9 Amazing Magnet Gadgets!

  • Published on Jun 27, 2017
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    Download the songs in the video:
    Song name: The last sun.

    Song name: Monolith

    Thank you to Crealev for providing the levitation device at the end of the video. If you'd like more information about the units that they provide, check out their website: www.crealev.com
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  • yavuz yirmibeş
    yavuz yirmibeş 3 minutes ago

    Where can I get the pen in the video please

  • Errol Augosto Bayubay
    Errol Augosto Bayubay 26 minutes ago

    What's with the rail trailer those are the easiest toys to find

  • Jitendra K. Purohit

    My life vidieo

  • Temon aja
    Temon aja 2 days ago

    Salam kenal,sekarang saya salah satu fansmu

  • i put unrelated comments on everything

    _that sand script is more artistic than i am_ :pepehands:

  • Eros Conner Dela Cruz


  • Mohammad Allehaib
    Mohammad Allehaib 3 days ago

    I used to have a ball twirler and I would spin it so fast it would fly off then hit something and brake it like a gun

  • Doped Weasel
    Doped Weasel 3 days ago +3

    The Magnetic Putty is Awesome...somewhat like a BlackHoLe...!!


    As they always say dont believe everything u see on youtube

  • Dani Moreno
    Dani Moreno 4 days ago

    El futuro es hoy viejo 5:30

  • masood ahmed
    masood ahmed 5 days ago

    5:31 I want to purchase this

  • Richard Espinoza
    Richard Espinoza 5 days ago +1

    Can you please sustribe to my channel's i already Sustribe to your channel's

  • sanjayshrivas shrivas

    How amazing gadget please name them

  • Muhammad Desai
    Muhammad Desai 5 days ago

    The putty is the vat19 putty

  • Dilip Kumer
    Dilip Kumer 5 days ago


  • Asalam Asalam
    Asalam Asalam 5 days ago

    Its osm..

  • Lapis Wolf
    Lapis Wolf 6 days ago +2

    9:40 "All hail the holy brick"

  • Muzahid Akhtar
    Muzahid Akhtar 6 days ago

    In 5. No what is that sub stance

  • sopiee73
    sopiee73 6 days ago +1

    Solar says time is so cool I want to buy it and at 5 24 that magnet is so cool I love it appreciate

  • Don Codman
    Don Codman 6 days ago +6

    Ooo tithe magnetic putty. Reminds me of the film the blob back when I was a kid in the 70's.

  • jhumuk lal dewangan
    jhumuk lal dewangan 6 days ago

    वो मै भी लुंगा काला वाला जो चुंबक मे चिपकता है

  • Syeda Tabassum
    Syeda Tabassum 7 days ago

    Toy no. 5 ..amoeba in larger size

  • Mangal Singh
    Mangal Singh 7 days ago


  • Expanding Knowledge
    Expanding Knowledge 7 days ago +1

    Bob Lazar says , gravity bends space time, and slows down time.

  • Shambhu kumar bhagat

    What is your4 toy

  • Kenz Huynh
    Kenz Huynh 9 days ago +5

    Cool, I want one!
    *looks at wallet*

  • ErrorPlayz Roblox [Gameplay]

    Who watches this after vantablack bmw?

  • Lakshmi Narayan
    Lakshmi Narayan 9 days ago



    the device in minute 3.37 where can i buy it

    DEMON RAND 11 days ago

    Hao to magnet putty pleast

  • rubymaster YT
    rubymaster YT 11 days ago

    Relaxing song

  • Jaheim Bell
    Jaheim Bell 11 days ago

    Me and my best friend 2:58

  • gmg developer
    gmg developer 11 days ago +1

    Whatev about E=mc2

  • 古賀慧大
    古賀慧大 11 days ago


  • Dream Technology
    Dream Technology 11 days ago

    ভালমানের ড্রোন কিনতে চাইলে আমাদের চ্যানেলে আসুন ::ধন্যবাদ সবাইকে::

  • Incluatio :3
    Incluatio :3 12 days ago

    2:54 looks kinda creepy

  • funny death momo
    funny death momo 12 days ago

    Too advance civilization why they didn't make working model of solar system in vaccume,to show everyone,to amaze PPL

  • Crafty Prapty
    Crafty Prapty 12 days ago

    wow amazing idea keep on

  • Dylan Cahves Barquero
    Dylan Cahves Barquero 13 days ago

    The number 5 is my favorite

  • Hamoz Moz
    Hamoz Moz 13 days ago

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  • Luis Solano
    Luis Solano 13 days ago

    7. For construction magnetic tool, fast clean up with a switch

  • Atticus Yoon
    Atticus Yoon 13 days ago

    why is the magnetic putty like the blob. Yike. cool tho

  • CyborgGaming
    CyborgGaming 13 days ago +1

    5:30 ppl are so stupid hovering cars are that simple just make the roads magnets and put a super strong magnet flipped around on the bottom of the car. Boom less pollution. I think...

    • CyborgGaming
      CyborgGaming 13 days ago

      well if you turned the roads into huge monster magnets and did the same on the bottoms of cars it coul

    • Atticus Yoon
      Atticus Yoon 13 days ago

      minus the fact that we don't have the ablility to pull that kind of a thing off large scale

  • Firoz khan Firoz khan
    Firoz khan Firoz khan 13 days ago

    I like magnet putty that will is just a future

  • Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson 13 days ago


  • Chandan Murmu
    Chandan Murmu 14 days ago

    9 is amazing

  • YU SA
    YU SA 14 days ago +1

    I like sand script !
    How did you buy it ?

  • jaan jaanu
    jaan jaanu 14 days ago


  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 15 days ago

    Some of them are on vat19.com

  • Nedhuri Rohith
    Nedhuri Rohith 15 days ago +2

    If we attach some led lights to the leviating thing it would be dope

  • Emre Ağcı
    Emre Ağcı 15 days ago


  • Morattu Singles
    Morattu Singles 15 days ago

    I like magnetic putty

  • Munna Jha
    Munna Jha 16 days ago

    Future is now present

  • ¿ ?
    ¿ ? 16 days ago

    2:58 We......Are.......Venom

  • Vijita Kumari
    Vijita Kumari 16 days ago


    GAME KİNG 16 days ago +2

    I finded slow ball magnetic ball is grabs holes walls and slow falls

  • bindu chaubey
    bindu chaubey 16 days ago +1


  • スーパーウンコマン

    I'm japanese❤

  • Hon Trieu
    Hon Trieu 17 days ago

    Thank you

  • David Mejia
    David Mejia 17 days ago

    Oh my god!!!😱