EXTREMELY DEEP Indian Street Food Tour of OLD DELHI - INSANE Street Food ACTION for RAMZAN!

  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
  • We found the DEEPEST Indian Street Food in Old Delhi with our good buddy Anubhav from Delhi Food Walks. Check out ExpressVPN.com/thefoodranger for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! Today, we're going EXTREMELY DEEP into the core of Old Delhi for a FULL-ON street food tour, trying out a ton of amazing Indian street food for ramadan AKA ramzan in India. We visited specifically during the month of Ramzan to try a ton of Muslim halal Indian street food, and Anubhav is bringing us to try a ton of street food in India in Old Delhi. The best place for street food in India!
    Make sure to join one of Delhi Food Walks Tours to try the best Indian street food if you're ever in Delhi. Check out their webpage here: www.delhifoodwalks.com/
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    Delhi, India is a true CURRY HEAVEN, and we traveled here to go for this DEEP Street Food tour of Old Delhi! The Food Ranger (Trevor James) is in India eating Street Food! This walk through Old delhi truly was an AMAZING STREET FOOD ADVENTURE with delicious curry, amazing restaurants, and with so much tasty and UNIQUE Indian food recipes for our huge Indian dinner.
    If you love eating street food around the world and street food in India, or even all over Asia, you will love the street food in Old Delhi. You can find street food everywhere, where everyone seems to cook delicious Indian recipes for curry and SPICY dishes all over the street.
    In one day in old Delhi, India, we had 7 delicious street foods all made in the halal style.
    We started out the day with an AMAZING ramadan experience at the largest Mosque in Delhi, Jama Masjid. We picked up a ton of different Indian street foods to bring to the mosque and break the fast with all the locals. We shared the delicious food, and then went back to the streets of Old Delhi to try more food.
    The first food we had on our street food tour was the Delhi Fried Chicken, DFC, covered in Indian spices like masala and mustard. It was extremely JUICY and PLUMP!!!
    Afterwards, we tried more BBQ chicken and then went for a nice Indian dinner cooked by one of the locals in Old Delhi. His family recipes were passed down to him and his food was legendary! We ate Indian Chicken Biryani and chicken korma curry along with Buffalo Korma along with Kameeri Roti! It was absolutely delicious!
    After this, we went to the LEGENDARY Changezi chicken joint that invented the recipe for this juicy and flavour packed chicken curry dish!
    To finish of the day, we went for some delicious BBQ Seekh Kebabs, extremely flavourful!!

    The addresses for these street food restaurants in Old Delhi, India, are found on the main street below Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, India.
    My name is Trevor James and I'm a hungry traveler and Mandarin learner that's currently living in Chengdu, Szechuan, China, eating up as much delicious . I enjoy tasting and documenting as many dishes as I can and I'm going to make videos for YOU along the way! Over the next few years, I'm going to travel around the world and document as much food as I can for you! I love delicious food! This channel will show you real Chinese food and real local food, not that stuff they serve in the Buzzfeed challenge. Thanks for watching, and please feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or critique in the comments below! Please make sure to subscribe, it's the best way to keep my videos in your feed, and give me a thumbs up too if you liked this food video, thanks, I appreciate it! You could also share the video too if you liked it, that would be awesome.
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  • The Food Ranger
    The Food Ranger  8 months ago +749

    HUUUUGE thanks to our good buddy Anubhav Sapra from www.delhifoodwalks.com/ for taking us for this EXTREMELY DEEP street food tour of Old Delhi during the peak Ramzan season in India. Anubahav knows these streets and the delicacies in the alleyways like the back of his hand and we always have such a blast hanging with him when we're in India! Make sure you're following along with Anubhav's food journeys behind the scenes here: instagram.com/delhifoodwalks and you can also follow along on my Insta as well! instagram.com/thefoodranger Thanks so much for watching and being part of the foodrangin community! We love street food!!!

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