• Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • 2018 was a great year. I want to thank everyone who's subscribed to my channel and supported me this year, I look forward to making 2019 even better! :)
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  • appleminte
    appleminte  2 months ago +357

    Thanks so much for watching! What's your 2019 New Year's resolution?

    • Sevde Bereketlioglu
      Sevde Bereketlioglu 19 days ago


    • Vmin is real !
      Vmin is real ! 22 days ago

      Mine is to learn how to draw like you!

    • Lauma Lauma
      Lauma Lauma Month ago

      Draw more and eat more

    • Yy Wong
      Yy Wong Month ago

      Try to draw better like Appleminte(highly impossible)

    • Jam5 yt
      Jam5 yt Month ago

      I don’t have one lol

  • Madison Smith Pagan

    I literally JUST watched that video. 6:38

  • Wolf Moon
    Wolf Moon 3 days ago +1

    My 2018 sketch book: *CRAP*

  • Cass Henry
    Cass Henry 3 days ago

    @appleminte Be aware that people can easily copy your art. Because your at is on Google..

  • Temmie Omelette
    Temmie Omelette 7 days ago

    apple should totally make an animee

  • Fran Ford
    Fran Ford 7 days ago

    Please can you draw me i have plonde hair i like short blach skirts and bloody red jumpers im very casual

  • maria gacha life Torres

    Ur drawing is sooo good girl I wish I could draw like that

  • s Light
    s Light 11 days ago

    Your very good at drawing

  • Zyra Scarlet
    Zyra Scarlet 12 days ago

    2:57 looks like Rafael from mobile legends?!!! Anyone playing??

  • Chelsea Pillay
    Chelsea Pillay 12 days ago

    I really like u ,u are very talented

  • GamingAnime
    GamingAnime 14 days ago

    OMG you are so good at drawing like your beautiful at the same time :0

  • Della’s World
    Della’s World 15 days ago +1

    Peep is life🐤🐣🐥

  • Anonymous Reader
    Anonymous Reader 16 days ago

    Rewind time!

  • I don't know, Logic
    I don't know, Logic 16 days ago +2

    4:13 dang i'm literally fangurling because she drew tohru

  • I don't know, Logic
    I don't know, Logic 16 days ago +1

    This was posted on my birthday c:

  • SarengheoMeayou Bolotaolo

    Her mercy drawing is like Rafaela from ML

  • Priscy H
    Priscy H 18 days ago

    You are amazing :D your drawings inspire me to draw more everyday
    Bruh i draw a lot i cant live without doing it

  • Kathy
    Kathy 18 days ago

    I can’t stop watching this help

  • Bloom
    Bloom 20 days ago

    Your artstyle is soooooooo cute!!!! I cant even decide on mine lol. Right now I'm trying different styles to see what I'm comfortable with and I still dunno ;-;

  • Angelina Gendron
    Angelina Gendron 21 day ago

    Are you 15?

  • Elijah OC
    Elijah OC 21 day ago

    1:58 thugmon

  • Song Bird
    Song Bird 29 days ago

    I really love diabolik lovers and I also drew ayato sakamaki

  • flipaclip byulX3
    flipaclip byulX3 Month ago

    You draw fantastic i draw like a poop :'v

  • Claire Trudics
    Claire Trudics Month ago

    Why do you have a bunch of diffrent colored giant sharpies

  • Loath Vision
    Loath Vision Month ago

    Ayaito ;0

  • The Gaming Channel
    The Gaming Channel Month ago


  • Maddie Rose Alice Webster

    Me:Can I have an appleminte

  • xLeafy peachy
    xLeafy peachy Month ago

    AppleMinte: *Happy new year!!*
    AppleMinte: *Blows blow thingy*

    Blow thingy: *Makes weird noise*

  • DangItzLulu 2428
    DangItzLulu 2428 Month ago

    Your so lucky you are talented but I am really good at drawing too but I really want to become like you! When I was little I would always say “I’m going to be the best artist!!” But I’m only 11 so I have a long way to go 😅

  • Lilly xD COOL Sharif


  • Secret . . M
    Secret . . M Month ago

    Can you please make a video where you draw naruto characters (you can search it) ( please consider?)

  • Esme Wood
    Esme Wood Month ago

    What’s so bad about crayola huh 😠

  • Hollythenerdsquad
    Hollythenerdsquad Month ago +1

    4:15 is that tohru? It looks like tohru ._.

  • Tuan Ngo
    Tuan Ngo Month ago

    Why is you’re markers SOOOOOOOOOO big in you’re background!?!?!?!?🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐

  • LoulaBug
    LoulaBug Month ago

    every time I watch your videos I get inspired to draw even though I’m not very good at it :)

  • Imtiaz A.
    Imtiaz A. Month ago

    Happy Late New Year!!!!!!

  • Itz Gacha_Jolay!
    Itz Gacha_Jolay! Month ago

    We have the same watercolor books!!!!!

  • Amie Nolasco
    Amie Nolasco Month ago +1

    Ohh i love your drawing♡

  • Ayane Johnson
    Ayane Johnson Month ago

    I just like how peep photobombs your drawings lol

  • Moony MoMo Bear
    Moony MoMo Bear Month ago

    Is anyone a fan of kanna

  • ii_gissi Life_ii
    ii_gissi Life_ii Month ago

    Mines is to get better at drawing but it's 2019 and it hasn't improved...

  • Xx.Wolfie.x .X
    Xx.Wolfie.x .X Month ago

    You’re so talented!!

  • Julian Annabelle Winx

    And by the way , It's Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2019 . But .. I hope I can looking towards more of your drawing videos . ^^ I've supported you ! Miss ... ^^

  • Julian Annabelle Winx

    Hello , Appleminte ^^ It's Febuary by now . And I'm hope you're looking better ways to archive more of your drawings 😊 And you're my arts insparations . I love all your art works . It looks pretty cool and espescially your Pokemon arts . ^^ I've should have tried to draw one of their charathers . Well , just subscribe me if you can too ^^ I'll started to posted my own drawing videos ...

  • Alejandra Moran
    Alejandra Moran Month ago

    At 3:26 I saw that on google

  • Cupcake_nyancat
    Cupcake_nyancat Month ago

    Awesome! BTW, I have the same sketchbook!

  • LensArtStudios
    LensArtStudios Month ago

    2:59 * that angel godess thing looks like Rafeala from mobile legends* 😂

  • Sketchbook mart
    Sketchbook mart Month ago

    Nice collection....Good work....

  • Edwolfqueen robloxgamer


  • Tissue Studio
    Tissue Studio Month ago

    I l
    t t
    h h
    i i
    c n
    i have no idea why i just did that
    yay :3

    CHEETAH QUEEN Month ago


  • Angelina medina
    Angelina medina Month ago

    I loved the ayato drawing for diabolilk lovers

  • NightMare_Gamein g
    NightMare_Gamein g Month ago

    Totally dont have the same sketch book XDDDD

  • Samantha Kirk
    Samantha Kirk Month ago

    hey appleminte just wanna say Ayato is good but Kanato is the better brother and Liato is just horrible

  • Night Wolf /birb
    Night Wolf /birb Month ago

    I finally got amino and joined your fan club,

    I love you so much!!!
    (and no one will ever otice this comment but that's okay i guess)

  • AnimeDrawing Hub
    AnimeDrawing Hub Month ago


  • Ayesha Hamid
    Ayesha Hamid Month ago

    mine is to stay healthy

  • J Bug 2018
    J Bug 2018 Month ago

    You are an amazing artist

  • Snoxer !
    Snoxer ! Month ago

    *pays attention to the sonic hoodie in the intro*
    *goes to amazon*

  • Quennie's Random Video's!!!!

    Oml when i saw tohru i was like *OOOOHHHH MYYYYYYY LOOOORRD* :P

  • Saree May
    Saree May Month ago

    I love 002

  • Nathalie Venegas
    Nathalie Venegas Month ago

    Aww I wish I was an artist like you :(

  • xXMikaliaTralikaXx
    xXMikaliaTralikaXx Month ago

    Anybody see someone familiar on there?

  • Maria Manela
    Maria Manela Month ago

    don't make say this HOLY PEACE OF S- ok clam down HOLY MACARONY

  • Drawing With Yuri
    Drawing With Yuri Month ago

    For every like I'll add a 👌🏻


    10:20 theodd1sout style?

    DIS GORL Month ago

    My dream is to be like u ;-;

  • peachyyy honestly
    peachyyy honestly Month ago

    3:00 I thought my drawings were good

  • Vayda Lind
    Vayda Lind Month ago

    AND what markers do you use?

  • Vayda Lind
    Vayda Lind Month ago

    btw can you do a tutorial?

  • Vayda Lind
    Vayda Lind Month ago

    (4:10 In the video) what you drew was called chibi. You're so good at it too!

  • Girly Gamer
    Girly Gamer Month ago

    where did you get that hoodie? 😂 my dads birthday is coming up and he loves sonic lol, so just wondering where you got it?

  • •Rainbøw The Foxpuppy •

    OMG I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DRAW AND COLOR THAT 😱😍😚❤❤❤💋💋💓💓👍👍👌👌 I want to be like you aaaa

  • lilly plays
    lilly plays Month ago

    What kind of sketch pad is that

    And I commented without playing the video yet

  • Humairah Jahir
    Humairah Jahir Month ago

    my dad is not buying for me marker 😪😪😪😪

  • Kai Graeler
    Kai Graeler Month ago


  • Lucid_ Dreams_
    Lucid_ Dreams_ Month ago

    Artists improved their art really good in 2018 but this year 2019 how much more will their art improve 😂
    That sounded like a trick math question

  • Spot Studioz
    Spot Studioz Month ago

    At first I thought your name was Apple Might....

  • Sunset Sea 123
    Sunset Sea 123 Month ago

    4:30 Does anyone recognize queen Vel?
    Just me?
    Ok. Just me.

  • AI D
    AI D Month ago

    Appleminte you draw really good and I really like your art ideas but don't you think you should sometimes come out of your comfort zone and do some other stuff like life studies , drawing males , realistic drawing ect. It would be nice to see different stuff from your channel .
    Because if you stay in one spot , you won't go no where

  • Destiny
    Destiny Month ago +2

    Can you draw Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia? She is one of my fave characters so I would like really like to see you draw her so yeah 😁 ANDD I LOVE ZERO TWO ❤️

    • StayCalm Starz
      StayCalm Starz Month ago +1

      Lol if you want to see Toga, go to Tik Tok. People LOVE her.

  • M o o n L i g h t
    M o o n L i g h t Month ago

    Do you have discord cause my amino account won’t work and I don’t like using it

  • Instant Noodles
    Instant Noodles Month ago

    Uhhhh for the character at 3:48 , did you get inspiration from Monster high? There’s a character that look EXACTLY like that 😕

  • Gacha Teabag
    Gacha Teabag Month ago

    Omg Miss Kobayashii!

  • SkyTheKookie _
    SkyTheKookie _ Month ago

    There is One thing I Love About you!You don’t Hate People or Anything Like that!
    Your so Inspirational!And I Love that!I wiSh People would notice me…But you know what!
    no!Your AmAZiNg I am Amazing And I think We are ALL doing great!Thank You💕

  • Melissa Hellman
    Melissa Hellman Month ago

    Your a gooooood artest

  • S Peters
    S Peters Month ago

    Nope still the same

  • Gacha Bubbles
    Gacha Bubbles Month ago

    I love the snake girl (sorry I forgot her name) I also love your last one

  • Denica Ranan
    Denica Ranan Month ago +1

    I love the princess peach

  • Jose Espinoza
    Jose Espinoza Month ago

    Hi I love it drawings

  • galexy emalee
    galexy emalee Month ago

    The boy was too boxie

  • Levy Beti
    Levy Beti Month ago


  • angelina Truong
    angelina Truong Month ago


  • Kyoka Jiro
    Kyoka Jiro Month ago +1

    I just subscribed.... no regrets!

  • Comfy Saturday
    Comfy Saturday Month ago

    JESUS CHRIST IT’S AWESOME 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😋😋😋

  • Christine Tobin
    Christine Tobin Month ago

    Hey guys!! -brr...r....r...-
    Seconds later
    HEY GUYS -BRRRRRRRR- *smiles* better

  • Iman rose
    Iman rose Month ago +1

    Does anybody know who is this at 10:41?

    L BANNA Month ago

    Gimme dem ducks

  • aesthetic
    aesthetic Month ago

    Which sketchbook is that I Wanna buy it Wait a minute I know IT xd nevermind

  • nvsis art
    nvsis art Month ago

    Can u plz make a video, giving tips for line art thx😊