People Who Took Instructions Way Too Literally

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    Kids Who Took Instructions Way Too Literally

    • Tortoise Lover
      Tortoise Lover 2 months ago

      Banana Dork - Gaming don't be a jerk, manners cost nothing. Anyone can afford them. There is no need to go out of your way to just tear people down. Don't be a 3 year old.

    • Heidi Bahler
      Heidi Bahler 3 months ago

      FunnyPicsOnly i

    • Richie Paulo
      Richie Paulo 5 months ago

      FunnyPicsOnly 4:39 I hate goodbyes too 😢 lol!!! Great video!!!

    • Nien Numb
      Nien Numb 5 months ago

      Banana Dork - Gaming, Piss off 🖕🏻

    • Cassius MEAS
      Cassius MEAS 6 months ago

      FunnyPicsOnly i

  • 7r1f0rc3 Gaming
    7r1f0rc3 Gaming 27 days ago

    Song at 4:39

  • busta bubba
    busta bubba Month ago

    It's worth the time to but I said​ it not bad rally

  • Tortoise Lover
    Tortoise Lover 2 months ago

    I vote we give the kid at 1:56 at least 50 extra credit points

  • Kawaii Reads
    Kawaii Reads 2 months ago +1

    i can't believe that guys actually took the "Free please take" sign!! lol!😂😂😂

    PORL THESALT 2 months ago

    1:39 should've been more specific

  • Collin Brophy
    Collin Brophy 2 months ago

    9:12 what does TA mean, what am i missing

  • Hey It's Arii
    Hey It's Arii 2 months ago

    -reply and like if you can do this-

  • Penguin Community
    Penguin Community 2 months ago

    Any of the people in this vid are automatically marriage people. Love ❤️ the sense of fun!

  • Versace Italiano
    Versace Italiano 2 months ago

    Love it bro Hope you are doing well
    / ( ) \
    / \

  • BornToRunBarefoot
    BornToRunBarefoot 2 months ago +1

    Most of these are fake.

  • Mid West
    Mid West 2 months ago

    Sort of looks like Dave Coulier @449

  • double Nickel
    double Nickel 2 months ago

    Well it just goes to show you how dumb people are

  • Alyssa Quinlan
    Alyssa Quinlan 2 months ago

    Like if this worked pls
    -cross- -out-

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles 2 months ago

    Wait.... on the take 5 one you have to take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each take 5 for each minute I take from your time reading this

  • 0-0 private
    0-0 private 2 months ago

    me:**Goes to a mall**
    me:**sees** "Kill yourself"
    me:-ok **kills**

  • arte0021
    arte0021 2 months ago

    wanna hear a funny joke?

    you are a joke

  • Diamond Destroyer
    Diamond Destroyer 2 months ago

    IM DIEING!!!!

  • Mobile Gamer Shounak001
    Mobile Gamer Shounak001 2 months ago +1

    People are not smart. Or instructions we're not detailed or given clearly

  • Devil ed egg
    Devil ed egg 2 months ago

    My nana told me to come pick up a bottle for her so I picked it up and then I put it back down like okay I picked it up then I put it back down

  • Christine Wennerberg
    Christine Wennerberg 2 months ago +1

    6:36. I'd say that his attempt at making Portland weird succeeded. Too much.

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    BeeGee1004 2 months ago


  • Theodore Cohn
    Theodore Cohn 2 months ago

    6:17 Deers… That is so annoying

  • TJ theboss
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    *_Hello to the awesome people scrolling down the comments_*

  • *THE* *LEGEND*
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  • Marinna Freund
    Marinna Freund 2 months ago

    4:22 is the best LMAO! :))

  • anotherkat4u
    anotherkat4u 3 months ago

    i was 9 and visiting Edmonton Canada, at a petting zoo....a moose bit my shoulder ,,,,=^..^=,,,, stoopid moose.

    GARRY OAK 3 months ago

    *slaps head*

  • xepale
    xepale 3 months ago

    0:49 i have actually done that

  • Katrina Maria
    Katrina Maria 3 months ago

    laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣

  • Amen Hush
    Amen Hush 3 months ago

    Lol... @8:05 seems so paedo. Creepy

  • marc donnelly
    marc donnelly 3 months ago


  • DeenanTheKemon I
    DeenanTheKemon I 4 months ago

    That deer be like "nigga get that fuckin quarter out my face"

  • Korma Storm
    Korma Storm 4 months ago

    I like to think that nobody was serious while doing some of those, but some people aren't really smart

  • NightNinja_XY
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  • Aarti Monga
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  • Muhammad Zohaib
    Muhammad Zohaib 4 months ago

    so hilarious. lol

  • Leepeng
    Leepeng 4 months ago

    4:08 look at my hand.....


  • Zayan Khan
    Zayan Khan 5 months ago

    2:54 he didn't open it with a knife and after that he didn't use a sharp object

  • Dracofox Gaming
    Dracofox Gaming 5 months ago

    Loved the tardis

  • Cantor Fam
    Cantor Fam 5 months ago

    The water looks like its made out of rocks 4:09

  • Weirdest girl in the world

    _hi there c:_

  • Weirdest girl in the world

    -hi there c:-

  • Weirdest girl in the world

    *hi there c:*

  • Nien Numb
    Nien Numb 5 months ago

    The kid actually took the time to write Chinese

  • Ragnar558 Gray
    Ragnar558 Gray 5 months ago

    9:15 That looks exactly like my uncle ray

  • FrostedFire87
    FrostedFire87 5 months ago

    no. This is people trying to get attention compilation

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  • JayYoonTop
    JayYoonTop 5 months ago

    Why is all the first letters in the title like this L and not like this l. ?

    2SWEDISHGAMERS 5 months ago +1

    *i just learned how to do this*

  • Dylan Foran
    Dylan Foran 5 months ago +1

    I think that the Drive through pharmacy one is a town over from me. I herd about it.

  • The Äskädää
    The Äskädää 5 months ago

    1:15 so he is single😂😂😂😂

  • Jr. Cupcake
    Jr. Cupcake 6 months ago

    5:09 what did they expect 😂

  • Ghost Phoenix
    Ghost Phoenix 6 months ago

    if at 0:15 says take five when he probably only had one doesnt that mean he needs to take up another five for every bar he picks up?

  • omar paz
    omar paz 6 months ago


  • That Rick & Morty Girl
    That Rick & Morty Girl 6 months ago

    7:38 good job, store

  • Sebas Aguila
    Sebas Aguila 6 months ago

    7:01 HA insert bill and puts the bill card

  • Amy Miller
    Amy Miller 6 months ago


  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 6 months ago +1

    I used to be a fan.........

    Now I'm a air conditioner

  • Kelly Gaming
    Kelly Gaming 7 months ago +2

    Today my cousin said he wanted to sit on the couch I was sitting in, he never said he wanted too sit on the couch with *ME* so I just went too the other couch 😂 guess I took instructions literally too 😂

  • Shamika Gadre Gune
    Shamika Gadre Gune 7 months ago

    2:02 LOL

  • Willson Smith
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    SAIYAN RAZAR 7 months ago

    after a while this got old

  • Momo's ONEC
    Momo's ONEC 7 months ago

    _too funny_

  • Momo's ONEC
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  • supersonic7
    supersonic7 7 months ago

    butter cookies sound achualy nice

  • diamondfinder360
    diamondfinder360 7 months ago

    my friend put " changed later." and it didn't let him. it may seem fake, but true story. if you don't get it, read the second sentence over a few more times

  • angel elenes
    angel elenes 7 months ago

    5:08 i did that once

  • Talentia Kid
    Talentia Kid 7 months ago

    *-i just learnt how to do this-*

  • jianming lu
    jianming lu 7 months ago

    wow stupid people

  • Pickle Rick
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  • Mr. Space!
    Mr. Space! 7 months ago

    1:14 the lyrics are ehhh yoy ehhh yoy ehhh yoy ehhh yoy
    it it where
    ehhh yoy ehhh yoy ehhh yoy ehhh yoy

    yoy yoy yoy yoy
    it it where
    yoy yoy yoy yoy
    it it where

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    I'm nigga plz give me 100 likes if you think i was real nigga

  • Fatimah Alhossain
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  • SpeedyDudeGaming
    SpeedyDudeGaming 7 months ago +1

    At 3:18, it said, "Please keep your iPhone under watch" But it wasen't an iPhone, it was an LG.

  • RossomeRishit TheGamer
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  • Spongebob 9999
    Spongebob 9999 7 months ago +1

    Guys if someone says Go buy sonic from the food place go buy sonic Toys or Plush thats a instruction way literally

  • bpdoles
    bpdoles 7 months ago

    okay i'll go find a video called "Share Subscribe" and like it :D

  • Natalie Nims
    Natalie Nims 7 months ago

    ¶ ¶

  • Short Stack
    Short Stack 7 months ago

    Igpay atinlay isway unfay udeday

  • 1 1
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  • xSudipta
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  • earl sarmiento
    earl sarmiento 7 months ago

    *bro wtf*

  • JC C
    JC C 7 months ago +1

    Mom told me to fix the fan

    I got my dick stuck in the fan
    Please call the "OMG your dick got caught in the ceiling fan" btw the number is 704-420-DICK.

  • Chosen Wisely
    Chosen Wisely 7 months ago

    I lost it with Overwatch... hahahahaha

  • Kezi _ 75
    Kezi _ 75 7 months ago

    Or not

  • Kezi _ 75
    Kezi _ 75 7 months ago

    [b] like this

  • Evan Au
    Evan Au 8 months ago

    on take 5, shouldn't he have to take 5 more bars per bar?

  • SaiRBLX ‘
    SaiRBLX ‘ 8 months ago


  • Jonas Kong
    Jonas Kong 8 months ago

    2:01 _The username is taken_

  • Bianca l
    Bianca l 8 months ago

    Haha and for the "Please check if you flushed one" lol that one guy who put an X

  • Monday_ sunday120
    Monday_ sunday120 8 months ago

    That sheep one though.

  • Keaton Mason
    Keaton Mason 8 months ago

    Like Share Subscribe

  • Connor Miles
    Connor Miles 8 months ago

    I can't tell if it's smart-asses, or dumb-asses

  • The Jacob Channel
    The Jacob Channel 8 months ago

    -How do you do this? I don't know how-

  • DarkEnlighter
    DarkEnlighter 8 months ago

    Damn i am playing heart gold and i am in goldrod City and when i went in the house and talked to the girl she Said her big brother bill just went to another city and then the incert bill meme came...

  • Briefcase Beaver
    Briefcase Beaver 8 months ago

    And then you see a kum and go

  • MadHealer 3978
    MadHealer 3978 8 months ago

    what is the music you used for the this video?