Jets vs. Falcons Preseason Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • The New York Jets take on the Atlanta Falcons during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL preseason.
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  • 751 Omertà
    751 Omertà 16 days ago +1


  • Nannette Battista
    Nannette Battista 17 days ago

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  • Penguins
    Penguins 24 days ago


  • Ryan Heard
    Ryan Heard 26 days ago

    Falcons look like they're potentially going have some serious issues going into the regular season this year.

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo 27 days ago

    Why they put Ryan there? Don't they want him to play the season?

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores 27 days ago

    Work on the defense JETS!!

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores 27 days ago

    The jets defense are sorry that’s one big change they need to do

  • tony smith
    tony smith 28 days ago

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  • lamont lovett
    lamont lovett 28 days ago

    Wait one got damn minute is it me or was that o line was blocking for schab.

    TILL THE END 28 days ago

    Aren't Jets wearing home white uniforms? In Atlanta

  • Bills ShotThis
    Bills ShotThis 28 days ago +1

    Like if jets fan

  • Kwelanga Pugh
    Kwelanga Pugh 29 days ago


  • Cameron Holmes
    Cameron Holmes 29 days ago

    1:25 so is it to late to go get Matt Bryant back or no?

  • big boned turtle
    big boned turtle Month ago

    I came for the Jets uniforms... Again

  • Caimin McCartney
    Caimin McCartney Month ago

    5:36 #50 killed him lol

  • Cavin D.
    Cavin D. Month ago

    I miss Bryant already

  • Giancanna
    Giancanna Month ago +1

    all da way jets nice win plus dope jets gear no doubt

  • Twentysix xLuciano
    Twentysix xLuciano Month ago


  • Anthony Belloma
    Anthony Belloma Month ago

    Falcons OL looks terrible

  • B.Frost
    B.Frost Month ago

    They HAVE to start giving Matt Ryan more time to throw.

  • No sleep Taliaferro

  • M11sanman
    M11sanman Month ago

    The first pass from Darnold to Quincy.. Wow.
    This is why Jet fans are excited about this kid.

  • klevdavful
    klevdavful Month ago

    Wow I like how green the Jets helmet to look

  • Derek Johnson
    Derek Johnson Month ago

    Luke Falk

  • christopher troy
    christopher troy Month ago +1

    Trade suggestion: Leanard Williams for AJ Bouye. Both are good players and both underperformed last year.

  • Ryan Lauderdale
    Ryan Lauderdale Month ago

    I thought the Texans Oline was bad. Get Matty Ice some HELLLLLPPP!!!

  • lamont lovett
    lamont lovett Month ago +1

    Falcons offensive line coach need to be checked asap what the hell is he doing.

  • Drew Ott
    Drew Ott Month ago

    Powell is under rated

  • dragon dawng
    dragon dawng Month ago +2

    Damn I would hate to be a QB of Atlanta with that O Line

  • 12from121
    12from121 Month ago

    Please give us Valentine Holmes back!!! Sharkies need you to come home Val.

  • Daren Duarte
    Daren Duarte Month ago

    You guys are way too concerned. That is a really really good jets defensive line. The falcons new offensive lineman still need to build chemistry with each other. Also at least one is being introduced to the NFL speed and terminology. But TY sambrilo needs to go when he played for the broncos he couldn't even handle vic Beasley. ✌

  • They call me Mr. Bey

    This looks like the Matt Ryan of old. #meltedice. The poor guy can't dodge a tackle to save his life. The Falcons went from a super-mobile Mike Vick to cinderblock feet Matt Ryan.

  • Chris B
    Chris B Month ago

    I don't like the uni's, not that they are yrasht, but if these are the uni's they chose, they might as well have gone with the 80's uni's that Gastineau used to wear

  • Heatzh 80
    Heatzh 80 Month ago

    best sport!

  • Gary Dobbs
    Gary Dobbs Month ago

    Another bad year coming. Thank god I have college football and hockey.

  • Gary Dobbs
    Gary Dobbs Month ago

    Draftees offensive linemen and Ryan’s getting killed. God we suck!!!

  • Gary Dobbs
    Gary Dobbs Month ago

    Shaub looks better than ryan

  • Gary Dobbs
    Gary Dobbs Month ago

    Wow my falcons suuuuuccckkk

  • Matt Hix
    Matt Hix Month ago

    Lol. Falcons oline is a turndial

  • Macyboy Reid
    Macyboy Reid Month ago

    Play Levon bell

  • Sei Anders
    Sei Anders Month ago

    That might be the worst kicker in NFL history

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz Month ago

    I just realized with Kurt benkert injured, the falcons 3 qbs are all named Matt. Matt Ryan, Matt schaub, & Matt Simms. Lol

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul Ruiz Month ago

    Falcons should've kept Matt Bryant. Meanwhile, that jets kicker looks solid.

  • Andrew Fung
    Andrew Fung Month ago +2

    If the falcons can’t protect Matt Ryan their going to end up 6-10

  • DajuiceMain
    DajuiceMain Month ago

    Ryan getting tattooed lol

  • i ate at burger king

    Falcons need to fix that o-line

  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis Month ago

    Wish the ravens could of used Montgomery i always liked him

  • Yeon Sook Chun
    Yeon Sook Chun Month ago

    Who else is ready for the season to start?

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi Month ago +1

    Matt looks so good even with that pressure, if our O Line can improve theres no stopping him

  • Joseph Wil
    Joseph Wil Month ago

    63 Lindstrom our first round draft getting beat like a drum out there between @1:00-2:00. This ain’t practice up at flower branch. Did pretty good on run plays.

  • Terry Bernardasci
    Terry Bernardasci Month ago

    Poor Falcons

  • Soviet Onion 72
    Soviet Onion 72 Month ago +1

    Neither of these teams look impressive and the crowd was disappointing.

  • Julio J
    Julio J Month ago

    I hope our O-Line gets their 💩 together.

  • Dandaman Salazar
    Dandaman Salazar Month ago

    Worse than cardinals o-line?

  • Jordan Truce
    Jordan Truce Month ago

    The Falcons are a mess. Matt Ryan got hit way too many times. Why would they even put him in he could have gotten injured. Falcons fans shouldn’t expect much this year.

  • Aaron Ax
    Aaron Ax Month ago

    NFL I DO NOT care what the old guys are saying at 4:45!!! One of the wildest plays of the game is going on and all I see is this dudes nose

  • Big horror fan
    Big horror fan Month ago

    This game was good

  • StringGene
    StringGene Month ago

    Simms sux

  • TLR Eclipse
    TLR Eclipse Month ago

    That Train Horn is so annoying how do Falcon fans listen to it all season, Ouch....

  • steven wells
    steven wells Month ago

    the owner said we're about customer service as his team got embarrassed @ home!!! how the hell can Quinn be head coach and d-coordinator? doesn't work.