• Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • i am letting shapes decide what i eat in this only eating square shaped foods. this impossible food challenge was a 24 hour food challenge!
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    i only ate square shaped foods, i only ate circle shaped foods, i only ate triangle shaped foods, AND MORE!
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    LAST VIDEO: tvclip.biz/video/57yNqcHpSg8/video.html
    WAIT A MINUTE... People still read the description?!
    well. if you are reading this... comment down below saying:
    less pineapple head, more herc.
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  • kitty wolf the Alpha Ahrendes

    Endless ramen

  • Jana Sabbagh
    Jana Sabbagh Hour ago

    12:46-13:15 felt like this was some dora shit

  • Jana Sabbagh
    Jana Sabbagh 2 hours ago

    the way this guy pronounces bagel Oh my god

  • Bradin Sanchez
    Bradin Sanchez 2 hours ago

    I love eating the way he ate top ramen

  • Wyatt Walker
    Wyatt Walker 2 hours ago

    1 like + 1 ☕

  • J & K
    J & K 2 hours ago


  • J & K
    J & K 3 hours ago

    1 hour 1 min of vid
    25 seconds complaining abiut his rough week.

  • jose alex
    jose alex 3 hours ago

    The chocolate

  • DemonicJason
    DemonicJason 4 hours ago

    marinated eggs legit taste like egg with sweet soy sauce.

  • Nathan Cantu
    Nathan Cantu 4 hours ago

    Grapes are spheres

  • Tistan George
    Tistan George 5 hours ago

    My food dream was to chug 14 iced mochas

  • MaskedGoat
    MaskedGoat 7 hours ago

    Less pineapple head more herc

  • lloyd destroyer8
    lloyd destroyer8 7 hours ago

    I am the exact opposite of a coffee drinker but, when he dropped the coffee, I felt that.

  • Michael Rosol
    Michael Rosol 7 hours ago

    The jacksepticeye part was the best part of the entire video

  • BunnyCops Gaming
    BunnyCops Gaming 10 hours ago

    You now you can always get a burget

    DERPY PIGEON 11 hours ago

    Only eating coffee shaped food for 24 hours

  • Leon Newman
    Leon Newman 11 hours ago

    How do you know the egg taste like your foot mmmmm😞

  • supreme king 1944
    supreme king 1944 12 hours ago

    14:36 rip

  • Quack
    Quack 13 hours ago

    Ewww at 21:17 He doesn't wash the grapes 🤮

  • Emma Doyle
    Emma Doyle 14 hours ago

    Next video idea:
    I ate/drank Starbucks for 24 hours (not so impossible food challenge )

  • BeautyByAde XO
    BeautyByAde XO 15 hours ago

    do one where u just drink coffee all day nothing else

  • Zarja Siter
    Zarja Siter 15 hours ago

    Eat star boks for 24h!!!😋😎🌈

  • Nekurie Santos
    Nekurie Santos 15 hours ago

    You could of put meat on the instant noodles and had meaty instant noodles

  • Leilei Gacha Queen
    Leilei Gacha Queen 15 hours ago

    Cookie dough is bad for you

  • Leilei Gacha Queen
    Leilei Gacha Queen 15 hours ago

    I feel soo bad dang

  • FZ Spam
    FZ Spam 17 hours ago

    Omg he licked his foot that why he knows what that onions rings chip taste like

  • VGS Retro Chocolate
    VGS Retro Chocolate 17 hours ago


  • VGS Retro Chocolate
    VGS Retro Chocolate 17 hours ago

    bro should've gotten burger rings

  • Izzabela James
    Izzabela James 21 hour ago

    can everyone agree that derek is a little to over dramatic

  • OrangeStrudel 101
    OrangeStrudel 101 22 hours ago

    Your doggo is so cute! :3

  • I Am Rex
    I Am Rex Day ago

    When he said his bagel and the cream cheese my airpods said low battery when he was about to say cream cheese so i heard
    My bagel and low battery

  • TVFilthyS**t
    TVFilthyS**t Day ago

    Less pineapple head. More herc

  • Snow
    Snow Day ago

    I loveeee opinion rings
    Crab chips
    And shrimp chips
    Are soooo good

  • * Squigga*
    * Squigga* Day ago

    Is nobody going to talk about the creeper book?

  • Hellman 17
    Hellman 17 Day ago

    Less pinapple head, more herc. Love your videos, fun fact i share a birthday with you. For your next video you should do siri picks my foods for the days.

  • Sarah Manning
    Sarah Manning Day ago

    Bay-gul, not bagul

  • Imsomthing
    Imsomthing Day ago

    Eat a party size bag of cool ranch doritos

  • Brooklyn Hoang Dang

    When he say it gross he lie I taste it

  • francilet collazo

    i want to take herc and keep him all to myself

  • zara animations
    zara animations Day ago

    Omg I died at his face when it froze XD

  • XxAnakinxX
    XxAnakinxX Day ago

    You should do “only drinking Starbucks for 48 hours”

  • Sayema she is her

    14:37 I’m dead

  • Robar Bara
    Robar Bara Day ago

    Next vid ideas: only Coffee related with Coffee. Like if u agree

  • Unfair Killer
    Unfair Killer Day ago

    FELIX and jack screaming part was best

  • Oragami Kid 123
    Oragami Kid 123 Day ago

    Derek i eat dry noodles I take them to school and have water with them

  • Maddie Gaming!!!

    Having 100 mcdonalds chiken nuggets 5 diet comes (large) and 10 tubs of mint chocolate chip ice creame oh and also 50 large McDonalds fries that's my dream it's a shame it's never gonna happen

  • hunter extra
    hunter extra Day ago

    You have to drink coffee with everything that you eat

  • Daniel Pinzon
    Daniel Pinzon Day ago

    carls jr chicken nuggets!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaliyah Aden
    Aaliyah Aden Day ago

    The grapes are oval.

  • ninja guardian130

    Mcdonalds breakfast for first meal

  • pro noob mania
    pro noob mania Day ago

    An large pyramid of chicken pizza which never ends and the more I eat it the fitter I get !!!!. Plus in circle u could have bought a pizza

  • Liva Liva
    Liva Liva Day ago

    Do a video were u only eat coffe food for 24h

  • Slayer lol
    Slayer lol Day ago

    Chocolate is my opinion

  • Bailey Dykstra
    Bailey Dykstra Day ago

    My dream food is Starbucks I’ve only had it once

  • batmangamer FC
    batmangamer FC Day ago

    Just saying the "circles" are all spheres

  • Ryan Choi
    Ryan Choi Day ago

    Makes no sense rectangles are squares

  • Maya :/
    Maya :/ Day ago

    Why the name is only eating square food and in the video he ate other shape??

  • Violet DareDevil

    Honestly for the star shaped dessert the first thing I thought of was star shaped cookies. Am I the only one who considered that??? Lol

  • g d
    g d 2 days ago

    Seeing his Dog makes me miss my dog from 2 years ago my dog had worms I cried alot (edit) not my profile picture

  • suviv.iomaster [SM]
    suviv.iomaster [SM] 2 days ago

    btw those chips are Chinese aka Asian peoples chips it