mcdonalds worker gets sweet revenge on customers after they play juvenile drive thru prank


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  • Sanju Singh Mma
    Sanju Singh Mma 3 hours ago +1

    Too bad it wasn't H2SO4

  • J One Official
    J One Official Day ago +1

    I hate pranking People. All deserve shit like this. Get a real Job instead of filming your stupid Stuff man. Fucking TVclip generacion.

  • Satish Shingadia
    Satish Shingadia 3 days ago

    Should have been a hot drink.

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 3 days ago

    Ahahahahahha good for u u fucking bitch

  • Elmo Kingkong
    Elmo Kingkong 3 days ago

    Alternative ending :Drink the soda and close that window...

    PANZERFAUST90 3 days ago

    gets humiliated, uploads it to the world

  • Reaper Vang
    Reaper Vang 4 days ago

    -_- these pranks nowadays are not funny at all. I know most pranks can get you killed or injured and some pranks are harmless, if that prankster knows what he/she is doing.

  • gavin b
    gavin b 4 days ago

    Brilliant, people should stop fucking with people when they are working. bet they would hate it if someone came to their work place and fucked with them

  • Alfie Summers
    Alfie Summers 4 days ago

    She is so stupid

  • bikibaws
    bikibaws 5 days ago

    Entitled fucking millennials. He got mad and threw it right back like he was an innocent guy that got fucked with when he tried to fuck with her while recording for kicks.

  • Robbs Though
    Robbs Though 5 days ago

    She should've threw ice cubes the size of baseballs at them

  • James Lindsay
    James Lindsay 6 days ago

    2 bellends

  • Ariana Banks
    Ariana Banks 6 days ago

    Yeah bitch get fucked and now you can use your credit card to clean up that car :Dn

  • Torch Live
    Torch Live 7 days ago

    He deserved it

  • Anthony Lamb
    Anthony Lamb 7 days ago

    Fuckin fat ass think again her jobs hard enough

  • Former Commish Akers

    These guys think they are so cool. American teenagers are retarded. Fathers in America are pussies, never disipline their children so they come out acting like this.

  • Ghost Train Haze
    Ghost Train Haze 8 days ago

    Definitely worth getting fired for..

  • Wang Minn
    Wang Minn 8 days ago

    That sound is satisfying 0:15

  • Nahla Yaseen
    Nahla Yaseen 9 days ago

    she a savage

  • Cum Shot
    Cum Shot 9 days ago

    ¿United States? ¿The country of world?

  • Zackary Pendleton
    Zackary Pendleton 9 days ago

    Your fucking assholes

  • Josey Fosey
    Josey Fosey 9 days ago

    This rules. Wish it was hot coffee in his face

  • Zian Risti
    Zian Risti 10 days ago


  • Easton Field
    Easton Field 10 days ago

    I'd done the same thang

  • Akoh C Leciram
    Akoh C Leciram 11 days ago

    Better to you asshole , if I’m that woman I will throw it on your fucking face

  • Gmod-fanatic
    Gmod-fanatic 11 days ago

    She should get fired

  • Domenic Morello
    Domenic Morello 11 days ago

    Too bad that it wasn’t hot coffee

  • Dimaz
    Dimaz 12 days ago

    Man, I hope it's a grenade that she threw in.. gotta thin the herd of these f*ckers..

  • Derek Savage
    Derek Savage 12 days ago

    If my girlfriend ever did that to me i I would have smack the shit out her

  • sun chips
    sun chips 12 days ago

    She must have had it with everyones bs haha

  • Jake Jacoby
    Jake Jacoby 13 days ago +40

    *H E R ES Y O UR D R A NK*

  • Michael Tardi
    Michael Tardi 15 days ago +1

    They had it coming. She on the other hand was nice. If they did that to me, I would have thrown it in their face.

  • Hannah Boucher
    Hannah Boucher 15 days ago +3

    I would've aimed for the face.

  • Freddy Greyson
    Freddy Greyson 15 days ago

    She needs to be fired

  • FVR
    FVR 16 days ago

    definiton of assholes
    Also pranks are so 2014

    WAQAS KAHN 17 days ago

    RIDICULOUS Laughter..shame on you you stupid person on this planet earth

  • Joel B
    Joel B 17 days ago

    She kinda overreacted imo

  • Hannah Garcia
    Hannah Garcia 17 days ago +1

    Honking a horn and scaring someone for two seconds makes it ok to throw a drink and screw up someone's interior? Throw his card and deny him the drink, but I don't see how throwing the drink is apt essentially.

    • Hannah Garcia
      Hannah Garcia 5 hours ago

      +alex reyes Because cleaning soda from fabric or leather is feasible 🙃 And while I didn't mean literally annihilate, it still seems like she overreacted.

    • alex reyes
      alex reyes 6 hours ago

      Is your interior made of paper or what?

  • Rico Zhang
    Rico Zhang 17 days ago

    im a restaurant manager and id do the same when im having a long day keep the bs inside yo ass kids

  • Films worlds
    Films worlds 17 days ago +1

    BUt workers have egoes they think that they are emperors every worker hates rich person that's there psychology always most of the time

  • Veemo Chan
    Veemo Chan 18 days ago

    Every human in this video is a asshole

  • Jessie Roden
    Jessie Roden 18 days ago


  • Bernice Tam
    Bernice Tam 18 days ago

    The driver deserved what he got.

  • islamic school of meme studies

    Respect +1

  • ggwp
    ggwp 18 days ago

    u stupid asshole

  • MF DOOM Madvillain
    MF DOOM Madvillain 19 days ago

    That's what you get fuck boy!!!

  • ride w
    ride w 19 days ago

    Ils rigolent les connards mais ils doivent être vert d'avoir plein de coca partout dans la bagnole

  • Amr moro
    Amr moro 19 days ago

    Well deserved

  • Amari Shaheed
    Amari Shaheed 19 days ago


  • Michel
    Michel 19 days ago

    She didn't do anything wrong, I would've done the same if it were me

  • kd
    kd 19 days ago

    That's not a prank ... Brilliant, you blow your horn. Some dry English humor is really funny.

  • AndresMiller
    AndresMiller 19 days ago

    So disrespectful! I hate those kind of jokes!😡

  • Jaswinder Parmar
    Jaswinder Parmar 19 days ago


  • Jonathan Rios
    Jonathan Rios 19 days ago

    I know this is technically terrible customer service, but for real, these dicks totally deserved that. On another note defending this is way too many customers get away with acting like complete shit heads so it's only justice that some get what they deserve

  • Matt Chamberlain
    Matt Chamberlain 19 days ago

    Die you trash cunts

  • Fat Ass Dogs
    Fat Ass Dogs 19 days ago

    Fast food is as difficult enough especially when some dick messes with you

  • Jagdish Dhaygude
    Jagdish Dhaygude 20 days ago

    Karma is a Bitch

  • Shadow The hedgehog
    Shadow The hedgehog 20 days ago

    Wow. Just wow. They are trying to do their job and these two idiots make hit day worse. Those guys totally got what they deserved. Revenge is sweet

  • Patrick K
    Patrick K 20 days ago

    She DID give him his drink though.

  • rahul kumar
    rahul kumar 21 day ago

    I would have dragged him out of the car and pounded on his head! Getting fired would have been worth it!

  • ACgaming
    ACgaming 21 day ago

    I would honestly go in there and fucking murder her if she done that to me

  • Brentt Batts
    Brentt Batts 21 day ago

    All yall crazy stickin up for her... shitttttt. Hoe woulda lost all her fronts

  • Reciever's Adventures

    Well, in the end he got the drink I guess.

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 22 days ago

    I applaud her response👌

  • Alois neelix
    Alois neelix 22 days ago

    Penis ρε μουνιά.

  • loo rudeyroo
    loo rudeyroo 22 days ago

    Yesssss 😂👍

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores 22 days ago

    Ez clap

  • Vincent F
    Vincent F 23 days ago

    The young drive thru girl wasn't having any of it...
    Not that day...

  • Nick Cruton
    Nick Cruton 23 days ago +2

    Dude it’s just a horn it’s not that serious....

  • Angry Combat Wombat
    Angry Combat Wombat 23 days ago

    I disagree I think being a sore loser doesn't equal getting to assault someone. If that bitch would've throw a soda in my car over a little joke I would've went inside and beat the life out of her

  • Matthew Pacillas
    Matthew Pacillas 23 days ago +1

    If an employee at the McDonalds in my town did that he or she would be fired even if the customer was being an annoying and rude person


    What a Fuckhead u r ?

  • Matt0719g
    Matt0719g 23 days ago +1

    lol all the people condoning her behavior. She acted like a child. An adult would have smiled laughed it off. Then when they close the window talked shit about about them to a coworker. They don’t possible vandalize someone property because they don’t like their job. Grow up

    • alex reyes
      alex reyes 6 hours ago

      So them grown ass fat fucks were acting grown??? Look shut yo bitch ass up lol you're prolly a pushover

    • Blazer’s Odyssey
      Blazer’s Odyssey 10 days ago

      Matt0719g To me, they were both wrong. She was wrong because of obvious reasons, but the prankers were also wrong to do that when should have just left her alone.

  • Eliot Luka
    Eliot Luka 23 days ago

    Found my future wife

  • asif waqar
    asif waqar 24 days ago

    Someone shake that woman’s hand for me 👍

  • Roberto Amorico
    Roberto Amorico 24 days ago

    Well done.

  • Kandy kweeen
    Kandy kweeen 24 days ago +1

    I only hate her cause she sounds like my teacher XD

  • Patrick Kroese
    Patrick Kroese 24 days ago +1

    And that's why she works at Mcdonalds

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez 24 days ago

    What he gets

  • Everett Kitley
    Everett Kitley 24 days ago

    Never mess with the people who serve your meals.
    Those two probably do this crap a lot. Imagine all the bodily fluids they have consumed over the years.

  • Truthbetold
    Truthbetold 24 days ago

    Shouldve gotten small fries

  • Jesse Coleman
    Jesse Coleman 24 days ago

    Thats what ya get....cant blame em

  • mr anderson
    mr anderson 25 days ago

    U 2 "bros" r little.bitch cunt rags that need to get t boned by a semi...

  • Veljko Dragovic
    Veljko Dragovic 25 days ago

    Dumb mothfucker.It should have been acid.

  • Michał Lewandowski
    Michał Lewandowski 25 days ago

    Love this

  • Enrike Kasijas
    Enrike Kasijas 25 days ago

    Too bad it wasn't bones melting lava

  • IPlayMinecraftandGacha

    Don’t fire her she’s a boss

  • dannyboy768
    dannyboy768 25 days ago

    He’s driving a big V8 truck and probably isn’t hauling anything. This behavior is to be expected

  • Divyansh Walia
    Divyansh Walia 25 days ago

    She deserves to get fired.
    She should have just told them that they won't be getting their drink, which she did by the way, but she had no right to throw the drink all over that person. His phone could have been ruined, his car would need a washing.

  • John Roy Canonigo Payos

    Should be hot coffee instead. Got what you deserve.

  • E N D Y
    E N D Y 25 days ago

    This is fucking Taco Bell ya dips.

  • Angelo Basso
    Angelo Basso 25 days ago

    Employee of the month right there

  • Israel Vazquez
    Israel Vazquez 25 days ago

    I love the McDonald's worker 😍

  • Sridhar P
    Sridhar P 25 days ago

    What she did was perfect 👍😀

  • Kevin Aylesbury
    Kevin Aylesbury 25 days ago

    So funny that she just lost her job

  • Believe Inyourself
    Believe Inyourself 26 days ago

    Get rekt LOL

  • cypresspuz
    cypresspuz 26 days ago

    I hope she gets raped. Stupid whore.

  • Axel Gustafsson
    Axel Gustafsson 26 days ago

    its just a small prank. its not like thoose people who get the food and then throws it on the worker

  • Alex
    Alex 26 days ago

    "Youre not getting your drink" *gives drink .5 seconds later*

    • Guy Schellinck
      Guy Schellinck 26 days ago

      Well she didn't give them something to drink, she give them something to wash

  • Guy PV
    Guy PV 26 days ago

    That's not a prank, that's a few assholes who wouldn't dare to stand up against a guy their size and who take out their frustrations against a employee making minimum wage and can't talk back... and even that, they failed.