SO-SO | Grand Beatbox Battle Loopstation 2019 Compilation

  • Published on May 24, 2019
  • All rounds of SO-SO at the Grand Beatbox LOOPSTATION Battle 2019 in an epic beatbox compilation. Having you at GBB was such a pleasure. Your unique flow and astonishing stage performance was one of the things that really made this event what it was. Thank you brother!
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    NaPoM | Roll Like This

    NaPoM | Bass Electro

    Gene Shinozaki & Bigman | Get Lucky (Beatbox Cover)

    BERYWAM & MB14 | Crew World Champion

    Gene Shinzaki | Here You Say

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Comments • 2 138

  • asa fox
    asa fox 16 hours ago +1

    Anyone else thinks on one of his mixes it sounds like a rezz song?

  • cAnnAbis [ZA]
    cAnnAbis [ZA] 18 hours ago +1

    4:15 for some reasons this is my favorite moment

  • Justin Pienjustin
    Justin Pienjustin 21 hour ago

    At the drop at 2:33 his opponent knew HE FUCKED UP LMFAOOO hahahaha

  • nuren shadid anonno
    nuren shadid anonno 23 hours ago

    Why do they all sound like distorted alarm sounds

  • น้องนาย น่ารัก


  • N.I.X IND
    N.I.X IND Day ago

    He looks so innocent but inside is monster!!! Im so turned on!!!!!! I need to party now!!!!

  • MarcX 3088
    MarcX 3088 2 days ago

    puto soso mete cada drop

  • yoe dredd
    yoe dredd 2 days ago

    So so u are the king.👍👍💝

  • Sudiawan Iwan
    Sudiawan Iwan 2 days ago +1


  • Rio Ardhani
    Rio Ardhani 2 days ago +2

    Only one reason He did'nt win, cause his Asian

  • Anixer Zeroone
    Anixer Zeroone 3 days ago +2

    i dont know why but i feel like So-So refined and remake Balance idea ... this what I like

  • Wendell Bulaunesh
    Wendell Bulaunesh 3 days ago


  • snuglife wo
    snuglife wo 3 days ago

    Hey do a danmm meme in 12 31 minutes

  • snuglife wo
    snuglife wo 3 days ago

    1st so so 2nd rythmind

  • snuglife wo
    snuglife wo 3 days ago

    1st beat 2nd rythmind

  • santy Melin
    santy Melin 3 days ago +3

    Alumnos: viene la vieja de la ultima hora?
    Preceptor: noo
    Alumnos: 11:37

  • Matias Fernandes
    Matias Fernandes 3 days ago +1

    y yo aki siendo chichi gang

  • Nabil Djelouah
    Nabil Djelouah 3 days ago


  • lingua Pura
    lingua Pura 3 days ago

    12:45 hahaha, that's all about so-so :D

  • Guilherme Duarte
    Guilherme Duarte 3 days ago

    SO-SO from another world. 2:33

  • dead fox
    dead fox 4 days ago

    The alien technology!!!!!!

  • Murrez
    Murrez 4 days ago

    So-So coming strait outa Area 51

  • syaz Bro
    syaz Bro 4 days ago

    Can any body gives me the name or any brand of that looping device plz

  • Sin Zevsa 14 88
    Sin Zevsa 14 88 5 days ago

    0:52 зигу начал кидать))

  • Cuerex
    Cuerex 5 days ago

    So-SoStep genre confirmed

  • Philipp Weber
    Philipp Weber 6 days ago


  • Mahar Sanji
    Mahar Sanji 6 days ago

    Merinding anyingg

  • 近藤!
    近藤! 6 days ago


  • Aeol
    Aeol 6 days ago

    G O O S E B U M P

  • Heet Purohit
    Heet Purohit 6 days ago

    Everyone: Man! its so intense and brutal in here...
    So-So: Hold my enthusiasm and positive battle spirit... *drops a beat*
    Everyone: *(Trips into Ecstacy)*

  • Buğra Okçu
    Buğra Okçu 7 days ago

    nobita have talent

  • Daniesh
    Daniesh 7 days ago

    He like electro Genre

  • Charlotte f
    Charlotte f 8 days ago

    This man so sick

  • Dukeoflemonade
    Dukeoflemonade 8 days ago

    2:34 omgggg

  • Wajid Raza
    Wajid Raza 8 days ago +1

    Those first 3 minutes of the video makes him the champ

  • cikarang selatan
    cikarang selatan 8 days ago

    Like soso

  • Quella G.
    Quella G. 9 days ago +1

    In love with his energy 😍 - let's go So-So!!!! We're rooting for you!!!! 😊

  • godiem chiken
    godiem chiken 9 days ago


  • Enzo Garcia
    Enzo Garcia 9 days ago

    Que nazi

  • Hejfjf Fhdjdj
    Hejfjf Fhdjdj 9 days ago

    Saro vs soso

  • toxic S_G
    toxic S_G 9 days ago

    The beat box community have some fucked up weird ass crowd. Hope they arent retarded...

  • phousadeth Chitanavong
    phousadeth Chitanavong 9 days ago +2

    Im litterally doing the orange justice BECAUSE EVERY SONG WAS. LIT ON FIRE

  • Marjol Kushi
    Marjol Kushi 9 days ago

    next champion SO-SO

  • KordGaming
    KordGaming 10 days ago +1

    He's opponents are so disapointed of them self lmao xd

  • estebax 118
    estebax 118 10 days ago

    Por el pico los soso

  • Pablo Carmona
    Pablo Carmona 10 days ago +1

    Damn nobita...

  • Tuberle
    Tuberle 10 days ago

    so so so so so so...... wooow

  • AGermanFormula
    AGermanFormula 11 days ago +1

    SO-SO YOU ARE LEGEN..(WAIT FOR IT)...DARY!!! I love that your so enrgentic and happy, so much so your music inbodys it! Keep having fun and moving people!
    Let's party now!!
    Love from Canada❤

  • Garda Natalie
    Garda Natalie 11 days ago

    Amazing teh botol sosro

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 11 days ago +1

    So-so could be Nobita stealing some magic device from Doraemon's bag

  • Cicero Jorge
    Cicero Jorge 11 days ago +1

    Monstro toca muito👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Yayat 17
    Yayat 17 12 days ago

    1:21 harry kane? its you?

  • Eduardo Camean Romero
    Eduardo Camean Romero 12 days ago


  • IvanOfficial
    IvanOfficial 12 days ago

    he can be the distraction for the area 51 raid

  • GoldCraft55
    GoldCraft55 12 days ago +2

    Hope So-So come back next year...would be so dope to see him again and maybe do a revenge against either Rythmind or Inkie.

  • widi saja
    widi saja 12 days ago +1

    soso where to buy that shirt

  • Licha Tato
    Licha Tato 12 days ago +1

    if he played this on semis he would probably win...#facts

  • Kurcaci Kurcaci
    Kurcaci Kurcaci 13 days ago

    2:32 favorite scene

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore 13 days ago

    So-so us a mind melter

  • Rob Jimenez
    Rob Jimenez 13 days ago

    This cat is mad chill ! Very unique style & great taste, eclectic AF & super fun to watch.. I love his energy... So-So!