Sean Evans Learns How to Make Real-Deal Buffalo Wings | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Mar 21, 2017
  • To help out all the Hot Ones fans looking to create their own wings challenges at home, First We Feast's Sean Evans sets out to discover the secrets of making proper Buffalo wings from scratch. To learn the poultry arts, he taps Dan Borowski and John Henninger of Dan & John's Wings in the East Village, who flex their Buffalo pedigree during a no-frills cooking tutorial. Armed with fresh, farm-raised chicken, a vat of soybean oil, and a stockpile of Frank's RedHot, these upstate natives will show you the keys to making crispy, no frills drums and flats at home.
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Comments • 908

  • jamewakk
    jamewakk 13 days ago

    13 minutes to fry wings??

  • fuk it
    fuk it 14 days ago

    Remeber to pay homage to the wing gods#716

  • Fever Check
    Fever Check 20 days ago

    Blue Cheese on wings or go f*** your mother - Joey CoCo Diaz

  • Anthony Molinaro
    Anthony Molinaro Month ago

    I feel very involved

  • iBenjamin
    iBenjamin Month ago

    Guys don't use a cooking pot unless you don't like your house and need to re decorate :)

  • Rattle Head
    Rattle Head Month ago

    Blue cheese or go fuck yourself

  • Ashley's Daddy.
    Ashley's Daddy. Month ago

    Clean up that deep fry, its dark (: should be silver looking my guy (;

      GOOGLETUBE 13 days ago

      Where are looking? The fryers are spotless and the oil is brand new, too new actually.

  • Epic Fire Marketing

    So funny because when I was in England in 1980, it was Wendy’s burgers and that’s all you could choose from other than McDonald’s. And in small towns they would give you a cheeseburger but who knows what the hell kind of lean meat it was

  • Alex Levkovich
    Alex Levkovich Month ago

    I just love John's silent actions and smiles! :3 He looks so invested into the process even though he doesn't speak in the video.

  • greedy Samson
    greedy Samson Month ago

    The second I saw them fry the chicken with zero spice or seasoning added... I was out 🙄

    • Yeebees
      Yeebees Month ago

      they did it simple because they said they want it simple so the viewers can make that kind

  • Tom The Plummer
    Tom The Plummer Month ago

    FN rights gents! Anything else is fluff and fern bar crap! Don’t matter if battered or nekkid. Get some crisp, make sure flesh cooked thru. DON’T OVER COOK.

  • Tom The Plummer
    Tom The Plummer Month ago

    Right on for deep fry oil choice. Soy is good for chicken. Canola is poison. Palm and safflower is not good. Peanut oil for fish is best unless ya got a whoos kid ya want to wreck the show for everyone. Gimme honey, gimme gluten, gimme nuts, gimme meat fish and fowl. Cooked anyway local. I stop at sea urchin even with a quail egg.

  • Matt Butler
    Matt Butler 2 months ago

    Fuck blue cheese on blood 👌

  • andrademeza
    andrademeza 2 months ago

    Blue cheese is fukkin gross

  • Jared Schappert
    Jared Schappert 2 months ago

    How did no one comment "It's either bleu cheese with wings or go fuck your mother?"
    Disappointed in you, internet.

  • ncsam 000000
    ncsam 000000 2 months ago

    They might be from buffalo but these fucks cant make a good chicken wing to save their shitty lives. Lmfao this is laughable at best. Classic buffalo taste lmao you mean shit taste. I've learned a few things about Yankees there taste is shit and way over rated cause their from New York.

  • N0va123
    N0va123 2 months ago

    How lame is this? I thought they feed Buffalomeat to Chickens and made it REAL

  • Whitelavender66
    Whitelavender66 2 months ago

    man those look like shit. bake em in the sauce for a couple minutes. so much better than this thin ass sauce dripping everywhere

  • Dylan M
    Dylan M 2 months ago

    Lol, they cut that John guy out completely

  • DaSalt Mcfly
    DaSalt Mcfly 2 months ago

    why does he sound like Danny DeVito

  • Daniel Zumbusch
    Daniel Zumbusch 2 months ago

    I wish I liked Blue Cheese. To me it literally, in the literal sense of the word, tastes like a cleaning chemical not food. Super unnatural. Maybe it is something like the cilantro phenomenon and I just don't taste it correctly. That said, I like my wings spicy and as is. Occasionally ranch but I prefer just the hot sauce.

  • Tajh Wilson
    Tajh Wilson 2 months ago

    Dont you season the chicken first?

  • jinxtacy
    jinxtacy 2 months ago

    Wait. That's what bleu cheese is? What's the liquid that they serve us then?

  • John Russell
    John Russell 2 months ago

    was that 3 parts butter to one part franks
    3 part franks to one part butter?

  • Ricardo Cantu
    Ricardo Cantu 3 months ago

    I want wings with every episode.. Every time.. never fails..

  • sebastian garcia
    sebastian garcia 3 months ago

    put the wings in hot oil and then toss it in sauce got it

  • 6pmusic 1
    6pmusic 1 3 months ago

    You guys don't know real wings I'm not taking advice from a TVclip channel heck no I rather go find the best buffalo wing by myself cuz as a preference wise they're basically telling you why they're wings are the best not because you think they are righttt!!?

  • Øli Macabre
    Øli Macabre 3 months ago

    But how exactly does hot ones make their wings? Surely they don't do this method with all of the higher tier sauces.

  • Hi-Fi
    Hi-Fi 3 months ago

    Shout out from Buffalo! Glad to see Sean Evans and these guys representing Buffalove out there and making honest Buffalo chicken wings.

  • jad wehbe
    jad wehbe 3 months ago

    joey Diaz would be happy with the wings and blue cheese cuz ranch dressing taste like ass

  • joelouis321
    joelouis321 3 months ago +1

    I give this tutorial a 2/10 and a thumbs down. Extremely basic and lacking. No knowledge of how to elevate the sauce or the cook. These are beginner wings. Given that this was a wing video, you let us down. I was expecting next level knowledge, not beginner basics. Step up your game noobs, your vierership is not as ignorant as you think. Otherwise, why am I wasting my time here?

  • SamPeiBeats
    SamPeiBeats 3 months ago

    Dave carried their team of John and him

  • Quick Caliber
    Quick Caliber 3 months ago

    What about Frank's Buffalo Wing Sauce?

  • Charlie Tate
    Charlie Tate 3 months ago

    You can't argue with a classic wing.

  • Rohan MD Keshava
    Rohan MD Keshava 3 months ago

    It’s either blue cheese or go ...

  • Ethan Hananel
    Ethan Hananel 3 months ago

    Fuck blue cheese

  • Blake Griffith
    Blake Griffith 3 months ago

    You fried chicken and put butter and hot sauce on it. Mesmerizing.

  • Zachary Bennett
    Zachary Bennett 3 months ago

    That's one American Tattoo!

  • Kameron Landis
    Kameron Landis 4 months ago

    You guys forgot one step in the process to mention: WHAT TEMP!?!

  • J. Martinez
    J. Martinez 4 months ago

    This is HALF ****er. They did absolutely nothing to the wing prior to cooking them. Today wing prices have transformed wings into a luxury item. But sadly, preparations like the one in this video have failed to raise their wing game in proportion. Brine them. Or lightly coat them in potato, or corn starch. Or bread them. Put some baking powder during prep. DO SOMETHING!!! don't just toss a raw wing in oil, dress it in some fancy sauce, and sale 7 of them for $10 - 15. You bite in to an untreated wing and you taste its gamey character at worse and at best the wing is simply bland and depends in an unbalanced way on the sauce. Raise your damn game.

  • McKenzie Willie
    McKenzie Willie 4 months ago

    Who else gets hungry from watching stuff like this?

  • Bl4z3purple
    Bl4z3purple 4 months ago

    90% of restaurants make wings like that. What do u mean?

    FUNERAL BILL II 5 months ago

    Back in the mid-90s there was a place called "Popeye's Pizza" on the East Side of Buffalo when I lived in my first apartment (and was poor) I used to order the honey BBQ wings on Tuesday because they were 10c wings. I'd order a box of 50 and eat them until Friday...AMAZING wings. Sadly they closed after about a year or two.

    FUNERAL BILL II 5 months ago

    I was born in Buffalo in 1975, lived there until I turned 30 and ran from the snow to sunny Florida. The ONLY thing I miss about Buffalo is the Sabres, Tim Horton's and the food. If you go to Buffalo and want good wings try Avenue Pizza, Anchor Bar (where the Buffalo chicken wing was invented) or Bonettis!!

  • James Baptiste
    James Baptiste 5 months ago

    I'm from Buffalo and I just moved to Japan. Out of desperation, I ordered wings from Domino's and they came with Ceaser dressing. Couldn't stomach more than one bite. Making my own from now on... if I can find Frank's anywhere.

  • jintonic07
    jintonic07 5 months ago

    Maybe make it at an actual home type setting...would be better

  • Owen Hawken
    Owen Hawken 5 months ago

    They don’t have lemon pepper or lemon pepper wet...

  • cipher88101
    cipher88101 5 months ago

    Just did this myself, if you aren't in the north, the cooking time is more than 13 minutes. Mine was 19 minutes in Florida and they came out great.

  • j.c man
    j.c man 5 months ago

    I thought there was gonna be something special but this is just how everyone else makes wings...

  • Jerry Hertzberg
    Jerry Hertzberg 6 months ago

    They are TIPS not Knee pits ....

  • Derrick R
    Derrick R 6 months ago

    Hmmmm.... fresh chicken... no seasoning... straight to fryer... franks hot sauce... genius...

  • AZWildcat27
    AZWildcat27 6 months ago

    Good stuff!

  • Baboon
    Baboon 6 months ago

    it's blue cheese with wings or go fuck your mother!

  • Julian B.
    Julian B. 6 months ago

    that one dude was hellaa nervous

  • Kareem de Vries
    Kareem de Vries 6 months ago

    I am suprised that they didnt season the wings at all? No salt and pepper?

  • Victory Tarot Divini
    Victory Tarot Divini 6 months ago

    Awsomeee!! Thanks!! 🍖🍗

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith 6 months ago

    No seasoning the chicken?

  • Benny
    Benny 6 months ago

    buffalo-style buffalo wings are underwhelming at best. even in buffalo itself. sorry.

  • thecazzmaniandevil -
    thecazzmaniandevil - 6 months ago

    I thought that was Anders Friden for a minute...

  • Dominus Ghaul
    Dominus Ghaul 6 months ago

    I like my food without anyone shooting any "Buffalo love" inside of it, thanks.

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans 7 months ago

    I made some of these today

  • Sheldon Miller
    Sheldon Miller 7 months ago

    Always brine your chicken it makes it so much juicier and better.

  • Sappy-Seaman
    Sappy-Seaman 7 months ago

    What temperature? 365 got it!

  • mysterypaint uhuh
    mysterypaint uhuh 7 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this! As a huge fan of hot wings, I'm excited to try this out for myself in the coming months!

  • Stuart Karow
    Stuart Karow 7 months ago

    Smoked Wings using real wood embers beats your fried wings anytime !

  • Cameron Nathan
    Cameron Nathan 7 months ago +2

    The blue cheese didn't look homemade though :/

  • DJ S
    DJ S 7 months ago

    Friends and I would, special trips. From Toronto, down to Buffalo. And head straight too the "Anchor,Bar" Home of the Buffalo Wing's. And Order,the largest platter of wings and extra. cheese. beer after.head too the Casino.

  • amanita333
    amanita333 7 months ago

    do u have cow wings too in ameruca

  • col roulette
    col roulette 7 months ago

    YES!...................ranch LOL!

  • Skylooo
    Skylooo 7 months ago

    I don't wanna sound to be rude, but whats the magic there, you fry some chicken basicly and then put sauce on it??? I mean the sauce must be really good obviously, but its not much in a way of doing something with it ;)

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans 7 months ago

    Okay, so you fry them in oil for 13 minutes, then coat them in hot sauce. That's it. Nothing else?

  • Spencer Jenkin
    Spencer Jenkin 8 months ago


  • drizzt7010
    drizzt7010 8 months ago

    If it ain’t franks it ain’t buffalo

  • pokiou
    pokiou 8 months ago

    Drummets and Winglets is the term and i agree!!! wings should be separated.

  • Frank the Tank
    Frank the Tank 8 months ago

    do you usually use blue cheese for real buffalo wings? i am a danish sou chef love to make em before working searching for the most real buffalo wing hope someone will reply me have great day everyone

  • paperchasin23
    paperchasin23 9 months ago

    He's putting too much sauce. He's a wing coward.

  • Ever Gaming
    Ever Gaming 9 months ago

    Let John talk man, lol

  • Varun Manthapuri
    Varun Manthapuri 9 months ago

    @2:39 Sean - " I feel very involved " XD

  • x99
    x99 9 months ago

    looks great but bleu cheese is disgusting change my mind

  • will
    will 9 months ago

    This is exactly what I do, sauce and all. It's pretty standard. I like to bread my wings though and then let them sit in the fridge for a couple of hours to absorb the bread. Gives it a thicker and crispier texture while still keeping the inside tender and juicy.

  • marnouche mm
    marnouche mm 10 months ago

    Meat should be clean with lemon and or vinegar, there is no flavor in the chicken itself just the buffalo sauce? Sorry I don’t think yours are the best. Meat should be seasoned at least 30 min before frying, to add flavor inside the meat and not just the skin. To each is own. Best is a strong word. No disrespect, just a comment.

  • LiquidDevil,Inc.
    LiquidDevil,Inc. 10 months ago

    funny he should mention half-assing it...
    Blanch them for 5 minutes, LIGHTLY batter them (thinner is better than thicker) with a flour/ beer/ liquid butter/ Franks Red Hot wash (you don't actually want a breaded texture, just something for the sauce to stick to), lay them out on a tray, and freeze them overnight. Then fry them for 7 minutes, toss them in a bowl with your choice of liquid butter/Franks Red Hot/ spices recipe (fuck a squeeze bottle), and there you go. The double frying and the light battering is key to having a crunch, and a texture other than hot sauce on rubbery chicken skin.
    It may not be "the Buffalo way", just a better way.

  • LiquidDevil,Inc.
    LiquidDevil,Inc. 10 months ago

    dude needs a beard net

  • playmo time
    playmo time 10 months ago

    I'm so hungry

  • Jason Surage
    Jason Surage 11 months ago

    716 represent

  • Bone Mega
    Bone Mega 11 months ago

    The best wings in NYC

  • Joshua Dhir
    Joshua Dhir 11 months ago

    Been going to these guys for about three weeks now. Flavorful chicken, tender meat, and spicy sauce. Nothing more, nothing less, just as it should be. Can't stop going now, definitely give these dudes a try!

  • Cho Cheung
    Cho Cheung 11 months ago

    Been here. Definitely worth it

  • stan giles
    stan giles 11 months ago

    I was in Buffalo, worst wings ever, just for tourists, they set the standard so low , I was so disappointed. I love wings , if they say buffalo wings I ask what part of buffalo, and stay clear of such nonsense.

  • HTM
    HTM 11 months ago

    Sean looks so bored

  • Metadragon
    Metadragon 11 months ago

    I fry mine up and then i put them in a mason jar with my spices and hot sauce and then shake shake shake and then out them on heat a bit so the sauce cooks into the crispily fried meat and skin. that way they arent sopping but still wet and they are hot and spicy

  • FieryReign
    FieryReign 11 months ago

    Frank's? Fail.

  • Potod Scumbigula
    Potod Scumbigula Year ago

    I should not be watching these videos, I have no food in my fridge what so ever. This is how you skimp on rent. Bellissimo.

  • Killval
    Killval Year ago



    I tried this recipe and its incredible, just like they said, the key is freshness, I think purchase my wings at the supermarket butcher and cut them myself its great

  • M S
    M S Year ago

    Yo Sean, how about you show us behind the scene Hot Ones wing making.

  • jescollo
    jescollo Year ago

    Ranch all the way

  • PyroNinja713
    PyroNinja713 Year ago

    This looks like the easiest restaurant in the world to work at. lol, it's like Bob's Burgers but with wings

  • Kelly Logan
    Kelly Logan Year ago

    He needs his own tv show

  • jdome jd
    jdome jd Year ago

    Frank's Red Hot is absolutely the secret ingredient in every perfect wing.