LeBron James doesn't have the 'clutch gene' like Jordan or Kobe - Scottie Pippen | First Take

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Scottie Pippen joins Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman at the First Take debate desk to discuss why it is not fair to compare LeBron James and Michael Jordan because he doesn't have that "clutch gene" like MJ and Kobe Bryant did.
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Comments • 13 801

  • Karlos Jeter
    Karlos Jeter 6 hours ago

    Pippen always gonna hate everything about LeBron
    LeBron this LeBron that LeBron blah LeBron blah
    Just STOP Scottie. Thanks to Michael Jordan u are something 😑 so stop the hate man

  • Jeth Smith
    Jeth Smith 15 hours ago


  • Kay WHAT
    Kay WHAT Day ago

    Scottie hating

  • Good Gamer
    Good Gamer Day ago

    Kobe was one of the best dunkers of all times yet he is not even known for dunking lol

  • Trust Me
    Trust Me Day ago

    i like the fact pippen is rockin the jordan hoodie..it actually looks good on him too

  • streetgainer
    streetgainer 2 days ago

    Scottie sweating like he was just served notice by the Me Too movement.

  • Henry Ward
    Henry Ward 2 days ago +1


  • Henry Ward
    Henry Ward 2 days ago +1


  • Kyle Doyle
    Kyle Doyle 2 days ago

    Scottie sweating like every nine trey blood in America right now

  • Dylan _
    Dylan _ 2 days ago


  • Nonso Okonkwo
    Nonso Okonkwo 2 days ago

    This man should work for walt disney

  • Mr. Williams
    Mr. Williams 3 days ago

    lebron dont have that gene bruh

  • vegitausa
    vegitausa 3 days ago +2

    I like how Steven said that Scottie is qualified to answer the question because he most certainly is.

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 4 days ago

    Pippen ain’t lying

  • kayla1619
    kayla1619 4 days ago +1

    Curry just chillin in the back row, growin that beard in...

  • asterisk911
    asterisk911 4 days ago +1

    Jordan didn't go "6-0". Years you can't even be bothered to GET to the Finals ALSO COUNT. When people cite Jordan's 6-0 and LeBron's 3-6, they're rewarding MJ for failing to beat Detroit in 1988 and 1989, thereby preserving his undefeated record in the Finals by NOT EVEN FUCKING GETTING THERE, and they're penalizing LeBron for losing to the Spurs instead of losing to the Pistons in 2007.

    The reality is that in either 5 or 6 of MJ's championship years, he happened to be on the best team in basketball. Did MJ ever win a Finals by upsetting a team? Maybe once? But LeBron has usually not been on the better overall team when he lost the Finals. The Dallas series is the one major exception: Miami was better, and it's largely on LeBron that they didn't win. But offsetting that, he won a Finals MVP for beating a 73-win team.

    Full disclosure: I'm biased in favor of Jordan, AND I think I have objective reasons for believing Jordan is the better player. This isn't about that. I'm just pissing on the sanctity of the 6-0 Finals record. You don't get points for MISSING the Finals instead of getting there and losing.

  • asterisk911
    asterisk911 4 days ago +1

    Dude, choosing to wear 23 is literally an HOMAGE to Jordan. It's a straight up acknowledgement of being an MJ homer. There's nothing presumptuous or disrespectful about it.

  • SpiderWaffle
    SpiderWaffle 5 days ago +4

    Sounds rather arbitrary. LeBron has shot game winners at a higher percentage than MJ and much higher than Kobe.

  • zephan scott
    zephan scott 5 days ago

    LeBron can take a trash team to the finals Kobe and Mj can't do that

    • Arnold Christopher
      Arnold Christopher 3 days ago

      Don't you know that the powerhouse teams were in the east during jordans time? Maybe you wasn't able to watch the 80-90s nba. It's much harder to be 6-0 in the finals than 3-6. It's hard to have a three peat. It's much more harder to have 2 three peats. If you do statistics you understand what i mean. Jordan did a three peat, retired, returned and did a three peat again. What's your say?

  • DJuan Brown
    DJuan Brown 6 days ago

    I know this is old now but okay sure Lebron may not be as great as Jordan or Better(yet) but ffs to say he’s not clutch even though he’s proved it time and time again is fucking ridiculous

  • George0880
    George0880 6 days ago +1

    Pippen is mental OR MJ got to him and told him to change his tune after he said Lebron was greater.
    A straight clown

  • Constantijn van Woerekom

    Pippen must become a voice actor🤷‍♂️

  • Jin Gili
    Jin Gili 6 days ago +1

    fact! Dont compare lebron to JORDAN. JORDAN IS a God OF THE COURT. And the second one is Kobe Bryant.. Because mj&mamba have same more winning shots compared to LBJ.

  • Em Jay
    Em Jay 7 days ago

    Lol this dude really just said Westbrook Paul George and kawhi are scarier than lebron in the clutch. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Em Jay
      Em Jay 7 days ago

      Gabby De LUNA this dude also said that lebron was better than Jordan and Kobe but now he’s saying lebron isn’t as good as either of them. I want u to tell me that he’s credible.

    • Gabby De LUNA
      Gabby De LUNA 7 days ago

      This dude is a 6 time champ. Made All defensive team. Told T mac in a show on how defend harden.

  • Rick Melhuish
    Rick Melhuish 7 days ago

    Pippen such a salty dog. He is mad he couldn't do it without Jordan

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen 8 days ago +1

    4:13 is something I kinda always said to people when they compare LBJ to Mj took a decade even after MJ retired to be a great player for everyone to notice

  • Behind The Line
    Behind The Line 8 days ago +8

    Yup, MJ and Kobe are straight psychopaths just driven to win at all costs. LJ is a super athlete but really just a nice guy that wants what is best for his family.

  • Leon Cook
    Leon Cook 8 days ago +1

    Lebron has more game winning playoff shots than Jordan and Kobe but he's not clutch. Gtfoh. That's stupid

    • Em Jay
      Em Jay 7 days ago

      Leon Cook they try so hard to diminish lebron it’s ridiculous

    • Em Jay
      Em Jay 7 days ago

      And he said Paul George a better closer than lebron and he’s like 2-17 on shots in the last 5 seconds lol.

  • Antonio
    Antonio 8 days ago +1

    MJ is the greatest but KB24 is the greater of all time.

  • zyl zyl
    zyl zyl 8 days ago +10


  • Tito Lanas
    Tito Lanas 8 days ago

    it's hard to compare the 90's and today's game. it is different. both are a legend in their era. Lebron can never be Jordan and Jordan can never be Lebron. Jordan never face an opponent as a deadly shooter as Klay and Steph, and Lebron never experience facing an opponent like Pistons in the 90's. on record though, Lebron has more clutch moments/points than Jordan in ihs entire carreer. you cant be just a hater lol

  • Financial Education
    Financial Education 9 days ago

    Stephen A. ALWAYS sounds riled up.

  • Mike Gulliver
    Mike Gulliver 9 days ago

    This is an unfair assessment. LeBron has hit many, many clutch shots. He's had a few weak moments, but more than made up for them. Notably he has had these two mysterious disappearing acts that forever stain his resume (Boston-Cleveland 2010 and then Miami-Dallas Finals 2011), but that is ancient history and we haven't seen anything like that happen since.

    Kobe has also had weak moments. He was stinking up the joint in game 7 against the Celtics in 2010, and if they had lost, it would've been one of the worst performances by a star in a deciding game that I've ever seen. He was hogging the ball, and clanking everything. As it happened, they eked it out and his bad game was forgotten. But the Laker bigs were the key to that series.

    MJ, on the other hand, was unbeatable once he got over the hump. If I had to pick one guy to lead a team in a Finals series in the last 35 years, it would be him.

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green 9 days ago +13

    MJ and Scottie are the only players in this conversation that are UNDEFEATED in the NBA Finals.

  • Tef Poe
    Tef Poe 9 days ago +4

    Pippen would be prob be a really decent heaadcoach.

  • M. Nixxx
    M. Nixxx 10 days ago +3

    Max has L3-6RONS 🍆 in his mouth!

  • Johnny Lewis
    Johnny Lewis 10 days ago

    MJ the goat

  • WadeBoyzLilBub
    WadeBoyzLilBub 10 days ago

    Stephen A is retarded. Took LeBron longer to mature because he came to the league straight out of high school. Skipped college . Duh

  • Galaz M
    Galaz M 11 days ago

    The look on that guy's face holding Lebron's 4:53

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill 11 days ago

    Seen them lose to the sixers Because he couldn’t make free throws Jordan 3peated twice with only 6allstars an lebron has played w 15 all stars an was 3for 6 in the finals

  • Bobby Smith
    Bobby Smith 11 days ago

    Did pippen not watch the 2018 playoffs? Lebron had more game winners in that run than Jordan had game winners in his playoff career.

  • leung leo
    leung leo 12 days ago

    Before I thought Max hated Kobe that’s it.
    Now I’m sure, is because he is a Lebron fan, that’s why he hates Kobe so much.

    GHOST 13 days ago +1

    MJ universally brightened the spotlight for the NBA. The NBA simply needed smeone under his shine n be the face of the nba after him.

  • Slicky M'gill
    Slicky M'gill 13 days ago

    “Your thoughts” 😗

  • Hunter Big
    Hunter Big 14 days ago

    6× NBA champion (Back to Back 3-Peats)
    6× NBA Finals MVP
    5× NBA Most Valuable Player
    10× NBA scoring champion
    3× NBA steals leader
    14× NBA All-Star
    3× NBA All-Star Game MVP
    10× All-NBA First Team
    All-NBA Second Team
    NBA Defensive Player of the Year
    9× NBA All-Defensive First Team
    NBA Rookie of the Year
    NBA All-Rookie First Team

    (2× NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion)

    Highest points per game average, Most 50-point games, Most 40-point games, Only player to score 15+ points in every single career playoff game, Only player to record consecutive 50-point games, Most consecutive 45-point games, Most consecutive 20-point games, and Most consecutive 15-point games.

    REGULAR SEASON: Most seasons leading league in points, Highest points per game average, Most seasons leading league in points per game, Most 30+ point games, Most seasons leading league in field goals made, Most blocks by a guard (career 893), Most blocks by a guard (season 131), One of the only players to record 200 steals and 100 blocks in the same season, One of the only players to lead the league in scoring and steals in the same season.

    Michael Jordan was the better basketball player statistically and his accolades were more numerous and impressive in light of the statistics. Lebron isn't touching that 10x Scoring Champion....Lebron isn't touching that 3x Steals Leader....Lebron isn't touching that 6x (in a row with back to back 3-peat) Finals MVP.

    Michael Jeffery Jordan was a better basketball player, and had a better career, than Lebron currently has.

  • Howard Pryor
    Howard Pryor 15 days ago

    Thank You Pippin!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Trill J
    Trill J 15 days ago

    Scottie shut your bitch ass up

  • Zefrone YT
    Zefrone YT 15 days ago

    Sad people act like its the 70's or some shit the Nba is totally different in the 2000's

  • Sieta Graham
    Sieta Graham 15 days ago

    Lmao that's what's wrong with the world now. Everybody wants LBJ to be like "mj" mentally, no killer instinct they say... The man is his own dam person. Fuck mj.

  • Keith Williams
    Keith Williams 17 days ago

    And u Scottie done have the Goa gene like none of those 3...and I hate coming at Scottie neck cuz u are a great but there is levels to this shit

  • CHITOWN buck638
    CHITOWN buck638 17 days ago +26

    Damn scottie sweating like R Kelly at a 8 grade prom..

  • mac Stanford
    mac Stanford 18 days ago

    now all you idiots that think lebron better than kobe your opinion doesnt matter. a nba great just told you. like I been saying why u comparing lebron to jordan and he not better than Kobe

  • Eloy Leija
    Eloy Leija 18 days ago

    If his excuse cause hes too old play defense that hes too old to go after the ball so then he should get payed for what players like isiah thomas carmelo anthony dwayne wade one year deals why tf is he getting payed supermax like all these other young all starcplayers that play both end of the basketball i understand what his name is and what he has accomplished congrats but to pay him what others get payed and this guy doesnt play the sport like he used too and people protect him cause his age? I promise you yall wouldnt say that shit when its your money coming out of your pocket paying him and this fool aint giving it his 100%

  • Shakira Langston
    Shakira Langston 18 days ago

    Imma be honest Scottie Pippen has to be the most old head basketball player ever. This dude logic and respect won’t go towards ypu if you wasn’t drafted in the 80s.

    • Pan Desheng
      Pan Desheng 17 days ago

      but he's not wrong tho, Players should play both ends of the court which the games now don't emphasis much on defense.

  • terry terry
    terry terry 19 days ago


  • terry terry
    terry terry 19 days ago +2


  • Top Troop
    Top Troop 19 days ago

    The debate can go on Jordan was hot good in high school can somebody tell me when you first got in the NBA can somebody tell me what was he doing Jordan never beat the great teams in their prom when he was playing¿¿¿

  • Khinh Phu
    Khinh Phu 19 days ago

    sometime people don't understand scottie then he need to simplify it for you to understand :)

  • Lavar's Balls
    Lavar's Balls 19 days ago +1

    Pippen : I wanna give props to Bird, Lebron, Kareem
    Mob : You better say MJ or we shoot you where you sit. And take off that suit and wear these Jordan's
    Pippen : ( O_O ; )

  • Nicholas S
    Nicholas S 19 days ago +1

    Pippin' got a radio voice. Haha. I had no idea. Nice!