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  • Laura Staugaard
    Laura Staugaard 6 days ago

    bring Evo and his friends back more

  • Your Fan
    Your Fan 8 days ago

    He sounds like a dying horse...…..

  • TheDarkJack Kunz
    TheDarkJack Kunz 9 days ago

    Lance my cousin owns a store today I know this is a year ago from my Time and it's al right any day sense he is a huge fan he will let you and friend go to his walmart and do any thing you want and take any thing you want except the whole store

  • beauty beutique
    beauty beutique 9 days ago

    I have all notifications on insta and TVclip please give me a shout out

  • jesse jane lacrosse
    jesse jane lacrosse 9 days ago

    I watched when the mattress went down the escalator and at the end you can see a blue shock

  • Warren Earp
    Warren Earp 10 days ago

    Man you guys have gutts !!!

  • jëssîé
    jëssîé 11 days ago

    The guys laugh is annoying but it is also yeah k byeeee!

  • Meow Mew
    Meow Mew 12 days ago

    3:01 is my name but with sarena not serena

  • Dilila Rodriguez
    Dilila Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Lance should tag them

  • Tyler_The_Boss
    Tyler_The_Boss 12 days ago

    This is late but you should get a snow sled and take it down the stairs/escalators

  • Hannah Bartlett
    Hannah Bartlett 13 days ago

    Evo's laugh is so funny

  • Maddy Wilcox
    Maddy Wilcox 13 days ago

    8:45 the way you say outlet is so weird

  • Karson 208
    Karson 208 13 days ago

    I remember playing bay blades and I had one that I thought would always win and when ever it hit the other one really hard it would light up

  • Jason Zamora
    Jason Zamora 14 days ago +1

    I have a bleyblad

  • Santos Banegas lazo
    Santos Banegas lazo 14 days ago

    Evo sounds like a fireworks 🧨

  • Zoey Stage
    Zoey Stage 14 days ago

    Omg his laugh is halarious!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • prinsses spice
    prinsses spice 14 days ago +1

    Comment which school you go to I go to Oak hill elementary school and I'm I 4th grade reply to me if same

    • prinsses spice
      prinsses spice 11 days ago

      +DayBot *gets f in math*

    • DayBot
      DayBot 13 days ago

      Dude are you retardet

  • Bfinch21
    Bfinch21 14 days ago

    Do another spin the wheel challenge

  • EC golfer
    EC golfer 15 days ago

    Is geo a havaneese

  • Julia Howard
    Julia Howard 15 days ago

    The laugh tho!..............🙁😁

  • leilanee esquibel
    leilanee esquibel 15 days ago

    I hade bae blades when i was a kid i loved them havent see them in years

    MADDI SORENSEN 16 days ago

    I love bayblayeds that was my child hood. I suck at spelling 😁.

  • Cael Brown
    Cael Brown 16 days ago

    Lance should get a fidget spinner really fast from using an air compressor and then throw it off a roof and see if it flys

  • rondom first name random last name

    Why do i feel like he tries to get banned so that he doesn't have to go with his gf

  • wolf wolf
    wolf wolf 16 days ago

    U guys should make bedding merch😲😲😲😲?

  • Colleen celli
    Colleen celli 16 days ago

    Are you band from the Defort mall?

  • Aaryn McCarter
    Aaryn McCarter 16 days ago

    Beyblade's ten years ago?! naw people in my 3rd grade class had them 4 years ago😭😂

  • fred baker
    fred baker 17 days ago

    Don't get hurt

  • Ally Theriault
    Ally Theriault 18 days ago

    His laugh 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Mr. Gaaamer
    Mr. Gaaamer 19 days ago

    The wawa does shock you

  • Abbie Lowry
    Abbie Lowry 19 days ago

    Lance is the best

  • jamelia smith
    jamelia smith 19 days ago

    His laugh is so funny

  • Romerson Baret
    Romerson Baret 20 days ago +1

    fuck you and your merch so bich dont play with me

  • Cooper Bates
    Cooper Bates 20 days ago

    Outlat it’s outlet

  • CarJack 517
    CarJack 517 21 day ago

    Hey my name is Michael

  • Jacob rocks01
    Jacob rocks01 21 day ago

    that doods laugh be like, " akc akc akc akc!"

  • Jenny Joya
    Jenny Joya 22 days ago

    fuck fuck I hate my life fuck

  • Olivia B
    Olivia B 24 days ago

    2:50 i remember playing with my uncles when I was little

  • Valeria Hernandez
    Valeria Hernandez 25 days ago

    You should do a colamb with Sam and Colby

  • Lucia Pasion
    Lucia Pasion 26 days ago

    My neighbors dog is just like Geo

  • Bryson Wynn
    Bryson Wynn 26 days ago

    Holy crap lol Lance. 🤣😂😭The amount of time it took for Lance to explain what fidget spinners are...

  • SirPugsAlot23
    SirPugsAlot23 27 days ago

    Bro that’s the cherry hill mall I go there all the time

  • Randy Dickerson II
    Randy Dickerson II Month ago

    yall should have went down the one that goes up

  • Sara Carl
    Sara Carl Month ago

    “ that’s to heavy” get Lizzie she’s probably lighter

  • Westcott Films
    Westcott Films Month ago

    He sounds like a dying horse when he screams😂😂

  • Not a YouTuber
    Not a YouTuber Month ago

    Wow I didn't know my mall banned you and is strict it's usually chill

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor Month ago

    Lance Stewart 210 that's the air mattress me and my sibblings have

  • leslie cisneros avila

    My school banned fidget spinners and he really needs to stop laughing like taste its not funny

  • Gavin Reichert
    Gavin Reichert Month ago

    Some teachers and schools have band these for the kids because they are distracting to other kids. Although they help kids.

  • Matty Ace
    Matty Ace Month ago +1


  • shadow pug21
    shadow pug21 Month ago

    21:00 looks like they are humping

  • DubStep Gaming
    DubStep Gaming Month ago

    10k miles take 9k off for wawa

  • La hylanla
    La hylanla Month ago

    You suck bad boy IDIOT FACE

  • La hylanla
    La hylanla Month ago

    You baaaaad boy

  • Emily Gibbons
    Emily Gibbons Month ago

    Ten years ago I was 1 years old 😂

  • Shanada Schwiers
    Shanada Schwiers Month ago

    bruhhh had to pause this vid......these guys are hella channel ever period........

  • tjay bruh
    tjay bruh Month ago

    Lol this is the 4 time I've seen thus but his laugh is just sooo funny😂😂

  • Lizzy Whiting
    Lizzy Whiting Month ago

    My step brother has bladeblade

  • Eryn Loves unicorns

    How do you make your own merch please tell me beause I won’t to make my own merch my name is Eryn

  • Naissa HEHE
    Naissa HEHE Month ago

    ? What are those kids channels

  • Naissa HEHE
    Naissa HEHE Month ago +1

    lol swear his laugh is so funny 😂 💀

  • Aimee Lyonsmagill
    Aimee Lyonsmagill Month ago

    Crisis is never in your vlog

  • Beverly Nguyen - Riverside PS (1281)

    The laugh is hilarious 😂

  • Mark Phillipps
    Mark Phillipps Month ago

    27:47 Pepsi is made by cocacola look on the bottle or can the brand is Pepsi-cola

  • Yeaboi Skittles
    Yeaboi Skittles Month ago

    Beyblades still exsist

  • EBN_ReverseNinja
    EBN_ReverseNinja Month ago

    evo`s laugh is SUPER ANNOYING

  • Brittany Jones
    Brittany Jones Month ago

    this fuck the rules shit is AMAZING lol like no jk if all of lances videos was like this i would watch every fucking 1..
    for real man..funny funny shit

  • call of duty king
    call of duty king Month ago

    lance would know all about getting banned. lol

  • sealp51 aj
    sealp51 aj Month ago

    I'm subscribed and I have ur post notifications on

  • sealp51 aj
    sealp51 aj Month ago

    he's so funny

  • Tupac shakur
    Tupac shakur Month ago +1

    At 10:06 his laugh tho 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Jainna Nichelle
    Jainna Nichelle Month ago

    Add me on snap chat

  • Falls
    Falls Month ago

    10:05 I died

  • I_Dont_ Care
    I_Dont_ Care Month ago

    My car just got done so I think it could beat your r8

  • Callum Hunter YT
    Callum Hunter YT Month ago

    put 20:14 in slo mo ahahahah

  • Rhb Gaming
    Rhb Gaming Month ago


  • Nicolai_ Gray
    Nicolai_ Gray 2 months ago

    When fidget spinners were a thing

  • Max GG
    Max GG 2 months ago


  • Joshs vlogs and gaming
    Joshs vlogs and gaming 2 months ago

    I’m ten and I had them till I was 7

  • Ishmael Marquez
    Ishmael Marquez 2 months ago

    That laugh is funny

  • ziah Martin
    ziah Martin 2 months ago

    I have a bay blad and the arina

  • jacobe fox
    jacobe fox 2 months ago

    There was a shock when you wrote down what the aerobed mattress on the escalator

  • Sienna Angeloff
    Sienna Angeloff 2 months ago

    our school band Fidgett spinners

  • Colin Pollard
    Colin Pollard 2 months ago

    your new friends are a bad influence on you

  • Disco Default
    Disco Default 2 months ago

    My school banned figet spinners but then unbanned them

  • RD Vlogz/Gaming
    RD Vlogz/Gaming 2 months ago

    Who is watching in 2018 and like "fidget spinners are not popular no more"

  • Rj 199
    Rj 199 2 months ago

    Make fidget spinners that are glow in the dark

  • Mary Miller
    Mary Miller 2 months ago

    I think it was cute his laugh

  • Katicorn YT
    Katicorn YT 2 months ago

    His laugh and scream is awesome

  • austin vineyard
    austin vineyard 2 months ago

    Me and my friend had like 100 of them and we played bayblaids with it and you would just through them at each other and it was cool. You should try it

  • kingston Davis
    kingston Davis 2 months ago

    i love you

  • Peyton Marcel
    Peyton Marcel 2 months ago


  • Peyton Marcel
    Peyton Marcel 2 months ago

    I live in Pennsylvania so I could do the shock smoothie at Walmart

  • Baby Rosaline
    Baby Rosaline 2 months ago

    Eeeeeeeeeeee whut the heck

  • Amiya Cullens
    Amiya Cullens 2 months ago


  • Taylor Hinds
    Taylor Hinds 2 months ago

    The fact y’all doing that thing with the same smoothie

  • eva danielle
    eva danielle 2 months ago

    im the best at blay blad batels and everytime i go to my cousins house we battle 2 minits latter i win ;)

  • Jamie/Alex Moore
    Jamie/Alex Moore 3 months ago


  • Robert Mckinney
    Robert Mckinney 3 months ago

    Lance yeo yeo yeo yeo yeo yeo yeo

  • harry lord
    harry lord 3 months ago

    did the cops actually come cuz i just clicked on the video