The real reason Amelia Earhart is so famous

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • A carefully executed publicity campaign turned a pretty average pilot into an aviation legend.
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    Amelia Earhart is often thought of as the first or greatest female pilot of her time. But the real reason she is seen as an aviation legend comes from a carefully executed publicity campaign starting with her transatlantic passenger flight in 1928, which launched her out of obscurity and into celebrity status. From there, she pursued an ambitious career of record-breaking and stunts in order to stay in the headlines and fund her aviation career. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.
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  • Steven Foster
    Steven Foster 18 hours ago

    AND...and...she kissed Larry Daley that one time at the museum

  • Ashish Gupta
    Ashish Gupta Day ago

    it just amazes me how flight was possible without any GPS?

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  • Arin Gokdemir
    Arin Gokdemir Day ago

    They make it sound like she was completely talentless. She was amazing, but not quite the best

  • Catherine Ryan
    Catherine Ryan Day ago

    Make a video about how Dodo’s got to be known above many others for being extinct.

  • DJ McGrath
    DJ McGrath 2 days ago


  • Catskill
    Catskill 2 days ago

    Charles Lindbergh was not the first:,blogs,forums/Charles-Lindbergh.htm

  • E G
    E G 2 days ago

    Dafuc? History is a lie! Sell your mothers!

  • Tim Curtis
    Tim Curtis 3 days ago

    Just goes to show you how the Rich & Famous and the Wealthy & Powerful in America have always influenced who they wanted to and how we usually eat it up without thought like sheep to the slaughter.

  • Jimmy Gray
    Jimmy Gray 3 days ago

    Because she was a bloke.

  • Sebastian Corrales
    Sebastian Corrales 4 days ago

    Fun fact, she wasn't the first woman pilot to achieve such achievements . She was funded and publicized, that's why people only remember her but not Harriet Quimby, Raymonde de LaRoche, Bessie Coleman, Elsie MacKay, Mary Russell, Amy Johnson or Cornelia Fort who were Women pilots that were outstanding.

  • William Davies
    William Davies 4 days ago

    Today women are whining and moaning. those women got on with it

  • nateslovebug
    nateslovebug 5 days ago

    "Reluctantly married" oh, that's stomach tuning.

  • MissNinaNice
    MissNinaNice 5 days ago

    So she just dissappeared?

  • Erik Lauri Kulo
    Erik Lauri Kulo 5 days ago

    Way to take away all credit to Amelia’s amazing achievements by claiming she is famous because of one man.

  • -MAYA- Here
    -MAYA- Here 5 days ago

    Well I seen her...... NIGHT IN THE MUSEUM!!! Duhhhh

  • ismael dumas
    ismael dumas 6 days ago

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  • Robert S
    Robert S 6 days ago

    Okay, now I'm convinced that she was murdered by one of her rivals.

  • somebody
    somebody 6 days ago

    we need to go back in time, to when America was great!!

  • King Alfonso
    King Alfonso 6 days ago

    VOX SUCKS!!!!

  • IntelPentiumMMX
    IntelPentiumMMX 6 days ago

    2:49 When I saw that last name I flipped.
    Can't wait for her grandson to do his thing.

  • AllyCatPaws Stray
    AllyCatPaws Stray 6 days ago

    Part 2, Shade on Columbus, did he really found America?(no he didn’t, he missed)

  • what th' ??
    what th' ?? 6 days ago

    Right after mentioning Amelia was the first female to cross the Atlantic as a passenger, you imply with a clip insert, that the media was told and she was consequently promoted as....the pilot in that crossing. The public at the time was told the truth and the many books published have also explained the why do you seek to imply here that there was subterfuge involving that flight? Designing your video to seed pointless doubt in this early aviatrix is just poor work and she doesn't deserve your negative coloring of her career.

  • Cheyne McDowall
    Cheyne McDowall 6 days ago

    No mention of inter-war aviator Jean Batten ( 1909 - 1982).

  • Elvar Snær Ágústson
    Elvar Snær Ágústson 6 days ago +1


  • Crystal G
    Crystal G 6 days ago

    I remember standing behind these 2 girls at disneyland soarn ride and they were talking so loud and annoying about how "Earhart was such a great pilot and was so legendary skills." It was so funny bcuz i knew she was pretty basic and only became famous by publicity haha. I still think its an interesting life she had. Sad but mostly good with the achievements she had before her disappearance.

  • jastat
    jastat 6 days ago

    So she's like a 1920's Kim Kardashian? What else of life is a lie? Next you're going to be telling us that coca-cola invented Father Christmas to sell coke

  • Oh Myiah
    Oh Myiah 6 days ago

    I’m sorry but I still didn’t recognize her, but I had a suspicion because of the title and thumbnail of the video.

  • Jamie's YouTube Videos

    Before she disappeared she wasn't really famous. So this video is quite misleading. The reason so many people talk about her is because she was a female in a male dominated job. But she was welcomed into that environment and was actually taught how to fly by a man she dated. She quickly became "one of the guys" and was never referred to as a woman, just as she never referred to others as men. She was a pioneer of the working lady. She also didn't like feminism. In fact she is on record a few times denouncing what feminist's were doing. She saw the world (as we all should) as a place that didn't have men and women, but rather just people. We could all take a leaf from her book and start looking at everyone on earth as equals. We need to stop hating on each other. Women hate men because of patriarchy and men hate women because of feminism. Both of which have no place in a modern society. We have true equality now, and we all have the exact same opportunities (we even have a much higher chance of getting work now compared with our male counterparts) and we should lead our own lives and make ourselves as successful and accomplished as possible. If we continue spend your days worrying about stupid point scoring against men then your life is going to rush by and you'll end up lonely and alone. Ladies, we need men more than you realize. They truly are God's greatest gift to us. They hold us, protect us, defend us and look out for us. And become dependable father's with so much love. Yea, sure, they can be a pain in the ass!! But we're not exactly innocent either! Lol. Stop fighting and live your life.

  • Daniel Hobgen
    Daniel Hobgen 6 days ago

    Because of the Family Guy episode with the long intro to Maude.

  • Seeker44
    Seeker44 6 days ago

    Oh bloody lucky

  • christopher box
    christopher box 6 days ago

    because of night at the museum

  • LeftHandedAquarius
    LeftHandedAquarius 7 days ago

    How did you forget to include Phoebe Omile Fairgrave in this video? She was a contemporary of Amelia, a wing walker, and many other impacts on the future of women in aviation. And she’s my great great aunt.

  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico 7 days ago

    Where’s the anti trump propaganda in this video
    Or pro Muslim part.. I’m too busy to find it


    3:43 it's not even on his ears.

  • Esburrito
    Esburrito 7 days ago

    She didn't even touch the controls?
    My life is a lie.

  • PluralFrog
    PluralFrog 7 days ago

    So just greed nice

  • This is what happens, Larry

    It's all a conspiracah!!!1

  • erikbarrett85
    erikbarrett85 7 days ago

    In twenty yrs, people will not listen to video with this style of music because it'll be as lame as an 80's workout vIdeos :/ if vox started it, then sorry but EVERY millennial aimed Video production crew uses it now too

  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage 7 days ago +1

    Lmao so she didn't even fly the plane but sat as a passenger and did nothing?😂😂

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 7 days ago

    I'm suprised not to see any "Night at the Museum" comments.......

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 7 days ago

    I'm suprised I don't see any "Night at the Muesam" comments.......

  • this is not a meme
    this is not a meme 7 days ago

    School is so useless.

  • Phil Liggins
    Phil Liggins 7 days ago

    Please do more history I love it!

  • Kaz
    Kaz 7 days ago

    BTW for anyone who's wondering it turns out she crash landed on an island and no one found her for decades

  • D'Luz
    D'Luz 7 days ago

    Charles obviously changed to Amelia...

    THE GOOD CONTENT 7 days ago

    Now do one about Frida Kahlo and how she became a freaking icon of México without doing that much as an artist and show how people get so psycho about her being such a source of inspiration.

  • Doagae Porbeni
    Doagae Porbeni 7 days ago

    Man white people been lying about everything since forever....smh

  • teppolundgren
    teppolundgren 7 days ago

    Did she actually do ANY of her own flying? Or was she just a professional passenger?
    Perhaps she committed suicide out of shame for being the world's biggest fake?
    Damn cute, though.

  • Patrick Hogan
    Patrick Hogan 7 days ago

    Hey, Vox! What happened to Lucky Strike cigarettes? They seemed to be the biggest thing ever, so why don’t we have them anymore?

  • superawsomeblitz
    superawsomeblitz 7 days ago

    It took mankind 500,000 years to get to the stage of evolution that we are at right now, a couple thousand until we learned how to fly, and 42 from that until we began to traverse the cosmos, marvelous

    • Dick McNasty
      Dick McNasty 6 days ago

      500,000?? Lol Earth's only been around for 2000. But ok still cool

  • MrDrokkul
    MrDrokkul 7 days ago

    I couldn't trust Amelia Earhart brand luggage not to get lost.

  • Tyler Daugherty
    Tyler Daugherty 7 days ago


  • Mike Adsetts
    Mike Adsetts 7 days ago


  • Caleb Ames
    Caleb Ames 7 days ago +1

    Do something on the Double Eagle 1 and 2

  • David Liu
    David Liu 7 days ago

    Shes a girl thats why

  • Mo
    Mo 7 days ago +1

    This is a woman's world but it would be nothing without a man or a boy

  • RoboticParts103
    RoboticParts103 7 days ago

    Good job on trending!

  • Sergio Cárdenas Reyes


  • Hasntq 522
    Hasntq 522 7 days ago +1

    The poison woman

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles 7 days ago

    * de wae*

  • FredMyLeg
    FredMyLeg 7 days ago

    Didn't even mention all the things she did for Purdue but hey, it's okay

  • Mixtape Mania
    Mixtape Mania 7 days ago

    "The real reason Amelia Earheart is so famous"
    Obviously not famous, Who is that? Lol

  • YT512llc
    YT512llc 7 days ago

    I dont know how you did it Vox, but you managed to not talk about sexism.

  • Jerry VanNuys
    Jerry VanNuys 7 days ago

    ....and less than a century later we are at the same point in space flight.

  • Jerry VanNuys
    Jerry VanNuys 7 days ago

    2:29 ~ So she was just a passenger on her historic trans-atlantic flight? WTF?
    What is it with wealthy people like Putnum (and now trump) and Fake News?
    EDIT: Oh.... 6:00 ... I see. Oops.

    AND PEGGY! 7 days ago

    Belluminati confirmed.

    Also, yay women!

  • Dylan Milne
    Dylan Milne 7 days ago

    She only got famous because she did not know de wae

  • Pax Delgado
    Pax Delgado 7 days ago


  • Mimi Grace
    Mimi Grace 7 days ago

    Good looks??

  • Mike Liu
    Mike Liu 7 days ago

    There’s a ride called barnstormer at Disney world

  • Olusegun Arigbede
    Olusegun Arigbede 7 days ago

    One minute in, still no mention of Bessie Coleman, cmon Vox. Word?

  • Levi Solis
    Levi Solis 7 days ago

    Running out of ideas vox?

  • Dawah Boy
    Dawah Boy 7 days ago

    Sub to me please

  • Zk Ked2001
    Zk Ked2001 7 days ago

    #justiceforzainab help bring rape to light

  • isaid stream
    isaid stream 7 days ago +1

    Wait!! In the 80s women had priviledge?

  • The Great Chimera
    The Great Chimera 7 days ago

    My whole life is a lie

  • SenorPruebas
    SenorPruebas 7 days ago

    The templars!! #AssassinsCreed

  • KingWizard
    KingWizard 7 days ago

    Star Trek VOYAGER on Netflix gives an explanation on the truth to what really happened to Amelia Earhart. Season 2 Ep.1 "The 37's"

  • T t war
    T t war 7 days ago

    *K-PopLovers* Watch this (

  • chuck alberding
    chuck alberding 7 days ago

    It was her determination that really earned her the title...which she deserves. She wasn't the fastest or maybe even the best but she tried even harder and never gave up!

  • GreatJobTy
    GreatJobTy 7 days ago

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  • ProMemeLad 2000
    ProMemeLad 2000 7 days ago

    My bruddas watch my recent veedeo to no the weay

  • Snowball Effect
    Snowball Effect 7 days ago

    Now that I think of it, I've never had a female captain on a commercial flight, either.

  • Markus Villum Grevsen

    who the hell is that?

  • Remember the legend
    Remember the legend 7 days ago

    Do why princess Diana was famous next

  • classic hersh
    classic hersh 7 days ago

    i really wish we can block channels from showing up

  • Crowmaster
    Crowmaster 7 days ago

    I smell a certain propaganda

  • Javin
    Javin 7 days ago

    Goes to show that if you have the right marketing skills, you can literally achieve anything.

  • BC Studios
    BC Studios 7 days ago

    To bc studios

  • JasonS1415
    JasonS1415 7 days ago

    Vox back at it again with an agenda. The people choose who is popular and who becomes a house hold name. Next on the list so the printing press...

  • Eric P. Alvaro
    Eric P. Alvaro 7 days ago

    I think this video misses out the most important point: she's famous because she died during her glorious day, she died at the top. Not only died, but she had a pretty unusual death, like, they never found her body, so there were that whole mystery about what happened to her "Oh, did she really die?", this kind of thing.

  • Anínesah Rodriguez
    Anínesah Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Where's Bessie Coleman??? Oh yeah that's right! I bet Bessie could fly circles around all of those chicks, but received no credit simply because she happened to be black. Black history is also American history.

  • dnc
    dnc 7 days ago

    Afraid the Japs caught and killed her

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 7 days ago

    I heard when the wright brothers crosses bermuda's mysterious pyramid they were never to be seen again

    OLI TINSLEY 7 days ago

    Maybe because she seen the firmament but to bad they silenced her by putting her on a Japanese Island to live out her life in seclusion.

  • Prompt N. Critical
    Prompt N. Critical 7 days ago

    Did she trade sexual favors with Weinstein?

  • wisdomn
    wisdomn 7 days ago

    Wow! The movie about these races, records and lifestyle of these women would be amazing as well as the building of the hype about that! Seriously I need to see this movie! Anyone? It could be the best movie of the year.

  • Brian Wyters
    Brian Wyters 7 days ago

    Why is flying far and fast so hard? You're not experiencing combat or anything. You just put the plane on a high throttle and fly the right direction.