• Published on Nov 14, 2019
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Comments • 2 378

  • Paiton Jones
    Paiton Jones 3 hours ago

    JELLY: why didn't u use a horse

  • Supersell gamer
    Supersell gamer 3 hours ago +1


  • Emily Spiteri
    Emily Spiteri 4 hours ago

    I,m really fast

  • Cool Person
    Cool Person 10 hours ago

    Them:donโ€™t MOVE your gonna be too fast!
    Me: oh hell yeah! *takes a million steps*

  • Mohammad Ramadan
    Mohammad Ramadan 18 hours ago

    Just crouch buddy

  • Karen Boucher
    Karen Boucher 20 hours ago

    Jelly i want you to do a challenge to find diamond but there's a mod where you find diamonds really high like 67% chance if you do thank you:)

  • Vanessa Pena
    Vanessa Pena Day ago

    1000K ๐Ÿ’จ faster

  • Suaira Alas
    Suaira Alas Day ago

    jelly is beters slogoman and kwebelkop???

  • Shem Leonard Dela Cruz

    Jelly use quick attack

  • WorldkickPlayz
    WorldkickPlayz Day ago

    Jelly:Were going fast
    Me:*watching in 2x speed*
    Jelly:Wait thats illegal

  • Jennifar Youkhanna
    Jennifar Youkhanna Day ago +1

    Iโ€™m the 300k liker

  • Sadman x Gaming
    Sadman x Gaming Day ago

    What happen to kwebbelkop? I'm not trying to be mean..but I'm just curious..

  • michaelk karla
    michaelk karla Day ago


  • videokiller 324arabit

    Jelly if u want a vid named like "Minecraft but each step makes u slow" like ur tired

  • Fnaf Minecraft Roleplays / Adventures

    Jelly i love your videos there awsome they always make my day!!!

  • Adael Fraser
    Adael Fraser Day ago

    You are in Preston world

  • Gazmen Muratovic

    Hi jelly

  • Vidya Venkataramanan

    Guys use a boat so you don't need to walk

  • Fainuole 5000
    Fainuole 5000 Day ago

    Why u arent mining that iron at 7:19?

  • Rafi Diab
    Rafi Diab 2 days ago

    Hey this is my old menicraft world

  • Matthew Puhl
    Matthew Puhl 2 days ago


  • Jasmine Vines
    Jasmine Vines 2 days ago

    I use code Jelly too.

  • Jasmine Vines
    Jasmine Vines 2 days ago

    if you dig straight down you will get diamond and you will get good staf.

  • Sharon Williams
    Sharon Williams 2 days ago

    I moved I lost I lost

  • Mike UwU
    Mike UwU 2 days ago

    I like Slogo But i Watch Jelly

  • Mungai Macharia
    Mungai Macharia 3 days ago +1

    Who is watching in 2019

  • yessica09cruz
    yessica09cruz 3 days ago

    I love this

  • Yolanda Thomas
    Yolanda Thomas 3 days ago


  • Bruh Is nothing
    Bruh Is nothing 3 days ago

    Sonic: ur too slow! *watches video*
    Me: u were saying
    Sonic: BOI SHUT UP BOI!!!

  • Cali Marie
    Cali Marie 3 days ago


  • Jordan Jackson
    Jordan Jackson 3 days ago

    Jelly you need to make an intro

  • Juanita Morrow
    Juanita Morrow 3 days ago

    you just hit 296K how do you feel jelly? feeling good well then tell me the mod that when you hit each other you get smaller or i won't like the video hahahahahahaha...
    so tell me if you wan't another like on your video

  • ุณู„ุทุงู† ZDC

    ูˆูŠู† ๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธ

  • Christelle Mbuyi
    Christelle Mbuyi 4 days ago


  • Christelle Mbuyi
    Christelle Mbuyi 4 days ago +1

    wow i like your video i,m a big fan

  • Charlie Longasa Napiza

    what an amazing video by the pro player jelly!!!!!!

  • Mama Papa
    Mama Papa 4 days ago

    just crouch

  • Gaming. Time#
    Gaming. Time# 4 days ago

    Actually you can dig straight down to just Stan on the midille of a 1 by 2 wide block and dig left right and repeat ! If there was something down you you will notice ! Like if you know this trick ๐Ÿฅฐ

  • Calvin Stewart
    Calvin Stewart 4 days ago

    You will burn if you go too fast I think

  • Julia Clifford
    Julia Clifford 4 days ago

    Who is better slogoman Mr crainer or Jelly

  • Jail Bot
    Jail Bot 4 days ago


  • Dawn White
    Dawn White 5 days ago

    2 words just crouch

  • Oblakz Obias
    Oblakz Obias 5 days ago

    Just run

  • Phoenix Lachowich
    Phoenix Lachowich 5 days ago

    I LOVE your face jelly๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜

  • Alejandra Barrios
    Alejandra Barrios 5 days ago

    How about you walk backwards

  • Tony Troutt
    Tony Troutt 5 days ago


  • Luna Blade
    Luna Blade 6 days ago +14

    Y'all, I wish they would put the link to the mod in the desc, so we could do it, like if agree, or if I'm just dumb -w-;

  • Mochi :3
    Mochi :3 6 days ago

    Why do you guys always try to find diamonds

  • Zappy
    Zappy 6 days ago

    Ur so cringy

  • Bruh 203
    Bruh 203 6 days ago


  • Ahrayl williams
    Ahrayl williams 7 days ago


  • janean severe
    janean severe 7 days ago

    My grandpa thinks you are redarded

  • tucker20 puppylover123

    Omg I love u and your vary funny

  • Jennifer Cuyar
    Jennifer Cuyar 7 days ago

    At 4:39 did any one hear slogoman say never dig strait up

  • Wilder Bradley
    Wilder Bradley 7 days ago

    Why is Jodie not in the videos

  • noob GTA 5
    noob GTA 5 7 days ago

    Jelly dotn play with sogloman

  • Giovanna Devine
    Giovanna Devine 8 days ago


  • Shern Jordan
    Shern Jordan 8 days ago


  • Grayson Abbott
    Grayson Abbott 8 days ago

    Yay jelly wins he is the best

  • Jun Biswas
    Jun Biswas 8 days ago

    USE BOAT!!!