Building a Shipping Container Home | EP03 Doors, Windows, and Insulation

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • In episode 3 we will show how we installed doors, windows, and insulation in a shipping container home. We experimented with different ways of reinforcing the openings we cut in the corrugated metal of the shipping containers and show how impacted the installation of the doors and trim pieces to cover gaps between the door frames and the containers. The star of this episode is the pair of JELD-WEN Bi-folding doors that we installed parallel to each other.
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    Product Links
    Forney Welder
    Insulation 2โ€ R-13
    Subfloor Panels
    Liquid Nails Subfloor Adhesive
    Joist Hangers
    Ryobi Generator
    Goal Zero Solar Kit and Power Pack
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  • Cheta Kenneth
    Cheta Kenneth 21 hour ago


  • gimmethecash5
    gimmethecash5 Day ago

    Wow talk about bringin out the haters they're probably renting a one-bedroom apartment somewhere and miserable with their life, there's a reason you go to Joshua Tree to get away from people. Congratulations on any sponsorship you got from Home Depot or any other builders nice project you're lucky you can do it and you still have friends by your side.

  • Unreliable Narrator 66

    It's better to run wiring in rectangular section conduits at the base of the floor betond the finished wall surface lint and cap it with SUS lids that can be opened later to change wiring/cabling when needed. This makes a neat and attractive base board frame. It can be either below floor with the lids flush to the flooring or recessed in the wall with the lids placed vertically as flush or protruding baseboards.

  • Unreliable Narrator 66

    Did you ever consider adding an angled, white colored shade roof with an air gap over the containers? This significantly lowers the temperature and protects the flat roof of the container from collecting rainwater. Alternatly, PV solar panels and/or solar watwr heating panels can be used for the same pupose.

  • tracy clarke
    tracy clarke Day ago

    they make jeldwen doors in my local town melton mowbray in leicestershire england

  • Dardanelle News
    Dardanelle News Day ago +1

    HI! This is day 3 of "How to waste your hard earned cash in the state of Communist California. Lets start spending okay."

  • Foxie Dog
    Foxie Dog Day ago

    I have a question. I just put down 1000 SQ feet of tandg floor. I used glue and screw method. But I didn't spread out the glue, did I make a huge mistake I'm going to regrit?

  • richard stauffer
    richard stauffer 2 days ago

    Genius level are you, thanks. California is not the place to be, for all living things.

  • Ms Justin Lee Brown
    Ms Justin Lee Brown 3 days ago

    So true, Robert Holmes! I'm watching to see if I can do this South of the border in Copala, Mexico.

  • Dude
    Dude 3 days ago

    Seems like more work than using conventional framing. You have to frame out the containers anyway so the container actually restricts you in width and in height. Modern houses are known for high ceilings and also for wide open zen like spaces. Not being negative but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts in regards to what I have pointed out.

  • live EZ
    live EZ 4 days ago

    it felt like a home soon as those doors went up.

  • Eduardo Tarusov
    Eduardo Tarusov 4 days ago

    Oh gosh. This has killed my fantasy about shipping containers. Oh wait, I don't live in California, so I am fine. I don't have to spend $300k on one container. Great. Amazing work boys. But please move out of California.

  • Terence Kearns
    Terence Kearns 4 days ago

    I think with so much steel, that wifi transmission could be problematic. I would be installing RJ45 panels everywhere (ethernet ports) with appropriate cat6 cabling and a patch panel somewhere.

  • Jordan de Geus
    Jordan de Geus 4 days ago +1

    As a residential & commercial glass and glazing company owner, the way you installed your windows was definitely not the best way. I'm guessing the glass inside the windows are soft coat low-e, which is going to last roughly 8-10 years before they start showing signs of failure, and be completely frosted over in 15 years. Fortunately the vinyl windows are easy to replace of the glass, but if the industry moves from vinyl to something else(like aluminum to vinyl), and you choose to go to the new tech, you'll have a bear of a time replacing them.

    • Temple of Ridicule
      Temple of Ridicule Day ago

      Glazing, the mother of all costs, and one that in a super-abrasive environment like this, is a maintenance cost, pure, big, and simple. Classic architect designed abode, concept first, practicality last. Without constant upkeep this place will look like a ruin in next to no time. But then as Le Corbusier said, a house was merely a machine for living-in.

  • Yves Demers
    Yves Demers 4 days ago +1

    from my studies in chemistry and biology ; any air tight construction using materials that will release for years V.O.C. volatile organic compounds pollutes your air quality...just so you know; choose low voc

  • K sweeney
    K sweeney 5 days ago +6

    How hard would it have been to put two side by side so that the rooms are a wider?

    • SbI29
      SbI29 Day ago

      That's probable like 20K more in permits, Lol

    • shananagans5
      shananagans5 4 days ago

      Yea, to make a 16' wide room. That's exactly what I was thinking. Put 2 together, side by side, cut half out to make one big living room kinda area. Then, on the 8' wide areas put a kitchen on one side and a bathroom & bedroom on the other side.
      Having done lots of steel work myself, it would be easy to cut out and weld the frames together but, to meet building codes, who knows? They would probably require a giant header, exactly like framing a standard room.
      If building codes in all states are like this, it kinda blows the idea of a container building.

  • The Overling
    The Overling 5 days ago

    Everything was going fine. Then we painted the inside. There was room to go inside but we had to go back outside to turn around.

  • Brandon Charley
    Brandon Charley 5 days ago

    I hope to all the gods that when you are done you acknowledge how much more you spent just for the AESTHETIC of a shipping container house. I read all the comments about how stupid it was that you basically built a traditional house inside a shipping container since you needed all the headers and framing and such, but I brushed it off, fine you traded wood sheeting for metal... THEN... you were forced to line your interior walls with the same wood sheeting as you would have used on the outside? You payed what like $100k extra to cover the outside of your house in the desert with thermally conductive sheet metal.

  • gunlover1955
    gunlover1955 6 days ago

    What a waste of time this was !

  • BrianOfAteionas
    BrianOfAteionas 6 days ago

    How to build a house with shipping containers in the way? I mean... I learned way more than I otherwise would have but damn... Thanks California ๐Ÿ™„

  • Hauzuwienix
    Hauzuwienix 7 days ago

    Duuuuuude!!! Are you serious?! Feeding my mind with 3 episodes and 4 isn't online, yet? You are killing me right here, right now! Wanna see it finished! Or do I just have to search it manually? I will give it a try!

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 7 days ago

    I thought this might be something feasible and a cost effective alternative to standard homes. NOPE! I'll stick to wood framing or wait for 3D printed homes. These are craft homes and to this level of detail, can never be scaled economically. Awesome workmanship though!

  • Robert
    Robert 7 days ago +3

    I've had some interest in shipping container structures. These are good, informative videos. After seeing you pour a monolithic slab/foundation, cut the openings, build a stud wall with a header I wondered why even bother with a container. Seems easier, more flexible and probably less expensive to build a monolithic foundation (you did), build a stud wall (you did) and use the siding of your choice.

    • Robert
      Robert Day ago

      @Temple of Ridicule I replied to wrong one. Yes I know he is. So am I!

    • Robert
      Robert Day ago

      @Russell Nelson Aye yes I know he is. So am I!

    • Temple of Ridicule
      Temple of Ridicule Day ago

      You forget, he's an architect, and therefore form follows function, errrr sorry, wrong way round, disfunction follows flawed design concept.

    • Russell Nelson
      Russell Nelson 6 days ago

      Yes, all the container did was add extra cost, constrain the size of his rooms, and provide exterior surfaces that need to be painted.

  • Mark LaDoux
    Mark LaDoux 8 days ago

    Just curious, but wouldn't it have made more sense to weld the gaps before hanging the glass doors. Less risk to the expensive glass due to sparks or excessive heat. That said, perhaps there was a frame warping concern that made you decide to install the doors first? I'm not asking because I think you did it wrong or anything, I honestly just don't have the experience to say one way or the other. I'm just asking because the thought occurred to me that it might be less risky and easier to do the welding before the doors were in place.

  • ShadowZero27
    ShadowZero27 8 days ago

    all houses need fire sprinklers? wow california

  • martinezandy15
    martinezandy15 8 days ago

    This is very helpful. Thank u so much!

  • Allie Lerman
    Allie Lerman 8 days ago

    Hard work! I love the doors fully open. Thankyou for the info. What is the cost purchasing shipping containers.

  • Troy McDaniel
    Troy McDaniel 9 days ago

    You spent way way way to much money. If you want a shipping container home, just buy CHU's. I went through a deployment living in a CHU (we had a row on the second floor) over a CHU kitchen, dining room, and living room. Our office was also made from CHUs.

    Some other advantage of CHU's other than cheaper overall cost, is that they are build with steel structural framing, are designed to be linked together, are prewired/plumbed, and code compliant with certifications making getting permits faster and easier.

  • Jesus
    Jesus 9 days ago

    So glad I subbed to your channel. Be blessed!

  • arri Elguintu
    arri Elguintu 9 days ago

    hi.. awesome stuff
    can I ask.. what is or was the total cost
    soup to nuts.

  • sean
    sean 9 days ago

    Does that solar in the background power everything.

  • Adrian Portal
    Adrian Portal 9 days ago

    Great Project! Awesome videos!

  • NoblenessDee
    NoblenessDee 9 days ago

    Why a skim coat ?? Never seen this before. ... U say over kill , I had already said that 2 times. ... wow plywood on the inside; what BS to have to do that.

  • nooneneedstoknowthis
    nooneneedstoknowthis 10 days ago

    All this project is such an overkill in wall construction, crazy to see.

  • daniel cary
    daniel cary 10 days ago

    You would have been better off framing a rectangle box then putting metal siting on it.

  • jessica medcalf
    jessica medcalf 10 days ago

    Why not use the gaps for forklift use as flow through air vents instead of welding closed? In that environment I would think screen coverings would work better and allow that metal floor to cool a little through ventilation. This was an awesome build you guys have a lot to be proud of. Peace

  • StinkySQL Sixpence
    StinkySQL Sixpence 11 days ago

    Your information is generous. Thank you.

  • AKMguy
    AKMguy 11 days ago +1

    Looks like you are pretty much OUT IN THE BOONDOCKS, that said, are you running electrical wiring for REAL 110v or are you going to go OFF GRID and get set up with a lot of 12v dc lighting and use the solar panels for like a garbage disposal, TV and computer(s) and such?? You could also likely find a decent water pump system for your well, too, that's why I'm asking!!!
    Also wondering if you just barely kept up with all the DC hand tools charging or if another solar panel would have been better than just the two you had??

  • Glenn De Jong
    Glenn De Jong 12 days ago +1

    Holy shit , this is a very professional job , nice work . Last a thousand years , should be proud of yourself .

  • don hezca
    don hezca 13 days ago +1

    I think they force you to use all that exes of plywood to keep the industry going

  • Creatif Etudes
    Creatif Etudes 13 days ago

    Mexi-Cans walls ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Imtherealthing
    Imtherealthing 14 days ago

    Where is episode 4?

  • stewbuntu
    stewbuntu 14 days ago

    Did you run the welder of of the Ryobi generator or what type?

  • iNdUsTrIaLrOcKeR4U
    iNdUsTrIaLrOcKeR4U 15 days ago

    It looks like you could have skipped the container and you would have save a lot of time and money. Question. Why would anyone build a metal building in the hot sun and what to live there too? Metal does a great job of collecting and transferring heat!

  • blahblah jumpswing
    blahblah jumpswing 15 days ago

    not everyone as that type of money for that steel your spoiled brat

  • CraquedEggs
    CraquedEggs 15 days ago

    Does anyone drill holes behind the inner walls so that condensation from behind the wall can drain ?

  • V-TEC Kicked In Yo!
    V-TEC Kicked In Yo! 16 days ago

    all about that 'Visual Drama'

  • Ohraider
    Ohraider 16 days ago

    It's the foam version of the Elephants foot

  • addamochs
    addamochs 16 days ago

    I knew about that summer/winter shading years ago. It's a great thing. My friend had an Oak post and beam House that the walkout basement was basically the front doors. He had two 8' sliders in the basement AND the first floor, with no deck on the first floor. He used a homemade wood burner to get heat. 55gal drum inside an 85gal with coiled tubing and sand sandwiched between. Then pumped into the basement with a low voltage pump, a car radiator and a fan to get the heat out of the water. He slept on the loft "second" floor. Idiot didn't pay his property taxes and lost it. 5 acres in SE Michigan with state land on 3 sides.

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 17 days ago

    Rooms not connected to the house > Thats weird mean more units to heat and cool

  • Don Jones
    Don Jones 17 days ago

    wow this California house has more insulation than most Wisconsin homes. Hopefully there's AC or Central Air it's gonna be like 150-200 degrees in there in the summer.

  • youtubuzr
    youtubuzr 17 days ago

    A thermal management nightmare.

  • No Name
    No Name 18 days ago

    I see 2 problems w floors. No room for contraction/expansion from what I saw. 2:) wonโ€™t that floor ultimately sag w weight. Leave a dresser in one spot long enough and you will ultimately see a sag

  • No Name
    No Name 18 days ago

    In retrospect, where was the savings in using a container? My uneducated guess would assume, materials would have been less than the cost of a container, and even wider

  • Harling Mayes
    Harling Mayes 18 days ago +2

    i dont understand why some people frame the container that negates the entire purpose, of the container...

    • Rahul Jain
      Rahul Jain 17 days ago

      @Don Jones Yeah you either need to have a metal frame or an 18 mm ply to provide support for hanging stuff and electrical appliances.

    • Don Jones
      Don Jones 17 days ago

      your hanging hundreds of pounds of kitchen things and stuff on walls on a thin sheet of metal. On most shipping container homes I've seen they've always had a frame in them.

    • Rahul Jain
      Rahul Jain 17 days ago

      The corrugated sheets provides the required strength to the containers and making a puncture in the walls disturbs the whole structural integrity of the container so additional bracing is required to hold it up.

    SOKO MAN 19 days ago +3

    Be glad that code didn't call for steel conduit for all electrical wiring like we have in Chicago!

  • lochardo locho
    lochardo locho 19 days ago

    thats a lot of foam.. will it fly away?

  • opsimathics
    opsimathics 19 days ago +8

    not shown: the spray foam temporary factory needed to be built next to this project

  • Me And mine
    Me And mine 19 days ago +6

    I appreciated these vids but realize how much easier it would have been to build these offsite and deliver already done.

  • jeff vanbrielle
    jeff vanbrielle 20 days ago +2

    I work as a millwright welder and any time Iโ€™ve had to weld on that primer Iโ€™ve regretted not just prepping it up, welding and then painting.

  • Sloan
    Sloan 20 days ago

    I think you could have used spray foam for all applications, not the stuff in the can but what they use to do a complete house with. It would have been more monolithic and durable not a hodgepodge of various materials and allow thermal bleeding. You then could have used the orginal heavy plywood flooring saving lots of money. the plywood sheeting was just dumb and more of a fire hazzard, then you need a 6500 fire suppression system for no reason. If you could have used sheet rock/cement board with metal studs your interior would have been fire-resistant. Back that with a no-burn foam insulation spray you would have had a tight vapor/water barrier that sealed the steel from rust. The process took up more space in the interior and cost more.

  • Eric Houston
    Eric Houston 20 days ago

    Spray foam is great when the external sheathing is not well sealed, but why bother when that is not an issue, and there will be absolutely no infiltration?

    JEFF JACK 20 days ago

    The flat roofs will cause a problem for you. Sitting water will not take long to rust. Any you better hope you dont have any future issues like a water leak that needs fixing in the walls because it will be impossible to get to.

  • Mike Sloan
    Mike Sloan 21 day ago

    whats the range of temperatures out there?

  • Gustavo Susan
    Gustavo Susan 21 day ago

    you have the most disturbing voice ever!

  • Mountain Views
    Mountain Views 21 day ago

    Weld thru primer is bullshit just so you know for the future you can just use magnet for attaching your weld ground to instead of welding on that extra steal great job thought thumbs up my friends

  • Broadsword
    Broadsword 21 day ago

    Be careful with spray foam before it sets as it's carcinogenic.

    SWRNC PETE 21 day ago

    After watching this video set, Ive come to the conclusion that Shipping Container Living is for "LITTLE PEOPLE"!

  • OG Message Show
    OG Message Show 22 days ago

    Nice channel

  • Scott Hill
    Scott Hill 22 days ago

    How about showing us how to build a tiny home combining minimal amounts of old 1989 Ford Aerostar vans?