The WORST Pizzas Served On Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
  • The worst pizzas delivered straight to you.
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  • Yugi Christa
    Yugi Christa 29 minutes ago

    I WaS VeRy PrOuD Of mY MeAtBalL

  • J S
    J S Hour ago

    Who puts cheese on pulled pork?!

  • Xierrie 06
    Xierrie 06 Hour ago

    '-') i'd eat that pizza if its less greasy.

  • Alexi Beck
    Alexi Beck 10 hours ago

    3:58 looks like every pub carpet in Australia

  • NearRetrograde
    NearRetrograde 11 hours ago

    I feel bad for all the chefs and workers, it’s almost always the owners, and the owners menus that fuck the chefs on here.

  • DG Studio
    DG Studio 11 hours ago

    Sushi and Pizza? It Not Best Match

  • 【 Kyala Studs 】
    【 Kyala Studs 】 12 hours ago

    -so what would the -*-thick-*- crust look like?-

  • Zac James
    Zac James 13 hours ago

    The japanese fella in the last one definitely has beaten husband syndrome

  • DFA Sammy
    DFA Sammy 14 hours ago

    3:47 Steve looks like a brown haired jay swingler

  • the emerald overseer
    the emerald overseer 15 hours ago

    aye heve plenee of pepol who lov may meetbol

  • Daron Lemke
    Daron Lemke 16 hours ago

    I would love to see him go to chunky cheese and react to their pizza. Because of the conspiracy theory about their pizza.

  • Thanh Bui
    Thanh Bui 18 hours ago +2

    Narrator: AfTeR sAvInG tHe PrIeStS

  • David James
    David James 18 hours ago

    This show makes me want to go on a road trip round America and do what Gordon does. I'm already practicing my "It's raw!" roar.

  • The Recon Force
    The Recon Force 19 hours ago

    He needs to make a new seires “school lunch hell”

  • Here Puff Puff
    Here Puff Puff 19 hours ago

    0:14 - Cutie on the left. I'd love to give her a good fisting.

  • Marshawn Lynch
    Marshawn Lynch 21 hour ago

    when your standards are so low you’d eat the first pizza happily

  • Feckle Morris
    Feckle Morris 22 hours ago

    Steve is adorable

  • Phantom JR
    Phantom JR 22 hours ago


  • The_Weeb_Lord
    The_Weeb_Lord 22 hours ago

    I'd still eat it

  • GLegend360
    GLegend360 23 hours ago

    I've seen so many of these Kitchen Nightmare clips and it's like all these failing restaurants never have a head chef...lmao

  • Jubab Howells
    Jubab Howells Day ago

    I actually really feel like pizza now

  • Lee Adrian de Guzman

    Suntukan Ramsay sa atis

  • Dima O'Grady
    Dima O'Grady Day ago

    I used to think the sausage pizza looked delicious but then I ordered a Domino's Pizza which was really nice and now after eating it the sausage pizza looks disgusting. Even the puddle of grease that the camera zooms in on now make me 🤢

  • J Nunez
    J Nunez Day ago +5

    "Don't run away like a snake"
    Me: *pushes glasses up* snakes can't run 🤓

  • J Nunez
    J Nunez Day ago +1

    Bruh i feel like i can cook better than some of these people and i haven't even cooked

  • J Nunez
    J Nunez Day ago

    The first one looked good until he took out a piece

  • Jake H
    Jake H Day ago

    my hero

  • F0be L0tus
    F0be L0tus Day ago

    I kinda see where that one guy at 1:53 is coming from.
    Stuff that would seem mediocre to you or me *would* probably be absolute shit to a world renowned chef like Ramsay.
    Your typical pizza from New York or something, all greased up and covered in cheese that slips right off, which some would say is good, *could* be fucking atrocious to him.

  • awesomecamodude 124

    His meatballs :>

  • GoodNight Hawk
    GoodNight Hawk Day ago +1

    he is really proud of his meatballs

  • vighnesh ks
    vighnesh ks Day ago

    He is proud of his balls...🤣🤣🤣

  • vighnesh ks
    vighnesh ks Day ago

    Man that pizza is India the pizza made under a dollar bro it's gorgious

  • Shining Kobe
    Shining Kobe Day ago

    That first pizza look bomb idc

  • TheBombyMaster2 Or Rocket The Space Pup

    Me: Hello I Would Like Some Of Your Pizza That Ramsy Doesnt Like.
    Eployee: Which Type Of Crust Would You Like?
    Me: *E X T R A T H I C C*

  • marge simpson
    marge simpson Day ago

    ThEy LoVe My MeAtBaLl

  • Enrique Rodriguez

    I thought Gordon Ramsay was the yodeling Walmart kid! Not a total CUNT who's insults are as dry as his food.. Oh wait.. HE DOESN' COOK, he hires "useless" chefs, and Ramsey is STILL called chef, what the heck??

  • Hiyori Takanashi

    I am so sorry for you sir, your wife is horrible

  • 7Sin0City2
    7Sin0City2 Day ago +1

    Miss can I get a pizza with my main entree of oil?

  • Jayme Wilson
    Jayme Wilson Day ago

    I dont care what pizza it is or were it's from i'll eat all of it 🍕😍🍕😍🍕😍

  • Skeletongirl91
    Skeletongirl91 Day ago

    That first Pizza was so greasy the cheese fell right of the bread.

  • STR4NG3
    STR4NG3 Day ago

    Me: Mmm this looks GO-
    Gordon: DISGUSTING
    Me: ......Yeah its disgusting :/

  • BetaCuck4Lyfe
    BetaCuck4Lyfe Day ago

    This fucker eats pizza with a fork 😂😂😂 your opinion is null and void, Ramsey.

  • BetaCuck4Lyfe
    BetaCuck4Lyfe Day ago

    I thought grease was one of the main Staples of a good in house pie. I love when shit is falling off my pizza because it's such a cluster fuck. Learn how to fold a slice, Gordon.

  • Savage_ lemon
    Savage_ lemon Day ago

    He got his food bless oh my god🤣🤣🤣

  • Charlie Studley
    Charlie Studley Day ago

    Guys pantellones is still in business 2019

  • Whoever invented zero Thanks for nothing

    Cooties for the waiters staying around for a long time

  • Jesse Winter
    Jesse Winter Day ago

    I like how as soon as Ramsey shits on someone, the other people will immediately throw them under the bus and shit on them to try and save their asses.

  • Kim-Kelly Dang
    Kim-Kelly Dang Day ago

    *the amount of oil gave me anxiety lol.*

  • vishnu nandan
    vishnu nandan Day ago

    I love my meatballs
    Thinks live I’ve heard this before

  • MickeyModzz
    MickeyModzz Day ago +2

    I think there's something in common between all the chefs Ramsay has visited, they all deny the fact that their food tastes like shit and they keep saying that it's 10/10 when it's clearly not. How can you help someone who's in denial

  • Blob B
    Blob B Day ago

    Cracks me up every time they don't need to get Gordon in, all the owners need to do is listen to their servers.

  • Kemonni Poitier
    Kemonni Poitier Day ago

    Man how he know he praying for Gordon Ramsey .. smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ all fake

  • Ali Æ
    Ali Æ Day ago

    It's really really a good pizza ❤

  • Captain Ekans
    Captain Ekans 2 days ago

    5:16 that looks deli-
    Gordon Ramsay:No

  • Mexi Cano
    Mexi Cano 2 days ago

    Gordan: talk to me
    Asian guy: ...
    Gordan: you a bxxxh

  • Pew Live bibingka
    Pew Live bibingka 2 days ago

    That pizza is so full of oil that US wants to invade it

  • Duncan Quentin
    Duncan Quentin 2 days ago

    "Gordon has never tried a classic pizza" .....OH PISS OFF

  • Jamal Hzaife
    Jamal Hzaife 2 days ago +1

    To me that pizza looks like a dogs but

  • MusicalSavior23
    MusicalSavior23 2 days ago

    Says to the preacher
    *Fingers CROSSED*

    I feel like they were plants.

  • MusicalSavior23
    MusicalSavior23 2 days ago

    The funny thing is, the majority of us would eat those pizzas!