Splitting Pellets with a Knife in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

  • Published on Oct 11, 2017
  • When you throw a lump of metal at a very sharp piece of metal, the sharp piece of metal wins. You can't see it with your eyeball, but thankfully Gav and Dan are here.
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    Thanks to Destin from Smarter Every Day for lending us the camera - tvclip.biz/user/destinws2
    2nd Channel! tvclip.biz/channel/UCgC4Nn0rqqdeqACnzaIMo_Q?app=desktop
    Shot on the Phantom V2511 at 28,500fps - 118,000fps
    Splitting Pellets with a Knife in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • Paul Brienza
    Paul Brienza 17 days ago

    it made me nervous seeing that they had a knife in a clamp standing up with no guard. one trip and that could have been it

  • ChrisTheLoneWolf
    ChrisTheLoneWolf 20 days ago


  • Bluelaade
    Bluelaade 23 days ago

    I got scared for a minute...

    I thought they were calling the balloons "pellets".

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone 25 days ago

    Cheers. You guys are awesome.

  • Ethan James
    Ethan James 25 days ago

    ill hold it to the rim

  • Brian Hughes
    Brian Hughes 26 days ago

    Too bad you couldn't color the air in the balloons, the way the rubber separated it looked like the air just stood there while the rubber was blown away around it.

  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter 27 days ago

    i have a few sog knives and have always loved them, ive never thought of doing this though...

  • deedee dee
    deedee dee Month ago


  • Tim Ellis
    Tim Ellis Month ago

    Guns and knives. Very American spirit.

  • Eminentia Cry
    Eminentia Cry Month ago

    Жирный, должно быть, опять обосрался с перепугу во время "опытов".

  • zbyszanna
    zbyszanna Month ago

    You can't say you love us, because you don't know us. Empty words :( We could say that, because we at least saw your faces and heard your voices, but you? You haven't!

  • Mike Kafes
    Mike Kafes Month ago

    Especially enjoyable! Cheerz Gentz! - "Keep it Slowing" #TeeShirt

  • Hugh Heathen Helldweller

    Special Operations Group / Studies and Observation Group? (derived possibly from something like MAC V SOG?)

  • The Ranting Idiots
    The Ranting Idiots 2 months ago

    Special Operations Group

  • typacsk
    typacsk 2 months ago

    I've actually got a SOG knife, but I couldn't tell you what it stands for. Hopefully not something douchey like Special Ops Gear.

  • Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA

    You guys were hungover here?

  • Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA

    Is that camera your retirement plan? How much can you get for one of those beauties?

  • Justice For Seth Rich WWG1WGA

    Can you guys fly me out so I can stay the night or something? #NoHomo

  • SRFriso94
    SRFriso94 2 months ago

    Have you ever considered shooting into water, not just under water? (Like that's the easier one of the two XD)

  • Gonietube NYC
    Gonietube NYC 2 months ago

    This was recorded at a house in the United States 🇺🇸 right ? Bc it doesn’t look like Britain especially with the type of tree species

  • Philippe FRATER
    Philippe FRATER 2 months ago

    I'm gonna try that with my "Air" Revolver (8 shots CO2, 6 inches barrel Dan Wesson) and the right setup/protection... 🤪👍🏻🇫🇷🖖🏻😎 Regards from France!

  • Dragon slayor
    Dragon slayor 3 months ago

    Shoot a bullet and a paint ball strate at each other 🎈🔫

  • Erik de noorman
    Erik de noorman 3 months ago


  • Andrew B
    Andrew B 3 months ago

    7:31 how bou dat

  • Uzair Ahmed4069
    Uzair Ahmed4069 3 months ago

    Balloons like shape of heart 7:10

  • Craig Schuman
    Craig Schuman 3 months ago

    Nice video! You should try that with a couple of paint filled balloons.

  • Omar Casillas
    Omar Casillas 4 months ago

    This is an amazing video and splitting bullets or pellets on their own is rather nice to see, but what if it were a paintball?

  • Gamer Bros
    Gamer Bros 5 months ago

    You can still see the blue marking of the blue men group.

  • James Chu.
    James Chu. 5 months ago

    Lmao play the start of the video back at 0.25 speed

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger 5 months ago

    7:09 is awesome.

  • Fiv 3
    Fiv 3 5 months ago


  • MrBurningZombie
    MrBurningZombie 5 months ago

    7:14 is a heart

  • Zoey Sisk
    Zoey Sisk 5 months ago

    My science teacher Mr.bufford plays yalls videos almost every day at the end of class

  • Jeremy knoch
    Jeremy knoch 6 months ago

    Hey can u try smashing a pellet with a hammer on a steel table? Just an idea

  • Livin4thelamb
    Livin4thelamb 6 months ago


  • Gilbatrar ヅ
    Gilbatrar ヅ 6 months ago

    Why don't you guys consider putting safety glass in front of that expensive equipment?

  • Scrumptious Gamer
    Scrumptious Gamer 6 months ago

    I thought it said pettals...errr..well yea

  • Gab Formoso
    Gab Formoso 6 months ago


  • what how to do
    what how to do 6 months ago +1

    You guys are great

  • Wilens Abelard
    Wilens Abelard 6 months ago

    They remake this in 2k18

  • IlI GeT- -BoDiEd HoE IlI

    1:49 i like that flinch

  • Seve Hynes30
    Seve Hynes30 6 months ago

    I love the concern in Dan’s voice when Gavin said he got hit

  • Russy W
    Russy W 6 months ago

    SOG? i wonder if someordinarygamers knows about this.

  • frost bite
    frost bite 6 months ago

    Im going to say that this is the sog seal pup yes

  • venom lemon
    venom lemon 7 months ago +1

    Michael needs to be in a slow mo vid

  • Shashank Bhandari
    Shashank Bhandari 7 months ago

    Technology could lead to human destruction if not handled with care @ 2:31.

  • Lilia Ronces
    Lilia Ronces 7 months ago +1


  • criknot
    criknot 7 months ago

    Thanks doc

  • Magfed Jim
    Magfed Jim 7 months ago

    it's weird how at 7:14 the red balloon gets hit before the blue one, but the pellet passes through the back end of the blue one first...

  • Deri
    Deri 7 months ago

    That was MAJESTIC!!!!

  • Georgios Leventis
    Georgios Leventis 7 months ago

    Who thought of bloons tower defense seeing this?

  • gamerstashers
    gamerstashers 7 months ago

    Hey sog I would like a knife as well I need a survival knife thank you.

  • Public Static Void
    Public Static Void 7 months ago

    That was cool!

  • Nick
    Nick 7 months ago

    you can try with smoke ;) or coloroxygen 😂for example

  • Surrenic
    Surrenic 7 months ago

    How is that camera so loud?

  • Steven Dowd
    Steven Dowd 7 months ago

    Studies and Observations Group

  • Thomas Myers
    Thomas Myers 7 months ago

    This is the slow mo guys I like, just two dudes in their backyard messing around. Not this over produced TVclip original stuff

  • Deanna Rae
    Deanna Rae 7 months ago

    Someone start a gofundme for dan to purchase a sewing kit for his lab coat sleeve

  • OtherDRK
    OtherDRK 7 months ago

    I wonder if a wet knife could make a more perfect cut.

  • Mark Bartsch
    Mark Bartsch 7 months ago

    Angle the backstop down so it ricochets into the ground

  • Zunair Ahmd
    Zunair Ahmd 7 months ago

    im gav, im done :-D

  • Geenote
    Geenote 7 months ago

    When the purple and pink balloons split, they made a heart.

  • DeCo Slush
    DeCo Slush 7 months ago

    Shoot a samurai sword with a revolver please.

  • Genji Shamada
    Genji Shamada 7 months ago

    Bro it looks like the universe ended

  • Alexander Chirpac
    Alexander Chirpac 7 months ago

    try shooting the side of the knife

  • SmoothDog75
    SmoothDog75 7 months ago

    it's convex, dan

  • TehMonkey
    TehMonkey 7 months ago

    How frustrating would that channel be if you just did all those videos, but without the slow motion footage.
    Like, shoot in slow motion and do all the crazy/stupid stuff and then it's just the camera shooting you reacting to the footage, without the actual footage.
    And then the outro.

  • Charlie
    Charlie 7 months ago +1

    That’s great and all

    But where’s The Cuboyd

  • Charlie
    Charlie 7 months ago

    That’s great and all

    But where’s The Cuboyd

  • Charlie
    Charlie 7 months ago

    That’s great and all

    But where’s The Cuboyd

  • Sir Spammo
    Sir Spammo 7 months ago

    5:44 he shot Cosmo

  • A B
    A B 7 months ago

    I watched this in science class.

    Best science class EVER

  • Omar Dawood
    Omar Dawood 7 months ago

    Surely you’d want to angle the wood down not up, no?

  • quicksilver40
    quicksilver40 7 months ago


  • stephen madl
    stephen madl 7 months ago

    Convex not concave for anyone who actually cares. Also, when he says rust he is referring to oxidization. Rust is a catchall term for when any substance reacts with exygen, I.e. silver tarnish, or when copper turns green like the Statue of Liberty(fun fact: "Lady" Liberty is probably a representation of an ancient MALE God) and everyone's favorite rust; ferrous oxide, or iron oxide. Fe2O3 or iron oxide which most people think of when they hear the word "rust."
    "The fruit is rusting on the vine," which is lyrics from a song, is talking about this very process albeit incorrectly. When fruit such as apples are cut they begin to oxidize. Apples turn brown. This is called rust.

  • stephen madl
    stephen madl 7 months ago

    I can't believe nobody noticed what happened at 4:20. No, not that 4:20🌲💨. I'm talking about the triboluminescence.
    I am assuming he was slightly to the right of center which caused the right side fragment to press against the blade with more force which created the triboluminescent display. That would also explain why the right side fragment missed the balloon.

  • Mason F
    Mason F 7 months ago

    adverstinement for gun and bullets:
    Just HALF of a BULLET goes through a ballon TWICE before it POPS

  • Zak Swindle
    Zak Swindle 7 months ago

    Paintball vs SOG knife

  • The Cowboy Rides Away
    The Cowboy Rides Away 7 months ago

    I wanna see an Ant colony in slow motion and up close, cause them little buggers are so fast.

  • Zinc
    Zinc 8 months ago

    The video is good and all, but what really makes it is their accent.

  • Henry Warmoth
    Henry Warmoth 8 months ago

    What knife is it? Know it's a SOG, but which one in particular?

  • b0nes
    b0nes 8 months ago

    Wonder which one of you guys does the slo-mo audio ^_^ Good job on it. Sounds clear and convincing

  • Kevin Wolf
    Kevin Wolf 8 months ago

    So you guys can take a wrecking ball to 2 cars, but can't shoot a .50 cal at a knife, BET.

  • Gorrus
    Gorrus 8 months ago

    That camera is about to blow up 😂😂

  • Julissa Lopez
    Julissa Lopez 8 months ago

    9:04 Gav, you don’t understand don’t you....

  • TheToxic Dude10
    TheToxic Dude10 8 months ago

    Did you mean bullets

  • NinjaMunk
    NinjaMunk 8 months ago

    at 8:05 it is thunder struck

  • Ahmed Alsaadi
    Ahmed Alsaadi 8 months ago

    2:55 in his jacket (gay)!!!

  • Splashy Craft
    Splashy Craft 8 months ago

    Do a bullet in slow motion

  • Vishva Kumara
    Vishva Kumara 8 months ago

    Wow, you did it.! This is legendary There is an urban legend around here on this kind of phenomena.

  • Samurai Gaming
    Samurai Gaming 8 months ago

    dose anyone put the yt video in slow mo when they do?

  • T RASH
    T RASH 8 months ago

    my ps4 fan is louder

  • Natalie Drumright
    Natalie Drumright 8 months ago

    OMG I JUST CAME BACK ACROSS YOUR CHANNEL I WOULD WATCH YALL WHEN I WAS WHAT? 5? I’m ten now and i was shocked and so happy y’all still make videos!!!

  • Merritt1 RBX
    Merritt1 RBX 8 months ago

    Just noticed this but do they call each other "Vee" ?

  • KidneyKidLeo
    KidneyKidLeo 8 months ago

    Balloon Hearts: 7:14

  • Alessio D'incecco
    Alessio D'incecco 8 months ago


  • Mark _
    Mark _ 8 months ago

    I just started watching after listening to the podcast for awhile. That camera really is ridiculous, when Gavin said it was loud I didn't imagine it being that bad lol

  • Vitospizza1249
    Vitospizza1249 8 months ago

    Is it me or do you all see on 7:15 it looks like hearts?

  • Tiger Isbehindyou
    Tiger Isbehindyou 8 months ago

    Well, lead is very soft as a metal! Very cool video

  • Jer - gelon
    Jer - gelon 8 months ago +1

    10M Destroy the buttom