Fast Food ADS vs. REALITY Experiment


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  • Luka ShadowX11
    Luka ShadowX11 9 hours ago

    Its not a matter if is in picture

  • Robot Krabs
    Robot Krabs Day ago

    Bet u they spit in his burgers

  • Laan Hendriks
    Laan Hendriks Day ago


  • Danny Van lawick

    Take a mcdonald burger from the Netherlands😎

  • My Pur3 Sh0tz
    My Pur3 Sh0tz Day ago

    Can somebody explain to me why everybody is saying, "That's a lot of spit". I don't really get it.

  • Carlton Rowe
    Carlton Rowe Day ago

    Burger King 0:48 and Burger king 2:49 Wonder if he told then to make it better then he went out and came back in

  • S U P £ R P 1 S H 痛み

    food in australia never look that bad ahahaha

  • Archie baily
    Archie baily Day ago

    to be honest they probaly spat in your burger

  • Farah Karaki
    Farah Karaki Day ago

    *Well, That's Not The Same in Japan!*


  • Chace Shinohara
    Chace Shinohara 2 days ago +1

    Try this in turkey
    I bet they would acuse you of indulting there holy sultan erdogan

  • BreadZSkateZ
    BreadZSkateZ 2 days ago


  • ThePenguinMaster198
    ThePenguinMaster198 2 days ago

    I just care about the taste.

    LΞTMΞX 2 days ago

    Sponsored by Burger King.

  • PeasentsDontNeedPresents 123

    Here in New zealand Te Puke, the big mac is actually almost the same as tbe picture

  • Doan Preston
    Doan Preston 2 days ago

    How much Spit?

  • kody kushner
    kody kushner 3 days ago

    It isn't about looks it's about taste

  • xd Durphurt
    xd Durphurt 3 days ago

    so embarissing

  • Jamie Warren
    Jamie Warren 3 days ago

    Just so you know, your the person that causes fast food workers ulcers.. There was nothing wrong with those sandwiches, and if it was a real experiment you would have just photographed the way they were made for comparison.. That was a prick move, cause you know those people are trying to keep there minimum wage jobs.. So of course they re-made it.. Just cause you probably live a life of luxury doesn't mean you can treat other human beings like they need to perform a certain way for youtube views for you.. I would offer you a refund if you asked me that, because the sandwiches were made correctly. It doesn't say anything in the training videos at any of these places that you have to make it look like the advertisement. I only requires you to use the correct ingredients and proper food handling procedures.

  • FinderHere
    FinderHere 3 days ago

    What happens in video when asking again : Sure! I can do that.
    What happens in real life: NO EAT IT YOU IDIOT BE GRATEFUL

  • Carson Pierson
    Carson Pierson 3 days ago

    This makes me cringe

  • Naing Aung
    Naing Aung 4 days ago

    If you understand why they don't look like the same, it's because they have to rush and they have other orders to cook.

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 4 days ago +1

    So he got a perfect extra burger thats free?

  • Dan The man
    Dan The man 5 days ago

    The employees and the managers are like man, fuck this guy

  • Anette _kun
    Anette _kun 5 days ago

    This guy propaly get roasted from wendys

  • Minh Đức GamingVn//Intro Và Gaming

    So they CAN make it look beautiful

  • Dima Baltaji
    Dima Baltaji 5 days ago

    I just don’t care about the food i just want too eat

  • xxhalogamer22xx
    xxhalogamer22xx 5 days ago

    All the restaurant just rushed making the food and put less stuff in it.

  • Blue Barry
    Blue Barry 5 days ago

    My local Burger King does it kinda good

  • Angela Losole
    Angela Losole 5 days ago

    So sad! At least if we are going to clog our arteries, make our food the correct way! We pay for that!

  • NupperG
    NupperG 6 days ago

    Gimme all your burgers i want eat!

  • iiStrawberry Gaming
    iiStrawberry Gaming 6 days ago

    I wonder

  • Funboy
    Funboy 6 days ago

    dont click read more

    now u have to like this

  • KoolKid Ben
    KoolKid Ben 6 days ago

    Did you eat it after?

  • Golden Brothers
    Golden Brothers 6 days ago

    Quiet you youtuber there starving kids in America which no one cares about it if it like ad we are just hungry and eat

    EMIR EMIR 6 days ago

    He was 2 times in burger king

  • urie p.
    urie p. 6 days ago

    You are America's fast food hero

  • Vär bi
    Vär bi 7 days ago

    Excapt in hesburger but you probbaply wont know what that is

  • Iman Hakimi
    Iman Hakimi 7 days ago

    Tnx for posting this vid I tried it out today on my MC iced frappechino on the pic it had chocolate icing and when I got it, it had nothing on top of it then I asked is this what I ordered? Can u pls make it like u post it on the tv? After 1 min I saw it it had vanilla frosting but it still looked a lot better 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Simon Playz
    Simon Playz 7 days ago

    KFC make their burgers look quite good.

  • I Only Drink Tae Tea

    In georgia. We always get our food 96% looking like the one in the commercial

  • JMoors
    JMoors 8 days ago +1

    Yeah if you want your food spit in

  • Black Goku
    Black Goku 8 days ago

    I hate white people

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 9 days ago +1

    There are people starving in this world and you give like five burgers away to put in the trash because they don’t look like the photo. You are some mess up human.

  • stormhawks6
    stormhawks6 9 days ago

    In england they make the food look like the ads

  • Panda films
    Panda films 9 days ago

    i tried to do this and they are just ingoring me

  • DerpBananaz
    DerpBananaz 9 days ago

    In Singapore they will legit slap you 😂

  • Jonathan Cisneros
    Jonathan Cisneros 9 days ago

    And these fast ford workers be crying how they want the minimum to be 15 dollars an hour

  • RealCole ToSpace
    RealCole ToSpace 10 days ago

    They still r not appealing

  • chelita rivera
    chelita rivera 10 days ago

    I really don’t care what the tacos look like from jack all I do is add extra tacos sauce and give it very good taste

  • Zeke Polaris
    Zeke Polaris 11 days ago

    The thumbnail used two different foods to compare each other, which isn't the logical way to do this. If you going to compare ads with real life, then use the same sandwich. Also this isn't only from "web ads" it's on TV ads and the very ads that they show at their location.(Windows)

    • Zeke Polaris
      Zeke Polaris 11 days ago

      She said, just for you, must of gotten spat in. xD

    • Zeke Polaris
      Zeke Polaris 11 days ago

      But that one guy that started laughing. OMG!!! YES!!!

  • CrazyCosmo
    CrazyCosmo 11 days ago

    *How to get free food*

  • Oscar The Spoiled kiddo

    Go to Finland and everything looks exactly the same

  • Kasim Hussain
    Kasim Hussain 11 days ago

    OMG no one got it right on the first try

  • exobyte 229
    exobyte 229 11 days ago

    The thumb mail was so good

  • Jauzness87
    Jauzness87 12 days ago

    Bet there was a lot of “special” sauce in this guys food that day...

  • GETSMASHED GamingChannel

    If you were in the Philippines, if you did that the people will fight you.

  • Just CoKo
    Just CoKo 12 days ago +1

    Burger King is still the KING

  • Jackon J
    Jackon J 13 days ago

    What’s up with the "spit" comments? Lol

  • estoniahuman
    estoniahuman 13 days ago

    The X is censored...

  • rednebula317
    rednebula317 13 days ago

    Make it again! Even if its during rush hour!!! The customers is always right! Ha

    ROBLOX TRILLI0NS 13 days ago

    do a burger giveaway

  • david Prenaj
    david Prenaj 13 days ago

    The size of the BIG MAC is like the size of a double cheeseburger

  • Trolli _YT
    Trolli _YT 13 days ago

    Needs to shut up

  • MajorFlatter
    MajorFlatter 13 days ago +1

    Number 15 burger king foot lettuce

  • Charla Gagnon
    Charla Gagnon 13 days ago

    They probably spit in his food now lol

  • Kal32 Gaming
    Kal32 Gaming 13 days ago

    Burger is dabbing on wendys LOL

  • Etamar hagai
    Etamar hagai 13 days ago

    So basically I will ask from them making my burger like on the picture and they will agree,


  • Blackbird
    Blackbird 13 days ago

    highly unlikely that they spit in it or anything like that, there are cameras everywhere and nobody wants to lose their job or something worse for something like that. Y'all are just too paranoid for no reason

  • AlusPuncis
    AlusPuncis 13 days ago

    My first though also was about spiting:D

  • 피로코
    피로코 13 days ago

    Hi I am Korean.
    In Korea, when I say to make it again
    I will not make it again.
    Because people are crowded.
    If I ask you to make me again,
    People say it's not a problem. When you come to Korea, do not ask me to make it again.

  • Kawii lover 111 1
    Kawii lover 111 1 13 days ago

    Eww there is proble spit in his food!!!!!!meww

  • Todd castle55
    Todd castle55 13 days ago

    I bet they spit in his food

  • Boss Boyy115
    Boss Boyy115 13 days ago

    This might be me but when I order a Big Mac It looks like what it looks like on tv

  • Mil Dog
    Mil Dog 14 days ago +1

    Wow they actually looked close when they redid the food.

  • Evil Justin.Y
    Evil Justin.Y 14 days ago

    Everyone makes a fucking comment about them spitting in the food?
    Why would you think of them spitting on it?

  • Miles Leman
    Miles Leman 14 days ago

    So very true.

  • thor styrman
    thor styrman 14 days ago

    how to eat good tasty burger without order without somfing

  • OtakPishang
    OtakPishang 14 days ago

    Don't play with your foods and grateful what you get

  • lol omg
    lol omg 14 days ago

    They re propably crying inside

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter 14 days ago

    Good tip : )

  • сука блятъ
    сука блятъ 14 days ago

    100% of the comments are people saying that the employees spit on the remade food

  • What iam i
    What iam i 14 days ago

    Ia m gonna to try that any time I go to a fast food restrunat

  • fortnite dakotaz
    fortnite dakotaz 14 days ago

    I honestly don't care about what it looks like I just wanna eat

  • Birdmaniac 1234
    Birdmaniac 1234 14 days ago

    I wouldn’t ask them to do it again cause I’m afraid they’ll spit or do something to it, I just leave it as is 😂

  • Slenderman
    Slenderman 14 days ago

    I should try this😂

  • Maheen Khan
    Maheen Khan 15 days ago

    *The big amount of fresh spit he ate that day lol*

  • Doddo
    Doddo 15 days ago

    Sponsored by Burger King btw.

  • LadyScorpio39
    LadyScorpio39 15 days ago

    whats happening here is that employees are told to skimp on things like lettuce, tomatoes, and even the meat isnt as thick as the picture! eat at home, make it yourself! screw these fast food places!

  • LadyScorpio39
    LadyScorpio39 15 days ago

    subway is the worst! their employees are the rudest ive ever seen, they rush you through the line as if they were performing brain surgery instead of making a sandwich. and most times the veggies are not fresh, brown lettuce, yellow tomatoes, etc. i know, i worked for them, and they are the worst to work for. they got you doing 10 jobs for minimum wage. I had to work the checkout, stock the refrigerators, make subs, cut vegges, mop floors, do dishes, and all for a dam minimum wage. your doing the job of 10 people! I worked at mcdonalds in high school also, and i cant say anything good about them either. I'd never work fast food again! and i hardly ever eat fast food anymore.
    most supermarket have deli counters now where you can get ready made sandwiches, chicken, pizza, you name it, and its better priced and better tasting!

  • Rollbloxgamer
    Rollbloxgamer 15 days ago

    At jack in the box
    Guy: can u make it look like a picture.

    Manager: Sure!😈😈
    Guy: wow it just look like the Picture.

    Manager: I made it just for u not for other customers.😈

  • LetToaster1530 0
    LetToaster1530 0 15 days ago

    In my country if i ask them to remake the burger they wont do shit trust me xd

  • Wwe Fan
    Wwe Fan 15 days ago

    I asked them then I got kicked out

  • Todd Nelder
    Todd Nelder 16 days ago

    my wendys burgers dont look like that god.

  • Randy Deonarine
    Randy Deonarine 16 days ago

    I don’t even care how my food looks like

  • Jun Gleno
    Jun Gleno 16 days ago

    If I were you I'd watch them while they remade the burger because half of them probably spit on it before they gave it back to you.

  • Can i get 30.000 subscribers with no videos?

    There's a reason why it's called fast food

  • Silly Violet
    Silly Violet 16 days ago

    last time i asked for a remade food they spat on the new good looking one. see, don't look for a bigger trouble.

  • It's Joe Da Noob!
    It's Joe Da Noob! 16 days ago

    It’s “fast” food guys that’s why it looks so bad

  • Alexander Townsley
    Alexander Townsley 16 days ago

    Second try with added spit