Fat is Just a Word #3 Sammo Hung Tribute

  • Published on Sep 24, 2018
  • Fat is Just a Word #3 Sammo Hung
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    This video is a Tribute to the great martial art actor, film producer and director. Watch and enjoy!
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Comments • 26

  • Kimble Simpson
    Kimble Simpson Year ago

    Sammo Hong the Fat Dragon .

  • Paul the 2 mikolaj DuPont Sørensen

    What a fantastic man. I love his movies. But when he died in yip man I cried a little bit. I even crying a little bit while typing this . Love you sifu sammo hung

  • frederic thom
    frederic thom Year ago

    he just the best martial artist ever !!

    KEVIN Jolly GAMING Year ago +2


  • Walter Keith
    Walter Keith Year ago

    I'm 300lbs and taking aikido

  • csabb50
    csabb50 Year ago

    A lot people might not remember this but Sammo Hung had a nationally televised series in the states call Martial Law. It was a really good series with a lot of great action. Too bad it didn't last that long.

    • frederic thom
      frederic thom Year ago

      i remember it !! i saw it 10 times or more !!

  • Bala Mohammed
    Bala Mohammed Year ago +1

    If there was no Sammo Hung, then we would never have gotten jackie Chan. Most dont know him internationally as they do Jackie. But we martial arts movie fan are well aware that not only was Sammo the person that brought both Jackie and yuen biao to the movie industry. But he also directed and choreographed some of the films and fight scenes that made Jackie Chan a Household Name. Sammo is a great film maker and a true Martial artist. I will forever be a True fan of His.

  • Christian Graf
    Christian Graf Year ago

    0:47 film?

  • Safdar Kh
    Safdar Kh Year ago +3

    Sammo hung + jackychan = PURE AWESOMENESS 💪💪💪😙😙😙😙😙

  • David walk
    David walk Year ago +1

    0:24 film?

  • Rogerio Silvestre
    Rogerio Silvestre Year ago +2

    The best vídeo.

  • Daniel San!
    Daniel San! Year ago +3

    Great tribute video! Thank you for posting and sharing this with us. :D

  • Gianfranco Piralli
    Gianfranco Piralli Year ago +3

    Fantastic the best video Grande Sammo 👏👏👍💪

  • Savate Dragon
    Savate Dragon Year ago +5

    The ears of the Buddha are big.Hes a good listener.The Buddha has a big belly.Thats because of his large center of gravity.perfectly balanced he is. Hes often seen streching. He has tremendous reach.dont be envious of his gold.that is how he feeds the poor.lf you understand the symbolisms in the artwork then u can experience the essence of Buddhaism.ism meaning now no fututure no past only what is. NOW YOU CAN ACT without thinking be it is to late. Total awareness is the goal in martial art.😁👏👏🙏❤

  • Mohamed Anas
    Mohamed Anas Year ago +4

    Fat is just a word but Sammo Hong is an emotion. He also taught that nothing is impossible despite whatever you are, but you should keep striving what you love the most. Inspire by a reason.

  • Kay Fiedler
    Kay Fiedler Year ago +4

    Is he gone, I’m so sad if this is true, I started watching him in the early seventies, he was more comicalback then , with Jackie, and few others, it was so exciting to train after watching these, I lived with a Chinese family who just moved to Canada, met my master at work, he had just started, he heard me talking about martial arts, and the rest is history, I’d go to the real Chinese cinema, crazy times, and Samo was always a favourite, plus he gave me inspiration.....thank you ...

    • Allen Sagalla
      Allen Sagalla Year ago +1

      He's not yet gone, although the latest I heard is that he's having some health issues now, probably because of his age. Yes, he's also my favorite martial artist :-)

    • Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future
      Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future  Year ago +1

      Nice to hear your story! :)

  • Hashim Abd
    Hashim Abd Year ago +3


  • Savate Dragon
    Savate Dragon Year ago +4

    Sammo Reminds me of the Great man that taught me the art of Chinese Wise Fighting.👏👏👏😉🙏❤❤

    • Savate Dragon
      Savate Dragon Year ago +2

      He was bodyguard In New York until he was hit in the head with a brick. I met him years later in SC at work we became friends and he taught me kung fu. He learnt from different Chinese masters.☺🙏💪❤

    • Widuliya.Com - Explore the Future