Happily Every After With Tonah - Click - Tom Goss feat. Manila Luzon, Kahmone, Sweeny Jo

  • Published on Aug 31, 2017
  • You are in the middle of "Click," an interactive music video by Tom Goss. If you like what you see, but wish the person flirting with you was more your type, you should start at the beginning by clicking here: tvclip.biz/video/WKiM1f9spYo/video.html.
    The full video features lots of beautiful people, so you're sure to find someone you click with. Have fun!
    Wow! You totally clicked with Tonah. I get it, I would have locked that down too. Congrats on your long and happy life together. Couldn't have happened to a sweeter individual.
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    What you drinking?
    What you like?
    What you thinking?
    What's your vibe?
    First step through the door.
    Dem peaches got me get up on that dance floor.
    You're lemonade, I'm ice to your pour.
    Next round's on me.
    I click you.
    We can do.
    What love do.
    I click you.
    Blue jean faded sky.
    Touch so ancient got me feeling Chaing Mai.
    Endless summer, sings its lullaby.
    Now I got you.
    I click you.
    We can do.
    What love do.
    I click you.
    Click click clickity clack step right up to Manila's fortune shack.
    Cause I'm predicting that your love is sickenin' plot thickening, future bright and twinkling.
    Tingling, glistening I see you mingling till you're wrinkling forever be sizzling for rizzlin'
    Damn boo spitting crazy truth.
    That's right aint no dispute.
    I click you cause you make me smile.
    I click you for always sticking around.
    For always bringing me up and never taking me down.
    For showing me your love that never made me a clown.
    What love is supposed to do?
    It don't matter I'm loving you.
    So everyone out there just be humble, sit down and click someone and don't regret nothing.
    Sweeny Jo
    I used to think my independence was a weapon, don't mess, don't call, don't trust, I got this.
    I'm willing to see my boundaries slacking, burn belief to the ground I'm lacking, afraid to see my need for love that I've been masking.
    Then I breathed in.
    And you clicked in.
    You let me keep my grip,
    I'm a proud hypocrite,
    your love proves me wrong everday, I like it!
    I click you.
    We can do.
    What love do.
    I click you.
    I click you.
    (I see you, you on my mind)
    We can do.
    (I know you taking your time)
    What love do.
    (Don't front you know I'm just right)
    I click you.
    (Let's have the time of our lives)
    I click you.
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