Gamers Losing Their Cool *HULK SMASH*

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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  • Beasty Reacts
    Beasty Reacts  Month ago +2060

    Hey look I'm not dead after all

    • squidy
      squidy 17 hours ago


    • Kieran Jeffrey D'Souza
      Kieran Jeffrey D'Souza Day ago

      Yes you are

    • The QuadGod
      The QuadGod 3 days ago

      Beasty Reacts hey beasty. I’m not sure if you take requests but could you react to either Fitz or Swaggersouls?

    • Lil N
      Lil N 3 days ago
      Go to this link you will die laughing I swear

    • ExzoZombiez
      ExzoZombiez 3 days ago


  • Lily Cueto
    Lily Cueto 19 seconds ago

    Film more often 😒😒😒😒

  • Vain's Memery
    Vain's Memery 24 minutes ago

    Keep posting and stop tanning

  • FaZeLzScar
    FaZeLzScar Hour ago +1

    Oh I forgot all about you Mr beast

  • Erin Park
    Erin Park Hour ago

    6:02 was a korean guy yelling: aw comeon what the actual fuck?! And shit like that.

  • Andrew Espinoza
    Andrew Espinoza 2 hours ago

    Beasty can you react to super Luigi logan please it will be funny

  • Jamari Vereen
    Jamari Vereen 3 hours ago

    Yo beasty did you get a tan

  • FrameGame
    FrameGame 4 hours ago +1

    So we’re watching ads so you can buy new controllers

  • Cistboi ?
    Cistboi ? 5 hours ago

    Dude I also have that shirt xd

  • withered bonnie
    withered bonnie 6 hours ago


  • Steam 368
    Steam 368 8 hours ago


  • bert spiers
    bert spiers 8 hours ago

    yes cod pissed me off so much with everybody that thought they were good but they use mods boi

  • Giovanni Zachery
    Giovanni Zachery 8 hours ago

    React to Patty Mayo my safe word is pineapple juice

  • Emoji Maddness
    Emoji Maddness 10 hours ago

    React to if Georgie was black it parody

  • O D I N Mw cash
    O D I N Mw cash 10 hours ago

    Yo man!

  • O D I N Mw cash
    O D I N Mw cash 10 hours ago

    Your man you should react to the Deep web videos

  • GhostMaster GHTF
    GhostMaster GHTF 11 hours ago

    Who else agrees that rage exist because people suck at video games

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez 14 hours ago

    i have that shrit

  • Zack Fry
    Zack Fry 15 hours ago

    Hulk black no come back

  • Paul Cooks
    Paul Cooks 17 hours ago

    Beasty i am 90kg and i am 12 years old

  • Bryson Joiner
    Bryson Joiner 20 hours ago

    Dang I can’t type

  • Bryson Joiner
    Bryson Joiner 20 hours ago

    Beastly died

  • blastominer 59
    blastominer 59 21 hour ago +1


    That Asian guy looked like you as a child only he's got better content than you because all you do is steal content from other people and try to make it look good so you can get your $100.

  • Diego Soto
    Diego Soto 22 hours ago

    beasty react to jeffy gets a job pls

  • Jose Camacho
    Jose Camacho 22 hours ago

    You should react to ricardo milos memes

  • jovanniPlayzYT 2.0
    jovanniPlayzYT 2.0 22 hours ago

    Who else got mad when he said mortal Kombat but it's Street fighter

  • Genevieve B
    Genevieve B 22 hours ago


  • Gabriel the starfish
    Gabriel the starfish 22 hours ago

    you should react to dude perfect overtime

  • YoutubeMaster
    YoutubeMaster Day ago

    Beasty in your next video plz react to a video called “The ANGRIEST owner of all time” by kitchen nightmares plz I just watched and it’s really funny

  • おいしいみかん

    Can you react to BTS live performance?

  • Adrian Ramos
    Adrian Ramos Day ago

    “I have a legitimate excuse, I’m lazy”
    Me: Hmm... seems legit

  • Death06
    Death06 Day ago

    Here is a cool video you might want to watch

  • Maddie O'Rourkewas

    React to the dude perfect gym stereotypes video. It's hilarious.

  • Tikory
    Tikory Day ago

    Another month?


    Fortnight is a sweat fest

  • Soraida Apresto
    Soraida Apresto Day ago

    Make a reaction of smg4

  • Mary Hollen
    Mary Hollen Day ago

    jeffy is back

  • Tracy Yost
    Tracy Yost Day ago

    A he could be my old neighbor

  • NCGames Blue
    NCGames Blue Day ago

    The 4 most games that i rage at are: Pixel Gun 3D, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Call of Duty Black Ops

  • Mistic Zyrex
    Mistic Zyrex Day ago +1

    Beast I fucking love you and you're not fat BtW😂😂

  • Derekh2481 Games

    React to one person can make a difference

  • Goran Salas
    Goran Salas Day ago

    7:13 anyone else see the face in the bottom right corner lol

  • GamingWolf
    GamingWolf Day ago

    We miss you come back!

  • Dragon boyyy
    Dragon boyyy Day ago

    Somebody used a resurection jutsu on that guy

    TOX ILE Day ago


  • Your Reverence
    Your Reverence Day ago

    That tan though

  • Chrissy Craig
    Chrissy Craig Day ago

    Beastyyyyyy. Your so adorable I love your personality. I would totally date you in real life

  • GAMING 101
    GAMING 101 Day ago

    Nice tan bro

  • Fire Water
    Fire Water Day ago +1

    He already reacted to this

  • germanking6543 RAMAY

    My little brother I was playing halo with him he was playing with my controller I was kicking his ass he literally threw my controller and started screaming and crying but I didn't worried about it bc I Drew it with a blue paint marker so professional

  • JohnOMGer Rossman
    JohnOMGer Rossman Day ago +1

    Dude u should react to Keijo. It’s Realllly funny

  • Connor Knowland
    Connor Knowland Day ago

    You should do Peppa Pig Try Not To Laugh

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith Day ago

    Beasty where are you

  • jaylin Melendez
    jaylin Melendez Day ago

    You got a tan didn't you

  • Mr Doggo
    Mr Doggo Day ago

    No wonder you are called beasty because you are a beast when you rage

  • 4D
    4D 2 days ago +1

    Beasty: Im back
    1 month older Beasty: **DEAD**

  • Jorge Flores
    Jorge Flores 2 days ago

    u look tan assffff

  • Mr_Accuracy100 The Gaming Animator!

    I bet he won't love this comment

    NBS LEST3RR 2 days ago

    Hey look you're dead after all

  • I love BTS
    I love BTS 2 days ago

    Can you please react to nikocado avokado

    • ODST A-10
      ODST A-10 Day ago

      Just looked it up......gave me ptsd

  • PandaMaCE
    PandaMaCE 2 days ago

    Daaaannnngggg you look tan!

  • Flamesoldier x
    Flamesoldier x 2 days ago

    Bwe star just posted a new song please react to it

  • greenbean chickenbean

    Hey Beasty, Can you react to David Lopez vines? I want to see if they are funny to you. Also i'm watching this on the toilet because I was taking a poop.

  • Lilyh5 Smith
    Lilyh5 Smith 2 days ago

    pls do a reaction to you laugh u go to hell you havnt done a reaction in a long time

  • Gio Pimentel
    Gio Pimentel 2 days ago

    pls react to Jeffy's nanny

  • nicholas forero
    nicholas forero 2 days ago

    Wach Jeramy song

  • dragon wing lover
    dragon wing lover 2 days ago

    Runescape is dead shiiiiiiiiit

  • Alexander Bertisch
    Alexander Bertisch 2 days ago

    5:02 He is a modern day caveman

  • Alexander Bertisch
    Alexander Bertisch 2 days ago

    REact to This!

  • altpoke
    altpoke 2 days ago

    fortnite and ive broken a keyboard, mouse, and when i was playing lego marvel superheroes 2 i broke my iphone 8

  • Lizeth Chavez
    Lizeth Chavez 2 days ago

    You should react to SMG4

  • ShAdESkyligツ
    ShAdESkyligツ 2 days ago +1


  • Northwest Riders
    Northwest Riders 2 days ago

    are u alive.!?!? I need vids here. Let me quess. U are moving to New York.!? I knew it

  • Unown CrAz Gaming
    Unown CrAz Gaming 2 days ago

    You should react to patty mayo

  • Mr savage76
    Mr savage76 2 days ago

    Yo can you react to little jonny at school its extremely funny

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 2 days ago

    He is so high

    XD OWYN 2 days ago +1

    Kids if your watching DONT TELL YOUR PARENTS!!!

  • -Gamez-
    -Gamez- 2 days ago

    He's gone again lol

  • Lily Cueto
    Lily Cueto 3 days ago

    Film more vide

  • Victor Galvez
    Victor Galvez 3 days ago +1

    Watch more SML

  • Mr. Leffe
    Mr. Leffe 3 days ago


  • Master kain
    Master kain 3 days ago +1

    hey beast react to jeffys foster home

  • Kirk127
    Kirk127 3 days ago

    You should react to yourchonny

    PDX NONAME 3 days ago

    You can also react to more of his songs too!

    PDX NONAME 3 days ago

    Also he’s called quadeca

    PDX NONAME 3 days ago

    You never did a song reaction yet in a while

    PDX NONAME 3 days ago

    Yo beasty can you please react to a song called ego death? I love your content keep up the good work!

  • Lil N
    Lil N 3 days ago

    Did this dude go in a tanning booth

  • Adam 007
    Adam 007 3 days ago

    Yo beasty you have gained some flabb you look quit chubby

  • T Vinson
    T Vinson 3 days ago

    You should watch it sounds like pizza

  • King King
    King King 3 days ago

    I broke my mic

    GRILLZ NINJA 3 days ago

    Anti christ joined the chat

  • Juan Cueva Ares
    Juan Cueva Ares 3 days ago

    Gonna be monthly video or what?

  • wsouthaz
    wsouthaz 3 days ago

    Fortnite broken door controler tv

  • Matthew Suarez
    Matthew Suarez 3 days ago

    You have already reacted to these 😂 same video from 1 year ago

  • Samuel Holmen
    Samuel Holmen 3 days ago

    Can you plz make a video about this
    FUNNY LEVEL 101% (try not to laugh insane hard impossible challange. insane hard 😂🔫)

  • Fuzion Teachingz
    Fuzion Teachingz 3 days ago

    He has gotten tanner and fatter

  • ExzoZombiez
    ExzoZombiez 3 days ago

    3:37 when I get killed in minecraft and fortnite

  • 262 RANK-C
    262 RANK-C 3 days ago

    tanned at all...?

  • Meme King
    Meme King 3 days ago

    React to best cops memes its rilly cringe