Fast Food ADS vs. REALITY Experiment


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  • Adventures Gamer
    Adventures Gamer 5 hours ago +1

    2:19 the burger dabed

  • Hyena
    Hyena 9 hours ago

    They're never this nice

  • Mihai Fogoros
    Mihai Fogoros 11 hours ago +1

    If I try that in eastern Europe they will kick me out

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson 13 hours ago

    the watiter spit in you burger

  • Jeff Rutan
    Jeff Rutan 15 hours ago

    yeah I guarantee every one of those remade burgers was a sneeze Burger or possibly a loogie Burger

  • Nino Savukoski
    Nino Savukoski 17 hours ago

    Here in Finland the burgers look 300 times better than the SECOND one

  • Anantya Wira Pambudhi
    Anantya Wira Pambudhi 20 hours ago

    After watching it for 7 times, I just realise that he visit Burger King twice.

  • TrojanCoMmAnDo91

    This video should've been titled "How to get people to spit in your food"

  • TrafficConeWizard

    They all spit in my food

  • Saverdien
    Saverdien Day ago

    Now tell them to make their chicken nuggets look like the picture!

  • Aazral
    Aazral Day ago

    The reason it doesn't look as good is because in the commercials they have a special chef make a perfect looking burger and they have an editor make it look picture perfect. So don't expect to get an amazing looking burger because in reality its fast food and fast food is fast food people.

  • DJ. mma
    DJ. mma Day ago

    try that inthe hoood lmao

  • Sl Poppin
    Sl Poppin Day ago

    Typical americans...

  • Ken Sosa
    Ken Sosa Day ago

    bro , it’s just minimum wage workers trying to make several burgers. you’re annoying

  • Cool Jesus
    Cool Jesus Day ago

    Because it's being made by greasy students working minimum wage who would quite frankly rather die...

  • my name ia 123 r
    my name ia 123 r 2 days ago

    Wow what a good idea

  • QiBlox
    QiBlox 2 days ago

    ngl wendy's does it good idrc

  • CR7 FAN
    CR7 FAN 2 days ago

    Why are the x's blurred out?

  • ThatJGamerTV
    ThatJGamerTV 2 days ago

    I tried it...

    You lied to me (they didn't care about the appearance)

  • Dj Fox
    Dj Fox 2 days ago

    *S A D*

  • GTA 5 P1A3R
    GTA 5 P1A3R 2 days ago

    I did try it...
    But they just started laughing at me....

  • Il Ll
    Il Ll 3 days ago

    But in Groton the Wendy's actually look like the picture

  • I'm MeXiCanO
    I'm MeXiCanO 3 days ago

    No Brasil, se você pede um lanche igual ao da foto, as pessoas tiram sarro ;-;

  • Kenneth Besselman
    Kenneth Besselman 3 days ago

    He shoulda ordered a Jumbo Jack with Cheese @ Jack in the box

  • The FoxyGamer Fox
    The FoxyGamer Fox 3 days ago

    Almost ever video I watch I keep on seeing robux giving websites so Uhm yeah...

  • Holy Kev
    Holy Kev 3 days ago

    You Going
    to bootleg Fast Food Restaurants

  • Max Kov
    Max Kov 3 days ago

    From Russia. There in Macdonald's that reality a beautiful Bic Mac in Russia.

  • Luna XD
    Luna XD 3 days ago

    Here in slovenija big mac's are fresh here and look good.( not kidding for real)

  • Super Aquatic Tv
    Super Aquatic Tv 4 days ago

    Your wasting food starving kids in Africa would die for the food you wasted

  • SuperSamm
    SuperSamm 4 days ago +1

    i dont care what it looks like, as long as it taste good and gives by stomache some food, i calm!

  • Jordan Garrett
    Jordan Garrett 4 days ago

    Why is he talking to them as if they are retarded?

  • Eepi Niemine
    Eepi Niemine 4 days ago

    Md bk jitb w bk (again)

  • Things as a name
    Things as a name 4 days ago

    I always get the food the way it does look, fucking complaints be grateful

  • Abuzer Komurcu
    Abuzer Komurcu 4 days ago

    yeah and get a spit sauce in return, nah ill pass...

  • mr. honest
    mr. honest 4 days ago

    I want to do this every time I go to a fast food restaurant from now on

  • Kristopher Chiombon
    Kristopher Chiombon 5 days ago

    Haha NC ..I will try to Angels Burger Here in the Philippines.
    Their Burger is very different in Reality

  • Azizul Mustaqim
    Azizul Mustaqim 5 days ago


  • Tamatoa Fangirl
    Tamatoa Fangirl 5 days ago

    I never care what the food looks like, if its food IM EATING IT

  • Boi ImMAD
    Boi ImMAD 5 days ago


  • Mit smit
    Mit smit 5 days ago

    This guy is an ass

  • Erik Ford
    Erik Ford 6 days ago +1

    just ask to make it look like a picture when you order

    • Aura 627
      Aura 627 3 days ago

      Erik Ford yea that is what I do

  • Justin God
    Justin God 6 days ago

    As him can you make me a second one because this is sad and dry and excuses... then you will have two

  • DLStudios
    DLStudios 6 days ago

    Ask for a receipt , the make it better for you

  • O rly?
    O rly? 6 days ago

    this video made me never ever eat burgers at any of these places...

  • Andre Dascalu
    Andre Dascalu 6 days ago

    I am hungry now :(

    FEESO DLAMINI 6 days ago

    LOL " I bet this happens all the time, people ask..."

  • Legendary GamerZ99
    Legendary GamerZ99 6 days ago

    I don't care how it looks like i still gonna eat it anyways xD

  • Azher Ahmad
    Azher Ahmad 7 days ago

    Oh God, probably at least a gallon of spit in each burger

  • Xanthrax MC&MORE™
    Xanthrax MC&MORE™ 7 days ago

    I would not have anything against eaiting 2-5 more minutes to make it look like the ads

  • theyoyoking xD
    theyoyoking xD 7 days ago

    they will spit in your food

  • Jai Moore 2
    Jai Moore 2 8 days ago +1

    Who else got hungry whilst watching this.

  • YamiPoyo
    YamiPoyo 8 days ago

    the thing is you didnt credit burger king enough at the end for always matching the ad.

  • SPCtorcon1000
    SPCtorcon1000 8 days ago

    Did he eat all of the food in one day??????????????????????

  • yung shakeweight
    yung shakeweight 8 days ago +1

    You ingested so much spit on that day

  • Artie Juarez
    Artie Juarez 8 days ago


  • Zoe M
    Zoe M 8 days ago

    Burger King foot fungus the last thing you would want on your Burger King burger is somebody's foot fungus. As it turns out, that would probably what you would get

  • Fusion Playz
    Fusion Playz 8 days ago

    This is perfect

  • Zienkos 77
    Zienkos 77 9 days ago

    Z igły widły robi po co

  • Dat Boi 17
    Dat Boi 17 9 days ago

    In Serbia Big Mac looks exactly Like from picture

  • Tibbe Meijer
    Tibbe Meijer 9 days ago

    Its still yummy

  • Tibbe Meijer
    Tibbe Meijer 9 days ago

    It just taste the Same

  • Normal Pok
    Normal Pok 10 days ago

    Wow all those people didn't get mad about this guy? Where do you live? I sure you had a very excellent people in your country.

  • Blue Hoodie
    Blue Hoodie 10 days ago

    Gonna do this every time I go to a fast food restaurant.

  • Sonofwupass
    Sonofwupass 10 days ago


  • Dragana Uskoković
    Dragana Uskoković 10 days ago

    spit on it

  • kyuranger Rider
    kyuranger Rider 11 days ago

    You are just a lying ass hoe every single time that I got in a Big Mac it looked exactly how it did but sometimes they would everything thoroughly at onions when I ask for no onions and no tomatoes that's the only problem I've ever had so shut up dude

  • Noble Ashford
    Noble Ashford 11 days ago

    I work at Panera and hate when people ask us to remake something. The rules we were told is that even if the customer is wrong they are right. If they said they wanted something on their and didn't mention it to the cashier they expect us to add it and remake it free of charge.

  • Eli Mannix
    Eli Mannix 11 days ago

    This dude probably got quite a helping of spit in his food.

  • Kamdog 9000
    Kamdog 9000 11 days ago

    Man I love that diagonal lettuce

  • Journey and Explore
    Journey and Explore 11 days ago

    It’s so sad that the have to ask for what’s being advertised. Quality control in fast food should be the most important and engrained in workers from day 1. There should be no substitute.

  • Magnuz Le
    Magnuz Le 11 days ago

    how much spit did you just eat?

  • Ivan Animal Fnaf Plush

    Well in mine country the pics of the food look rlly good.And when you open the box THE BURGER LOOKS JUST LIKE IN THE PIC soo yee

  • Eric Gaming [EG]
    Eric Gaming [EG] 11 days ago

    If I ask then they would smack me

  • Mustafa Khan
    Mustafa Khan 11 days ago

    Shot out to burger kings

  • Do I look that Drunk
    Do I look that Drunk 12 days ago

    ... Foot Lettuce

  • Pnoh GT
    Pnoh GT 12 days ago

    That girl:just for u
    Me:hello my darkest smile friend.

    VLOG MASTER 12 days ago

    Don’t complain just eat the damn food

  • Jason Tam
    Jason Tam 12 days ago

    If they get mad at maybe they will spit on it or even put a booger on it

  • Junarmea
    Junarmea 12 days ago

    Remember number 15 burger king foot lettuce

  • Tristan Sweatshirt
    Tristan Sweatshirt 12 days ago

    How to get someone to spit in your food.

  • Mr Sloth
    Mr Sloth 13 days ago

    I experience Burger King making the most ad-looking Burgers. Ordered a Steakhouse a while ago, looked quite accurate to the picture, deifinitely not disappointed.

  • Jason YJS_xoxo
    Jason YJS_xoxo 13 days ago

    Yeah, tell them to work harder. 😂

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 13 days ago

    awesome channel
    i subbed

  • Mario Mukaj
    Mario Mukaj 13 days ago

    The thing is, there are actually food designers for ads who grill the burgers perfectly by pressing the sides on the grill and arranging everything proportionally.

  • Wyatt Kilduff
    Wyatt Kilduff 13 days ago

    Umm i asked and burger king kicked me out not mc donalds though lol


  • Mythical Creatures
    Mythical Creatures 13 days ago

    Good content!:)

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  • jacob caswell
    jacob caswell 14 days ago

    Cause there made by your 60 year o.d fans that buy your shirts.

  • Tobias Østergaard
    Tobias Østergaard 14 days ago

    This is cringe.

  • The Arkham knight
    The Arkham knight 14 days ago

    What did you do with the food? Did u eat it?

  • Leon Nrw
    Leon Nrw 14 days ago

    Here in Germany they would tell u to fuck off if asked them to make the burger like on the pic😂😂😂

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 15 days ago

    I garrentee he got spit in one

  • RaulTheTank
    RaulTheTank 15 days ago

    I hope he did not eat them they probably spit on them

  • Among U
    Among U 15 days ago

    Well I’m gunna do this every time I go to a fast food place😂

  • RandyAcostaTV
    RandyAcostaTV 15 days ago

    Probably spit in it

  • Jafaz
    Jafaz 15 days ago

    0:50 still has foot fungaes in it though

  • EpicYouTube_gamer84 PP

    Congrats! you have earned a like and a sub

  • Fr3d
    Fr3d 15 days ago

    In Denmark there much better to makes burgers Like the pictures!

  • Qoikon
    Qoikon 15 days ago

    The tacos look better in reality 2:10

  • RimTheRisk
    RimTheRisk 15 days ago

    in our country they make the big mac the same as the ad (saudi arabia)