Splitting Pellets with a Knife in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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  • snek themed trainwreck

    only this channel would do something like that

  • Mirek Jurczyszyn
    Mirek Jurczyszyn 6 hours ago

    Purple baloon to the green one: -Don't pop, it's just a scratch.

  • Pathologic
    Pathologic 8 hours ago

    I can see not even Tide could clean his lab jacket xD

  • Mark B
    Mark B 15 hours ago

    Do a brake Air brake chamber! 30/30 cut the clamps that hold the big spring

  • S4bErG0d
    S4bErG0d 19 hours ago

    Anyone know the name of the knife?

  • David Siegel
    David Siegel 21 hour ago

    I want a slow mo video of bread dropping into a bowl of water

  • Pickle Monster
    Pickle Monster 22 hours ago

    Play the slow motion in slow motion its ridiculously slow 😂

  • PepinMau
    PepinMau 23 hours ago

    Send the knife to Destin and let him shoot at it.

  • Gage Reid
    Gage Reid 23 hours ago

    Hey in winter you guys should spray water on a trampoline let it freeze then jump on it! Get a shot from above too! Plz! Plz! Plz! Plz! Plz! Plz! Plz! Plz! Plz!

  • Ahmad Plays
    Ahmad Plays Day ago +1

    Hello SloMoGuys and everyone, I thought about something today is turning a flashlight and take video of it in super slow motion . Hope you see it

  • Exploitive TG
    Exploitive TG Day ago

    Film a light turning on

  • o0Rh0mbus0o
    o0Rh0mbus0o Day ago

    Great way to do a sponsored vid

  • Josh St. Jean
    Josh St. Jean Day ago

    Do you guys add in sound effects for the impacts, balloon breaks, slaps to dan’s face, etc. or are they part of the recording? Thanks

  • evifelgae
    evifelgae Day ago

    SOG is a military acronym that stands for Sergeant of the Guard, btw.

  • Josh Chevalley
    Josh Chevalley Day ago

    Giant balloon filled with coke, add mentos. Put Dan inside with coke

  • Sharon Hunter
    Sharon Hunter 2 days ago


  • PrankShell.TV
    PrankShell.TV 2 days ago

    Make a bug a salt in slomotion like if you Whant this

  • TaterTot Hotdish
    TaterTot Hotdish 2 days ago +1

    You should split painting balls.

  • Thom Curry
    Thom Curry 2 days ago

    Great video. That's one sharp knife.

  • Hendo4short
    Hendo4short 2 days ago

    Can you fire an arrow underwater

  • crouchie
    crouchie 2 days ago

    i hate it when your rubber goes weak at the rim

  • Dover camping and adventures

    Iv just found a picture of a dan lookalike on a stop smoking campaign on a pouch of tobacco shame I can't put it in a comment

  • Leoreo
    Leoreo 2 days ago

    Hey Gav and Dan! Can you give to us a footage in a lot of FPS but whitout edition, to edit by myself and learn?? Thanks!

  • Mr. Noob Gaming
    Mr. Noob Gaming 2 days ago

    Try to shoot camera ➡🎥
    At 200,000 FPS

  • Mr. Noob Gaming
    Mr. Noob Gaming 2 days ago

    Try to record eye Blink at 50, 000 FPS

  • Mcpe Gamers!
    Mcpe Gamers! 2 days ago +1

    Slow mo a speed of light with 1million frames persecond

  • Emman Cardano
    Emman Cardano 2 days ago

    Dan does look like he doesn't go to gym anymore.

  • Jamie Mackrill
    Jamie Mackrill 2 days ago +1

    coundt you record the 28,500 FPS in hd and then record that with a 28,500 FPS camera to get it at 812250000 FPS in hd?

  • ManoloFTP
    ManoloFTP 2 days ago

    Hey guys, you said in the video, no one has ever done a video splitting a bullet, well, after your video, taofledermaus did a video trying to split a shotgun slug with a knife

  • you're not my problem

    Now do it again w/ helium and a Flame next to it

    Nice Fire Ball.

  • Numb Tee
    Numb Tee 2 days ago

    In case you haven't yet....and I'm sure you must've.....what about shooting an "air pellet at an ice cube"...?...full High Speed with Full High Definition shown from 'infinite speeds'....;)

  • Solorhurricane 695
    Solorhurricane 695 2 days ago

    Try making capturing a lightning bolt inside glass. Aka make a lictenberg figure inside glass in super slow motion

  • FrickinPope
    FrickinPope 2 days ago

    I work at a machine shop. If you like filming the metal on metal. You should film a lathe cutting different types of metal in slow motion.

  • Samuel Kristopher
    Samuel Kristopher 2 days ago

    "weak at the rim" I've never heard such beautiful language describing the resistance of a balloon to being blown up

  • Carnako benson
    Carnako benson 2 days ago

    that balsa wood tho

  • Robert Melgoza
    Robert Melgoza 3 days ago

    You should try the fireworks under ice

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips 3 days ago

    Great video! Please do one with normal caliber bullets! Thanks!

  • mr_gamer
    mr_gamer 3 days ago

    Still doesn’t beat that time Gavin sliced a fruit or something in half by throwing it at an axe first try on AHWU

  • Astro Apple
    Astro Apple 3 days ago

    We Know How To Be Friends!

  • Cherry Noble
    Cherry Noble 3 days ago

    Good thing you guys know about sloped armor! Of course I know this from WOT but others may know this from WT.

  • Dennis Hufe
    Dennis Hufe 3 days ago +1

    Pleas watch for you next video:


    Lighting charcoal with a propane air mixture

  • Mitchell Anthony
    Mitchell Anthony 3 days ago

    the slow mo sound is easily the best part of these

  • Alexander Horn
    Alexander Horn 3 days ago

    Oh gav I love it when you talk framey to us and dan your firearm safety makes me wet

    Also this is how u do product placement

  • Luiz Eduardo Yamamoto

    Guys, You could put water (or some liquid) in the balloons and shot!

  • Sassy Trombone
    Sassy Trombone 3 days ago

    are there on the market custom cooler for those cams?

  • Real Freezy
    Real Freezy 3 days ago

    simply for the interest: Are there cameras that can record with the highest FPS of this Video (100.000 i believe?) with an Full HD resolution and if yes, how much do they cost? And how much does the one cost, you guys were using is this video?

  • LetsPlayCrazy
    LetsPlayCrazy 3 days ago

    Instead of angling the boards downwards so that the pellets (potentially harmful?) go down into the gras... they tilt them upwards giving it more room to spread :D
    cant wait how this turns out :D

  • Michael Briggs
    Michael Briggs 3 days ago

    Please collaborate with Demo Ranch!

  • Степан Коваленко


  • Huy Doan
    Huy Doan 3 days ago

    Blowing methane gas under soapy water to make methane bubbles then lighting it on fire, it was on mythbusters

  • Kristi Totten
    Kristi Totten 3 days ago

    Would love to see this with a firearm something like a 45 that's larger and easier to see

  • J Brewer
    J Brewer 3 days ago

    For the next one you should do fireworks under water but the water is frozen on a lake or pond?!?

  • the redredreaper
    the redredreaper 3 days ago

    special operations group

  • TargetShooter145
    TargetShooter145 3 days ago +2

    (Little information on how/why the pellet splits)
    1. Everyone should know this but, since the blade is sharp and far thinner on the edge than the pellet (0.177 of an inch) along with the force the air pistol puts on the back of the pellet causes it to split.

    2. The pellet that was used was made of lead, the majority of pellets are. While being a lot heavier, it is also much softer than steel, which is what the blade is made out of. This difference is what makes the cut so clean and like butter, which you can see in 28,500fps. The lead on steel is also why the cut edge that Dan shows is so smooth and perfect, along with the great made knife by SOG! Which, by the way, is said like hog but with an 'S'.

    Thanks for the video guys, nice to see the split in action!

    NOTE: The reason real bullets fired out of a firearm also split is because bullets are made of lead as well. A lot of them have a copper lining on them, which is also softer than steel.

    PICKLE RICK 3 days ago

    OMG I was the 600,000 subscriber to your other channel!!!!

  • Eric Barnes
    Eric Barnes 3 days ago

    Why is Meg never in these videos?

  • When I Was Young A Penny Cost A Nickel

    Slow mo bottle filp

  • Seb Gee
    Seb Gee 3 days ago

    You guys should try something with glow sticks. Chop a load with an axe like you did with the lynx can. It would look awesome under exposed. Maybe even throw some into an upside down lawnmower! Ha!

  • Cyril Gigee
    Cyril Gigee 3 days ago +2

    Is nobody gonna point out how right now this has 666 dislikes? It just proves, haters are all Satan worshippers.

  • James 'o' Biscuits
    James 'o' Biscuits 3 days ago

    golf ball vs axe trick shot plz. Recreate what how ridiculous did!

  • cinemafaux
    cinemafaux 4 days ago

    Who else would watch a forensics show with gav and dan?

  • conconexplosion
    conconexplosion 4 days ago

    You got hit because you're a dumbass, and you don't know how to fire a weapon properly. If you're going to do something like this and claim to be safe, you've gotta learn what you're doing first.

  • paradoxed
    paradoxed 4 days ago

    I just got the best idea: shoot a really big bubble with a real gun and see if the bullet gets all the way through the bubble.

  • Rhys Symonds
    Rhys Symonds 4 days ago

    Do a slo mo burn out

  • Topsy Kretts
    Topsy Kretts 4 days ago

    Put powder paint on a trampoline then jump on to it


    is  on YouTube your porn channel

  • QurttoRco
    QurttoRco 4 days ago

    Dan should apply for a record of being slowest man ever

  • Ryan
    Ryan 4 days ago

    I have a suggestion. How about fireworks/explosives underwater/ice or some kind of barrier?

  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye 4 days ago

    almost cool.. gayyyyyyyy

  • Tin nose
    Tin nose 4 days ago


  • Victor  Manuelle Quinones

    Why do they tell us not to do this at home when there doing it in there doing it at there place !?

  • Mattron
    Mattron 4 days ago +1

    YO i have that same exact hammock lol

  • The Triggerati
    The Triggerati 4 days ago

    Do it with a 9mm.

  • jfcwtfusernames
    jfcwtfusernames 4 days ago

    Should have used paint balls

  • jfcwtfusernames
    jfcwtfusernames 4 days ago

    Can I lick your camera?

  • ilovefunnyamv2nd
    ilovefunnyamv2nd 4 days ago

    I think my favorite was the one shot from the side, the pellet got split, but it still looks like one solid object until just before impacting the balloons. Very nice. Still not as good as the paint explosions

  • gamefreak10
    gamefreak10 4 days ago

    Great video... but subtitles are poor quality. Seriously, why are there random captial letters in sentences?

  • Erik Schädlich
    Erik Schädlich 4 days ago


  • Алинка Муратова

    ого как же круто смотреть!!!

  • Jess Fawcett
    Jess Fawcett 4 days ago

    Doesn't say anything about the knife's sharpness, because you can do the same thing with a butter knife.

  • Karl Bartelt
    Karl Bartelt 4 days ago

    Special Operations Group, SOG

  • Supervinnieboy1
    Supervinnieboy1 4 days ago

    can you put alkali metals in water and film it in slow mo

  • Joel Jasmin
    Joel Jasmin 4 days ago

    Pause at 3:16 LMAO

  • The Jersey Ninja
    The Jersey Ninja 4 days ago

    Always tilt your backstop DOWN

  • yourself 52775
    yourself 52775 4 days ago

    a few seconds in... already liked it

  • KingofKings
    KingofKings 4 days ago

    Slow ho hoes

  • Octeract GD / MC
    Octeract GD / MC 4 days ago


    JEYHMES 4 days ago

    I saw the top of the thumbnail and thought it was Jessie and fucking James

  • Peace Y
    Peace Y 4 days ago

    So if u block a bullet with a sharp knife, the bullet won't hit u? Or u get hit twice.

  • Li O Boom
    Li O Boom 4 days ago

    Gav really nice work ok the audio of the last slowmo! Keep doing such good stuff!!

  • 21 savage
    21 savage 4 days ago

    Homo guys

  • Dustin Farnum
    Dustin Farnum 4 days ago

    Tilting the wrong way second time..
    That angle promotes ricochet.

  • dummy 1
    dummy 1 4 days ago

    do a colab with demo ranch

  • Richard Folgado
    Richard Folgado 4 days ago

    SOG = Special Operations Group

  • Richard Folgado
    Richard Folgado 4 days ago

    Put the balloons closer and put them right on the table.

  • Xander Lucas
    Xander Lucas 4 days ago

    I just noticed that Gavin’s lab coat looks like it says gay not gav

  • Corin  Cooper
    Corin Cooper 4 days ago

    You guys shoukd show guitar being played in slow motion!!!

  • Steakncheese VS Emerald

    You really need to do this with a real gun/bullet and no balloons. Do it into a wall of soda cans/bottles that have a bright color fluid.

  • Paul Arnautovitch
    Paul Arnautovitch 4 days ago

    Do the tesla coil gun in slow motion
    Like the hand-held one

  • Tactical Knife
    Tactical Knife 4 days ago

    So I don't think this is going to be seen but I felt like is nice to say
    So when this video came out I was drinking alone (In Spain is legal to start at 18 but I'm not gonna pretend I didn't start way before) and I thought "Man , Dan seems to be one hell of an older brother"
    As for Gav even if he's older than me fits the younger brother perfectly
    They seem like siblings if you think about it