The real reason Amelia Earhart is so famous

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • A carefully executed publicity campaign turned a pretty average pilot into an aviation legend.
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    Amelia Earhart is often thought of as the first or greatest female pilot of her time. But the real reason she is seen as an aviation legend comes from a carefully executed publicity campaign starting with her transatlantic passenger flight in 1928, which launched her out of obscurity and into celebrity status. From there, she pursued an ambitious career of record-breaking and stunts in order to stay in the headlines and fund her aviation career. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.
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  • lowri is typing
    lowri is typing 2 days ago

    I’m from the town that she landed in after her first atlantic crossing. I’m very knowledgeable on Amelia’s case. She was an incredible flier. Her first words when she got out of the plane at Burry Port docks were “Where am I?” The people here in Wales did not speak much English in the 20s, so it took her a while to figure it out. She and her navigator flew across the Atlantic. She was not a “passenger”. She flew the plane, with *help* from her navigator. Check your facts please.

  • Analog Raven
    Analog Raven 6 days ago

    I love the music you put in your videos

  • anne bcleyn
    anne bcleyn 19 days ago

    Never heard of her

  • Nancy Zhao
    Nancy Zhao 23 days ago

    I don’t really like Amelia Earhart because I think she got her fame by chance

  • Oonis Aucoix
    Oonis Aucoix 27 days ago

    first thought: she actually looks a lot like Lindbergh..

  • Oonis Aucoix
    Oonis Aucoix 27 days ago

    she actually looks a lot like Lindbergh. coincidence?

  • julianto triwijaya
    julianto triwijaya Month ago

    sooo you're telling me everything is a set up?! and at the beggining part she only a pasenger until later on she realize she's like a "sack of potato" and decided to do the flight on her own and becoming an actual pilot? and the only reason she manage to hold her record is because it's a set up? NOOOOOOOOOOO EVERYTHING I KNEW IS A LIE!!!! WHY! OH WHAT A WORLD, WHAT A WORLD, SO MANY LIES! XD

  • Ty
    Ty Month ago

    A woman is pretty much the most famous pilot ever but why is it so hard to envision women as commercial pilots.

  • io media studio
    io media studio Month ago

    Her plane Elektra was a red Lockheed 5:47.

  • aseeyah shahid
    aseeyah shahid 2 months ago

    Who else is on a Vox streaming spree?🤚So many good videos

  • Rui Clive Mindo
    Rui Clive Mindo 2 months ago

    She didnt touch the controls? How they flyed it?

  • ayitian1
    ayitian1 3 months ago

    All American History is nothing but propaganda and staged!🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Denchal
    Chris Denchal 3 months ago

    she broke many records for female aviation. So what is average about that??

  • Amanda Morse
    Amanda Morse 3 months ago

    At least this focused on her accomplishments because her disappearance seems to be the first thing people think about when her name comes up.

  • michael abah
    michael abah 3 months ago

    "disappearing" is just a fancy way of saying she DIED

  • KapitanPisoar1
    KapitanPisoar1 4 months ago

    Never heard of Bessie Colman before, but I guess nowadays you have to push at least one negro through...

  • The FPV Life
    The FPV Life 4 months ago

    As always with the white man ... Staged by a great agent to rewrite history.

  • elly eliza
    elly eliza 4 months ago

    She is beautiful

  • Bas
    Bas 5 months ago

    lol what a fake

  • nyarellla
    nyarellla 5 months ago

    omg her voice sounds just like ellen

  • احمد يونس
    احمد يونس 5 months ago

    and there you go guys, this is how you plan a perfect propaganda.

  • Reggie Thomas
    Reggie Thomas 5 months ago


  • chichi and fnaf
    chichi and fnaf 5 months ago

    Louise Thaden was ahead of her time: she was transcontinental!

  • misty finch
    misty finch 5 months ago

    How about Amy Johnson the famous female pilot?

  • James P
    James P 5 months ago

    This ALWAYS bothered me! I'm very pleased to see Vox pointing this out

  • King Of Naenae Hi
    King Of Naenae Hi 5 months ago

    Who knows maybe the world is flat so she kept going

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 5 months ago +1

    4:59 - LMAO at the fake Indian commentator. Come on, Vox!

  • Bipolartorecovery
    Bipolartorecovery 5 months ago

    her great niece was my coworker and looked just like her

  • Grace Lord
    Grace Lord 5 months ago

    Amy Johnson?

  • numba76
    numba76 5 months ago

    She was a lesbian? And she was captured by Japanese. Another USA COVERUP

  • C I R C A
    C I R C A 5 months ago

    Hey, they used metric! If you watched, then you'd know what I mean.

  • V A N I L L A S A D B O I

    How do accents change over time? Listening back on old videos of people talking sound so weird. I know some of it is to do with how it was recorded, but I find it interesting how different people who may be from the same area sound so different.

  • Alexander Savin
    Alexander Savin 5 months ago

    Might be a great anime - the story of courageous woman flying accross he Atlantic to prove that she's not "sack of potatoes", with comic scenes of barnstorming pilots, of course.

  • Bishop Jones
    Bishop Jones 5 months ago

    Oh my god, what's wrong with your face?

  • blazebluebass
    blazebluebass 5 months ago

    Amelia who? Sorry but I doubt many people outside of USA have heard of her. She's not famous - she's just dead.

  • John seven
    John seven 5 months ago

    Did she have children?

  • Yb
    Yb 5 months ago

    I was sad that i did not know her, but then you just explained she was a thot so i don't feel bad anymore

  • Nepal Violet
    Nepal Violet 5 months ago

    Now I don’t think Amelia was that great of a person anymore. Other woman deserve to be recognized for the their actual aviation success

  • Purple Turtle
    Purple Turtle 5 months ago

    You pronounced derby wrong...

  • Carbono 12
    Carbono 12 5 months ago

    They should all be thankful to Santos Dumont, also.

  • Aisha Ali
    Aisha Ali 5 months ago

    so her disappearance is not the reason she is famous

  • Benjibacca
    Benjibacca 5 months ago

    Not Average. Just not the best. Big Difference.

  • Steven Foster
    Steven Foster 5 months ago

    AND...and...she kissed Larry Daley that one time at the museum

  • Ashish Gupta
    Ashish Gupta 5 months ago

    it just amazes me how flight was possible without any GPS?

  • Rich vitamin Dさま
    Rich vitamin Dさま 5 months ago


  • Arin Gokdemir
    Arin Gokdemir 5 months ago

    They make it sound like she was completely talentless. She was amazing, but not quite the best

  • Catherine Ryan
    Catherine Ryan 5 months ago

    Make a video about how Dodo’s got to be known above many others for being extinct.

  • DJ McGrath
    DJ McGrath 6 months ago


  • Catskill
    Catskill 6 months ago

    Charles Lindbergh was not the first:,blogs,forums/Charles-Lindbergh.htm

  • E G
    E G 6 months ago

    Dafuc? History is a lie! Sell your mothers!

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot 6 months ago

    Just goes to show you how the Rich & Famous and the Wealthy & Powerful in America have always influenced who they wanted to and how we usually eat it up without thought like sheep to the slaughter.

  • Jimmy Gray
    Jimmy Gray 6 months ago

    Because she was a bloke.

  • Sebastian Corrales
    Sebastian Corrales 6 months ago

    Fun fact, she wasn't the first woman pilot to achieve such achievements . She was funded and publicized, that's why people only remember her but not Harriet Quimby, Raymonde de LaRoche, Bessie Coleman, Elsie MacKay, Mary Russell, Amy Johnson or Cornelia Fort who were Women pilots that were outstanding.

  • William Davies
    William Davies 6 months ago

    Today women are whining and moaning. those women got on with it

  • natslovebug
    natslovebug 6 months ago

    "Reluctantly married" oh, that's stomach tuning.

  • MissNinaNice
    MissNinaNice 6 months ago

    So she just dissappeared?

  • Erik Lauri Kulo
    Erik Lauri Kulo 6 months ago

    Way to take away all credit to Amelia’s amazing achievements by claiming she is famous because of one man.

  • -MAYA- Here
    -MAYA- Here 6 months ago

    Well I seen her...... NIGHT IN THE MUSEUM!!! Duhhhh

  • ismael dumas
    ismael dumas 6 months ago

    Responsibility other distribution handful comment fear latter protection flow matter sale relationship.

  • Robert S
    Robert S 6 months ago

    Okay, now I'm convinced that she was murdered by one of her rivals.

  • somebody
    somebody 6 months ago

    we need to go back in time, to when America was great!!

  • King Alfonso
    King Alfonso 6 months ago

    VOX SUCKS!!!!

  • IntelPentiumMMX
    IntelPentiumMMX 6 months ago

    2:49 When I saw that last name I flipped.
    Can't wait for her grandson to do his thing.

  • AllyCatPaws Stray
    AllyCatPaws Stray 6 months ago

    Part 2, Shade on Columbus, did he really found America?(no he didn’t, he missed)

  • Shane McDowall
    Shane McDowall 6 months ago

    No mention of inter-war aviator Jean Batten ( 1909 - 1982).

  • Elvar Snær Ágústsson
    Elvar Snær Ágústsson 6 months ago +1


  • Crystal G
    Crystal G 6 months ago

    I remember standing behind these 2 girls at disneyland soarn ride and they were talking so loud and annoying about how "Earhart was such a great pilot and was so legendary skills." It was so funny bcuz i knew she was pretty basic and only became famous by publicity haha. I still think its an interesting life she had. Sad but mostly good with the achievements she had before her disappearance.

  • jastat
    jastat 6 months ago

    So she's like a 1920's Kim Kardashian? What else of life is a lie? Next you're going to be telling us that coca-cola invented Father Christmas to sell coke

  • Oh Myiah
    Oh Myiah 6 months ago

    I’m sorry but I still didn’t recognize her, but I had a suspicion because of the title and thumbnail of the video.

  • Jamie Reid
    Jamie Reid 6 months ago

    Before she disappeared she wasn't really famous. So this video is quite misleading. The reason so many people talk about her is because she was a female in a male dominated job. But she was welcomed into that environment and was actually taught how to fly by a man she dated. She quickly became "one of the guys" and was never referred to as a woman, just as she never referred to others as men. She was a pioneer of the working lady. She also didn't like feminism. In fact she is on record a few times denouncing what feminist's were doing. She saw the world (as we all should) as a place that didn't have men and women, but rather just people. We could all take a leaf from her book and start looking at everyone on earth as equals. We need to stop hating on each other. Women hate men because of patriarchy and men hate women because of feminism. Both of which have no place in a modern society. We have true equality now, and we all have the exact same opportunities (we even have a much higher chance of getting work now compared with our male counterparts) and we should lead our own lives and make ourselves as successful and accomplished as possible. If we continue spend your days worrying about stupid point scoring against men then your life is going to rush by and you'll end up lonely and alone. Ladies, we need men more than you realize. They truly are God's greatest gift to us. They hold us, protect us, defend us and look out for us. And become dependable father's with so much love. Yea, sure, they can be a pain in the ass!! But we're not exactly innocent either! Lol. Stop fighting and live your life.

  • Daniel Hobgen
    Daniel Hobgen 6 months ago

    Because of the Family Guy episode with the long intro to Maude.

  • Seeker44
    Seeker44 6 months ago

    Oh bloody lucky

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson 6 months ago

    because of night at the museum

  • LeftHandedAquarius
    LeftHandedAquarius 6 months ago

    How did you forget to include Phoebe Omile Fairgrave in this video? She was a contemporary of Amelia, a wing walker, and many other impacts on the future of women in aviation. And she’s my great great aunt.

  • Andrew Adricatico
    Andrew Adricatico 6 months ago

    Where’s the anti trump propaganda in this video
    Or pro Muslim part.. I’m too busy to find it


    3:43 it's not even on his ears.

  • Esburrito
    Esburrito 6 months ago

    She didn't even touch the controls?
    My life is a lie.

  • Plural
    Plural 6 months ago

    So just greed nice

  • Fuh Q
    Fuh Q 6 months ago

    It's all a conspiracah!!!1

  • erikbarrett85
    erikbarrett85 6 months ago

    In twenty yrs, people will not listen to video with this style of music because it'll be as lame as an 80's workout vIdeos :/ if vox started it, then sorry but EVERY millennial aimed Video production crew uses it now too

  • fat cabbage
    fat cabbage 6 months ago +1

    Lmao so she didn't even fly the plane but sat as a passenger and did nothing?😂😂

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 6 months ago

    I'm suprised not to see any "Night at the Museum" comments.......

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 6 months ago

    I'm suprised I don't see any "Night at the Muesam" comments.......

  • Phil Liggins
    Phil Liggins 6 months ago

    Please do more history I love it!

  • Kaz
    Kaz 6 months ago

    BTW for anyone who's wondering it turns out she crash landed on an island and no one found her for decades

  • D'Luz
    D'Luz 6 months ago

    Charles obviously changed to Amelia...

    THE GOOD CONTENT 6 months ago

    Now do one about Frida Kahlo and how she became a freaking icon of México without doing that much as an artist and show how people get so psycho about her being such a source of inspiration.

  • Doagae Porbeni
    Doagae Porbeni 6 months ago

    Man white people been lying about everything since forever....smh

  • teppolundgren
    teppolundgren 6 months ago

    Did she actually do ANY of her own flying? Or was she just a professional passenger?
    Perhaps she committed suicide out of shame for being the world's biggest fake?
    Damn cute, though.

  • Patrick Hogan
    Patrick Hogan 6 months ago

    Hey, Vox! What happened to Lucky Strike cigarettes? They seemed to be the biggest thing ever, so why don’t we have them anymore?

  • superawsomeblitz
    superawsomeblitz 6 months ago

    It took mankind 500,000 years to get to the stage of evolution that we are at right now, a couple thousand until we learned how to fly, and 42 from that until we began to traverse the cosmos, marvelous

    • Voltaire
      Voltaire 6 months ago

      500,000?? Lol Earth's only been around for 2000. But ok still cool

  • MrDrokkul
    MrDrokkul 6 months ago

    I couldn't trust Amelia Earhart brand luggage not to get lost.

  • Tyler Daugherty
    Tyler Daugherty 6 months ago


  • mike A
    mike A 6 months ago


  • Caleb Ames
    Caleb Ames 6 months ago +1

    Do something on the Double Eagle 1 and 2

  • David Liu
    David Liu 6 months ago

    Shes a girl thats why

  • Mo
    Mo 6 months ago +1

    This is a woman's world but it would be nothing without a man or a boy

  • Nightmare Bonnie
    Nightmare Bonnie 6 months ago

    Good job on trending!

  • Sergio Cárdenas Reyes
    Sergio Cárdenas Reyes 6 months ago