Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

  • Should we double down or give up and go our separate ways?
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    Is the European Union Worth It Or Should We End It?

Comments • 80

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    • Christoph
      Christoph Day ago

      Jeremy Snead Military didnt play a role after all so it is really dump to argue with military power.

    • Amicus Entropia
      Amicus Entropia Day ago

      Or course! WHAT COUNTRY TO TO Focus ??!

    • Modern Economist
      Modern Economist 14 days ago

      Not sustainable any more

    • jcllings
      jcllings 17 days ago

      "Should we end it"
      Before even watching this, I already know why it should be ended ASAP. Simple: The only reason it ever existed was so that they had an excuse to open the borders and flood your labor markets. Why else would a bunch of rich bitches go in for something like that? You didn't think it was about peace or love or unity or anything bullshity like that did you? IT WAS ABOUT MONEY! Dirty, filthy, money! YOUR'E money going into THEIR pockets!

    • Modern Ekonomist
      Modern Ekonomist 20 days ago

      Eu can not eat Cyprus I guess,weaker especially after brexit,trump does not care(no more Kissinger)

  • Josny13
    Josny13 5 hours ago

    2:00 Fuck yeah. Proud to be EU. Someone needs to kick those businesses in the teeth once in a while.
    4:10 It's not "protection" it's "guns", it's not "traditionally" it was "incidentally". The situation called for it once. Ever since, usa thinks it owns the place. Despite letting the holocaust happen through refusal to help sooner. Lord knows the rest of Europe tried without help, they had no choice. EU doesn't need to be reminded of the country with a society in its infancy and orange eye-sore president. D:< We don't need your weapons anymore, we've moved on.
    5:25 How is this bad?

  • Johan Tio
    Johan Tio 7 hours ago

    Funded by the EUSSR.

  • jerick shoo
    jerick shoo 8 hours ago

    I think the EU could the step for a one world Government.

  • Central Intelligence Agency

    Hmm, so the European Union lacks a few primaries, but how about...

    *The European Commune?*

  • StuArt Ish
    StuArt Ish 12 hours ago

    What a load of Tripe..... Anyone here heard of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan? This channel should stick to science and Not European Politics! Actually now I doubt this channels description of Science. Rubbish!

  • Derp niko714
    Derp niko714 16 hours ago

    I am an American... so I can't much.

    • StuArt Ish
      StuArt Ish 12 hours ago

      If you are an US citizen then you certainly judge the EU. The EU and UN are anti US, UK, Australia, Can and NZ!

  • MultiXtrailer
    MultiXtrailer 16 hours ago +1

    Eu is not a usa...thats I can say , the idea is good, but full of corrupt leaders and countries

  • Steve MC
    Steve MC 17 hours ago +2

    Wat do you mean end it i am an europian and i think is good but my country isnt in it (Serbia) but i still dont know why would you enter the bidi with '' shoul we end it"

    • StuArt Ish
      StuArt Ish 12 hours ago

      Serbia should certainly not Join the EU as they and NATO destroyed Yugoslavia!

  • Peris Viglis
    Peris Viglis 21 hour ago +1

    We shall form the European Confederacy and break away from the Union. The European Confederacy shall include Frnce, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain. Down with the German hegemony.

    • Bernd Kaiser
      Bernd Kaiser 2 hours ago

      @Peris Viglis no one forced Greece to join the Euro-Zone tf. And Greece only got in such a bad position because of the global financial crisis. And without help of Germany and all others, Greece would've collapsed

    • Peris Viglis
      Peris Viglis 3 hours ago

      @Bernd Kaiser Just down with the financial Reich called Euro. And yeah Germany always wants nothing but to have control over the resources of other European nations that have weaker economies. Euro is not for everyone because the economies without heavy industries such as Greece cannot support such and expensive currency efficiently. So the only one who doesn't give a fuck about other is Germany and yeah we should break away from this Union.

    • Bernd Kaiser
      Bernd Kaiser 17 hours ago

      Yeah, German hegemony! Just don't give a fuck about all other, just down with the Union and form a Confederacy?? tf

  • Christoph
    Christoph Day ago +2

    Why are so many comment writers completely lost?

  • Liam O'Brien
    Liam O'Brien Day ago

    As a European Citizen living in Austria, I gind the EU one of zhe best things to happen to Europe. As the Economy of all countries greatly improved, we rven managed to save Greece from a total colapse of the economic sector with mild damage to thier or other EU countries GDP

    • Liam O'Brien
      Liam O'Brien 4 hours ago

      Plus we managed to get through the Greek crisis without completly letting Europe fall into a complete economic colapse, while slowly repairing the greek Economy. But what do I know im only 12

    • Liam O'Brien
      Liam O'Brien 5 hours ago

      And while yes I see your Point, you do bring valued information and facts to this subject what i origanaly meant was that the other EU countries Economys were not as severly damaged as the Greek one

    • StuArt Ish
      StuArt Ish 11 hours ago

      You mean Going Greece into economic collapse and greatly damage the rest of EU countries. Witness Italy?

  • Gengonglike Arbukle

    The problem is the cultures they come from are barbaric.

  • Ευαγγελος Ζερβας

    Κάνας Έλληνας (εντελώς άσχετο αλλά υγεία)

    • Nestor Original
      Nestor Original 16 hours ago

      Ναι. Με αρεσει που κοροϊδευουν την Ελλάδα για το χρέος ενο αυτοί μας βαλαν στην κρίση. Merkel caused the greek crisis herself

  • The Underdog
    The Underdog Day ago

    Get rid of the EU languages gradually, and the EU would survive.

    • The Underdog
      The Underdog 3 hours ago

      @StuArt Ish There are multiple parts to a culture besides language. Getting rid of one part of culture won't destroy the whole thing.

      Also, wouldn't the merger of 28 European countries who hated each other be additional history that could be added to the textbooks?

      I'd say the EU is what's keeping peace and economic prosperity alive in Europe.

    • StuArt Ish
      StuArt Ish 4 hours ago

      Haha yes then European Culture, nations then History and eventually European people's then EU might survive!

  • Niek Wouters
    Niek Wouters Day ago


  • agpaok0
    agpaok0 Day ago +1

    Recognizing 5 countries up to Greek land is one of the many things eu did in order to cause future wars. If only greece had not joined this shit.

  • Quentin PAULUIS
    Quentin PAULUIS 2 days ago

    nice explanations : Let's Go for it !

  • Wosterc 1
    Wosterc 1 2 days ago +1

    Italy has best healthy law , we hate the fact of have european oil that often come from africa and Is less controll

  • Wosterc 1
    Wosterc 1 2 days ago +1

    European Union Is been would by lobby

  • Wosterc 1
    Wosterc 1 2 days ago +1

    It Is bad , fuck It , italian are always more anti Europe
    We hate Rothschild and other Rich family of banker

    • StuArt Ish
      StuArt Ish 11 hours ago

      @Golden Legend They are not helping Italy at all, merely helping destroy EU, which of course is busy destroying other European countries. UK has managed to jump into a life boat while SS EU Titanic sinks. Hopefully Italy jumps into the Life boat before if sinks any further!

    • Golden Legend
      Golden Legend Day ago

      I mean look at italy now, the entire EU isn't doin shit , literaly "the bad guys" china and russia are the ones helping italy right now!

  • Mysterious A
    Mysterious A 2 days ago +1

    This video based on ideas, not concrete.
    1. Euro :
    Eurozone is the lower growth economic zone of the world. In 20 years, euro caused impoverishment of all Nations that compose it (50 000 €/year/person in France, 75 000 €/year/person in Italy, report CEP, german think tank). Euro is not adapt to different economy of different Nations which compose it (example : for French economy, IMF indicated that euro is overrate to 6,9%) which leads to decreasing of export, its kills French economy competitiveness. France lose between 300 and 500 billions € every year (report CEP, german think tank) because dearness of euro for French Economy. During Euro crisis, Greece didn't can absorb the shock by depressing his currency and for "save" it, the Troïka (ECB, IMF, European Commission) established a austerity policy that kills greek social system. The Greeks debts is higher after euro crisis that before : 177% (2015) > 181% (2018) of GDP. I don't talk problem of Target 2 (950 billions € (2019)).
    2. European Treaties :
    This article espacially kills economy, social system, health system, scholar systeme, etc... of countries in Europe :
    Article 63 TFEU : authorizes relocation and tax evasion
    France : 115 billions € (2015, Statista report) 100 billions € in average on 20 years (since euro).
    Cause massive unemployment because dearness of euro and authorizes relocation.
    Article 121 TFEU : BEPG (Broad Economy Policy Guidelines)
    Gives instructions to Nations for destroy social system (pension system, decrease unemployment benefit and access conditions to unemployment, decrease minimum wage, Labor code (Destroying Labor Protection (Macron and El-Komery Laws in France, Hartz Laws in Germany > precariousness has doubled in Germany), etc...), health system (decrease health budget), scholar systeme (decrease scholar budget), etc...
    Article 42 TFEU : CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy) under NATO Policy (American Policy) which is agressive against espacially Russia, so EU safeguard the Peace ???
    No independant Policy Defense.
    Example : Poland bought F-16, F-35 American fighter jet instead European fighter jet (French Rafale, European (Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) Eurofighter Typhoon or Swedish Gripen, where is European solidarity, European Community ???
    3. Economic power
    CETA, TAFTA, MERCOSUR-EU, etc... All Free Trade Treaties killing European economy because she puts in frontal competition European worker and rest workers of the world (often cheap labor), where is loyal competition ???
    An else example : in Croatia, European Commission funded a bridge with Chinese Company for his construction, where is European solidarity, European Community ?
    4. European fund
    Without States, European fund wouldn't exist. Every year, France lose 10 billions euro net for example and in the same time,
    Poland buy American fighter jet, European Commission finances Bridge in Croatia with Chinese Company, etc.... Find the mistake ?
    EU is a total failure and as USSR, will fall.

    • StuArt Ish
      StuArt Ish 11 hours ago

      Excellent analisis indeed. This Channel should take you onboard instead of the EU stooges that generated this nonsense.

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 2 days ago

    I think you should keep it just change some of the rules

  • *Sandyaaa* 88
    *Sandyaaa* 88 2 days ago +1

    Where is the bird

  • *Sandyaaa* 88
    *Sandyaaa* 88 2 days ago +1

    British: Nice question.

  • Тимур Валеев

    it would be cool if Europe became federated. general laws, general rules, general constitution, but with the preservation of the national identity of each folk.

    • Nick Mykytyn
      Nick Mykytyn 16 hours ago

      eh pretty unlikely. Its like people suddenly forgot a lot of Europeans hate each other.

  • Dragonite
    Dragonite 3 days ago +1

    Stronger together... Don't listen to the brainwashed... That politician that started the brexit wants to make UK's economy be free fromm all the regulations so he can make more money.... Those regulations stop ilegal.. Dangerous things so by removing them.. You should know what he really wants.. (dark money), {Capitalizes everything just like in the US.}

    • Dragonite
      Dragonite 9 hours ago

      @StuArt Ish the fact that you are arguing with a child... Is mind-blowing.
      Because I'm 14 and I know more then 50%of the population in the UK or any other country.

    • Dragonite
      Dragonite 9 hours ago

      @StuArt Ish UK left an UNION that wants peace, an UNION that want to put a stop to overpowered Capitalism. An UNION that wants to help the poor. An UNION that wants to save the planet. An Union that wants develop Europe, an UNION that wants a stop to racism, discrimination, Homophobism, Misoginism.
      Sooo by saying that.... You can imagine how dark minded you need to be to leave it

    • Dragonite
      Dragonite 9 hours ago

      @Golden Legend can't we all live together forever?

    • Dragonite
      Dragonite 9 hours ago

      Only the Boomers were pro Brexit.
      The fact that you people, the racist ones who don't give a shit about the planet left the EU makes EU great without UK... So yeah leave NATO Too we would let Russia or China attack you while we will eat popcorn and say.. This is why it's not good to be separated.

    • Dragonite
      Dragonite 9 hours ago

      @StuArt Ish yeah sure... You know so many things don't you.
      No wonder why Scotland and Northern Ireland wants to exit from UK.

  • Avalen
    Avalen 3 days ago +1

    The EU have no future thanks to the disgaceful neoliberal "progresive ideologies" it holds. This entire generation of degens that run the EU at the moment should disappear. Then, and only then you can think about Unite States of Europe.

  • Helmuts
    Helmuts 3 days ago

    what the hell - latvia and lithuania are DEFINETLY in the eurozone. everyone says that it isnt;.

  • : glausman :
    : glausman : 3 days ago +2

    This is not good under the kung flu

  • enderhackergaming
    enderhackergaming 3 days ago +2

    Soviet onion european onion

  • Zaxaroplastis
    Zaxaroplastis 3 days ago +3

    The thing with EU is that anything positive that has to offer is questioned hardly by their actions atm.
    I mean in smaller countries in EU, EU tried really hard to control their productivity,in some cases even terminating productivity or making it extremely weak.Then it's the freedom that it's questioned,if you are supposed to follow the immigration laws of EU but EU denies to help you with immigration,how much of freedom does it feel you have? You feel more like a pawn rather than a member.
    Finally it's also about the army,one of the major reasons of being part of EU is the military benefits,but what if the benefits of central Europe is against a smaller member of EU (starring at the Turkey issue ferociously). EU is a weird spot that gives a sense that they will leave smaller members out of the party if it's for their greater good,so smaller countries question themselves,if we are about to left off why not leaving it ourselves now.

  • Mia San Mia!
    Mia San Mia! 3 days ago +4

    I think if the USSR still exist, this social problem can't be exist.

    • Wosterc 1
      Wosterc 1 2 days ago

      By a fascist a prefer communism at capitalism os israel and usa
      Rothschild and other family controll world

  • Harry
    Harry 3 days ago +2

    Please Europeans, United States needs the EU to stay so the Corrupt, primitive, non-democratic Superpowers of China and Russia don't outnumber us and endanger the World.

    • Noname
      Noname Day ago

      @Golden Legend holds masks hostage provoking a fake shortage crisis*

    • Golden Legend
      Golden Legend Day ago

      >buy masks
      Yeah , china bad , america good i got it

    • Noname
      Noname Day ago

      @Golden Legend Actually they have been exposed to buy masks in bulk in most countries only to give them to those countries again. They have augmented the crisis and portrayed as the good guys knowing idiots like you would fall for it lmao

    • Golden Legend
      Golden Legend Day ago

      Shut the fuck up! Now when italy is down ur asses ain't doin shit and "the bad guys" russia and china are the ones helping saving it !

    • Noname
      Noname 2 days ago

      Then join us you Yankees we're stronger together yet Trump wants to abandon NATO

  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan 3 days ago +1

    "current political climate" you mean trump?

  • 奈流
    奈流 4 days ago +1

    I think the European Union is actually just Germany, France and their economic colonies. In China, the richest provinces give other provinces a lot of money every year for construction in order to enjoy this unified market and to enjoy the education and training of poor provinces. Talent, cheap resources and more.
    If there is no such money and China has no dominant nation, then this is economic colonization.

    • 奈流
      奈流 15 hours ago

      @Nick Mykytyn Perhaps the term "economic colony" offends you. What I want to express is an act that economically undermines fairness in the name of freedom.

    • 奈流
      奈流 15 hours ago

      @Nick Mykytyn Do you know that China was at least 7 countries with independent culture more than 2200 years ago? What I'm trying to argue is "Can the EU unite European civilization", isn't China itself a great example? China is definitely happy to see a united Europe, but in fact Europe has begun to split. If the solution is to follow China's approach, rich provinces subsidize poor provinces (such as Xinjiang and Tibet) ,In fact, there are very few separatists in these areas than the past days .

    • Nick Mykytyn
      Nick Mykytyn 16 hours ago

      Someone from China trying to cause rifts in the E.U. shocking. I would say that China and all the people in their "Belt and road Initiative" are economic puppets of China.

  • mrchris84
    mrchris84 4 days ago +4

    stick to science not politics. Dont need any more neo-liberal shilling please.

  • remigiusz darmach
    remigiusz darmach 4 days ago +1

    All right so I have difrent opinion about Europe union.
    First EU don't have any soldiers. Every country has their own and don't have to help other coutres with them. Sure all the countries must help but that help don't mean support with soldiers or gear, that help can be just some politics speech.
    Second some country's have more power than other in EU parlament. In UE parlament nobody is listening to country's from central Europe. EU parlament is saying snails are fih to make France pay less taxes but in the same time adding more taxes to central Europe countries.
    Third: no enforcement to law. In 2015 when EU have refugees crisis every country have to take some refugees but central Europe country's like Hungary or Poland said no. Hungary even build a wall around their borders to not let refugees in. In fact every refugees was sent to western countries and Skandynawia.
    Fourth: UE costs very much.
    Every country every year must pay gigantic loads of money. The UE have a lots of officials that have payed very much and they actually do nothing. Sometimes they check some documents but no more. You said the UE is sponsoring culture and other stuff but every country would make this if they really want. For example one country is giving to country every year 200 bilions of euro and after that they get 100 billions to build a good streets. But they oslo have to pay officials of UE and that's very big cost becouse its a lot of them while actually you can do everything in Internet.
    At the end I want to tell you shengen is NOT UE and there are countries that are in UE but no in shengen and vice versa.
    Oslo every European country can be superpower alone some painter from Austria show that.

  • Fabiodemon 88
    Fabiodemon 88 5 days ago +2

    Io non sono razzista, io sono dell’idea che dovremmo prima pensare agli italiani.... (i’m not racist, i am of the idea that we should think of italians first...)

    • Fabiodemon 88
      Fabiodemon 88 2 days ago

      Sofiaamarronii _ passare? Perché passare? E comunque non mi conosci neanche e parti dal presupposto che io sia razzista? Sei proprio una ipocrita...

    • Sofiaamarronii _
      Sofiaamarronii _ 2 days ago

      Ma passare da dove ahahaahha (e sei razzista)

  • Omar Ali
    Omar Ali 5 days ago +4

    This video is EXTREMELY viased in favor of the EU, you completely under-represented and strawman the side who is against the EU.

  • Dimi možda
    Dimi možda 5 days ago +2

    bad, its bad end it now

  • Lagimaster 3000
    Lagimaster 3000 5 days ago

    I think that we shouldn't have countries at all.
    It's impossible but I hope that it will happen.
    I hope that people wouldn't care about money because really it is not important at all humans made it important for them but we would have high chance of living if we would stop wasting resourses to things that we don't actually need then maybe we could build or research something that will help a lot.
    I think that other countries should give each others resourses that they need.
    I don't care at all that who is stronger or who is richer or bigger I just hope that some countries would not be so selfish or wouldn't care so much for their own power or strength.
    I dont care about religions but that they should come to terms with one another and not use it for wars without any reason.

    • bruh man
      bruh man 5 days ago


  • Noksus
    Noksus 5 days ago

    The benefits outweigh the negatives, I think. It's still something that can be worked on and I really believe, for at least Finland, that EU is a good thing.

  • ActiVeX
    ActiVeX 5 days ago +5

    Who else tried to find their own flag, and smiled when saw it?

  • Robert Reksul
    Robert Reksul 5 days ago +1

    EU must be destroyed at once. Period.

    • Bernd Kaiser
      Bernd Kaiser 17 hours ago

      You have to be destroyed at once.

      would be better for all.

    • bruh man
      bruh man 5 days ago


  • Evan
    Evan 5 days ago

    like the video on the whole, but you shouldnt feel afraid or a need to be unspecific when discuss countries at time or afraid to name names. We need more educators.

  • SamsungLG
    SamsungLG 5 days ago

    It's like the prototype-USA but it came after.

  • Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed

    I love the EU it lets me travel to euro country and bang white girl very good keep EU please

  • Sarthak Joshi
    Sarthak Joshi 6 days ago

    In india we have 22 offical languages and 1600+dialects language tweaks every few miles! Europeans divided and ruled our country and brainwashed the Muslims and made separate 3 countries else it would be a bigger country then china in all aspects. Mind it
    U will have to pay price for especially UK guys .(i am writing muslims because out of 3 .2 countries were turned islamic countries and hindu majority still stayed a secular country despite technically losing its land in name of islamic republics

  • Arman Prangere
    Arman Prangere 6 days ago

    We must do A Mondial Union not only Europpean, Peace and collaboration all over the world… The dream….

  • steven vindevogel
    steven vindevogel 6 days ago

    I am from Belgium and I live in Brussel

  • amel villabroza
    amel villabroza 6 days ago +2

    They must end. Because every country has the different culture. If they are unite it'll be work. As u can see about the Corona virus they abandoned they're neighbors specially ITALY. they are selfish

    • bruh man
      bruh man 5 days ago

      No go fuck yourself

  • orly2001
    orly2001 6 days ago

    Europe is good, a collection of sovereign states that cooperate on all manners of things, allowing people more freedom for tourism, study, leisure, commerce, business etc amongst the individual nations. The eu however is not good, its not a collection of peoples and ideals with a common goal, a common belief, and a will to help each other. It abuses its stated goal and becomes evermore power hungry yet completely lacking any real purpose. Let's take a look at the euro: it empowered few northern European economies by robbing the PIIGS, let's see about cost, what indeed it costs Europeans to fund the whole sharade? Now cast an eye at the red tape developed by the eurocrats... Mind boggling indeed. Some call it the EUSSR, but that is undervaluing, understating what is going on, between them the ever over reaching branches of the eu gravy train politicians are strangling businesses, whilst spending tax payer money o themselves and misguided activities all across the continent. The eu budgets are notorius for not having had audits for years. It's corrupt and has to go, the sooner the better. And we haven't even started on the treachery and the arrogance of the undemocratically, unremevoable, appointed representatives, or indeed the failings of the ECB, yet they have the guts to bind us in the MES? Disgraceful.
    I will never forget the treatment, especially during the covid 19 crises, the eu inflicted on Italy. Or the way they rejected the Irish referendum, or they way they wished to punsih the UK for having a democratic will to exit before things turned uglier than they already were.

  • yasin koca
    yasin koca 7 days ago

    Greece kills refugees

  • Filip Marić
    Filip Marić 7 days ago +2

    The eu has no future

  • Neil Lehane
    Neil Lehane 7 days ago +2

    Peace security and shared identity? Lewl. How's that working out when you have unelected bureaucrats ruling by fiat?

    They needed to stop all the heavy handed bullshit, and yes, actually put down a 15-20 year plan to slowly help/improve/upgrade the countries that aren't keeping up. Instead of screaming at them about loans and causing discord.

    That's the problem with more and more unchecked power - humans can't handle it (well, the ones that seek that power are generally unfit to wield it) and it almost always degenerates to chaos.

    6 months of negotiations should do it, but it's too late now. Too much water not enough bridge.

    • Neil Lehane
      Neil Lehane 5 days ago

      @bruh man I know this is the best you can do so I appreciate the time it took.

    • bruh man
      bruh man 5 days ago


  • Jordan Santiago
    Jordan Santiago 7 days ago +1

    Problem Coronavirus is spreading throughout their bourders

    • bruh man
      bruh man 5 days ago

      well china just ate a bat not our fault

  • Ocsecnarf Onafetsid
    Ocsecnarf Onafetsid 7 days ago +1

    We need to unify our economies, our armies, our migration laws and our education system. Everything else can perfectly be kept diversified

  • ANimouz
    ANimouz 7 days ago +2

    The EU is so good for Greece. Our economy got absolutely destroyed because of the Euro. Force to take loan after loan and impose insane austerity measures that had more detrimental effects rather than help the situation. As far as national security? What a fucking joke. Erdogan is literaly claiming part of our sea and land borders, creating unconventional war by sending hundred of thousand of illegal immigrants to flood the borders and we got literally 0 help from the EU. Germany didn't even condemn Turkey for their aggression. We know one thing as Greeks. In the end you have to rely by yourself. Everyone else is your enemy or tries to take advantage of you. The last country we are going to trust is Germany.. for multiple reasons (Didn't even pay a single cent from WW2 reparations yet and are involved in 90% of the scandals regarding economic corruption in Greece). So ye.. FUCK THE CORRUPT EU.

    • bruh man
      bruh man 5 days ago

      no fuck you

    • Ediz Demirel
      Ediz Demirel 7 days ago

      ANimouz “your sea and land borders”. So everything you believe should belong to you is classified as “your”. What a joke.
      Do not forget that the sea border agreement between Turkey and Libya is legal and recognized by the UN. do you know what this means, you can only swim in the eastern coast of Crete and should not get beyond that

  • Some Random Dude
    Some Random Dude 7 days ago

    I don’t mind the EU, they just need to sort out their refugee crisis.

    • Dogma Sough
      Dogma Sough 3 days ago +1

      This foreign infestation is exactly the reason why the EU should never exist. Let each country decide by themselves who they want to let in. If Germany or France want to import millions of worthless criminals into their country, the UK shouldn't be the one bailing them out when those parasites start to destroy those countries from within.

    • Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed
      Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed 6 days ago

      Some Random Dude why? The EU needs more refugees and immigrants to survive

  • Sebastian Rock
    Sebastian Rock 8 days ago

    When people say "Britain" left it, they mean Boris Johnson didn't know what the fuck he was doing and was desperate for a campaign. If Britain voted again staying would easily win.
    Britain's problems after leaving the EU are just an example that THE EU IS NOT PERFECT BUT IT'S MUCH BETTER THAN NOTHING. How come people without educations are even allowed to vote in this stuff?

    SAGE OF MUGEN 8 days ago

    Well that s right but the EU is a bad idea when it comes to a pandemic 😥😣

  • project map wick
    project map wick 8 days ago


  • Zack Pieper
    Zack Pieper 8 days ago +3

    Soooo, were just ignoring the fact you can go to jail for a mean tweet for the purpose of this video then?

  • Frank Buono
    Frank Buono 8 days ago +2

    The European Union Sucks !!

    • bruh man
      bruh man 5 days ago

      ah very argument,zoomer

  • Fire Angel
    Fire Angel 9 days ago

    PAPA YHWH ORDERED to European Union leader’s and the country that represents, all their official and citizens, all of your disobedience put you and all of your love ones , family , relatives , your citizens and all of your men throughout the land, the full force of all the plagues will cover your land , you and your citizens. PAPA YHWH will visit tonight 11:11 or 23:11, 49 minutes before midnight. PAPA YHWH ORDERED Should obey at all cost .their is no negotiation and no exemption .

  • Roknroblo *
    Roknroblo * 9 days ago

    I live in Europe

  • Sonnenabend
    Sonnenabend 9 days ago +1

    I m pro-EU and I m find of all kinds of alliances. To stay together for a common goal and fix the problems in-between is the only way of preventing WW3.

  • Red Lemon
    Red Lemon 9 days ago

    The dislikes are the Turks

    SUM1DOIDE † 9 days ago +4

    So poorer countries get money from richer countries and somehow the richer countries would be 12% worse if they didn't allow that? Pure Bs, and i'm from one so called poorer country.

    • SUM1DOIDE †
      SUM1DOIDE † 19 hours ago

      ​@Seferdi I'm not arguing against the EU, i understand the need and i agree with your first paragraph. You are stating the ups but there is a line where the money allocated to poorer countries is too much and isn't beneficial due to corruption and lack of those positive effects in the investment. The period of when german, french (etc) companies started opening in EU countries coincides with the period of the beginning of the EU but the effects of other funds and subsidies that are given by the EU can't be measured. The potencial of Europe without the EU "socialism" can't be measured. Southern Europe countries have super high debt and many are corrupt (like Greece, Portugal) which doesn't really make those exports, wages to increase that much.
      If not having renewable energy will be costier in the future is also a reach, that doesn't mean the transition should be so fast. Also batteries are needed for that transition to take place and batteries require A LOT of fossil fuels. Also, nuclear energy works fine in France.
      That humanitarian help has no end, the supposed and future threats due to African countries being unable to combact climate change and other interests are also at stake when it comes to ilegal immigration (that can transform into legal immigration depending on the laws governments pass) will make Europa a small place for so much people, and ethnic europeans a minority, of course. But at least there's peace.

    • Seferdi
      Seferdi 19 hours ago

      @SUM1DOIDE †
      Not having renewable energy will be way costlier in the future. Especially if a country cannot provide also expensive fossil fuels (which are heavily subsidised in most countries).
      We accept refugees mostly as a humanitarian effort not guild. Tensions are rising because of the migration crisis, that is true, but it would probably be much worse without the EU.
      Than again this is outside the capacity of a TVclip comment.

      Thank you for responding to my first response!
      Edit: Readability,
      I am sorry if my language might sound harsh, English is not my primary language, and my intent is to !present my understanding! not to lecture any potential reader.

    • Seferdi
      Seferdi 19 hours ago

      @SUM1DOIDE † SUM1DOIDE † SUM1DOIDE † single markets are systems with no trade barriers, which means that all members need for example: partially shared standards in terms of health and safety regulations at least (p.e. USA compared to the states alone).
      Currency is indeed mostly irrelevant but I was not talking about that, I was talking about demand for export, par example: if a poor nation remains poor they support less people able to buy a German car.
      Freedom of movement/work is unique to Europe* in there are for example no visas required to work which is especially helpful in for example:
      seasonal workers with changing employers.
      (*This again requires unified regulations)
      Companies require(before exporting), again, workers and customers alike, as well as a financial system, logistics, and other infrastructure provided by the EU to all its members (especially where the government cannot provide sufficiently)
      Besides a single market is very valuable for demand inside the market.

    • SUM1DOIDE †
      SUM1DOIDE † 20 hours ago

      ​@Seferdi There isn't a single market in Europe, there is a global market. People in the U.K. can buy the same products people in Europe buy, from Europe or from Asia or America. The currency isn't related.
      Freedom of movement exists in a bigger scale since the industrial revolution, and that Exchange (workers for money) is bad for cultural reasons and because of the challenges created for the poorer countries, who need more migrants from even poorer countries, outside of the EU.
      Exports are made by companies, not by European funds. European funds are normally to prevent countries from certain activities (like farming and fishing), to build schools and hospitals, and things like renewable energy (that has skyrocket the cost in electricity everywhere in Europe).
      Saying there is only peace with the EU is a reach, especially when the Europe population has to accept refugees because of supposed guilt for wars in the Middle East.

    • Seferdi
      Seferdi 20 hours ago

      Sustainable policy is important in every aspect of society, because by definition unsustainability creates problems.
      Problems need to be solved, most of the time at huge cost or with new technology.
      And zero sum trade is not sustainable.
      To fix unsustainabilities in the world I would recommend to implement left leaning policies, but my reasoning would break the boundaries of a TVclip comment.
      Whether you agree or not:
      Have a beautiful day regardless :)

  • Jack Boot
    Jack Boot 10 days ago +3

    Na the Eu is terrible!

  • Sebastian Carpenter
    Sebastian Carpenter 10 days ago +1

    EU , Brussels & MEP'S expenses and more is one big scam ! Also, there's a chasm between EU elites & the ordinary individuals living in a corrupt system designed by and for PARASITES ! EU'S just a bloated paper tiger & it's clueless even in a minor crisis ! Why did so many individuals fall prey to this odeous scam ? ! 🏖️⛱️🏝️ !

  • Plulle
    Plulle 10 days ago +2

    Look if it causes peace in europe i would say it’s worth it

    • Coaster Mechanic Mario
      Coaster Mechanic Mario 4 days ago

      @bruh man well reasoned argument, sir.

    • bruh man
      bruh man 5 days ago

      @Coaster Mechanic Mario i dont agree

    • Coaster Mechanic Mario
      Coaster Mechanic Mario 5 days ago

      man No what?

    • bruh man
      bruh man 5 days ago +1

      @Coaster Mechanic Mario no

    • Coaster Mechanic Mario
      Coaster Mechanic Mario 10 days ago +1

      Which is more important? Freedom or Safety? Unless you're Jeffrey Epstein, the safest place you can go is a solitary confinement cell in a maximum security prison. I seriously doubt that you would voluntarily go there, though.
      The problem is, when you give a government the authority to restrict freedoms in the name of safety, it's very hard to hold the government accountable when these measures fail. In Germany, they just passed legislation to allow the police to break into people's homes and install trojan viruses on their computers.
      When this doesn't stop violence in Germany, do you think for one second that the German government will remove this policy? No. They're going to demand more power and the cycle repeats.

  • Jake Chong
    Jake Chong 10 days ago +1

    No, let's end it 🇬🇧

    • Bernd Kaiser
      Bernd Kaiser 17 hours ago

      Yeah! Let's end Britain!
      I really hope that Britain will falling apart after u left us, I mean I would be cool with Scotland anyways.

  • ViskaDrake
    ViskaDrake 12 days ago +1

    Erbfeindschaft's definition, that really is German.

  • In Coma
    In Coma 12 days ago +1

    So at the start you dont wanna mention UK and the reasons why they left from EU? Its German video so I can see why since they are the one, with France, that pulls all the strings in EU. And exchange of the goods and people with no border limitation is not thanks to EU but Shengem.

  • Blazej 007
    Blazej 007 12 days ago +4

    UE frickin sucks

  • تيمبوو THER IN MY LIVE

    خرب والعرب لوين يوصلون

  • Tomasz Krawczyk
    Tomasz Krawczyk 12 days ago +2

    "... a ponadto sądzę, że Unia Europejska musi zostać zniszczona."

  • limnmark
    limnmark 12 days ago +3

    Despite the differences I support E.U. from Greece

    • Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed
      Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed 5 days ago

      limnmark you know the ottomans bred most of the Greek women so why you lie

    • limnmark
      limnmark 5 days ago

      @Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed Greek women prefer the Greeks. But why, your women are so ugly?

    • Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed
      Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed 5 days ago

      limnmark it’s for the white woman, not ur debt or economy haha

    • limnmark
      limnmark 5 days ago

      @Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed EU needs some fixes. But I wonder if the EU is not good then WHY millions of people from Asia want to immigrate in the EU

    • Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed
      Mohammad Abdul Sayed Ahmed 6 days ago

      limnmark hahaha how can you like the EU when they are literally forcing Greece into poverty because of your debt