Bird Box: Netflix at its Worst

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Just watch Roma instead
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  • 8675 309
    8675 309 8 hours ago

    This movie was just liberal propaganda, black man gets white woman. White man is bad. This movie was a big FU to the white man. Sandra Bullock is gay in real life in case anybody does not know yet.

  • Miojo Pronto
    Miojo Pronto 6 days ago +1

    I will explain why the name is bird box. in the book you see that is all about the intrigues in the house and all the things that happen there. The house are the bird box.

  • Joshua Carreon
    Joshua Carreon 6 days ago

    The book was better, too many differences for me to like the film. There is a reason it is a Netflix movie and not a summer blockbuster released in theaters. The movie wasn't bad but I have seen many better movies especially films that touch on the same subject matter as the Bird Box. Honestly.... the kids called the black guy Uncle Tom, that was added just for the film and no one complained 🤣

  • Bob Gillis
    Bob Gillis 6 days ago

    Dark, dark, dark... and some propaganda like the White Helmets, etc.

  • kherise
    kherise 7 days ago

    Roma is also overrated, but you wouldn’t understand it maybe bcs you aren‘t a Mexican.

  • Alex Delanie
    Alex Delanie 8 days ago +1

    The book was better, they changed too much in the movie just to make it entertaining. Please check out the book the storyline makes more sense and the unnecessary characters introduced in the movie are cut out. Character arcs are done and touching, more personable characters moments are there. I'm not saying the book is perfect but it's way better than the movie.

  • Drakoak
    Drakoak 9 days ago

    Stephen King also endorsed Cam which was another Netflix failure of a horror/thriller movie.

  • Fanny Evelina
    Fanny Evelina 9 days ago +1

    the worst part is that they almost died on the way to the grocery store and then they just skipped to them being back in the house when they were going home again

  • The Blitz
    The Blitz 10 days ago

    It had some cliches and stereotypes okay, but it was mostly fine. I watched it with my cousins and i never got bored while watching. Its an entertaining film

  • Justin Bathelt
    Justin Bathelt 14 days ago

    I didn't like this movie very much either but giving it a 2/10 is just asinine ffs.

  • ADVITIYA Shetty
    ADVITIYA Shetty 14 days ago


  • Ron Delle
    Ron Delle 17 days ago

    I want my 2 hours back! 😡

  • Guilherme Medeiros
    Guilherme Medeiros 19 days ago

    "How can a public not realize when they're being fed a complete rehash of stuff they have seem a milion times and love it?"
    Well, you tell me! You have a poster of Pulp Fiction in your room...

  • Sean Harvey
    Sean Harvey 20 days ago

    This movie was a total waste of a great cast. Great review. I didn't realize that I hated it as much as I did, but everything you said was dead on. I felt it was a waste of time when I watched it, but now I know why.

  • Midnight Black
    Midnight Black 20 days ago +1

    Like everything else Hollywood is pushing out, its a subtle anti-white, anti American, and anti-Christian propaganda piece with which they already have about half the country thoroughly brainwashed with as it is. Devon Stack from the TVclip channel black pilled did a breakdown of this, and pointed it all out the best, though many others saw through it and also pointed it out. When you finally come to understand that they are trying to condition you, NOT entertain you, you will get why movies have pretty much sucked for the last 20 years. The only other kinds of films that they let squeak through are big special effects movies with very little plot or depth, because that is the only kind of movie they can make any money on in this multicultural disaster the left as created.
    The left work tirelesslessly to ethnically cleans white people from white majority nations and promote propaganda (especially for race mixing) in every movie and tv show these days. The right aren't any better, as they look the other way from this like cowards, OR agree to let the genocide take place so long as its only done within the confines of the law. And unless you have driven through downtown Baltomore, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Dearborn Michigan, or southern California...Most Americans are clueless to the third world hellhole that will soon be part of their own neighborhood. I would know...I had to take my family and up and move three times now...Its about to be a fourth. But I guess any doubters will see what I mean when it gets to their doorstep.....

  • Queen Copyeecat
    Queen Copyeecat 21 day ago

    i’ve never been able to understand why people like this movie. the acting is horrible and the plot is cliche.

  • ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!

    Bird Box is the Twilight of 2018. God bless :-)

  • raebele
    raebele 22 days ago

    1. i liked the film a lot, you were nit-picky on some points but other points you made could have made the film better actually.
    2. your frustration with the film was lowkey funny because it sums up how i rant to everyone about films i don't like.
    3. please give me your wall filled with posters of amazing movies, it looks super cool.

  • lenny2527
    lenny2527 22 days ago

    Should have stopped half way through the video. Comparing Bird Box to Roma is like comparing Speed to Saving Private Ryan...

  • daphn_e2
    daphn_e2 22 days ago

    In the book, Greg presses his skin against the ropes until he reaches the bones. Soooo i guess i'm happy that they didn't attempt doing that in CGI.

  • Tryggvi 123
    Tryggvi 123 23 days ago

    this is not the worst of Netflix live action is the worst of Netflix. except for death note its not good its just ok.

  • Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith 25 days ago

    you don't understand it? Netflix is a propaganda pushing platform. bird box is not there to entertain- its there to push propaganda on different levels- some easily seen, others deep.

  • Karla C
    Karla C 25 days ago

    Something i always look for in good movies (fantasy movies aside) is it's ability to communicate to the audience what the objective is without actually narrating/saying it. So when Malorie said "if you open your eyes, you will die" right at the very start, i knew this was not gonna be that good...

  • CentralTexas Bear
    CentralTexas Bear 26 days ago

    this movie is pretty awesome and people should watch it and form there own opinions

  • StevetheCollector18
    StevetheCollector18 27 days ago

    I liked both the movie and this review actually, i didn't love the movie, it had some really bad things in it, like the totally necessary fit couple they only added to have some sex on the movie and got rid of them without any development, or the way blindfolded people knew exactly where things were and where to go even on god damn rapids, it still entertained me so I didn't hate it, good critique.

  • Valeria Ponomarenko
    Valeria Ponomarenko 27 days ago

    Malorie's sister had those bluish-blackish spots under her eyes - a clear sign of severe brain trauma, so she was damaged after the car crash after all.
    This is a nice commentary-critique, just thought I'd mention that since no one else did.

  • Joanna Getz
    Joanna Getz 28 days ago +1

    Say what you will about this review, but saying its not incest because they aren't blood related is NASTY

  • Jounazi
    Jounazi 28 days ago

    You are idiot, oh my god. Did you even watch this movie?

  • Justin G
    Justin G 28 days ago

    Sorry, there are enough movie snobs in the world. We don't need any more.

  • Paavo Veijalainen
    Paavo Veijalainen 29 days ago

    A mainstream film promoting the idea of unity and love surmounting blood lineage is, sadly, surprisingly refreshing in these times of division (reread the first two adjectives I used describe my reaction if you need a hint to what I'm referring to), even though it still suffers from problematic reinforcement of social structures that mass media is plagued with. The empowerment of the 'damsel in distress', a trendy critical twist on the trope (think Frozen), that still has it's own problems with how it represents itself in film (mainly equating independence with violence), is even further undercut by the inclusion of a 'magical negro' as the love interest of the white woman and then furthermore reducing the worth of this love interest in the expendable black character cliché so that the arc of the "damsel" can be fulfilled. In the canon of progressive Netflix productions the whole thing kind of feels like a watered down, easy-to-digest-even-for-conservative-subscribers b-side of Roma.

  • sweetcyanidetea
    sweetcyanidetea Month ago +1

    I really enjoy your videos, you seem like a person who likes to analyze things to learn from them, not just to tear them apart. That being said, I can give you one piece of information that might totally trigger you and maybe even annoy you further, but I thought I'd share it anyway because maybe it helps a bit.

    After finishing watching this movie I was satisfied. I cried and I felt awful and good at the same time and I thought the movie was great. The next day I talked to my father and he was unimpressed and said the movie pretty much sucked. That got me thinking about what I had liked about the movie. If it wasn't the action, the script or the overall idea of the end of the world, what was it that I liked? Its actually really simple. I'm a mother. My kid is 14 at the moment so everything about her childhood is recent and I still look at her sometimes and see just a little girl. That's what I liked about the movie, that's what made me cry and horrify me, the fact that as a mother I could feel things that were represented or shown there.
    Some people say you love your kids from the moment you feel the baby growing inside of you, some say its when you see the baby out for the first time, some says it takes time. And this movie showed many layers of that specific fear. For me it wasn't about monsters that took your soul and drove you mad.
    For me it was the struggle of one woman to make sense to motherhood, to acknowledge the fact that the world is a scary place and she wont be able to protect their kids forever, to realize that most of the times you need to protect them from yourself. I see why that would be boring and uninviting to anyone who wasn't a mother. Just like with Babadook, even though that film was insanely good the main point was similar. The question it wanted you to ask yourself was "where is the limit? should I protect my kid even if it means hurting myself and is that good for any of us?" The thing is that Babadook was superbly filmed and had a perfect monster , with great characters and a plot that would work even if you weren't a mother thinking such dark thoughts.

    Back to Bird box The BIG REVEAL about what kid was hers was important because even though I could see where they were going with it, the fact that she chose to protect the girl was indicative of her realizing she could accept her as her own daughter. The road to motherhood is strange and it hurts, so goddamn much. This movie showed exactly that , how much it hurts, how difficult it is and how sometimes you just have to accept that you are alone and risk it all just to find a way to give your children a future.

    I actually re watched your video to reply to some specific things.

    About the massive amount of people loving this movie? No idea, maybe all the woman who watched it were moms and thats a big demographic.

    All the characters seemed simplistic, but it could have been on purpose. It did feel like they were trying to show a guide for "how not to protect those you love".
    Guy watching the video sacrificed himself accomplishing nothing; Malkovitch's idea of not trusting anyone was good. Thats the basic thing you have to do when you have kids, trust no one. But to what extent? You have to teach your kids not to talk to strangers, but also not to be rude so when someone says "Hello" they should reply back. They are not supposed to leave with anyone from school but if a patrol car comes to pick them up claiming you had an accident, they need to follow the police because you have taught them to respect authority.
    Malkovitch for me was a great example of how you can be way to careful but not communicative enough. And he ends up dying because of that, not because he wasn't right, but because he did not know how to show it to the people he was trying to protect.

    Giving SandraB twins was just the same as giving her a kid, it wouldn't have made any difference. The point wasn't for her to struggle with double trouble, but to try and ask the audience when a kid is yours and deserves being protected. And the hello Kitty thing wasn't just for you to identify who was the mother of the girl. It was an awful reminder that sometimes all we can give our children is efimerous and small, we can sacrifice our lives for them and all they will have is just our names and not even a memory of who we were. Its a heartbreaking moment when you have felt the despair and the fear that comes from wondering what will happen to your child if you are not around anymore.

    The box of birds just works as a reminder. I think the fact that they react when danger is there and fail to react to the last madman is just a way to show how there are no fail proof ways to actually assess the danger that people represent. Also, she literally sets the birds free at the end of the movie, she finds a way to keep them safe and at the same time give their own space. That's like the simplest metaphor for kids growing up.

    I loved the car commercial bit , you nailed it.

    The hands in belly. This one is a biggie. When you are pregnant is one of the things that you share with those you love, its really intimate and sweet, its giving the chance to someone you love to caress the baby inside you. Its not you who they are caressing and I cannot think of anything less sexual than someone touching a pregnant's woman belly. I honestly think you misread that, maybe because you might not have experience in the belly touching field. And the cut to the kids holding each other is actually quite sweet and represents how the love their parents gave them still lives on.
    Don't worry, it was no incestuous editing.

    The main character is supposed to be tough. And for her being tough meant not letting emotions control her. She was struck with the dead of her sibling just around the same year the kids were born, which means she still was struggling with the pain that comes with it. She lost her sister and the world all at once, her sense of reality and control went to hell. Then she also lost her partner and "father" of the kids, she was alone and stranded. There are ways to be tough and caring, protective and caring, sweet and motherly. But she could not afford that when she was fighting to keep them alive each day. She did not want to give herself the chance to have hope and dream for a future, and showing the kids how much she loved them meant to break her shell. It meant to show she was weak and that would have killed them all. Again, its one of those motherly struggles that is so hard to explain to those who don't have the life of someone on their hands. But the movie made a terrific job showing it.

    So, to sum it up. You are probably gonna hate the movie if you are not a mother.
    Go back to Space Odyssey and ask anyone if they liked it. They will probably say yes and it has a 93% in rotten tomatoes. So people loved it. But ask anyone why. And the answers vary from weird sounds to "amazing cinematic visual experience". While I'm not comparing the quality of this two movies , the situation is the same. IF you don't have the basic information it can be somewhat entertaining or completely boring (but people wont admit they hated or slept trough "Space Odyssey"because they don't want to look dumb). In Kubrik's masterpiece you need to read the book and when you do, you understand every little thing , image and sound you see in the movie and its fantastic. If you don't, its just weird, its just super weird. What is it about the monkeys and that fridge in space? Bitches, Moon watcher appears in the first pages of the book, and the space fridge is a preamble for a change of matter to energy the main character goes trough after he unlocks the potential of the monolith.
    So yeah you can watch birdbox but it will probably suck, unless you've felt what they are showing because you live through that every day.

    Hope I helped in some way.

  • Jarf Taco
    Jarf Taco Month ago

    On the topic of the editing, there were two moments in the movie where the dialogue sounded weirdly choppy. I can't remember the exact lines, but it was during the fish fingers scene, and the scene where Mallory (idk the correct spelling) scolds Girl for not staying in the boat.

  • Tony S
    Tony S Month ago

    I laughed when the fat pregnant snowflake bitch finally killed herself. That being said, the whole movie was a shit show. And Sandra Bullock's plastic surgery old timey face is gross.

  • M3TAL43V3R
    M3TAL43V3R Month ago

    Finally! Someone who understands how I felt about the movie.
    This movie just jumps to conclusions it's so confusing.
    No back story, no visible culprit of the Insanity outbreat etc.. Just... Bad

  • Margarita Aguilar
    Margarita Aguilar Month ago +1

    While I do agree there are some stupid points in the movie, like what grocery store keeps live bird? Some points I think you're just misunderstanding. I don't think she called them "Boy" and "Girl" because she didn't want kids, but because she wasn't sure how long they were going to live. She had to keep her distance. Once they got to the school, she actually saw hope for their survival, and thus named them. Also, the sisters never came across as lovers to me. There were only 2 reactions to the monsters. Mentally stable went crazy and tried to kill themselves. Mentally unstable people tried to make others look. Nobody was "unaffected." The bands in cars were mentally unstable and trying to find people to make them look.

    • Jounazi
      Jounazi 28 days ago +1

      I dont think this dude even watched this movie. Hes making points, that if he watched it, he would have known.

  • Adriano Silva Almeida

    Lixooooo de filme

  • Karen Sauve
    Karen Sauve Month ago

    I really enjoyed this movie.

    • brandon Larsen
      brandon Larsen Month ago

      I enjoyed "The Room" another terrible film but still pretty damn hilarious.

  • Phobes
    Phobes Month ago

    The decision to let Olympia in ended up getting several people killed, but otherwise this is a great analysis. If we look at the comeback of cultural Marxism, plus the recent trend with Netflix films and shows, it's easy to understand why the diversity in the film seemed so... forced, and why the only consistent theme throughout is how ignorant and/or evil huwhite people are.

  • Natasha Lion
    Natasha Lion Month ago

    5G !? SMART ?! ( Has been linked to suicides, canaries in the coal mine ) Stick your head in the microwave, you can hear the sea ~

  • Ddaddyification
    Ddaddyification Month ago

    Ok i agree with a lot you say but I must say confusingly Shot Like A Sitcom? Plus the 12 years a "I don't wanna survive i wanna live""_ Birdbox "Surviving Ain't Living Mel!"...Not a Good a Comparison for the fact that both line used in a respect films work for the moment & not used the same way at all even if it basically means the same thing. Tom did mention about the kids Boy and Girl names and giving them hope in hopeless times. It wasn't the best movie but i give credit where credit is due. Id give it at least a 6.5 /10

  • Ddaddyification
    Ddaddyification Month ago

    i was all into the movie until the end i was steady awaiting for the big reveal of what the monster just to be let down. I respect ya opinion so no one should rip you apart for how you feel but i must say with some of what you was saying did seem nit picky. Truth it wasn't very original but it was entertaining up til the end very anti climactic

  • Бойко Сърчаджиев

    You understand shit about movies.

  • D.Sebastiano Scalia

    people who disliked and left a negative comment are unaware that they are easily offended by a differing opinion and are telling this guy to calm down and saying its pretty sad to disect a movie. Yet they choose to watch it and leave a comment. People used to outright complain now they are self aware of this and its annoying me

  • Anne Woodborne
    Anne Woodborne Month ago

    I agree. Bird Box is horrible. I haven't watched it and never will. I didn't like the premise.

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B Month ago

    reading some of the comments is obvious majority of the people missed the point of this movie. Its straight up brainwashing BS. EVERY bad person killing people or forcing others to see the demon's that we're not allowed to see is a crazy bigoted white person, while every victim is a women, child, or minority. The Demon's, or whatever they are, make good people (minorities and all those the media favors currently to push their agenda) freak out and their so scared of the evil they kill themselves; while all the people that succumb to the evil within are, naturally, white people! and embrace the evil. This move is propaganda to push white guilt, and just another hit-piece on men in 2018. First Bandersnatch social programming BS, now this. Goodbye Netflix. Cancelled subscription after Punisher season 2. It was their last strike. Tired of the constant leftist crap in media, and Bird Box is everything wrong with media today. Can't believe people actually liked this movie. On top of all the social political BS, this movie was so predictive I guessed every plot point before it happened. Even guess that she would get attacked by a group of crazy white people, and that what kicked off trip down the river! I laughed so hard when they showed up. I have absolutely zero problem with minorities getting more representation in movies and TV, but when you have to write a story and then cast everything in a way as to not offend anybody you run a huge disservice on the characters you're trying to write. They all fall flat and predictable. Plot devices are added for sheer convenience (magical rope that appears so the little girl can go wondering in the forest, right after they lost everything in their boat after capsizing) There is so much wrong with this movie, not even including all the Social Justice Pandering. It doesnt even deserve the 60% on RT, and it's sad so many did like it.

  • NothingToNoOneInParticular

    Points missed:
    People with evil in them, choose to kill.
    People who are good, kill themselves.
    Trump supporters are always right, but they are dicks, nobody listens, he must die.
    All the white people are bad., so graphically kill.
    All the people of color are good. Black superman good.
    Diversity is your strength (in the sanctuary) but the white people there cannot physically see to be infected.
    I'm a Native American woman and can see the propaganda.

  • Noan Manji
    Noan Manji Month ago

    Just remember Stephen King directed Maximum Overdrive. Full control. Yep.

  • allyiah simon
    allyiah simon Month ago

    I would describe bird box as something to just watch.

  • 2nd son playz
    2nd son playz Month ago

    ARe U a siMpLeTon?

  • 2nd son playz
    2nd son playz Month ago

    My friend: dude, you should watch "bird box". It's the best movie ever.
    Me: sure pally
    Still me: *watches the movie*
    Still me: it was okay, but it ain't anything special. Quite dissapointing

  • SpecOp Ghost
    SpecOp Ghost Month ago

    I bootlegged this and couldn't make it halfway through watching...😲😲😲

  • Josh Tate
    Josh Tate Month ago +1

    It's funny that you critique the lighting so harshly when your videos white balance is completely off

  • Sir Below Average
    Sir Below Average Month ago

    She called them boy and girl so she didn't get attached.

  • Alan Hembra
    Alan Hembra Month ago

    Sandra Bullock is the new Nicholas Cage.

  • Luiza Mendoza
    Luiza Mendoza Month ago

    i think you got the pregnancy thing wrong. when more than one pre-menopausal woman live together for more than a couple months, their cycles will begin to sync up for some reason.

  • GloomGaiGar
    GloomGaiGar Month ago

    "Why do the proletariat masses like the things my avant gard elitist mind does not?" C'mon man, there are better ways to start this critique.

  • carealoo744
    carealoo744 Month ago

    What got people so interested in the movie, was the concept. If you look at the movie a certain way, you can see that the monsters aren't really different than any other monsters. You simply have to avoid looking at them. However, the way you die, is unique. The monsters don't actually do anything to kill you. When you see them, you kill yourself.

    • carealoo744
      carealoo744 Month ago

      And, finally, the blind. These are the people who hide away, and decide never to look. These are the people who decide to only look on the good side of life, and look away whenever the news turns on, these are the people, who are going to live happy lives.

    • carealoo744
      carealoo744 Month ago +1

      The mentally ill, are the people who are seen as: 'Tough,' by Society. They think the lack of ignorance is: 'Beautiful,' and want to convince others to see just how cruel the world, really is. Even, if they know, that death will be waiting for them afterwards.

    • carealoo744
      carealoo744 Month ago +1

      The movie, is a perfect metaphor, for actual suicide issues, today. Many people, experienced their entire childhood, expecting true greatness and their adult life. However, when they reach adult life, they begin to realize how awful, and difficult, the world actually is, compared to how they were led to believe. Some people toughen up, and become jerks, just like Douglas said in the movie. However, others, simply can't bear with this knowledge, and decide that death is better.

  • sk70091
    sk70091 Month ago

    I'm going to be that nerd and say that the book was so much better. When the characters spend so much time not seeing what's happening right next to them, you really get inside their head and feel their fears. The movie was just disappointing.

  • Waarom?
    Waarom? Month ago

    The movie is a true piece of shit. The whole idea doesn't make any sense. Why do some people kill themselves? Why can others roam freely? Why do there have to be TWO pregnant women giving birth at the same time?
    After one hour I thought I had seen the creatures because I wanted to kill myself. Fast forward through this bland monstrosity to get some pieces of the action, but it didn't improve. They focus on so many irrelevant things while they fail to explain the things that give us at least some context on what's happening or the characters.

    • Jounazi
      Jounazi 28 days ago

      How could you think you would see them? They said thats it takes form of your biggest fear.

  • erick 33
    erick 33 Month ago

    Nobody "loved" this movie, people just loved the memes!

  • Shiroko Diamond Sparkle

    You've got some good points I agree with but are definitely wrong about several things too (which I've noticed a few other people brought up already so I'll just leave that be). Definitely not a great movie but I thought it was perfectly serviceable, especially for a horror movie (maybe one day I won't have to lower the bar for the genre), and the thing that tipped the scale towards me generally feeling amicable towards it was the themes it was trying to communicate about love, being brave enough to embrace it, and parenting. I definitely understand why it was polarizing, as there were a lot of things about it that pissed me off so much while watching it, but overall I still liked enough about it to see why other people enjoyed it too, so I wound up being glad I watched it after all. It was definitely a mixed bag, but I think it still had a good heart.

  • Robin Powell
    Robin Powell Month ago +2

    I'd prefer CGI birds to them actually forcing live birds into a box.

  • Grozny Productions
    Grozny Productions Month ago

    MATE. I disagree a lot with your conclusions, but I love and appreciate the theoretical work you've put into this video. Also rad point about continuity and mis-edits.

  • Weinthisbich
    Weinthisbich Month ago

    It’s seems like the ones who call it a “disaster” are the simple minded ones who can’t dissect anything from it other than “invisible monsters” so instead of admitting their ignorance they just call it a bad movie. This isn’t the kind of movie you watch and see everything in black and white. It’s actually quite complex. The monsters are metaphorical everything in it is metaphorical it’s not to be taken so literally

  • TorterraX1
    TorterraX1 Month ago

    I don't think this was a review. It was more like a rant. I did learn some new facts that I didn't notice when I watched it but on the other hand you also didn't notice many of the details. Also if you do a review about something watch the movie more than once.
    Also I want to mention about the characters. I feel that the characters all lived their own story and the movie only followed one MC. You clearly didn't enjoy this point from the fact that you wanted all of the have connections.
    PS. the crazy old lady was unnecessary.

  • Michelle Tejeida
    Michelle Tejeida Month ago

    Although I agree with most of the technical points you address, I have to say you're being glaringly nitpicky over some elements that did not contribute towards making this a satisfying analysis for me. I believe a lot of people are missing out on the symbolism and on why we follow Malorie when it comes to this film as well as the relevance of mental health in it. I've been struggling with depression for a while and, although I've always wanted to be a mother and have a family of my own, I'm sometimes terrified that I won't be good enough as a mother because of my inability to connect with people, depression and the occasional suicidal tendencies.
    Perhaps I was just overly emotional and seeing myself in Malorie, yet this movie made me cry at least 5 times (I'm rather sensitive and love literature because of how it allows me to connect with the chars. but I digress). Whenever Malorie is listening to the voices and she knows that she's being tempted to look at the "creatures", it felt like an appropriate representation of what it feels like to resist suicidal thoughts. I don't know how else I'd represent the times I've had to take a deep breath and sit down on the floor because the urge to jump from somewhere was that strong.
    I was relieved that some people were paralyzed when seeing people kill themselves because not everyone "FREAKS OUT" when they experience trauma. Many filmmakers and scriptwriters seem to forget that it's not just fight or flight - there's also freeze. It takes a while for many of the characters in the house to process what has just happened and, honestly, it makes sense to me - and yes, I believe your whole "Another 30 secs later" rant is... just a rant.
    Also, it's not called Bird Box simply because of the literal birds in a box. I believe some other video here on YT addressed it so I won't go into detail, but Malorie is a caged bird, she's captive to her inability to connect with people - it's quite plainly laid out in the conversation with her sister and that "sitcom" style you complain so much about - some of the shots you actually used are almost the same as in the paintings in her studio - visual cues much?
    By no means do I believe that this was a perfect film - and I didn't like the editing, plot holes nor the extent the suspension of disbelief it entails either - but it moved me in ways most thrillers, suspense and horror films have never managed to. In an age where we've all heard different versions of a concept, it may come across as unoriginal... but had it come out a few years earlier, perhaps people like you might have seen it under a different light.
    If I were more invested in this movie other than for just some entertainment, I'd make a video countering some of your points because the fact that you missed so many things when you're a critic is appalling. It was still fun to listen to your points and write this during a boring morning tho.

  • Chuc Quang
    Chuc Quang Month ago

    Bird Box was okay and passable, not a masterpiece by any mean. But you sound like a pretentious hipster.

  • Burgunbeerd
    Burgunbeerd Month ago

    White balance your camera before criticizing movies. Also yes, Birdbox was bad.

  • Sanaa Jade
    Sanaa Jade Month ago

    I was like I saw this movie before right lmao I was pressured by social media to see this movie

  • Ronald Ruiz
    Ronald Ruiz Month ago

    There are worse movies on netflix. This wasn't that bad, just another "weird" thriller, so pleaaaase get over it.

  • mightytaiger
    mightytaiger Month ago

    You’re wrong on both counts. Roma isn’t forward thinking nor top notch. It’s just some failed attempt at virtue signaling to the Mexican masses and something that foreigners, being clueless of most of the context of the story, over analyze into some “artistic exploitation” of whatever the fuck.
    And neither are the masses known for being up to speed with anything avant-garde. Have you ever taken a look at pop culture in the last century?? It’s all rotten.

  • Desiree Suriano
    Desiree Suriano Month ago

    Taylor J. Williams Upon watching reviews of Birdbox, I am surprised that no one mentioned the absolute worst edit of this movie... After falling in the woods, as Sandra Bullock finds Boy and yells for Girl, you can clearly see that she is holding a doll (not boy) as his comment is dubbed in that Girl is scared of her. Then she runs with two dolls (not Boy and Girl) all the way to Rick's door!!! Worst edit ever!!! So bad it's comical!

  • Zaralism
    Zaralism Month ago

    The film is symbolic of the journey of mental health. Sure, there are some things that don't make sense, I agree with you (the birds surviving and being the supermarket). But she didn't give them names in case they are taken from her. As her and Tom discussed in the film. I enjoyed it and cried at the end but I'm an emotional wreck :') ahahahaha

  • Cristian
    Cristian Month ago

    knocking a movie these days for being unoriginal is like knocking a movie for having color. ALL movies nowadays are more or less rehashes. That rings pretty hollow. I knew this review was going to be crap when the first thing you critique was the title screen. 'the cinematography was terrible! the shots! the pacing!'. ugh. no one cares. it was entertaining, scary, fun. ill bet you love citizen kane.

  • Tom Flanagan
    Tom Flanagan Month ago

    Whinge tube

  • Kristijan Madhukar
    Kristijan Madhukar Month ago

    I don’t think Gregory was crazy when he entered the house. Thats why the birds didn’t freak out. He could have gone crazy while in the house. Looked outside. Bided his time and drew the pictures. The he tried to murder everyone.

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter Month ago

    Typical millennial snobbery and condescension, as if this pissant reprobate knew anything. Garbage review.

  • Kirsty Fairley
    Kirsty Fairley Month ago

    Taylor J Williams-Such a shame the movie turned out so bad, I just read the book & it was a great read, truly terrifying. A lot of the pacing & timeline problems you had with the story as well as the characters were handled much much better in the book & also does a better job at revealing information without hitting you over the head with it or revealing it too quickly. Sounds like it would have been better if they'd adapted it as a miniseries then a movie.

  • James
    James Month ago

    You are absolutely gorgeously handsome, by the way.

  • Lars4Street
    Lars4Street Month ago

    cry a river

  • Caleb Reagan
    Caleb Reagan Month ago

    First I feel that this review is not a good one, instead of giving more valid points and explaining those valid points more, you instead go to nitpicking at the movie, nitpicking at the movie is a very bad and cheap way of reviewing a movie, and you for some reason complain about how the exposition is given at the beginning of the movie and I quote "in just two conversations we learn about her ex, her anxiety about having kids, her childhood" you say that it is good at relaying the information in a short period of time, but you complain about that it is not natural since it is all spoken exposition, this is a great example of nitpicking, you say that it does it's job but you then say that there is something wrong with it which is minuscule. There are many example of nitpicking from the bamboo chimes to the characters dying in a way that does not involve their characters traits, this last point I think is the most ridiculous. In all I don't like bird box but I also don't hate it, it is a pretty average film in all, but I do not condone a bad review full of only nitpicking with a few good points in their. I believe that cosmonaut variety hour made a much better and more well rounded review with better points and less nitpicking, so I would advise to watch his bird box review.

  • Mark Branham
    Mark Branham Month ago

    Why do I keep hearing about this film

  • jonnyli12
    jonnyli12 Month ago

    I hate that movie

  • MiyaMiya
    MiyaMiya Month ago

    Oh okay, so let me address something: The people that walk around "okay with seeing the monster" is something addressed as an insensitive concept that people with mental issues will just go crazy killing people just because. I get it, people aren't familar with the behavior of psychosis so they assume they're crazy and will kill/harm anyone. But that just isn't the case, obviously.

  • MiyaMiya
    MiyaMiya Month ago

    My biggest issue with the movie besides the entire ending:
    Olympia: I want to name my daughter Cinderella.
    Sandra Bullock: Cool cool, I'm going to call her "Girl" then completely disregard your wishes and name her Olympia. Because fuck you, I'm Sandra Bullock.

  • Madu lol
    Madu lol Month ago

    i read the book before the movie, and by the time i was expecting to NOT have a movie. One of the most important details of the book is that you cant see the outer world and they showed in first fucking scene.
    As an adaptation this movie just sucks: they made malorie a badass(not that much of a problem cause is likely to directors/writers to change personalitys), the people in the house and how they got together is very different between movie and book(book: less people, different characters, not just characters to die), tom actually dies in the garret massacre and malorie do everything by herself(she logically trains the children since birth to hear clearly), beyond other details, but for me one of the most important things in the book its that bases the thriller element in the feeling of isolation and the unkown, and the passing of time is really weird in the movie. In the book the suicides start gradually, spreading trought countries(if i remember correctly it started in Germany) and melorie and her sister Shannon(yes they changed her name) stay hiding for three months before her sister dies then goes to the house that was of a cientist that previously died because of the camera thing and tom os now the unofficial leader of the house.
    But, i have to say that the movie does work by itself, its not the best movie but its a movie. The problem is that 1. is over hyped and 2. people think is amazing when its actually not.

  • Old Ghost
    Old Ghost Month ago

    I stopped watching after 90 minutes. It just got too boring and redundant with Sandra Bullock going around in a blindfold. I really don’t understand how “Bird Box” is considered great, but the “The Happening” is mocked as silly, but it’s the same damn thing. Only “The Happening” has the benefit of a big budget.

  • Emmet Bryan
    Emmet Bryan Month ago

    birds was not cgi imo

  • Issaiah Vaca
    Issaiah Vaca Month ago

    You’re such a hater

  • Gladys Mba
    Gladys Mba Month ago

    Bird box was great, y'all critics are just being well... critics

    • MiyaMiya
      MiyaMiya Month ago

      Well critics gonna criticize. And people with opinions are going to... well... have an opinion.

  • Iafiv Iv
    Iafiv Iv Month ago

    I didn't dislike the movie it was sort of okish but it also felt way too much like a generic apocalyptic movie.Everyone who said its The Happening mixed with A quiet place is largely right.The problem is it doesn't have the unintentional laughs of the former or the tension of the latter.To be honest i'd like more apocalyptic movies that featured characters that were completely single and with no kids.Too many of them have characters who are either in a relationship or with kids.We need more Book of Eli type movies.

  • TheMoviePlace
    TheMoviePlace Month ago

    This movie is a metaphor.

  • Leavers Updates
    Leavers Updates Month ago

    Ok I give u credit about the time and the cgi but that is a no fucking brainier we don’t need. Man sitting here to tell us the movie had flaws like come on

  • of course
    of course Month ago

    and you missed the point of naming them BOY and GIRL. its not just she didnt want children I am sure it was she didnt want to care too much about them if something happened to them and they died.

  • of course
    of course Month ago +2

    no no no. the inconsistencies you mentioned are not relevant at all. like when everyone is dying in the beginning and everyone seems stoic, that is CLEARLY just people in shock. If that happened in real life a lot of people wouldnt be screaming they would be in a daze like it was a dream... a nightmare.

    • Jounazi
      Jounazi 28 days ago

      +MiyaMiya yes? You would probably watch it yourself. And when you cant do shit, you froze

    • MiyaMiya
      MiyaMiya 28 days ago

      +Jounazi But thats what I'm saying, that wasn't even his first reaction, his first reaction was just to watch the carnage happen before his eyes. I believe that this was an inconsistency on behalf of the screenwriter.

    • Jounazi
      Jounazi 28 days ago

      +MiyaMiya its actually very easily could be first reaction. To blame someone who she tryed to save

    • MiyaMiya
      MiyaMiya Month ago

      Mmm that's a pretty big assumption to make on behalf of the entire planet dude. Shock, trauma, and fear all have different reactions. Screaming, yelling, crying, even being angry, and being in shock are ALL apart of the process, the problem was you had way too many stoic characters who hardly reacted, or when they did it was inconsistent. It's one thing to see the one you love die right before your eyes and break down crying, but the guy didn't even process the fact he Saw His Own Wife Die. He saw his wife go in the car, and didn't react, didn't think "I should go after her", didn't cry, just watched. That's cowardice but that trait isn't consistent for his character throughout the movie.
      I'm making an edit to also address that if he was in shock, he would had still be in shock and unable to so quickly go through the process of grief by blaming Sandra Bullocks's character.

  • hannah mae
    hannah mae Month ago +2

    I didn’t really like this movie either, but this video sounded a bit too pretentious at times. Some of your points came off biased because it seemed like you tried so hard to find the movie’s faults that it often came to the point where your critiques became invalid due some missed information. I also felt that the belly-touching conclusion you made to seem like incest just kind of took it too far.
    I understand that this is supposed to be a critical analysis of the movie and would like to clear up that this is just my opinion on how I feel it was executed.

    • of course
      of course Month ago

      yeah im not sure about that incest connection especially the kids part because they arent related. and i dont think that was meant to be pedophilia either. it was a major stretch and he was saying how people in this situation would be reacting more but people could easily be scared so much they are in a state of shock.

  • Nat King Kong
    Nat King Kong Month ago +2


  • Luna CL
    Luna CL Month ago

    Well, I think the meaning of birds in a box (or cage) has a lot to do with the characters situation, trapped inside the house. Also they play a significant role in the novel, being what alerts Mallorie and the kids of the presence of the creatures. So its kind of easy to see why they went with this title for the book. The adaptation simply stick to the original title, I don't see a reason to complain about it.

  • Lockheed Lee
    Lockheed Lee Month ago

    i agree with you 100%

  • Flat Accord Music
    Flat Accord Music Month ago

    It's just another allegory on the new world order, depopulation, rebirth, travel down the river (womb), 40 days journey narrative. She only names them when they are reborn, that's why the doc(k)tor miraculously ends up at the school for the blind. Also, there's the whole Masonic Blidfold thing...Basically, more fear mongering pre programming, and they don't care about quality because they know the masses can't even tell the difference. The importance is to have everyone see it.