Mixing All My Tea Together *warning: some tea was spilled*

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
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  • Rachael B
    Rachael B Year ago +39343

    Imagine if someone was over at Cristine’s house and she would be like “Would you like a tea or coffee?” And then they’d say “Sure, a tea would be nice thank you” the Cristine would ask “What flavour?”...... and then the conversation would never end

    • Alice B
      Alice B 2 days ago


    • Leila Viso
      Leila Viso 6 days ago

      Rachael B ccvcccc

    • Rachel Riley
      Rachel Riley 8 days ago

      My friend wanted me to tell you that you spelled your name wrong 😂😂😂

    • Makinzie Dehart
      Makinzie Dehart 8 days ago

      Rachael B LOLLL

    • The Deer
      The Deer 10 days ago

      I would like some "or" please ☺

  • Cyber Lynx
    Cyber Lynx 52 minutes ago

    I found a tea water flavoring just so you know

  • aut anne
    aut anne Hour ago

    I want 5 green trees 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳

  • Crazy gacha Love
    Crazy gacha Love Hour ago

    Another thing she collects/has a addiction to is nail peelys

  • Amanda Kurtzman
    Amanda Kurtzman 2 hours ago

    Fruit punch iced tea

  • Unicorn Obsessed
    Unicorn Obsessed 3 hours ago

    I collect unicorns, alcohol markers, pens in all colours, lead pencils of all kinds, kitties, notebooks, and men's graphic tees in 2 sizes too big.

  • Salad Panda
    Salad Panda 3 hours ago

    I have more tea tho 😂

  • Katie&violets.vlogs Channel

    I just noticed I was drinking coffee watching this sorry Christine !!!

  • Mariane Culek
    Mariane Culek 5 hours ago


  • Ariël Daily
    Ariël Daily 6 hours ago

    “SimplyTheaLogical” is the perfect name for thea related video’s, It should be a TVclip channel by it self😂

  • irem cos
    irem cos 7 hours ago

    take a shot everytime she says tea

  • •STAY• •CUTE•
    •STAY• •CUTE• 9 hours ago

    i colled baby lips

  • Kora Jones
    Kora Jones 9 hours ago

    I collect pjs because why not

  • Ms Kawaii
    Ms Kawaii 13 hours ago

    Im 11 and i love iced tea (plus something i collect are old toys because well im the second oldest grandchild in my family and my cousins act like bitches)

  • Tatum Canady
    Tatum Canady 13 hours ago

    I was 1/2 expecting her to say I have experTEAs

  • Shannon Bark
    Shannon Bark 14 hours ago

    I have counting OCD and this video is everything! I will seriously stop a video to count something! I hate it but it feels good as weird as it sounds...

  • Roses Run Red
    Roses Run Red 15 hours ago

    i collect pig figures, tea, and candles

  • k a
    k a 15 hours ago

    oh my god ur the sexiest sock i’ve ever seen

  • Tiffi POP
    Tiffi POP 15 hours ago

    I collect duct tape cause I’m weird

    Ps I have a holo one

  • Sav the Hufflepuff
    Sav the Hufflepuff 17 hours ago

    I collect tea, nail polish, blankets, and artwork. My mom thinks I'm becoming you Cristine.

  • Unicorn animal Magic
    Unicorn animal Magic 19 hours ago

    i collect turtle stuffiies

    JOLYN DANG 19 hours ago

    Ben loves bananas🍌
    Cristine loves tea 🍵
    So what if they made a banana favorited tea 🍌+🍵

  • Pinku da werewolf
    Pinku da werewolf 20 hours ago

    I collect, rocks and toys.

  • Little drunk kitty Kitty

    Mike Jackson sorry I didn’t mean the people who drink coffe and if your wondering why I am saying this out of the comment section in my comment it’s because it would not let me reply to you so sorry

  • Pug Fish
    Pug Fish 21 hour ago

    Why no plain tea for basic witches who agrees

  • Bag G
    Bag G 22 hours ago

    I collect rubber ducks

  • C&T Have fun
    C&T Have fun 23 hours ago

    I collect frick’n rocks cause I’m a idiot.

  • Hanifa Khatun
    Hanifa Khatun Day ago

    am i the only one seeing menchi she is soooo cute

  • Siri Yadla
    Siri Yadla Day ago

    Thank you so much for the advice @simplymomlogical @simplynailogical!

  • Amber Malone
    Amber Malone Day ago

    My mom collects tea too, growing up it was her "cure all" for every ailment. Stomachache? She's got a tea for that. Headache? Tea. Stressed? Drink tea. Can't sleep? She's got four. Literally anything you can imagine she's got. Her nickname was the "the tea witch"

  • Lylie Kress
    Lylie Kress Day ago

    Oof, you know your Canadian if you find ginger spicy xD.

  • Misheel Mishka
    Misheel Mishka Day ago

    one time you like coffee ☕

  • Pinkified Cupkakes!

    It's spicy

  • h e l l o
    h e l l o Day ago +1

    cris-TEA-n :)))

  • Flóra Stahl
    Flóra Stahl Day ago

    Happy tea

  • Jenna
    Jenna Day ago

    i just watched a 5 minute add cause i want cristene to have some coin to buy more tea

  • Amelia Beving
    Amelia Beving Day ago

    I collect sea glass cuz I live in SoCal😁

  • Waffle Tea
    Waffle Tea Day ago

    i need to collect friends

  • Gabriella Scarlato

    i collect tea ,nail polish and tea mugs!

  • Cheshire Wolf Da Nobody

    I’ve been wearing the same 6sizes to big hoodie for like the last 6 years. I will never change!

  • Yoselyn Gutierrez

    Don't tell me Cristine you was high as hell plz like this ill be sad oh and I'm 8 years old hahaha

  • Mike Jackson
    Mike Jackson Day ago

    I collect stone's some my mum finds and throws them outside did anyone watch this video in 2019

  • Clair’s World!

    I collect squishes

  • Taylee Collier
    Taylee Collier Day ago


  • distressed squid

    I collect fairy related things! statues, books, posters, you name it I probably have it.

  • Dogs rule Tamagny

    I collect stuffed animals lol

  • Grumpy Pentagon
    Grumpy Pentagon 2 days ago

    I collect old gift bags and card board boxes. As in the bags I receive gifts in and anything from fridge boxes to cereal boxes...

  • Rachel Riley
    Rachel Riley 2 days ago

    Cristine should make another TVclip channel called Simply Tea Logical...

  • No-im -not-allright
    No-im -not-allright 2 days ago

    books I collect books and some tea me and my sister rade the tea stashes at hotels when we go to them.

  • GeoGal TwoThousandFive

    I've already started my tea collection. One from my mom, five from my dad (Christmas) and four from a kid at school (Gave him a gift card he gave me teaaaaa). Not much, I know

  • TreeTop Studios
    TreeTop Studios 2 days ago

    While drinking tea there was some tea

  • Alice B
    Alice B 2 days ago

    I collect things with unicorns! When I was little I used to collect erasers. (Not the boring white ones we have in school. I mean the erasers that could be flowers, hearts etc.)

  • Horsecorn 1
    Horsecorn 1 2 days ago

    Book series

  • Stichy Animations
    Stichy Animations 2 days ago

    Who else drank tea while watching this

  • Lila Miller
    Lila Miller 2 days ago

    I collect lps

  • Volleyball Queen
    Volleyball Queen 2 days ago +3

    Cris”tea”ne: honestly doesn’t tastes as bad with the probably because it’s fancy”
    What she’s thinking inside her head: why does it smell like broke in here”

    :BENNNNN get my AirPods

  • Ottsel girl
    Ottsel girl 2 days ago

    I collect video games lol I have to have every game in a series or I get OCD like- I can't play this if it's after the one I don't have!

  • Hetanshi Vakharia
    Hetanshi Vakharia 2 days ago

    owl jewelry

  • Shirley Ruan
    Shirley Ruan 2 days ago

    Tea ,art sweaters

  • PixieKracker ASMR
    PixieKracker ASMR 2 days ago

    i collect fat

  • Grace G
    Grace G 2 days ago

    So I'm a dancer and during the summer I were booty shorts (cause in Las Vegas it's to hot) and during the winter I wear sweatpants lol (sadly I can only wear booty shorts but good thing it's dance also I love you so much

  • Unicorns Era2400
    Unicorns Era2400 2 days ago

    I collect scrunchies. Is that weird???????

  • I_do_everything Melayna

    I collect tea and lip stick/gloss!!! Also can I use the tea you all later!?!

  • Bibi
    Bibi 2 days ago

    When i was little, are you ready, i collected bandaids. I know it's sooooo weird and gross. My parents still laugh at me that i've had that collection. I know, weird😂

  • Queen Van
    Queen Van 2 days ago

    I collect notebooks, pens and highlighters, yes I'm addicted.
    I have like 100 different notebooks and I don't even use half of it

  • Lizzieon
    Lizzieon 2 days ago

    I got a boba tea ad during this.....XD what is wrong with TEA

  • Ava Price
    Ava Price 2 days ago

    I collect books... I am simply book logical!!!

  • ChieanaStrider
    ChieanaStrider 3 days ago

    I collect video games xD I got too many, but never enough... gah!

  • Cici Citrus
    Cici Citrus 3 days ago

    I’m drinking tea as I watch this. Mango black tea

  • FairlyHappyJane
    FairlyHappyJane 3 days ago

    Edit; pronounced 'roy-boss'

  • Lucy Daly
    Lucy Daly 3 days ago

    Cristine “it even looks like cotton candy”
    Me:”what cotton candy are you eating”

  • Amy starlight
    Amy starlight 3 days ago +1

    I go over to Christine’s house and she asks
    Would you like some tea
    Me: thanks but I don’t like tea
    Christine look at me with the holo in her eyes then says come with me
    As Christine drowns me in tea she painted her nails holo and watched dumb troom troom videos

  • depressed demon
    depressed demon 3 days ago

    Anyone elsa think she needs more teas like 1,999 UwU

  • Brandy Msp
    Brandy Msp 3 days ago

    holo its me chrisTEAn again 😎

  • Malou Andersen
    Malou Andersen 3 days ago

    I collect everything that have something to do with Harry Potter and fantastic beasts

  • danielle snipes
    danielle snipes 3 days ago

    I collect stuffed anima:34, nail poish: 3,000 (even the crapy ones), lipgloss:45, lipstick:45, ihave collected all this stuff in the past 13 years (im 13)

  • Lamar Al-Mubarak
    Lamar Al-Mubarak 3 days ago

    iPhone cases

  • Sweatshirt scorpio
    Sweatshirt scorpio 3 days ago

    I collect different colours of plaid flannel shirts

  • Sarah Cookie
    Sarah Cookie 3 days ago

    I collect ducks

  • Autumn Brookes
    Autumn Brookes 3 days ago

    I collect books.

    I'm such a nerd ;)

  • Polly White
    Polly White 3 days ago

    I’ve been collecting scrunchies for three years now and I just gave all of them to my cousin, I miss them a lot ☹️ but I’m glad bc it was taking up too much room, I kept three of my favourites, a black velvet one, a yellow velvet one and a green one with goldfish on it, it was really fun but yeah it’s over now, my cousin is very happy so yaayyaya ok love you cristine and love how much tea and nail polish you have, this was really long but I’m done Mkay bye 👋🏻

  • OK girl
    OK girl 3 days ago

    Dear Nailojucal:
    I have just started to like tea! What is the best hot 🔥 tea you would say would be best? Also what best cold ❄ tea is best? Honestly I know you won't answer me or even see this but to all the people that do what is your favorite? Please tell me 😫🙏🙏💓?!?!

  • Kids Cervantes
    Kids Cervantes 3 days ago

    I collect tthe tea and stationary

  • Peyton Roubison
    Peyton Roubison 3 days ago

    If you like how soft the sweatpants are try Lularo they are clothes that are so soft you need to try

  • Avah & Bella
    Avah & Bella 3 days ago

    I was watching this video and then a tea commercial came on... WOow

  • Avah & Bella
    Avah & Bella 3 days ago

    Cristine? How about Cris-tea-ne? (I hate myself)

  • romi
    romi 3 days ago

    8:32 that’s the real #10yearschallenge

  • Deanna Skordas
    Deanna Skordas 3 days ago

    I collect smoothies

  • Andy Spirit
    Andy Spirit 3 days ago

    I collect so many mugs 😂

  • Emily Dupl
    Emily Dupl 3 days ago

    I collect nut crackers

  • Juliana Muravez
    Juliana Muravez 3 days ago

    10 mins. Of her just talking in the middle.

  • Tea Hawkes
    Tea Hawkes 3 days ago

    Cristine: bring the tea in!
    *has tea on plate*
    Anything for you nail qween

  • Tea Hawkes
    Tea Hawkes 3 days ago

    I collect russian nesting dolls 😁

  • Farah m
    Farah m 3 days ago


  • Farah m
    Farah m 3 days ago


  • Carson’s ASMR
    Carson’s ASMR 3 days ago

    I collect stuffed animals and playing cards that I don't use

  • Beanie Boo cuteness
    Beanie Boo cuteness 3 days ago

    I collect Pokemon and stationery supplies and Beanie boos

  • Kimber-Raine Demerais

    I am the only one that Watch this in 2019

  • Kat Rose
    Kat Rose 3 days ago

    my collection consists of every useless (and sometimes useful) knickknack i can find. i have so many things ive gotten from random monthly (aka buy once and cancel subscription) crates that i have no more room for them help

  • Lizzie Borden I love how she looks afterwards!

    ☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+☕+= ❤ 👌