Fast Food ADS vs. REALITY Experiment


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  • Applecycles
    Applecycles 6 minutes ago

    omg im hungry

  • nipa ة
    nipa ة Hour ago

    In finland fastfood is like in ads

  • Fronts- ML
    Fronts- ML 2 hours ago

    I did that, my mom whacked me

  • Young Gucci Tommy
    Young Gucci Tommy 7 hours ago

    Take dis L

  • Catochino man
    Catochino man 7 hours ago +1

    First world problems am I right

  • Logan Hull
    Logan Hull 8 hours ago

    Your so condicending i love it

  • Kiki
    Kiki 15 hours ago

    holy shit this guy is so brave

  • WiseYouArent
    WiseYouArent 16 hours ago

    Delicious I love I big watt of spit!

  • SkeletonMax XP
    SkeletonMax XP 16 hours ago

    That big Mac was a disaster good thing they fixed it

  • The science Guy
    The science Guy 18 hours ago

    With even more spit

  • Dry Bonz007
    Dry Bonz007 18 hours ago

    And the special sauce isssssss....


  • Deadly Rocket
    Deadly Rocket 20 hours ago +1

    Im sure you had diarrhea after eating all those burgers

  • Vladimir Protasov
    Vladimir Protasov 21 hour ago

    If you want a professional looking burger, you just gotta make it yourself at home.

  • Chris Reid
    Chris Reid 22 hours ago

    Jack in the box is ass

  • assasin game tv
    assasin game tv 22 hours ago

    what is taco

  • csaba erdős
    csaba erdős Day ago

    1:01 il losingit!!!

    DAKINUVPEPR Day ago +1

    why is the x censored

  • JulianAzz
    JulianAzz Day ago

    Lol, Sales for these stores might just half... cos everyones asking for another!

  • Super Radiations

    I Asked And They Said:"I Don't Fuckin Care"

  • Qzeon
    Qzeon Day ago

    Well I hope you like Spit.

    BEASTMODE 24 Day ago +1

    Be grateful that that you got the food

  • Operative FoX
    Operative FoX Day ago

    I would want to ask them to do that but I don't want to sound like an asshole or a bossy person!!!😐

  • early deka
    early deka Day ago

    I really need to try this

  • Daffynotanoob
    Daffynotanoob Day ago

    BOOGERS AND CUMMM jk thats an South Park refrence. But i asked to remake them. They were like. No.

  • funtime Foxy -SanDuranHD Roblox and finobe!

    All those Restaurants are Really stupid! they show the fake one in the internet Or wikipedia But they make the wrong version! I only love the hotdog restaurants because when i show them the one in the web ad And they showed proof without making again

  • Ghost Tau
    Ghost Tau Day ago

    J u s t f o r y o u !

  • J EST
    J EST Day ago

    Fucking asshole

  • Buster Dog
    Buster Dog Day ago

    It's fake food in ads

  • AblazeEclipse
    AblazeEclipse Day ago

    Number 15: Burger king foot lettuce. The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you get. A 4channer uploaded a photo anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastic bin of lettuce. With the statement: "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." Admittedly, he had shoes on.
    But that's even worse.

  • BarledYT
    BarledYT Day ago

    1:35 9¢ tax?

  • Isaias Serrano
    Isaias Serrano Day ago

    Guess how many spit is in his food

  • MemeBoi YT
    MemeBoi YT Day ago


  • Carl Gustavsson
    Carl Gustavsson Day ago

    In sweden they look like they do on the ads

  • BossOfAllGreats Official Channel

    I got a M&M ad wow

  • Gariel React
    Gariel React 2 days ago

    I asked... But they said keep on dreaming kid? Da hell was that? This must be a prick pranking.

  • Christian Madsen
    Christian Madsen 2 days ago

    3:03 me at a resturant

  • brice films
    brice films 2 days ago


  • Matty07
    Matty07 2 days ago

    I am from Czech Republic (Small Country in Central Europe) and our fast-food completly sucks
    (Half Meat,Hard Buns etc.) :(

  • Mr.Boi Playz
    Mr.Boi Playz 2 days ago +1

    This is so cringey xD

  • urkiakadatass bannanas

    It doesn't mAtter what burger king burgers look like there the best

  • LurQuez
    LurQuez 2 days ago

    I don’t care about the look. I just want the food.

  • Luzios
    Luzios 2 days ago

    in Vietnam
    i try like you
    but they said i need to eat done my old burger then buy a new one :3

  • RWB Team
    RWB Team 2 days ago

    Burger King where I am is disgusting and horrible. One example was when an employee went and was washing the floor and then his boss calls him over and he touches the food with his same gloves on when washing the floor before. That was freaking disgusting and will never ever in my life to back there again!

    JUMPiKO 2 days ago

    Most of those were made with a secret ingredient (SPIT)

  • Beejay 06
    Beejay 06 2 days ago

    They probably put something in da food

  • Donkey Power
    Donkey Power 2 days ago

    My McDonald’s usually looks exactly like the ad

  • luis Bolt
    luis Bolt 2 days ago

    Burger king go there cause they make like the picture in first try

  • josoverthehill
    josoverthehill 2 days ago

    I don't get cheeseburgers at fast-food joints but, I gotta say - shouldn't the cheese be MELTED? I understand it's processed cheese, but if they're putting the cheese on the burger ON THE GRILL, isn't the heat from the grill and the meat going to melt that cheese? WHY does EVERY SINGLE FAST-FOOD joint think this is acceptable? I don't care WHO the chain is, or HOW MUCH they pay (or don't pay) their workers. You sell a cheeseburger, the cheese should be melted.

  • Old Hobo Man
    Old Hobo Man 2 days ago

    Burger King for the win.

  • Turtle hacks
    Turtle hacks 2 days ago

    England is nothing like this xD

  • RBLX JoeGamerCat
    RBLX JoeGamerCat 2 days ago

    Spit From Big Momma

  • Kek Lord
    Kek Lord 2 days ago

    I wonder how much of the food was spat in lmao

  • DaBunne
    DaBunne 2 days ago

    I wonder how many times someone spat in your burger while they were remaking it ;)

  • Larry Maher
    Larry Maher 2 days ago

    Ray Charles Shades

  • Black Midnight
    Black Midnight 2 days ago

    Did you check the remade burgers? Cause they might put foot lettuce and spit in it.

  • Thanos Ꮮ҉Ꮻ҉Ꮮ҉


  • Kotoruption MLBB
    Kotoruption MLBB 3 days ago

    Ur so lucky didnt have to pay double

  • TheGamerAqil Gaming Channel

    Yoo if u want some real looking burger from ad come to malaysia. From ad just 1 looking reality

  • john c
    john c 3 days ago

    “Boogers and cum, you like that queefy quarter pounder?
    [guy from the video] What's that spice that feels tangy on my tongue?
    [server] Oh, that's the yuzu pepper, (walks away and mutters to himself) along with some boogers and cum
    Boogers and cum, being a food critic's easy.
    Boogers and cum, oh, you feel a little queasy?
    Do you need a diagnosis? Well, the doctor's got one.
    [doctor] Your stomach seems to be filled with boogers and cum.
    Boogers and cum, piss in your potatoes.
    Boogers and cum, some guys' shit on your tomatoes.”

  • Yung Lui
    Yung Lui 3 days ago

    Idc how it looks I just eat my burger

  • I'm A Peanut
    I'm A Peanut 3 days ago

    And today we wonder how many gallons of spit he consumed with his food that day...

  • G O B A C K T O S L E E P A N D S T A R V E

    This Would Annoy Me If I Was The Worker

  • Christopher Faust
    Christopher Faust 3 days ago

    this seems like an assholeish thing to do

  • Killer Beast56
    Killer Beast56 3 days ago

    Why did he blur the X?

  • Raku Natimo
    Raku Natimo 3 days ago

    I would pay 5$ more if I they get it right the second time

  • Raul Stanojevic
    Raul Stanojevic 3 days ago

    In Switzerland its like the pictures theres no sald or tomato missing

  • DennisFX
    DennisFX 3 days ago

    In the netherlands fast food in realty looks better then the ones on the ad

  • Frederik Tolstrup
    Frederik Tolstrup 3 days ago

    Its called "fastfood"

  • Maxwell wOng
    Maxwell wOng 4 days ago +1

    They actually fuck the burger first and then make the burger cumming so that it tasty for better taste

  • Coaster Worldwide
    Coaster Worldwide 4 days ago

    Go to japan if you want food to look like ad

  • Plutonium Gaming
    Plutonium Gaming 4 days ago

    Why Is The Cross Censored?

  • Afro - cisco
    Afro - cisco 4 days ago

    hey you notice how everything looks better on an ad or trailer?!

  • Esketit Channel
    Esketit Channel 4 days ago +1

    Be grateful that u at least got something to eat because some people wish they had that

  • TheGolden AnimeLover God

    No one has the balls to say that lol but you do wow

  • 페미니스트입니다

    조센 햄버거집이었으면...
    "위 사진은 이해를 돕기 위한 이미지 컷이며 실제 상품과 다를 수 있습니다."

  • SexedUpAtheist
    SexedUpAtheist 4 days ago

    For those of you who think they spit in the burger, you have to understand that all fast food restaurants get 'secret shoppers' who come in and order food to critique their service, their food and their establishment. Not only that, but in this day and age of internet and YT vids? His request is extremely rare, and so they probably figure that either way he is noting or recording their interactions, and aren't going to risk negative exposure.

  • Drakath Gaming
    Drakath Gaming 4 days ago +1

    Each burger was a *spitting* image.


  • CrystalTiger Fad
    CrystalTiger Fad 4 days ago

    I remeber like 2015 are still like was like the big mac but when I had a big mac when was 2017 it updated and it looks like the web ads Idk how but good job mcdonalds...

  • nathanthesnooper
    nathanthesnooper 4 days ago

    You probably ate so much spit

  • JellyJam
    JellyJam 4 days ago

    Burger Kind Ad

    BRUHTM 4 days ago

    home food for life

  • Ibrahim Aabas
    Ibrahim Aabas 4 days ago

    How you censored everybody's faces it doesn't make sense.

  • Bonk!
    Bonk! 5 days ago

    Its weird watching this in school

  • Mr.Dapper Knight
    Mr.Dapper Knight 5 days ago

    If you want a burger nice and perfect go make yourself

  • Neemoe Fis
    Neemoe Fis 5 days ago

    what a dick. dont make their jobs harder

  • Edoardo Cucura
    Edoardo Cucura 5 days ago

    2:57 lol

  • chetankumar patel
    chetankumar patel 5 days ago

    The look doesn't matter the taste matters

  • JassAnimate
    JassAnimate 6 days ago +2

    And that's how you get more ingredients on your food

    • Agility
      Agility Day ago

      JassAnimate including spit lol

  • OvercomeRain401 Gaming
    OvercomeRain401 Gaming 6 days ago +1

    Let’s just keep in mind that he’s shaming burgers!

  • OvercomeRain401 Gaming
    OvercomeRain401 Gaming 6 days ago +1

    Next vid: “Lemme talk to your manager”! Compilation

  • L2P Playz
    L2P Playz 6 days ago

    They are all so kind workers

  • Lightning blade
    Lightning blade 6 days ago

    He is a legend like me

  • f you
    f you 6 days ago

    Like if you are going to do what he did

  • Magdalena Vukanic
    Magdalena Vukanic 6 days ago

    Did anyone notice that he went to the Burger King twice??😅😂

  • Phillip Nguyen
    Phillip Nguyen 6 days ago

    Did you pay extra
    I would

  • KUINN -
    KUINN - 6 days ago

    You realise u just ate spit right?

  • ObEy ToDAy
    ObEy ToDAy 7 days ago

    I expected Wendy's to roast him

  • Flats the Flounder The Pussy Pounder

    I wonder how much spit he received on his food

  • BurningDrone GT
    BurningDrone GT 7 days ago

    But , at my area they do it like the ad

  • ofir perez
    ofir perez 7 days ago

    In these day the spitburger was made