just bought this because of your video... I've been waiting for a reasonable priced tablet device that still feels natural to use... plus I put next day delivery...

  • trippikippi
    trippikippi 26 days ago

    With all of the D&D references, why haven't we seen you play yet??? We need to see a Jazza plays D&D mini series!

  • Greg Qu
    Greg Qu 27 days ago +1

    I dont understand how to enable otg funtion

  • Lau Efford
    Lau Efford 27 days ago +1

    Thank you very much for your existence good sir :)

  • Greg Qu
    Greg Qu 28 days ago

    I'm getting this. THANK YOU

  • Ryan Chan
    Ryan Chan Month ago

    Can the file be used in photoshop as well?

  • RandomSquircle
    RandomSquircle Month ago

    6:13 Denis music oml childhood memories

  • Eva_Lynn
    Eva_Lynn Month ago

    Does this work for iPhones too or just Androids?

  • artemis riddle
    artemis riddle Month ago

    This app looks complicated. I like simple apps but I love watching you draw. 😊

  • Vano Bano
    Vano Bano Month ago +1

    How did you get the cursor?? DX mine doesn't
    Nvm the cursor will only show on a Samsung Galaxy, if you have a phone in the note series. (According to seller)

    • That Ginger
      That Ginger Month ago

      I have an S8 and the cursor didnt show up, is there any way I can fix this?

    • Vano Bano
      Vano Bano Month ago

      @JacobPencil they said only the note series displayed a cursor for the Samsung galaxy

    • JacobPencil
      JacobPencil Month ago

      I have a samsung galaxy a20e, but the cursor still doesn't show :(( did they say anything about that, they still havent responded ;(

  • That Ginger
    That Ginger Month ago +1

    Bought this tablet a few days after this video came out, just got it today, great tablet

  • EOS44
    EOS44 Month ago +2

    9:03 this legit looks like the sickest ad Huion could ever film for their tablet.

  • REEmations
    REEmations Month ago

    I didn’t know it was for Android oof

  • Rosa odrawing
    Rosa odrawing Month ago

    Jazza thank you so much for showing this tablet off for it's in my price range as a newcomer to digital art I got a pretty amazing result with the app and am honestly impressed

  • Aiden Andre
    Aiden Andre Month ago

    This tablet looks really cool and all, but I don’t like tablets without display screens, which makes my hunt for a good one fairly difficult

  • Titan Lax
    Titan Lax Month ago

    We want procreate on Android

  • Haunted by Kpop
    Haunted by Kpop Month ago

    That intro made my day 😂 😂 😂

  • Ryleigh Hewitt
    Ryleigh Hewitt Month ago

    what program would you use for the huion kamvas 22 pro tablet?

  • misterbalrog
    misterbalrog Month ago +1

    I pre-ordered the tablet, had to wait a week after their release date to get the order set to "complete", but I have yet to receive any tablet and when I asked for tracking information about the order from huion, they give me the silent treatment and no word from them for a whole week. So far not impressed with huion's handling of this. As far as I know I've paid for air.

    • Teamkill4
      Teamkill4 Month ago

      Same. I'm hoping it would come in some time early next week considering they don't deliver on weekends Zzz

  • salviGames unleashed

    What song did you use in the video

  • Brooklyn Barrett
    Brooklyn Barrett Month ago

    So I was like I bet these things are expensive...well I went and looked at the amazon link and it’s just under 65$...I thought it would be like 100$ at least very cool...might ask for one for my birthday because I can’t draw on actual paper and I’m learning how to use photoshop

  • merlin22 light
    merlin22 light Month ago

    This tablet just came in. I'm loving it so far. Drawing on the back is so smooth it's like drawing with the perfect pen. Took a while to figure out the phone part. My phone is a s8 and there is a bit of a delay with it it's small but noticable. I still love it

  • Nolan Bennett
    Nolan Bennett Month ago +1

    iPhones are painful.

  • sherif eldidy
    sherif eldidy Month ago

    Yo what is that song?

  • 露帝
    露帝 Month ago

    Can Huion Sketch work on H430p
    Digital art Digital fire 😂😂😂😂

  • Mr. Bloody Water
    Mr. Bloody Water Month ago

    I wish I could get that vut I'm too poor TTvTT maybe one day I shall afford one UwU

  • EvanStickman
    EvanStickman Month ago +1

    Still I'm broke.

  • Archie Jenner
    Archie Jenner Month ago

    What phone does he have??

  • Jelle D
    Jelle D Month ago

    @Jazza, have you tried this tablet on windows Photoshop? Some other artists say they experience some lag. And do you think this one is better than a Wacom in price-quality?

  • Unwanted but loved
    Unwanted but loved Month ago

    Me- I might get the tablet!
    *look at how much the tablet and glove is*
    Me- well time to save up 85 dollars!

  • GS Dhillon
    GS Dhillon Month ago

    Wat happened to Wacom?😂

  • Jessy Labrie
    Jessy Labrie Month ago

    Dude nice intro to a sick tablet also spot on with great music fits your video with no cringe, I luv it. Will be looking into this one for sure

  • I Ampancakes
    I Ampancakes Month ago

    Am I the only one that thinks jazza his animation character should have his own tv show jazza hit me up if u wanna talk Business

  • Gaming Lizard
    Gaming Lizard Month ago

    80$ really???

  • Mero B
    Mero B Month ago

    plug into your tv?

  • Adrian Pavone
    Adrian Pavone Month ago +2

    I really liked the song that was playing during the living room montage.

  • Digtator
    Digtator Month ago

    Could anyone tell me which case he has? can't seem to find that case for the tablet anywhere on huion website. Thanks

  • Hyper Core
    Hyper Core Month ago

    Hey,is it compatible with iPhone or no