• Published on Jul 26, 2017
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    Yesterday, I asked you (YIAY) a question and today I’m reading your answers! Do you want to be featured in the next YIAY? Then comment with your answer below!
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    Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my TVclip channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Parodies! Music videos! Sketches! JackAsk! Your Grammar Sucks (YGS)! Yesterday I Asked You (YIAY)! News in Haikus!
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 35 672

  • tanner
    tanner 15 hours ago

    im offensive and i find this millenial

  • Don’t know a Good name

    2:05 is an acronym for rats

  • ATF
    ATF 2 days ago

    Ma make hot pockets

  • Kadeeen
    Kadeeen 2 days ago

    Uhh I'm gen z, thankssss

  • alcia_aka _whatever
    alcia_aka _whatever 3 days ago

    Idk but I just want to say lol I'm a gen z and im pretty sure we're worse

  • Pewdiepie Fab 64,709
    Pewdiepie Fab 64,709 18 days ago

    My definition of them is

  • champagne raccoon
    champagne raccoon 24 days ago

    2:04 hey it says rats neato

  • Just Misk
    Just Misk 27 days ago

    0:41 Oh fuck you. You made my echo do that too.

  • PK Ambient
    PK Ambient 28 days ago

    When people laugh about by dead grandpa

  • Team Awesomeness
    Team Awesomeness Month ago

    2:04 look, it spells rats

  • spamuel_hall
    spamuel_hall Month ago

    Gen Z is better lol

  • Alien Tatt
    Alien Tatt Month ago

    Jack saying we as if he isn’t 30

  • Candle Duck
    Candle Duck Month ago

    2:44 jokes on you, I’m not a millennial and I already know how to cook good

  • Caden Frisbie
    Caden Frisbie Month ago +1

    Ya like jazz

  • Cyanide Brothers
    Cyanide Brothers Month ago +1

    #YIAY3 Nudes or food

  • Cyanide Brothers
    Cyanide Brothers Month ago

    I’d say
    Everybody’s a winner here

  • Welly The Wastrel
    Welly The Wastrel Month ago


  • QF
    QF Month ago


  • Sam Jory
    Sam Jory Month ago

    I am such emo

  • Powerful Ranger
    Powerful Ranger 2 months ago

    2:03 thats an acronym for rat

  • DookieGang Master
    DookieGang Master 2 months ago

    2:05 rats lol

  • Miner Pro Man
    Miner Pro Man 2 months ago


  • Devon
    Devon 2 months ago

    "Blue Apron. They help you cook good"

  • Joseph Baker
    Joseph Baker 2 months ago

    What’s a millennial?

  • Nope Nope Nope So Much Nope

    I have millennials in 4 words: Extremely high-class weapons.

  • Sulsirxx
    Sulsirxx 2 months ago

    My dumbass has finally realized that the background of the thumbnail is avocado toast

  • Hi It’s Pippa
    Hi It’s Pippa 2 months ago

    Older then you think 😨

  • DuncetheMan
    DuncetheMan 2 months ago

    #yiay3 Get Pewdiepie to host a LWIAY on your channel

  • ScottFlange
    ScottFlange 2 months ago

    Uh I’m not a Millennial, I’m generation z

  • EvanAnimates
    EvanAnimates 2 months ago

    (I know I'm late but whatever)
    Pineapples on their pizza

  • Skitz 0
    Skitz 0 2 months ago +1

    Millennials in 4 words

  • Karonpad
    Karonpad 2 months ago

    Pornhub is always there

  • R3LYKS
    R3LYKS 3 months ago

    Shut up Jak. You're like 39.

  • jonyhennesi 17
    jonyhennesi 17 3 months ago

    900 millennials disliked

  • Regie Rodelas
    Regie Rodelas 3 months ago

    #YAIY3 i don't know why you asking me

  • Low quality Beat Saber
    Low quality Beat Saber 3 months ago

    Um sorry, I’m vegan

  • Dayvonn alexander
    Dayvonn alexander 3 months ago

    J ackass
    A sshole
    C ock
    K londike
    S luT
    F uckhoe
    I don’t know what to say
    L likes Jenna marbles
    M arkimoo is that U
    S Sundae JackHoe

  • Cookie Skoon
    Cookie Skoon 3 months ago

    Jesus, your kitchen is as big as my entire apartment.

  • Bri Baylis
    Bri Baylis 3 months ago

    The Avocado toast one spelt RATS

  • That1dude Productions
    That1dude Productions 3 months ago

    Sell Klondike #yiay3

  • Anthony Ditizio
    Anthony Ditizio 3 months ago

    0:14, 0:49, 1:41, 1:55

  • MinhKing889 _ _
    MinhKing889 _ _ 3 months ago

    Start at 0:03

  • Makenzie Clarke
    Makenzie Clarke 3 months ago

    I'm a millennial and I'm not stupid or retarded like you think. Just because a millennial you know is stupid doesn't mean every one of us are. So stop hating on us

  • RedMikePumpkin
    RedMikePumpkin 4 months ago

    Error video length not found

  • window paine
    window paine 4 months ago

    They. Dont. Fall. Out.

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 4 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Lukas Moe
    Lukas Moe 4 months ago

    #YIAY3 make a livestream where you dab 3 million times.

  • Trash at Fortnite, still uses the Frostbite skin

    I'm a Generation Zer, so I don't count.

  • Zena Rose
    Zena Rose 4 months ago

    Um I’m actually generation what ever the fuck is after millennial, now someone pass the weed

  • Manisha Vekhande
    Manisha Vekhande 4 months ago

    By commiting die

  • Morgan Stoodley
    Morgan Stoodley 4 months ago


  • Frazierbear
    Frazierbear 4 months ago


  • charlie lamphere
    charlie lamphere 4 months ago

    "I'll fick my pavorite in the next episode of YIAY" ~Me 2019 (I'm really tired)

  • Fluffy Kangaroo
    Fluffy Kangaroo 4 months ago

    Describing millennials in 4 mins

  • Aria Andrea A-S
    Aria Andrea A-S 4 months ago

    0:41 I thought it was super sweet at first but then Jack’s reaction made me burst out laughing

  • Timothy McKee
    Timothy McKee 4 months ago

    Jack was born in the late 80s

  • Jared
    Jared 4 months ago

    10:00 best part

  • qkxtie games
    qkxtie games 4 months ago

    im generation z not a millenial

  • The New Cooking show
    The New Cooking show 4 months ago

    Letting Erin out of the basement.

  • oppa_ tofu
    oppa_ tofu 4 months ago


  • jezon gaming
    jezon gaming 5 months ago

    Watch shrek #yiay3

  • Chelsey Lara
    Chelsey Lara 6 months ago

    Being. Late. To. Everything.

    LIAM GLEN BAQUIRAN 6 months ago

    #YIAYmill i want hot pockets

  • Sambhav Vk
    Sambhav Vk 7 months ago +1

    Jake Paul is technically not a millennial

  • RGX
    RGX 7 months ago

    #YIAY3 forehead reveal

  • Anoosh Soni
    Anoosh Soni 7 months ago

    i'm a millennial and I still find this funny

  • kristenpup 1
    kristenpup 1 7 months ago

    #YIAY3 get to 4 million subscribers on the same day you get 3 Million

  • DerpJerd
    DerpJerd 7 months ago

    Its ironic how almost every comment have 1 like on it

  • •Gummy•
    •Gummy• 7 months ago

    I forgot the *Protein*

  • Trash Boy
    Trash Boy 7 months ago

    Racist but funny stereotypes

  • misfitramone
    misfitramone 7 months ago

    Yeah fox! Millennials are fucking up marriage for everyone! Unlike trump, and Newt Gingrich. Neither of them have ever been divorced, right? Wait never mind they have both been divorced a couple times. My bad!

  • the narrator11
    the narrator11 7 months ago

    345 divided by 5 is 69. Ha ha 69.

  • pp
    pp 7 months ago


  • Yellow Normie
    Yellow Normie 7 months ago

    #YIAY3 Wait, don't you have 4,4?

  • Yellow Normie
    Yellow Normie 7 months ago

    #YIAY3 By bying 3 million fidgetspinners.

  • Joseph Guzman
    Joseph Guzman 7 months ago

    lucky for me being born right on the beginning of Gen Z

  • TheGamingRogue
    TheGamingRogue 7 months ago +2

    Delete your channel.#YIAY3

  • Molly Porter
    Molly Porter 7 months ago

    you activated my alexa i'm so mad

  • Matthew W.
    Matthew W. 7 months ago

    0:00 I have a small cold and Jack and I coughed at the same time, lol.

  • Sophia sa
    Sophia sa 7 months ago

    I'm gen z I think. Born in 2007 died in 2007

  • Leo Fake
    Leo Fake 7 months ago

    Have a live stream of all your subs unsubscribing until you have a very low number and then having everyone subscribe at the same time so you break the record for fastest growing channel #YIAY3

  • Galaxy Faux Studios
    Galaxy Faux Studios 7 months ago

    I'm a semi millennial. We have 3 cats 4 tortoises and we all have phones. Its just we don't have enough money to buy a house- but if we werent in California, we'd have a huge ass house.

  • blahbal
    blahbal 7 months ago

    #YIAY3 .At three million subscribers you should realise that you have already have 4.4 million subscribers. You dumb nerd.

  • Owen Clash 924
    Owen Clash 924 7 months ago

    Lit lit lit lit

  • Davide The Albatross
    Davide The Albatross 7 months ago

    You’re a millennial

  • The Card Board Box
    The Card Board Box 7 months ago

    Free her.

  • da boss
    da boss 7 months ago

    "No, thats gen z"

  • Awkward Lex
    Awkward Lex 7 months ago

    Bruh I got an ad about how millennials need to get off their phones

  • Morgan Cloutier
    Morgan Cloutier 7 months ago +5

    I’m the “I find that offensive” commenter and that fact has kept me living. Like, straight up if I feel great about my life, I just think, “at least jack laughed” and then I realize I’m not that funny. It’s really humbling.

  • Fortnite Season9
    Fortnite Season9 7 months ago

    Millenials WHAT THE FUCK

  • Tyson Williams
    Tyson Williams 7 months ago

    Naaah pretentious millennial hipsters love John Lennon, I do to but *iM DiiffFeReNt!*

  • An Ugly Potato That Will Never Upload

    What does millennials mean you ask?
    Idk what lomita means probably not a real thing

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith 8 months ago +1

    I'm so happy I was born in 1999

  • Kayleigh Wickersham
    Kayleigh Wickersham 8 months ago


  • Tenry
    Tenry 8 months ago

    Make a video thanking everyone for 3m subs #YIAY3

  • Carly
    Carly 8 months ago

    I love when people mistake gen z for millennials. Excuse me we’re not the ones destroying the world, that’s our older siblings

  • TroubleMaker gameplay
    TroubleMaker gameplay 8 months ago


  • Audrey is a Human
    Audrey is a Human 8 months ago


  • A.a.DfromtheRobotic
    A.a.DfromtheRobotic 8 months ago

    Im generation z

  • Sasha
    Sasha 8 months ago

    Snapchatting student loan debt.