Mixing All My Tea Together *warning: some tea was spilled*

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
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Comments • 39 098

  • Rachael B
    Rachael B 8 months ago +33481

    Imagine if someone was over at Cristine’s house and she would be like “Would you like a tea or coffee?” And then they’d say “Sure, a tea would be nice thank you” the Cristine would ask “What flavour?”...... and then the conversation would never end

  • Mr Whiskers girl
    Mr Whiskers girl 15 minutes ago

    I have never tried tea be for sorry but promises you tomorrow I will

  • Noah Small
    Noah Small 18 minutes ago

    I collect comic markers (artist markers) I have an addiction

  • Confused Dragon Fruit

    I collect tea too.i collect so much merchandise when I find something I love so much.

    LPS_APRIL Hour ago

    I’m addicted to having dishes in my room

  • Life as Lemons
    Life as Lemons Hour ago

    Can you try to wear all your sweatpants all at once it would be the closest to mixing them together

  • LB sugercookie
    LB sugercookie Hour ago

    schleich horses🐎🐎🐎

  • Logan Spencer
    Logan Spencer 2 hours ago

    fidget spinners and foil balloons

  • slurpie games
    slurpie games 2 hours ago

    am I the only one who saves the teabags after they were used?

  • slurpie games
    slurpie games 2 hours ago

    I collect comments I leave on videos with the word bitch in it

  • -тнaтdraмaтιcғlare

    I collect peoples souls- I mean I collect .. bow ties

  • Poppy Heath
    Poppy Heath 2 hours ago

    and people say the British love tea...

  • Kawaii_ pig01
    Kawaii_ pig01 2 hours ago


  • Samantha Laine
    Samantha Laine 3 hours ago

    What's your favorite tea flavor?

  • Pineapple Peeps
    Pineapple Peeps 3 hours ago

    I collect stuffies

  • Pandicorn pandi
    Pandicorn pandi 3 hours ago

    I really hoped you would have said as a experteas (sorry, bad jokes is one of my qualities maybe that's why I'm always at home besides the fact that I have social anxietea) so I will leaf now before I spill more bad jokes (sorry I had to)

  • Megan Busick
    Megan Busick 3 hours ago

    i collect (its really wierd dont judge)


  • Lily James
    Lily James 4 hours ago

    I collect chapsticks

  • Frida Østergaard
    Frida Østergaard 6 hours ago

    I collect soap

  • British Army Cadet Tutorials

    I collect military related things

  • Differs 7
    Differs 7 6 hours ago

    I collect hats and when I was younger I collected Beano comics

  • lilly rhodes
    lilly rhodes 8 hours ago


  • Art_freak128
    Art_freak128 8 hours ago

    My collection is about notebook, I have many of notebook that I don’t write in it

  • LpsFireworkTV
    LpsFireworkTV 11 hours ago

    *i collect salmon*

    Brandon Rogers reference people

  • CJCS
    CJCS 12 hours ago

    Rooibos 😻 pronounced “roy-bawsss”

  • Rose Jamal
    Rose Jamal 12 hours ago

    I collect pillows *dont ask*

  • Paula Carlos
    Paula Carlos 12 hours ago


      LPS_APRIL Hour ago


  • L Williams
    L Williams 12 hours ago

    When i was watching this my dad came into my room with TEA😂

  • Seaira Watkins
    Seaira Watkins 13 hours ago

    Holo everyone it's me Cristian the holo queen

  • Cereal with Honey -
    Cereal with Honey - 13 hours ago

    Ok but can you list all the teas you have??

  • Cereal with Honey -
    Cereal with Honey - 13 hours ago

    I collect dirty mugs

  • Kats and Dogs
    Kats and Dogs 13 hours ago

    *holo everybody it’s me
    CrisTEAn again*

  • Cereal with Honey -
    Cereal with Honey - 13 hours ago


  • LOL4ME
    LOL4ME 14 hours ago

    i collect simply nailogical merch and i love youre videos

  • MeiMei91
    MeiMei91 14 hours ago

    .....is there anyway to get that custom blend of tea, you got any connections to ship them out lol I want to try the iced one but I am not buying all those teas to make it but I love drinking tea :) and yuck to coffee.

  • LaLa Luxie
    LaLa Luxie 15 hours ago

    Guess what we r EXPERTEAS haha get it tea expertise’s? man that was lame

  • maxine park
    maxine park 15 hours ago

    i collect kpop albums and merch, sksksksksk dont @ me

  • Stevie Spark
    Stevie Spark 15 hours ago

    I collect lalaloopsy dolls and other dolls and play with them at the age of 13 ... I am very Embarrassed even though I should not be because I enjoy it .

  • Vanessa Enacarnacion
    Vanessa Enacarnacion 16 hours ago

    Here is something that would blow Cristine’s mind.

  • Gracie Kincaid
    Gracie Kincaid 17 hours ago

    Bottle caps it’s so Mach fun!

  • Cecilia Spain
    Cecilia Spain 18 hours ago

    I collect candles!!!

  • Fabiola Mejias
    Fabiola Mejias 18 hours ago

    Gemstones and diamonds

  • Skittles 37189
    Skittles 37189 18 hours ago

    I’m collecting my life still

  • Violet Vs. Life
    Violet Vs. Life 19 hours ago

    I collect art products. From paints to brushes

  • AllysWolfpack [Alpha]
    AllysWolfpack [Alpha] 19 hours ago

    I collect phones stuffed animals and books and crystals and squishes and jewelry and clocks and Tea bitch

  • Crystal M.
    Crystal M. 20 hours ago

    I collect earrings and don’t actually wear jewelry

  • Siren Song53
    Siren Song53 21 hour ago


  • y4miko
    y4miko 21 hour ago

    and I thought I had a lot of tea lol

  • Skylar Withrow
    Skylar Withrow 21 hour ago

    I collect cats

  • L U
    L U 21 hour ago +1

    Wait she has a lot of nails? I have 18 2/3. How many does she have?

  • Anahi Gallegos
    Anahi Gallegos 21 hour ago

    I collect memorys

  • slurpie games
    slurpie games 21 hour ago

    I love tea too☕

  • Ashly Khan
    Ashly Khan 21 hour ago

    Butterfly pins

  • Makenzie stacey
    Makenzie stacey 21 hour ago

    Bubbles and bouncy balls.... That is what I collect

  • Horrorlover97
    Horrorlover97 22 hours ago

    I collect reusable cups, my family jokes that I need rehab for it lol

  • Quinn Fastnow
    Quinn Fastnow 22 hours ago

    I collect unicorns, and I litterlaly have thousands

  • Butter Nickel
    Butter Nickel 23 hours ago

    I collect Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers!

  • Love Everyone
    Love Everyone 23 hours ago

    I collect sadness and misery also I collect drink powders

  • CooCoo Customs
    CooCoo Customs 23 hours ago

    OMG RELATABLE! I lovbvvveeee Davids teas!

  • Erin Pickels
    Erin Pickels Day ago

    I collect soap and yarn...

  • Camille Henin
    Camille Henin Day ago

    When I worked at Davidstea, we use to mix teas and have competition to find the best recipe 😂 (I’m so sorry... Cristine’s french > my english....) oh and by the way, been a longtime seen David is no longer in the company 😂

  • Because I'm Bassie

    I collect cat stuff.
    Cat Toys, collars, treats anything

  • Sha Zhimin
    Sha Zhimin Day ago

    it's pronounced Ohh-loong

  • Riley Delgado
    Riley Delgado Day ago

    I collect empty soda cans, glass bottels, and bottle caps

  • Anabel Vincent
    Anabel Vincent Day ago

    ItS NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe

  • Anabel Vincent
    Anabel Vincent Day ago

    U actually do collect nail polish

  • kelzz791
    kelzz791 Day ago

    Ur a potatoe that drinks tea that’s a life goal

  • LinnearoruA
    LinnearoruA Day ago

    I have a serious problem with collecting stuff too!! I had a skull phase and I owned over 20 skull shirts and a lot of other skull stuff, Schleish phase (toy horses and other animals) which I had over hundred pieces. Now I have a lipstick obsession, I have small case of only lip stuff and a few makeup bags of all lipstick and I have restarted my nail polish collection which suffered a tremendous loss (over 100 nail polishes were thrown out....). But yea I understand 100% this obsession of collecting lol.

  • Rana Alazzam
    Rana Alazzam Day ago

    We both collect Tea 🍵

  • abigail wood
    abigail wood Day ago

    my anime drawings

  • Thatpurple Weirdo

    Snow Globes and purple but no hearts, hearts are a piece of sh*t just like my cousin’s love life

  • Rin Ikisatashi the MMDer

    I collect HomeStuck stuff and it's amazing

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Day ago

    I collect keychains

  • The group of friends

    Things i gather are:
    Sketch books
    Paint brushes
    Art pencils
    Pencil crayons
    And thats it

  • Emily
    Emily Day ago

    Cristine: holo its tea again
    Me: bubum chhhhh

  • Kitten Michigan
    Kitten Michigan Day ago

    Don’t judge me ok I collect live size plush‘s

  • Abigail Woodruff

    I collect lip sticks

  • Magda Held
    Magda Held Day ago

    I love tea

  • Zahia E
    Zahia E Day ago

    I collect memories of my friends' dangerous stupidity. Seriously. My bff broke her ankle by tripping up a curb pretending to be a fairy. And my mate sprained his elbow by jumping off a roof.
    I'm the mum of the group, if you couldn't already tell🤦🏻

  • Sylvia Davey
    Sylvia Davey Day ago

    Can you tell me what the english toffee tea is like?

  • XsofieX is a bunny

    Should i call u simply tealogical?

  • Monisha Praubha
    Monisha Praubha Day ago

    I collect charger plugs..tht may or may not work

  • Lucifer Draws
    Lucifer Draws Day ago

    I collect art programs, don't judge me.
    I have inkscape, gimp, paint.net, medibang paint, photoshop cc, fire alpaca, I'm insane.

  • Bronwyn Halsey
    Bronwyn Halsey Day ago

    6.20 I know, we have good toffee but bad weather

  • im so ratchet
    im so ratchet Day ago

    I collect food. I have a bunch of collected food in my fridge and pantry.


    👖 this is molly, she has no limbs!
    Like and see how many feet long her limbs can get!

  • Teo Barela
    Teo Barela Day ago

    I collect anything that's the color blue I FRICKIN LOVE BLUE MUCH I WEAR IT 24/7

  • Bruh_ItzDerpasaurus

    I hoard stuffed animals. Pandas and turtles specifically.

  • Michellie Cauthron

    i'm late commenting but your tea "horde" i mean collection is bigger them mine was before i had to moved now its way bigger cause ive only got two tins now

  • Rosemary Flores
    Rosemary Flores Day ago

    I collect journals that I never write in...cause there so pretty

  • PlanetaryMojo
    PlanetaryMojo Day ago +1

    I like to collect those smushed pennies with a photo on them that you can make at like amusement parks

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace Day ago

    She missed a great pun "One TEA-spoon"

  • Hazel Mystic
    Hazel Mystic Day ago

    Damnit, now I want tea. AND I HATE TEA!

  • Emma Saldana
    Emma Saldana Day ago

    My mom collects nail polish and i collect stuffed animals

  • Clover Bug
    Clover Bug Day ago

    Have you ever tried pistachio ice cream David’s tea it’s to die for

  • Summer Lissy
    Summer Lissy Day ago +1

    I collect stuffed animals for no reason a have a lot but I don't use the

  • FandomTrash317
    FandomTrash317 Day ago

    Cristineeeeeee! Cristineeeee! Cristineeeeee Canigula!

  • Kaylee Stalnaker

    Hi everyone it's crisTEAn again

  • BlackSovokia
    BlackSovokia Day ago

    Tea pots and eyeshadow palettes

  • Cassie Hamm
    Cassie Hamm Day ago

    i collect vintage suitcases