LeBron James doesn't have the 'clutch gene' like Jordan or Kobe - Scottie Pippen | First Take

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Scottie Pippen joins Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman at the First Take debate desk to discuss why it is not fair to compare LeBron James and Michael Jordan because he doesn't have that "clutch gene" like MJ and Kobe Bryant did.
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Comments • 13 083

    TONY KUKOC Hour ago

    Doping is the goat in nba

  • I Rep That WEST!
    I Rep That WEST! 2 hours ago

    Molly always trying to start some shit. ESPN got to get her outta there.

  • kidpain
    kidpain 5 hours ago

    LeBron going for 30 /10/8 confirmed lol don’t poke the bear man

    EVERYTHING IS GOD 5 hours ago

    Mike 6-0 in the finals...... 🛑 it

  • Darius Davis
    Darius Davis 6 hours ago

    I kept tellin ppl dat
    I dont watch basketball alot
    But i kno enuff from shit i see
    But i keep telling ppl he cant really take over no game like
    Mj or kb
    N he aint really a clutch player
    Defense aint really shit
    He is jus an explosive offensive player
    Plus he isnt a real good shooter
    But i love lebron too
    And he is the greatest player in the era

  • Zz Z
    Zz Z 8 hours ago

    If you look up the stats, Lebron actually fades offensively and defensively in the 4th quarter, especially in the finals.. He's made game winners for sure however, statistically.. no..

  • ThePokerbrat626
    ThePokerbrat626 10 hours ago

    Those thumbs downs are lebron making old accounts and clicking on it. He know he will never be mj or mamba

  • Fat dude
    Fat dude 11 hours ago

    1. Jordan=Goat
    2. Kobe
    3. Lebron

  • Chris Woodard
    Chris Woodard 12 hours ago

    What is this dumb ass argument!? Stephen A says, " Michael didnt have to develop a clutch gene, whereas Lebron had to learn." ... Tell me where the negative is in learning it. I think the 9 straight years Michael and his futile Bulls teams was Michael's learning experience. No? WTF is a clutch gene? Is it Harden not shooting in the 4th quarter or is it Lebron making the right basketball play? Kobe isnt near Lebron!! Lebron will probably finish 2nd all-time in scoring, but MJ and Kobe are better at it. Okay, yeah ... right ... Assist, its not even a question of who's better

  • Jahha H
    Jahha H 13 hours ago

    Lebron is the best all around utility player who facilitates and gets everyone involved... When Lebron won with Cleveland the clutch player was Kyrie but Lebron was definitely the orchestrator on the court.
    As far as Kobe being a better clutch player than Lebron, I'm sure he must be since he cloned his game after Mj's... even MJ mention that himself.
    But Lebron first 3 year stats was way better than air ball Kobe first 3 year stats... Kobe had to mimmic Jordan to become who he had become.
    Lebron's game is his own unique style of play. No play like anyone...

  • Ladarius Lightbourne
    Ladarius Lightbourne 13 hours ago +1

    MJ is ok but he's not better than Kobe or LeBron sorry

  • Ladarius Lightbourne
    Ladarius Lightbourne 13 hours ago +1

    In my opinion Scottie Pippin is just going to dick ride his teammate MJ but LeBron is the greatest player I've ever seen

  • Alyshia Fei
    Alyshia Fei 13 hours ago


  • Ghost K!lla
    Ghost K!lla 14 hours ago

    He had stars on his team what u mean no excuses

  • thepac12andbig10suck
    thepac12andbig10suck 14 hours ago

    Scottie just got done playing a Game 7

  • Khylii Essence
    Khylii Essence 15 hours ago +1

    lebron gonna win a chip this year

  • Khylii Essence
    Khylii Essence 15 hours ago +2

    scottie sweating like a mf god damn

  • pseudochef07
    pseudochef07 16 hours ago

    Yo Stephen Truth Bomb!!!

  • Yeah Yeah YEAH
    Yeah Yeah YEAH 16 hours ago

    Look what he wearing this time why he talking

  • Christopher Ryan Madera

    Really wish they’d stop interrupting Scottie Pippin... I mean, you brought him on the show.. let him finish speaking without yelling half way through what he was saying. It was hard to follow what he was saying because (Max mostly) but Stephen A. at times too..

  • Mox Me
    Mox Me 16 hours ago

    MJ the GOAT. I didn't care for LeBron, but he earned some respect. Like the way he balled when Golden State won they 1st title. He took on that entire team by himself to six games. He might not have a clutch gene, but no other player can do more with less talent.

  • Bo Jackson
    Bo Jackson 17 hours ago

    Finally the TRUTH !!!.. It's NOT even a debate!...Mike was a beast! ..Bron can three peat with the Lakers n still WON'T BE THE GOAT!!...Lol...

  • Keryann Cargik
    Keryann Cargik 17 hours ago +1

    Seems like Scottie is forgetting that little video appropriately titled "how quickly they forget" where he stated LJ was the best player & MJ was the best scorer. U need to check video out again Scottie

  • DaTruth1023
    DaTruth1023 17 hours ago


  • Gabriel NR
    Gabriel NR 18 hours ago

    Ko e fans in this comment sections are delusional. So many of his fans trying to disrespect LeBron like he's not a better player and even better at the clutch. Kobe is a top 10 player of all time, and the second greatest shooting guard but let's not pretend like he's a better overall player than LBJ.

  • Berti Meta
    Berti Meta 19 hours ago

    2:25 -2:29 this guy in the background is cookin

  • Goldensubzerotoybonnie gaming1987

    Pippen is so right about kobe mj and paul george. That clutch gene. That killer instinct in a basketball player. When the game is on the line you just cant trust lebron 100% that he will win it or ever try to shoot the last shot. Sometimes he pass it up or trust hes teammates to make the winning play. Or even worse he misses the shot.. but with kobe or jordan almost always you know whats comming

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time 20 hours ago +1

    Scottie is the re -incarnation of Pharaoh Akhenaton even his voice sounds other worldly

  • Jacqueline Perry
    Jacqueline Perry 22 hours ago

    Stop the comparisons on individuals different styles of greatness

  • Wayne Beauford
    Wayne Beauford 22 hours ago

    I like pippen over lebron

  • Andrei Blanca
    Andrei Blanca Day ago

    Dat boi sweatin!!!

  • Ram Franc
    Ram Franc Day ago

    Is Scottie Pippen sick, or has he just finished playing a basketball game or maybe is just sweating because he is getting nailed for what he said about Michael Jordan couple of years back?

  • De Jun Gabriel
    De Jun Gabriel Day ago

    How do they expect harden to defend like them when he only 6 4 wat he gonna do he not athletic period that's y he so crafty on offense those stars he named are athletic freaks Jes harden can barely lift off the ground when he dunk lol man stop these media is stupid what he gonna do lol

  • liamiami
    liamiami Day ago

    I feel like Scottie's statement a few years ago about LeBron being the goat was his actual opinion but MJ is off camera pointing a gun at him in this video and thats why he looks like he's about to die of heat stroke

  • iluvugoldenblue
    iluvugoldenblue Day ago

    lebron isn't trying to match jordan's play, he couldn't with his position and physique, but he is trying to better jordan's *legacy*, and to that effect i think end of career he will have.

  • josefino72
    josefino72 Day ago

    Scottie was a great defender. He and the worm were the very best in their era and in today’s game.

    • josefino72
      josefino72 12 hours ago

      Rolly Vincoy Definitely. I’ve never overlooked Jordan’s defense. If you saw him play, you know he’s a lock down guy.

    • Rolly Vincoy
      Rolly Vincoy 16 hours ago +1

      And so was Michael. Only thing is, Jordan's defensive prowess is overlooked because he was also the greatest offensive player ever in an era of many, many great players.

  • Mario Woods
    Mario Woods Day ago

    Pippen sweating thinking about what new rapper his wife making plans with while he’s stuck in an interview.

  • Arianna Garces
    Arianna Garces Day ago

    Notice how Jordan allows his game to speak for itself. No need to defend to Greatness.

  • Brian Greenwood
    Brian Greenwood Day ago

    Max is a fucking retard. Kobe was much better than LeChoke!

  • Rykiedeekie
    Rykiedeekie Day ago

    clutch gene?? scottie should look at the stat sheet

  • Ausie Thompson
    Ausie Thompson Day ago

    Scottie sweating like slave what's up.!!🤔

  • Neo Malapane
    Neo Malapane Day ago

    Jordan wouldn't win six rings without Scottie Pippen...If Scottie is so open to speak on Lebron, he must also tell the truth about Jordan...No ways is six rings happening without Scottie...Oh my Gosh, Paul George doesn't belong in this conversation because he hasn't won anything....These days the only sure way to get to an NBA final with Limited resources is through Lebron. How dare you say Jordan came in with that killer gene when he started winning later? Lebron has been at it since day one the only difference between Jordan greatness and Lebron Greatness is the six vs 3 chips....Lebron is a better player at every position.

  • Dan Andrei Pascual

    Scottie MVP

  • christalch
    christalch Day ago

    Tanks granmpa

  • Yoshiki G
    Yoshiki G Day ago +5

    This must have been a great workout for Scottie. 😁😁
    But like what Scottie said, even I agree that Lebron does not have that "Clutch" gene. And this is coming from a Lebron's fan.

    DEMARCUS JONES Day ago +7

    Kobe Bryant is the closest to Jordan since he played with him
    Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers 5time champion


    Comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan nope all am gonna say is Michael Jordan is the 🐐 the champion Chicago Bulls with 6th championship Ring's thank you have a good day

  • Aron Steed
    Aron Steed Day ago

    who remembers when kobe decided not to shoot the ball that one half cause he was mad at his team

  • corey goree
    corey goree Day ago


  • keith carter
    keith carter Day ago

    I am tired of these older guys hate on LeBron,came into the NBA at 18. And Jordan lost alot of games truthfully. We all forget how he played with the Wizards right.....we also forgot how he didn't get a ring till he was in thr League for several years too....

  • Cam Gould
    Cam Gould Day ago +1

    Remember a couple years ago Scottie said lebron was the goat lmao he’s a clown for this

  • Cam Gould
    Cam Gould Day ago

    Yet lebron has the most playoff buzzer beaters

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk Day ago

    It's amazing to me how so many of these guys get so passionate about not just the NBA but other professional sports in the United States. At the end of the day all these sports are fixed. You may as well be watching it WWF will you leash you know from the beginning you watching a fix competition.

  • Aj Mcilwain
    Aj Mcilwain Day ago

    Scottie must of had a couple shots before the show he sweating like a bull.

  • Nate Lewis
    Nate Lewis Day ago

    You see it in Paul George? Worst clutch stats in the league. You see it in Russell Westbrook?? Terribly inefficient. Stop this hate on Lebron. He has more game winners in the playoffs than Jordan’s. When is this gonna stop.

  • 213cx
    213cx Day ago

    I can’t with this nigga Scottie he changes his story every fucken day lmaoo

  • Colossus 1971
    Colossus 1971 Day ago

    What Steven A is failing to realize is that MJ played 3 years of college basketball underneath the watchful eye of one of the greatest college coaches to ever do it - Dean Smith. He had the extra time and competition to hone his killer instinct playing against guys like Len Bias, Ralph Samson, Tom Hammonds and a lot of other great players in the ACC. LBJ didn't have the benefit of that. LBJ runs whatever team he plays on and what he says goes.

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Day ago

    I know!!!! Thats the first thing I noticed; why tha hell is he sweating so much?!!

  • MACK D
    MACK D Day ago +1

    I always loved Scottie's voice!

  • Big Bollah
    Big Bollah Day ago

    Look, here's how we solve this, Jordan played for 14 years total in the NBA. Take LeBrons creer and stop it at 14 years, which is 2 less of what he has played so far (16 years). Take the stats in that time frame and compare it, afterwards compare the competition on both players time and decide if one has it easier than the other and add that as a small handycap. Once all of this is done then we can say who is the GOAT because having a 3 peat *2 doesn't mean you are the greatest ever, greatest ever is purely based on skills.

  • BlackIsBeautiful
    BlackIsBeautiful Day ago +11

    The man is 3-for-9 in the finals. Why is this even a debate??????

    • Socks & slides
      Socks & slides 51 minute ago

      @Krystal Holdenmy point is you shouldn't judge a player by their playoffs W/L ratios, mj & kb both got swept in the first round in playoff and miss the the finals in their prime, does that mean lebron better because lebron got a perfect 8 championship appearance record, NO because at the end of the day it's a team effort to win a championship or wins in general. The foundation of the goat debate is based off their own personal achievements, like best stats, all star-appence, all-NBA, MVPs and performances as teammates. We quick to bring up lebron failures because they closer to the president like lebron 2011 performance but ignore what achieved after, but we forget when Kobe only only scored 3 shots in the first half in game 7 vs the suns and lost or when Jordan got 8 TO with only 18 points against the magic's in the playoff. Explain again why lebron not in the debate?

    • Krystal Holden
      Krystal Holden Hour ago

      Socks & slides And lebron would be 1 for 9 without Kyrie and Ray Allen. You’re point is irrelevant. The best player will do whatever it takes to win the game. For Christ’s sake Lebron got beat by the Mavs in 6 in a series that Lebron only averaged 17.8 ppg. If Lebron is the goat then explains how he had the 5th most ppg in that series behind Jason Terry.

    • Socks & slides
      Socks & slides Hour ago

      Because lebron got all-around better stats than MJ & kb, his final record shouldn't reflect on lebron career because the best team win the championship not the best player, mj wasn't getting rings without scottie nor was Kobe without shaq. A true NBA fans knows this is debatable ,if you disagree I hope you got a good reason why

    • BlackIsBeautiful
      BlackIsBeautiful 11 hours ago

      Ryan Vaughan Larry went to 5 finals and won 3 of them. Lebron went to 9 FINALS and only won 3 of them! Again, WHY are we even having this discussion??

    • Andrew1237
      Andrew1237 17 hours ago +1

      Because bronsexuals are delusional

  • Bush Man
    Bush Man Day ago

    The Truth had been televised

  • Bush Man
    Bush Man Day ago

    Finally The Truth had been told yaaaa

  • 88 5.0 E Lopez
    88 5.0 E Lopez 2 days ago

    The fact that James been playing for over 15 years and only has 2 rings and has lost plenty finals games tells u he’s far from beaing anything good

    • 88 5.0 E Lopez
      88 5.0 E Lopez Day ago

      Tye Keltee 3 rings in over 15 years 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Tye Keltee
      Tye Keltee Day ago

      88 5.0 E Lopez he won 3 rings

  • NERVE 100
    NERVE 100 2 days ago

    Scottie just salty he ain’t considered the best small forward 😂

    • BlackIsBeautiful
      BlackIsBeautiful Day ago

      NERVE 100 How is he salty when he gave Lebron props? You can critique someone’s game and show respect at the same time

  • Death
    Death 2 days ago

    Incoming Bronsexuals starting to disrespect Scottie Pippin’s legacy

  • filoIII
    filoIII 2 days ago +2

    Lebum woulda retired 5 yrs ago if he woulda played in the 80's. Bird is FAR better than Lebum.

    • NastyFE
      NastyFE Day ago +1

      You don't know what you're talking about

  • Fakename70
    Fakename70 2 days ago

    LBJ might not have MJ’s clutch gene nor assassin’s mentality, but, unlike Pippen, when his career is over he won’t have piggybacked his way into the HoF.

  • b
    b 2 days ago +1

    Iv heard this dude say LeBron was the goat so many other different times and now he's on this show looking like he just took 5 hits of crack and 5 lines of blow talking LeBron ain't got it lmfao

  • Brian Weinrich
    Brian Weinrich 2 days ago

    Jordan no question is the greatest player ever. Kareem Abdul jabbar, kobe, Wilt Chamberlain, nash, Tony Parker and curry all greats. king baby no where near them vatos stop trying to to make him better than what he is

  • Kevin W.
    Kevin W. 2 days ago

    LeBron is better than Kobe ever was. Anyone that says otherwise is delusional. And of course all the legends speak in favor of Kobe, because they played against him.

  • Marko Perezzfit
    Marko Perezzfit 2 days ago

    Simple as this, championship game last play to win the game, score is tie! Who would you rather take the shot Jordan or lebron?

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner 2 days ago +1

    Man, they must've caught Scottie working out or something, hope he wasn't ill.

  • Adam Renfrow
    Adam Renfrow 3 days ago

    Scottie drunker than fuck

  • Joshua May
    Joshua May 3 days ago +1

    Mann Scottie is drunk 🥴🤣

  • MR. TEE
    MR. TEE 3 days ago

    Scottie is sweating like a faggot eating a hotdog.

  • Craig Harrison
    Craig Harrison 4 days ago

    When MJ was in his prime, Lebron couldn't hold his jock strap. 3-9 record in NBA finals can't be in the same conversation with 6-0.

  • Allen C
    Allen C 4 days ago +1

    Lebron makes game winners. The clutch gene comes when a coach makes good plays. Jordan had better college coach and nba coach. Kobe had the same coach

    • Teufel Hunden
      Teufel Hunden 3 days ago +1

      Your comment is brilliantly irrelevant. You literally have 0 point.

  • E BO
    E BO 4 days ago

    Jordan > LeBron
    Both >>>>>>>>>>>>Kobe
    Count the number of “>” in there.

  • Corvetteman071
    Corvetteman071 4 days ago

    Scottie sweating like he got 3 warrants, and he gotta hurry up, and get out of there.

  • Jeff Reed
    Jeff Reed 4 days ago

    Scottie tells the truth LBJ will never b as clutch as Jordan

    • Allen C
      Allen C 4 days ago

      Lebron makes games winners

  • Chuck Tate - Driven365
    Chuck Tate - Driven365 4 days ago +20

    Finally someone brought up Kobe over Lebron!!

  • Marco Thomas
    Marco Thomas 4 days ago

    I see folk hating on scotties comments but he got 6 rings and got them alongside jordan so what’s the problem?

  • S. Allen
    S. Allen 5 days ago

    NIGGA PLEASE!!! Mike had 2 learn to pass, LeBron had 2 learn to shoot!! LeBron is a BETTER PLAYER

  • Nicolas Boyer Beaulieu

    Lebron is clutch. Lebron is a killer. MJ and Kobe are psychopaths! That's the difference!

  • Leon Cook
    Leon Cook 5 days ago

    LeBron has more game winning shots that Jordan and Kobe...wtf are you people talking about. Is it because you people hate and resent LeBron???

    • Leon Cook
      Leon Cook 5 days ago

      @SigmaFlash 2.0 Final 5 seconds or less to go-ahead in a playoff game: Jordan 5-11, 45% and 3 buzzer beaters. LeBron 6-13, 47% and 4 buzzer beaters. 10 seconds or less to tie or go ahead Kobe Bryant 5-22 shooting 23%. Michael Jordan 7-15 shooting 47%. LeBron James 12-23 shooting 52%. Am I to ignore all this just because people want to hate LeBron in order to kiss up to the others?? Scared to take the shot? So why does he have so many attempts? Not clutch? Then why has he hit more game winners at a higher percentage? At some point, take the emotion out and accept facts. These aren't lies. Go look up a TVclip video of LeBron game tying or winning shots. You'll be there a while

    • SigmaFlash 2.0
      SigmaFlash 2.0 5 days ago

      Cuz he played more games lol. Your supposed to look at how often he is successful with his winning shots (less than Jordan and Kobe)

  • Morris Bailey
    Morris Bailey 6 days ago +1

    Best basketball player of all time
    With a twisted narrative on what you do at the end of games
    Just to protect another great 😴

  • Popular Nobody
    Popular Nobody 6 days ago

    Scottie just mad because future fucked his wife

  • jay will
    jay will 6 days ago


  • chris generette
    chris generette 6 days ago

    S ottie done had a few shots a henny

  • ChaosFN
    ChaosFN 6 days ago +25

    Stop bringing Scottie on the show his story changes everytime 😂

  • Colbraz
    Colbraz 7 days ago

    Or kawhi

  • RYAN Elliot93
    RYAN Elliot93 7 days ago

    Nigga got the deepest voice I ever hurd

  • RussiaNukesAmerica3
    RussiaNukesAmerica3 7 days ago

    Neither does James Harden of the Rockets.

  • Henrik Hörnke
    Henrik Hörnke 7 days ago

    Yes he didn't have kobes and mjs mentality and still hasn't it like kobe and mj. But lbj is clutch as fuck, he isn't only clutch for a minute he is clutch for 47 minutes in a do or die game so saying lbj isn't clutch is bullshit. LeBron always wants to do to the right play if he kyrie is a better shooter and iso player(refering to the shot in game 7 2016 nba finals) why should he take the shot? MJ is the GOAT, but always discredit LeBrons clutch moments mhm, yes he sucked 2011 in the fibals in every 4th quarter but since then? 2012 game 6 in boston one of the greatest clutch perfomances ever, scoring i think the last 25 points vs detroit (the best defense in the league at that point) and the game winner, his game winners vs the pacers, the magic the wizards etc. Still saying LeBron isn't clutch is wrong. Yes he had to develope that but whats wrong with that?

  • hasan ahmad
    hasan ahmad 8 days ago +1

    Kobe? The guy who shot 5-22 in game tying or winning shots? Lmao lebron shot 12-23 and no I'm not a lebron fan Jordan is still the goat but why does everyone overrate Kobe so much?

  • Peaceful Jouney
    Peaceful Jouney 8 days ago

    Dam just give me Lebron! Y'all can keep Michael and Kobe I need someone that can play all the positions on the court. How about that!!!

  • Gallstermoss44
    Gallstermoss44 8 days ago

    Why niggas capping like he won without teammates look at all his teams

  • Teddy Zeis
    Teddy Zeis 9 days ago +1

    I love how we act like Jordan didn’t go to college for like 3 or 4 years

    • Christian Hoy
      Christian Hoy 6 days ago

      Ok bronsexual jordan went to college and learned some things but even in his college days he was still more clutch than bron by hitting that game winner to win the national championship

  • Anton Villarina
    Anton Villarina 9 days ago

    And Pippen was nothing but a sidekick.. he never leads any team.

    • Pure kslayer
      Pure kslayer 7 days ago

      Still has more chips than lebum😂