Sean Evans Learns How to Make Real-Deal Buffalo Wings | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Mar 21, 2017
  • To help out all the Hot Ones fans looking to create their own wings challenges at home, First We Feast's Sean Evans sets out to discover the secrets of making proper Buffalo wings from scratch. To learn the poultry arts, he taps Dan Borowski and John Henninger of Dan & John's Wings in the East Village, who flex their Buffalo pedigree during a no-frills cooking tutorial. Armed with fresh, farm-raised chicken, a vat of soybean oil, and a stockpile of Frank's RedHot, these upstate natives will show you the keys to making crispy, no frills drums and flats at home.
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Comments • 832

  • drizzt7010
    drizzt7010 4 days ago

    If it ain’t franks it ain’t buffalo

  • pokiou
    pokiou 10 days ago

    Drummets and Winglets is the term and i agree!!! wings should be separated.

  • Frank the Tank
    Frank the Tank 16 days ago

    do you usually use blue cheese for real buffalo wings? i am a danish sou chef love to make em before working searching for the most real buffalo wing hope someone will reply me have great day everyone

  • paperchasin23
    paperchasin23 27 days ago

    He's putting too much sauce. He's a wing coward.

  • Ever Gaming
    Ever Gaming Month ago

    Let John talk man, lol

  • Varun Manthapuri
    Varun Manthapuri Month ago

    @2:39 Sean - " I feel very involved " XD

  • superinfinite88
    superinfinite88 Month ago

    Blue cheese with wings or go fuck ya motha!

  • x99
    x99 Month ago

    looks great but bleu cheese is disgusting change my mind

  • will
    will Month ago

    This is exactly what I do, sauce and all. It's pretty standard. I like to bread my wings though and then let them sit in the fridge for a couple of hours to absorb the bread. Gives it a thicker and crispier texture while still keeping the inside tender and juicy.

  • marnouche mm
    marnouche mm Month ago

    Meat should be clean with lemon and or vinegar, there is no flavor in the chicken itself just the buffalo sauce? Sorry I don’t think yours are the best. Meat should be seasoned at least 30 min before frying, to add flavor inside the meat and not just the skin. To each is own. Best is a strong word. No disrespect, just a comment.

  • LiquidDevil,Inc.
    LiquidDevil,Inc. Month ago

    funny he should mention half-assing it...
    Blanch them for 5 minutes, LIGHTLY batter them (thinner is better than thicker) with a flour/ beer/ liquid butter/ Franks Red Hot wash (you don't actually want a breaded texture, just something for the sauce to stick to), lay them out on a tray, and freeze them overnight. Then fry them for 7 minutes, toss them in a bowl with your choice of liquid butter/Franks Red Hot/ spices recipe (fuck a squeeze bottle), and there you go. The double frying and the light battering is key to having a crunch, and a texture other than hot sauce on rubbery chicken skin.
    It may not be "the Buffalo way", just a better way.

  • LiquidDevil,Inc.
    LiquidDevil,Inc. Month ago

    dude needs a beard net

  • FlashFronk Prepping
    FlashFronk Prepping 2 months ago

    Phenomenally well done vid!!! Made two dozen earlier today...

  • playmo time
    playmo time 2 months ago

    I'm so hungry

  • Jason Surage
    Jason Surage 2 months ago

    716 represent

  • Bone Mega
    Bone Mega 2 months ago

    The best wings in NYC

  • Bryan Lane
    Bryan Lane 3 months ago

    Like Joey Diaz said.
    It’s either blue cheese with wings, or go fuck your mother.

  • Joshua Dhir
    Joshua Dhir 3 months ago

    Been going to these guys for about three weeks now. Flavorful chicken, tender meat, and spicy sauce. Nothing more, nothing less, just as it should be. Can't stop going now, definitely give these dudes a try!

  • Cho Cheung
    Cho Cheung 3 months ago

    Been here. Definitely worth it

  • stan giles
    stan giles 3 months ago

    I was in Buffalo, worst wings ever, just for tourists, they set the standard so low , I was so disappointed. I love wings , if they say buffalo wings I ask what part of buffalo, and stay clear of such nonsense.

  • HTM
    HTM 3 months ago

    Sean looks so bored

  • Metadragon
    Metadragon 3 months ago

    I fry mine up and then i put them in a mason jar with my spices and hot sauce and then shake shake shake and then out them on heat a bit so the sauce cooks into the crispily fried meat and skin. that way they arent sopping but still wet and they are hot and spicy

  • FieryReign
    FieryReign 3 months ago

    Frank's? Fail.

  • Potod Scumbigula
    Potod Scumbigula 3 months ago

    I should not be watching these videos, I have no food in my fridge what so ever. This is how you skimp on rent. Bellissimo.

  • Killval
    Killval 4 months ago


  • alex leyva
    alex leyva 4 months ago

    I tried this recipe and its incredible, just like they said, the key is freshness, I think purchase my wings at the supermarket butcher and cut them myself its great

  • M S
    M S 4 months ago

    Yo Sean, how about you show us behind the scene Hot Ones wing making.

  • jescollo
    jescollo 4 months ago

    Ranch all the way

  • PyroNinja713
    PyroNinja713 4 months ago

    This looks like the easiest restaurant in the world to work at. lol, it's like Bob's Burgers but with wings

  • Kelly Logan
    Kelly Logan 4 months ago

    He needs his own tv show

  • jdome jd
    jdome jd 5 months ago

    Frank's Red Hot is absolutely the secret ingredient in every perfect wing.

  • TheVanDookie
    TheVanDookie 5 months ago

    Dan should have let john talk more. Dan is an attention whore!

  • Ms K Jones
    Ms K Jones 5 months ago

    Thank you. This is the exact way we did them at Softball City xo. Normal!

  • Travis Kopet
    Travis Kopet 5 months ago

    frank's red hot is fucking garbage

  • R3fug33
    R3fug33 5 months ago

    The best wings are grilled, not fried.

  • crispy2102
    crispy2102 5 months ago

    Their hottest sauce is NAGA Jholakia \m/

  • dagoelius
    dagoelius 5 months ago

    Would of been nice to see how the blue cheese sauce is made as well.

  • Jordan Matus
    Jordan Matus 6 months ago

    do hot ones with these guys

  • Eric Gosselin
    Eric Gosselin 6 months ago

    So all you do is dump unseasoned wings in the fryer with Frank's Red hot and butter. Why even make a video about the most basic wings ever

  • lucas .servera
    lucas .servera 6 months ago

    Im surprise they didnt lightly dust them with some grated parm after saucing them..always thought that was the real Buffalo-style secret

  • JED
    JED 6 months ago

    They got a shop in Long Beach?

  • Callum  Reid
    Callum Reid 6 months ago

    such a white person thing to say about what a chicken wing should be haha

  • Zawadi Holliday
    Zawadi Holliday 6 months ago

    Ranch All Dayyyy!!!

  • Zoe Aubert
    Zoe Aubert 6 months ago

    Complex conduct bench imply vary pipe away purple Russian bed empty.

  • ScornfulSix
    ScornfulSix 6 months ago

    Awe man you really missed out on the whole cut to visual representation thing you guys do when he is talking about the fryer.

  • Woogie Harrelson
    Woogie Harrelson 6 months ago

    I’m embarrassed to say I’ve tried eating the elbows on flat wings.

  • Gijs Heynickx
    Gijs Heynickx 7 months ago

    I ate buffalo wings in London, f*cking hated those. Wayyy too sour. These look delicious though.

  • Pixelthief100
    Pixelthief100 7 months ago

    They even look like buffaloians

  • Julia Nadeau
    Julia Nadeau 7 months ago

    Save for the blue cheese (I hate blue cheese anything), these look amazing. I always have to instruct cooks whenever I order wings here in Nebraska on how to properly sauce a batch of wings. I like them messy and I like them just shy of molten. If I'm not sweating by the time I've devoured the batch, then that sauce isn't spicy enough. Seriously, I don't know what it is about Nebraskans and not being able to handle the spicy... seriously, when in doubt, add a bunch of cayenne and when you think it's more than YOU can bear, add some more. That sauce should have a nice deep red color from all the cayenne, cause if you're selling "extra spicy wings" then they'd better damn well be spicy! Also, I like a lake of hot sauce in the bottom of my dish, cause the sauce on the wings themselves will evaporate all their moisture away and after the first few, I definitely long for more sauce to wet them back up again. Admittedly, I might be a bit of a pain-in-the-ass as a customer, but trust me, the end result is a much better product!

  • Adrastos
    Adrastos 7 months ago

    I thought that was Post Malone in the thumbnail.

  • Hd Fonzo
    Hd Fonzo 7 months ago

    Go to miami and try their food

  • JUdaH thE WiZarD lol
    JUdaH thE WiZarD lol 8 months ago

    Why has dan got titties?

  • Chris Renz
    Chris Renz 8 months ago

    13 minutes at 365 is completely overcooked isn't it? I usually pull between 7 and 9 minutes at the absolute max. Maybe they aren't really cooking at that high of a temp the whole time. If you really want them to be the best, toss em in white rice flour before dropping it oil. It makes for a very light crisp breading and maintains it's crunch for a while before seeming stale.

  • Jerry Fisher
    Jerry Fisher 8 months ago

    i change the game and keep the wing whole

  • Jerry Fisher
    Jerry Fisher 8 months ago

    no salt and pepper

  • California Living
    California Living 8 months ago

    It's either blue cheese with wings or...

  • RoBo HiP
    RoBo HiP 8 months ago

    Frank's red hot all the way!!! You could make these at home, fer sure but if you don't put some buff love in there not going to taste the same..... Western NY!!! shout out, hold my beer and watch this.... Buffalo wings nothing better or greater

  • kellieskins
    kellieskins 8 months ago

    why is he picking up the wing with his glove on 5:30

  • James Yuen
    James Yuen 8 months ago

    looks like my guinea pig.

  • Javier deLeon
    Javier deLeon 8 months ago

    No double cooking for crispiness? :*(

  • Darrin Noble
    Darrin Noble 8 months ago

    If you ever get the chance to come out to Colorado. Come at the end of July for the Dillon BBQ Fest. Its a buck a bone at 8,600 feet.

  • Peef Rimgar
    Peef Rimgar 8 months ago

    Yo much love from buffalos neighbors in the ROC but dude wings are done up bigger over here for sure. Those wings look pretty good tho

  • Max Nikolic
    Max Nikolic 8 months ago

    13 minutes at what temperature?

  • Techmical
    Techmical 8 months ago


  • Sirens
    Sirens 8 months ago

    damn now i want some wings!

  • Philip Yankov
    Philip Yankov 8 months ago

    is that 365 in retard units or celsius ?

  • AndyTheAnimal
    AndyTheAnimal 8 months ago

    Who's watching after the Bills finally made the playoffs? #BillsMafia

  • S M
    S M 8 months ago

    I use a little kosher salt and dash of cayenne to season my wings. In addition, I like using whole wings sometimes because I like eating that end piece.

  • Janet Seidlitz
    Janet Seidlitz 9 months ago

    Swirl flip LOL! Just get in there and toss em or use a big spoon.

  • cjs714
    cjs714 9 months ago

    Buffalo wing sauce is named after Buffalo, NY. These guys being from buffalo know how to make good wings.

  • Avarice
    Avarice 9 months ago

    I could eat buffalo wings all day, everyday, for life.

  • MR SMB
    MR SMB 9 months ago

    Red's Hot.... meh, there's better IMHO

  • AlphaWølfe
    AlphaWølfe 9 months ago

    I can. Have buffalo wings anytime. Because I live in buffalo and they’re easy to get lol

  • Gregory Palilonis
    Gregory Palilonis 9 months ago

    Wrong ...
    Best method, especially at home, is steam (best) or bake on low heat ahead of time. This keeps them very moist and tender. Chill them till serving time (up to one day). When time to serve fry them in oil or crisp them in a very hot oven. Then toss in the sauce like they said.
    I'm not sure it's the original way. But it's possibly the best way, it can be done in most homes and it makes it easy to prepare a lot of wings all at once.

  • Un-Named Trucker
    Un-Named Trucker 9 months ago


  • James Iyer
    James Iyer 9 months ago

    Dom take notes!

  • govenmentassassin
    govenmentassassin 9 months ago

    I noticed that Sean's hands are a bit on the small side. I feel you man, I feel you. Also I feel like the editors let me down. When the slow part came up, I was expecting some MLG action.

  • naoyanouchat
    naoyanouchat 10 months ago +2

    I thought they were gonna show some next level wings. A toddler could make these. Everyone in the world knows it's deep fried wings with Frank's Red Hot with butter!
    Better & healthier way: 1- coat wings with flour, salt, pepper and paprika. 2- Put wings on baking tray with a couple table spoon of Olive oil brushed on the tray. 3- Cook at 400 F, flip them a few times and cook until crispy. 4- Mix Frank's with butter. Add onion and garlic powder (optional). 5- Mix both together well when both are hot still!

  • Brian Allen
    Brian Allen 10 months ago

    Love to buffallo baby !!

  • BGz GamersVoid
    BGz GamersVoid 10 months ago

    “I feel so involved “ *presses a button*

  • Kewl Beans
    Kewl Beans 10 months ago

    sean looks like he could be twins with the dude that plays jinx on warehouse 13. :o

  • tony
    tony 11 months ago

    Do they cook it fresh for you when you order? Cause they seem really easy quick and simple to make

  • surrealnumber
    surrealnumber 11 months ago

    what? he did not go full heat? this aint the hot ones i know.

  • Gustavo Buquera
    Gustavo Buquera 11 months ago

    No wonder people get crazy when its not the "true buffalo wing"... the original recipe sucks... of course you get purists.

  • Levitation
    Levitation 11 months ago

    Sean if you ever go to buffalo make sure you check out both duffs, and sals in depew. Best wings in the 716

  • Reilus Johnson
    Reilus Johnson 11 months ago

    Ranch is where it’s at on wings!! Savannah ga baby

  • EatSleepTrainRepeat
    EatSleepTrainRepeat 11 months ago +1

    No seasoning on the wings before they go in the oil?

  • Azzam
    Azzam 11 months ago

    Why tf would I go to a restaurant for this lmao they literally using all ingredients u can get yourself

  • Georg Fogelgren
    Georg Fogelgren 11 months ago

    *drools into my beard*

  • Hoi !
    Hoi ! Year ago

    5:23 scratch those nuts .. nuts .. nuts .. cook some wings .. wings .. wings

  • Jack Zones
    Jack Zones Year ago

    I disagree with cutting the wings. I have no problem with cutting them but I also have no problem with leaving them whole. Not sure where I was going with this. Wings?

  • MRTN13
    MRTN13 Year ago +1

    No flour on the chicken for that crispy crust?

  • Sean Tiu
    Sean Tiu Year ago

    Is frying it without coating better than breading it?

  • ChArLToN
    ChArLToN Year ago

    "The half assers out there" 4:17😂😂😂😂😂

  • Doug Trillson
    Doug Trillson Year ago

    i agree...we want the drums and the flats separate

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight Year ago

    fk ranch .. this is good as fk .. I like a carrot in blue cheese but i would not complain if they gave me this with a good beer and a game on the television.

  • Pretty Peachy
    Pretty Peachy Year ago

    So no actual season on the wings but the sauce.. 😩

  • yummdiddy
    yummdiddy Year ago

    Blue cheese fish for the garbage container. Not for consumption.

  • franklin wells
    franklin wells Year ago

    Sean Evan fucks

  • Princess Casserole

    Buffalove! Love to check your restaurant out soon!