Progressive city council members in Seattle call to defund police homeless rescue team

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • Seattle City Council takes aim at its homeless 'navigation team'; reaction from Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz and Nomiki Konst, New York City public advocate candidate.

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  • Vladimir Putin’s Clone

    All the money is going to the Indians and and Chinese,

  • Jacky Flowers
    Jacky Flowers 5 days ago

    Thank you, Jason. You are spot on. There is no excuse when this 'well to do' city can't find a solution. These people have become the beggars at the temple gates. Who/what , will/can heal them? These are sick, dying, people...We treat feral animals better. At least the have some form of 'humane society' for them. Are we merely human beings, or, are we human(e) beings?

  • Bernadette Rocha
    Bernadette Rocha 6 days ago

    The housing crises in Seattle is due to no rent cap, not the tax cuts

  • Bernadette Rocha
    Bernadette Rocha 6 days ago

    Actually, most people I know only make about 20,000 to 25,000 a year ..

  • Coolyguy27
    Coolyguy27 11 days ago


  • Stoicissistisized Stoicassimulated

    Here's a First!
    How about cleaning up corruption by outing every corrupt public official throughout all of Northern California State,..
    I meant Washington State.

  • Tommy Baker
    Tommy Baker 23 days ago

    Check the chart at 4:00. 313 million, 106million to the homeless and 207 million in pockets of politicians. Two for me, one for you,two for me, one for you. Cali at it's finest!!!

  • Persona Non Grata
    Persona Non Grata 24 days ago

    They are getting their energy from misery.

  • The Other Point Of View

    Kshama Sawant is the openly socialist city council member who once encouraged Boeing employees to simply 'take over' the factories and start making school buses and has been doing her best to drive Amazon completely out of town. Seattle citizens keep voting for her, so honestly they deserve the wasteland they are creating.

  • Johnny Atoms
    Johnny Atoms 25 days ago

    What's of greater worth? The well-being of one another? Or, clean streets? Let's get down to the PRIORITIES!

  • Amy Sullivan
    Amy Sullivan 25 days ago

    We need a purge. Yep I said it oh wait we need more "undocumented" non tax paxpayers here yep.

  • isartora platz
    isartora platz 25 days ago

    Hahahahaha if the economy is
    Thriving we wouldn’t have homeless people; people would do odd jobs and anything that they could to make it .. there’s not even an odd jobs...
    They would work for others who are actually making money so I question this fantastic economy with jobs ❌ that are paying people $18,000 a year or less and then they have to pay for an apartment for $1500 wow 😮
    Car payments lights food $18,000 but we have a thriving economy?
    I pulled in my driveway every day with thousands of people homeless people who live in the park a lot of them educated they just got kicked out of their house between 2008 and 2010 and never came back because there were no jobs...😔

  • Ron Foster II
    Ron Foster II Month ago

    Hey, dumb broad in red, whats the average income of an Asian family there? Its higher than either. Also why are you doing crap and blaming the conservatives for the crappy outcome?

  • Shadowrun20XX
    Shadowrun20XX Month ago

    The homeless this is not new Obama could have done something and he didn't time for us to do something scumbag Democrat can't handle s***

  • stewduntdryvir Ainsworth

    you have 120 defunct motels and hotels, put homeless to work fixing for a place to go

  • G.I. Jose
    G.I. Jose Month ago

    She says the billionaires. The billionaires or “wealthy” in these cities are liberals. The monetary divide between these wealthy liberal elite and the rest of the citizenry is vast. She is a typical lefty.

  • jim cox
    jim cox Month ago

    I lived in Seattle this woman has no idea what she is talking about the money is going into everybody's Pockets but the ones on the street who need the help

  • cruz g-man
    cruz g-man Month ago

    Spend more money on criminals that dont want help but cant help the struggling working class.

  • Mark Nickerson
    Mark Nickerson Month ago

    If you do not like your city vote every demorat out of office as soon as possible

  • Naylor Broughton
    Naylor Broughton Month ago

    they're not getting them off the streets now?????

  • Maximas Vegas
    Maximas Vegas Month ago

    The government is robbing its outrageous...😤😤

  • The Apathetic Ape
    The Apathetic Ape Month ago

    The housing crisis is due to excessive government oversight and regulation. Not because of tax breaks... This women has no idea whay shes talking about.

  • mr gbs
    mr gbs Month ago

    White man bad, mmmmkay.

  • Randy R
    Randy R Month ago

    This is happening in every major city in the country, including Phoenix. But the actor wants to convince us the economy is better Don't make me laugh 😣

  • Badplus 017
    Badplus 017 Month ago

    all of these news shows are a faking joke. All the host does is bring up a topic, put up two talking heads from different sides of the isle, and all they do is recite canned talking points and try to shoehorn it into the context of the conversation. There’s no real debate or facts being discussed. Just rhetoric and they call it journalism. Lol

  • Badplus 017
    Badplus 017 Month ago

    “We need to keep more homeless on the streets and addicted to smack.” Sounds like a great plan smh

  • Kirk 480
    Kirk 480 Month ago

    Lolllll. They can do what NY does. Give them 2k and a plane ticket. Then let them come back and do it again. 👍 your all so progressive

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Put all the homeless people in FEMA camps. That will solve all state homeless problems right there. 😆

  • Eric Ciaramella Is the whistle blower

    Get the homeless people working, in a mental hospital, or in rehab.
    The libs lie is absurd. Income is going up for everyone. It is time for people who are capable and not willing to participate in society.

  • J Man T Wild
    J Man T Wild Month ago

    Straight to the racist card.

  • Learning Curve
    Learning Curve Month ago

    Democants and Republicons both do absolutely nothing but find ways to take more money.

  • M George
    M George Month ago

    The subtle racism of lowered expectations.
    Okay black Seattle families, work harder.
    So saith the Democrat overlords.

  • Craig Hinkle
    Craig Hinkle Month ago

    Always about race, never about the problem. Guess it's the easy way out of doing anything. (edit) If race isn't enough, switch to 'Republicans' even when their not the ones making policies for these areas. And if everyone can't be rich, make everyone poor (that will work)

  • Historian from the Future

    Nomiki Konst is a text book case of stupidity and whats wrong with America.

  • Ros3NburG
    Ros3NburG Month ago

    Lol, rich people and racists..never heard that before.

  • Mark Vehar
    Mark Vehar Month ago

    A good place to start is to get socialists like Kshama Sawant (another AOC wanna be) out of office because they're policies are only compounding the problem. Komiki Konst (another AOC wanna be) or whatever her name is cannot offer any sensible logic due to emotional based thinking the solutions she offers are big government which compound the problem, The name of the game for socialist & Democrats is blame, blame, blame pass the buck deny fault. Quit the over reliance on government.

  • mark simmons
    mark simmons Month ago

    Aahhhh yes , the over simplified race tactic. Please don’t mention all the factors. Lol

  • The Blade Runner
    The Blade Runner Month ago

    They should make the homeless go around picking up trash and not just let them bum around all day. If they want to eat at a soup kitchen, they must put in a good days work.

  • Richard A
    Richard A Month ago

    Funny how it’s the city’s that are doing so good that there is a serious homeless problem. People with the high paying jobs willing to pay the higher prices for housing a lack of building new homes and a population being forced out by the high cost of living cities can’t grow healthy if all the people aren’t represented and that’s the case city council members want rich to so donations so they pretty much do they’re bidding and the people with the least aren’t listened to because they really don’t have anything leftover to donate to politicians that will listen. So now they defund the programs that help the people they helped put out in the streets. The politicians need to remember this isn’t a Democratic run country it’s a republic the politicians may be elected by a 51 to 49 margin but it’s they’re job to do what’s right for all the people not just the 51%

  • Mad man Mitch
    Mad man Mitch Month ago

    The average white person makes that much???? Lmfaooo that’s was a good one.

  • Blind Squid
    Blind Squid Month ago

    Seattle jealous of all the cities who get more attention than they. Struggling to be dominant as the worst, what a lofty goal. Smh urbanville proud of their faces & needle collections.

  • aj bodner
    aj bodner Month ago

    Wow this chick is so dumb it’s crazy most of the homeless people to working that’s comical

  • Rabid Farmer
    Rabid Farmer Month ago

    Socialists/communists have done nothing but destruction wherever they pop up. Just look at the bodycount.

  • Grey Wolf
    Grey Wolf Month ago

    I find it interesting how the woman in red slid that racial-income difference in there but in the bits & pieces of this video, as well as other videos I’ve seen in the past related to this homeless issue in California from other channels, I’ve see more Whites living in tents and other less fortunate conditions...
    Big ups to those in the navigation team for their efforts 👍🏾

  • Benjamin Allen
    Benjamin Allen Month ago

    Trumps reelection is now certain.

  • SingingintheDark
    SingingintheDark Month ago

    the liberals want everyone poor and destitute, cant be helping people to get out from under them.

  • Retired Manager
    Retired Manager Month ago

    Give the homeless maps to the council members houses. Let the homeless camp out front.

  • WhiteMans World
    WhiteMans World Month ago

    The majority of homeless are working😂😂😂

  • archisaurus
    archisaurus Month ago

    More poop! More needles! More bites!

  • Johnny Atoms
    Johnny Atoms Month ago

    If you don't want homeless people to not deficate outside, put out portapotties!

  • jeffery nordgulen
    jeffery nordgulen Month ago

    Go take a picture of all the homeless they are not all black which is what the lady tried to say.

  • Rob S
    Rob S Month ago

    Getting homeless of the street ay? I don’t think so jimmy!

  • merph1
    merph1 Month ago

    It cost NYC a fortune to build "affordable" housing.

  • merph1
    merph1 Month ago +1

    Definitely not voting for Nomiki Konst in November.

  • Osani Eslana
    Osani Eslana Month ago

    That lady is as dumb as AOC! A tax break is not money given away. And the economy getting better in Seattle is a direct result of the tax cuts. Because that money not being paid to taxes is being spent on new jobs. And the so called "Housing Crisis" is actually due to the enormous amount of regulation, environmental impacts, and bureaucracy, builders have to overcome just to build new residential buildings.

  • Ryan DESTROYS -click bait here-

    Umm... I watched the vid, and I was just in Seattle last week, with a friend who helps take food out to the freeway tent city. It's mostly white people. let me repeat that, It's mostly whites, and mostly drug issues, mixed with felons who have nowhere left to go, they already used up their last 10 lifelines. This has nothing to do with income inequality.

  • phil johnston
    phil johnston Month ago

    has Nomiki Konst ever visited the ares at all or does she just sit there promoting racist hate and blaming every thing on white Americans this type of grandstanding needs to stop "practice what she preaches and stop the hate speech" Dems need to work with the Republicans to help bring Trumps health care reforms for a better outcome for all Americans.

  • White Rook
    White Rook Month ago +1

    I was earning 20,000 a year in Seattle and being a single white male I got no help from anywhere.

  • Rissa Marie
    Rissa Marie Month ago

    The lady is red should probably do more research. I live in Seattle and here's what I see: most of the homeless people are white but not all- and we have so many people here from different cultures. Do not believe the race card- its immature to even pull in this day and age.
    Taxes and house rental prices are insanely high.
    People do drugs but some don't, like anywhere in the country it's up to person to choose what they do. There just more people here and its pretty easy to get.
    Traffic is a mess - there are so many people all the time on the roads because most chose to live away from their place of work.
    However, Seattle is growing- its probably one the fastest growing cities in the country. I meet people who just moved here from out of state all time so of course there is a housing problem. There's more people here than places to live.

  • gizmo atplay
    gizmo atplay Month ago

    All I seen was white homeless in the video