So I Killed RANDUMB While I was wearing RECON EXPERT and he spectated me until I died..

  • Published on May 17, 2019
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  • Carlitoes
    Carlitoes  2 months ago +1822

    Make sure to use Code “ Carlitoes” or Code “Dumb” in the Fortnite Item shop🙂❤️ Do NOT SEND HATE TO RANDUMB

    • Jaziah Credle
      Jaziah Credle 5 days ago

      Carlitoes I understand that u don’t want us to send hate but half of he said about u made ZERO sense”yeah he definitely bought his skin” yup FROM THE ITEM SHOP🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    • It’s Matt
      It’s Matt 7 days ago

      Yo why you like bullying randumb he my fav TVclipr I know he not the best player but you don’t have to make fun of him and put in toxic memes like I’ll like to see you play on pc

    • Echo Izaac
      Echo Izaac 12 days ago

      lol he just blured the name and kill feed i saw the real vid its click bait

    • Joel Madrigal
      Joel Madrigal 18 days ago

      You are lying because you covered the name of the recon expert pink and when the other skin kill the recon you showed the name

    • jake mcman
      jake mcman 19 days ago

      Yes maybe no yes maybe no

  • ggmoney 69
    ggmoney 69 2 hours ago

    You q you covering the names how are you supposed to notice you how are we supposed to know it's real

  • Jackson Seagraves
    Jackson Seagraves 19 hours ago

    That's not even you blocked the name you gay

  • He Oo
    He Oo 21 hour ago

    It’s not fucking him. He just wants views. If your 18 or older how to do you watch this shit.

  • Loiperino
    Loiperino 22 hours ago

    every video says "while wearing recon expert". the flexing tho

    BENNYB34N Day ago +1

    Randumb is 999998988 millon times better than carloitoes

  • Urbad Player
    Urbad Player Day ago

    That was not you because carlitoes dont play that dumb

  • Jaaccobbb々
    Jaaccobbb々 Day ago

    It’s not you

  • Fallout Gamer59
    Fallout Gamer59 Day ago

    What was that 4:34

  • Fear Isaツ
    Fear Isaツ Day ago

    imovie headass

  • Gabe Tatsu
    Gabe Tatsu Day ago

    4:22 I’m sorry what :/

  • Scyllez Yt
    Scyllez Yt Day ago

    I think randumb died to a recon then carlitoes says it’s him

  • Scyllez Yt
    Scyllez Yt Day ago

    Why he has to cover his name

  • Hidden.Mydarz
    Hidden.Mydarz Day ago

    Let me 1v1 you for your account pls

  • Release The Cows
    Release The Cows 2 days ago

    This is probably the most unfunny edits I’ve ever seen in a video

  • 54 K
    54 K 2 days ago

    Fake as

  • ꧁J૯Բ૯૨ઽѳท꧂ _pLaYs

    Why u cover the name

  • GaMeR EX 29
    GaMeR EX 29 2 days ago

    Randumb's a bot

  • Caden Steele
    Caden Steele 2 days ago

    3:52 dude: *slaps*
    other dude: AH!

  • use code dumb
    use code dumb 3 days ago


  • Leong Chi Hei Matthew 梁梓曦 P3B20

    My cousin said to my whole family that he was Carlitoes (fake btw)

  • rtv_Fidtzy
    rtv_Fidtzy 3 days ago

    How did randumb know u bought your acc

  • Mist xd
    Mist xd 3 days ago

    Why do you clickbait views money your so money hungry also your trash you fake all of your videos prove to me that its you why did you blur out the name trash can make actually content you autstic clickbaiting hore suck a dick

  • Mist xd
    Mist xd 3 days ago

    I had respect for you but now that you have clickbait like this

  • iGrizly
    iGrizly 3 days ago

    Randumb is still better. Everyone knows.

  • Jayden Singh
    Jayden Singh 4 days ago

    Randumb said you could not kill him that fast he was spamming builds

  • Talon Media
    Talon Media 4 days ago


  • Talon Media
    Talon Media 4 days ago


  • Aruor makur
    Aruor makur 4 days ago

    hi Carlitos are you Spanish

  • masterspin
    masterspin 4 days ago

    You're just jealous that this Recon is better, bruh, you're so toxic

  • masterspin
    masterspin 4 days ago +1

    Why did you block the name you faker bot

  • ENVy Vyrus
    ENVy Vyrus 4 days ago

    This is fake

  • RaTcHeT MiKe
    RaTcHeT MiKe 4 days ago

    He seems like a true pos truly makes me not like that fag at all gets salty over a game.

  • Trent 124
    Trent 124 5 days ago

    That wasn't even u

  • hayden sweeney
    hayden sweeney 5 days ago

    You say don’t be toxic and then your toxic as fuck 😂😂 like bro ur trash broooo

  • Trippy Kappa
    Trippy Kappa 5 days ago +4

    Guys, He never killed randumb. What happened is he found a Recon expert in a Game and he decided Too act like he was that recon expert For views. And he never showed His reacion, and plus He never showed The name And that means it was a different Name. And @Randumb Tweeted About this video and said The name that was on here was Sideshark1239, this wasn't HIM.

  • hit that like button

    U can clickbait everyone but not me u play on different consoles :)

    • Blitzz
      Blitzz 3 days ago

      Connect Mouse and keyboard to ps4 whoopy your a dumbass

  • J O S H
    J O S H 5 days ago

    anybody know what the 2nd emote he does in his intro is called?

  • - LitMichael15
    - LitMichael15 5 days ago

    Did he delete the video?

  • Twitch Voidzs
    Twitch Voidzs 5 days ago +1

    Why do u cover up ur name

  • Chalz-
    Chalz- 6 days ago +1

    Hate you fucking humans, think someone bought their account because their not known on the internet. People are a fucking disgrace in this game if they are an og they are an og respect it you fucking bum just mad you didnt play that long and their better than you. Btw I played season 1 I have only 2 og skins.

  • Myk ster
    Myk ster 6 days ago

    Your toxic

  • Phasmic
    Phasmic 6 days ago

    its the unknown youtubers who are GODLY in this game

  • kaz fenner
    kaz fenner 6 days ago

    Your content sucks

  • Mason Geen
    Mason Geen 6 days ago

    Haha haha I love the memes carlitoes puts in his videos

  • GFL Frost
    GFL Frost 6 days ago

    F randumb

  • Ok River
    Ok River 7 days ago +1

    Do all the “Im UnDeR rAtEd” fortnite youtubers use the same intro

  • Brayden Dotson
    Brayden Dotson 7 days ago

    I could beat u and I started in season 3😂

  • Brayden Dotson
    Brayden Dotson 7 days ago

    Ur literally still playing in season 6

  • Brayden Dotson
    Brayden Dotson 7 days ago

    Like the worst recon Expert

  • Brayden Dotson
    Brayden Dotson 7 days ago

    Ur really bad like superrrrr bad

  • Sunza IV
    Sunza IV 7 days ago

    Shit is fake as fuck

  • josue val
    josue val 7 days ago

    If randumb would have saw the video Carlitoes just made 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Carson Garcia
    Carson Garcia 7 days ago

    Mans has at least 3 different recon accounts

  • Carson Garcia
    Carson Garcia 7 days ago

    That was a good meme compilation

  • Carson Garcia
    Carson Garcia 7 days ago

    No hate but randumb would smack u in a 1v1 and u most likely bought all ur accounts and u are pretty toxic

    • iBodiz -_
      iBodiz -_ 7 days ago

      Why are we here if it was about a month ago since he posted this😂😂

  • Dr Kozmoz
    Dr Kozmoz 7 days ago

    Who the fuck is Randumb? 😂

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 7 days ago +2

    Randumb is my favorite Yutuber bc he is fun and funny

  • Teresa Armenta
    Teresa Armenta 7 days ago

    u think ur sooooooooooo good ur sooooooooooo fuckin toxic. u suck at your editing bitch

  • Warren Leshore
    Warren Leshore 7 days ago

    Notice how his name is blocked off ;/

  • Lust Clan
    Lust Clan 8 days ago +1

    It’s weird that everyone you kill is streaming

  • Jacob Gooding
    Jacob Gooding 8 days ago +8

    Like if Randumb is better than carlitoes

    RICHARD ACEY 8 days ago

    You said he was toxic you are the toxic one

  • Omar Valencia
    Omar Valencia 8 days ago

    So we just watch one of randumbs videos with some stupid ass memes

  • E4ZE Clan
    E4ZE Clan 9 days ago

    This guy has 900k subs and makes the most obvious editing mistake.😑

  • TSP PotatoKietnguyen

    This is why i unsubscribe to randumb

  • KapperYT
    KapperYT 9 days ago

    4:00 nice video editing

  • KapperYT
    KapperYT 9 days ago

    He did but the skin wow randumb

  • Unique Swaze
    Unique Swaze 9 days ago

    No offense but ur a$$

  • Christopher Rodrigiez

    Also he plays on PC you play on ps4

  • Flame Magically
    Flame Magically 10 days ago

    You are so toxic to random

  • Kaleb Richardson
    Kaleb Richardson 10 days ago

    Randumb is a bot tho

  • Olavo Jaqueto
    Olavo Jaqueto 10 days ago

    looking for clout u bot

  • Olavo Jaqueto
    Olavo Jaqueto 10 days ago

    bruh ur toxic buddy

  • TM Difrn
    TM Difrn 10 days ago

    Who makes your gfx?

  • ASLandrew7
    ASLandrew7 11 days ago

    The video is fake he didn’t even kill him. Such a fake TVclipr people just unsubscribe. This guy has to fake his video. What a loser

  • YouTube Volez
    YouTube Volez 11 days ago

    Carlitoes is fucking bad it probably even isn’t him cuz the name is coverd

  • Luke Wedder
    Luke Wedder 11 days ago

    Why would
    You block out your own name

  • Luke Wedder
    Luke Wedder 11 days ago

    That wasn’t even u

  • Omar Nasser
    Omar Nasser 11 days ago

    Just stop faking everything i hope your whole fortnite career stops i wish you lose both hands your such a fake guy plus its obv you bought your acc

  • longshotdreamer
    longshotdreamer 11 days ago

    carlitoes ur fucking Garbo stfu

  • Elb Central
    Elb Central 11 days ago

    “can’t buy skill” 1v1 him then

  • Hunter Zancan_24
    Hunter Zancan_24 11 days ago

    No proof lol

  • George Domingues
    George Domingues 11 days ago

    Ran dumb is just mad cuz he died I’ll clap randumb

  • VIRAL fortnite
    VIRAL fortnite 11 days ago

    IT is FakE he blocks his name and carlitoes why your are always editing with the same video’s thats trash

  • ZQX Reborncorgi7
    ZQX Reborncorgi7 12 days ago +21

    Randumbs not wrong carlitoes bought his account cause carlitoes so trash and fakes all his videos

    • Blitzz
      Blitzz 3 days ago

      Yo ya dick is small first ya ass at Fortnite and take off my profile picture

    • Xx Zaidoz xX
      Xx Zaidoz xX 4 days ago

      Is this what u mom says like she beat u on creative

    • ok lol
      ok lol 4 days ago

      you get 900k subs then you have the right to talk.

    • Unspoken Aspect
      Unspoken Aspect 4 days ago

      Yer he's getting money his dad you moron. His dad is locked up in jail for something he didn't do.

    • King aj 03
      King aj 03 5 days ago +1

      I mean he does suck and he does fake all his vids if you can’t tell you’re legally autistic

  • Bred Stained
    Bred Stained 12 days ago

    Why did u block the name

  • Chrysostomos Er
    Chrysostomos Er 12 days ago

    Fake your name is blocked

  • Parker Coffey
    Parker Coffey 12 days ago

    Sorry but you seemed pretty trash in this vid to be foreal :(

  • Infinitespace
    Infinitespace 12 days ago

    Your not funny

  • Silvermoon Mullady
    Silvermoon Mullady 12 days ago

    I saw the video 😂

  • daily.fortnite videos
    daily.fortnite videos 12 days ago

    How do you make the thumbnails

  • H-U-S-H YT
    H-U-S-H YT 12 days ago

    Carlitoes stop 1v1ning people go show ur skills in a actual game

  • Connor Wagaman
    Connor Wagaman 13 days ago

    You 1v1 me

  • timberwolfe0108
    timberwolfe0108 13 days ago

    I watch randumbs vid

  • NFS_Miles MM11
    NFS_Miles MM11 13 days ago

    Lol nice editing

  • jackson pelfrey
    jackson pelfrey 13 days ago +3

    Congrats on 900k I use your code and turned on notifications because your my favorite TVclipr

  • Sherry-ann Callender
    Sherry-ann Callender 13 days ago

    lol so fake not going to lie

  • Woozy Stfu
    Woozy Stfu 13 days ago

    Randumb got bodied. Now he's getting salty

  • Tfue_Nr_gg- _-
    Tfue_Nr_gg- _- 13 days ago

    Why did you cover the user name