Mixing All My Tea Together *warning: some tea was spilled*

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
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Comments • 48 097

    NATNKYLS 24 minutes ago

    I collect sands from other beaches

  • Chloe Durrant
    Chloe Durrant 2 hours ago

    Cristine i did some digging and troom trom has another channel troom troom select

  • Crateris
    Crateris 3 hours ago

    I collect plush owl toys, and art brushes :D Really weird collections :D

  • Karly Saldana
    Karly Saldana 8 hours ago +1

    8:31 ( MY DRESS IS HOLO!!!!) who else laughed😅😂

  • Helaina Evans
    Helaina Evans 10 hours ago

    The tea has been spilt.
    (I’m soory aboot that)

  • Natlie Hart
    Natlie Hart 10 hours ago

    Duct tape. (I have over 400 rolls!)

  • Hamilton and song Covers

    When you said “Cotten candy” I was eating Cotten candy!!! 😂😂

  • Josi Kitzrow
    Josi Kitzrow 13 hours ago +1

    For my birthday one year my boyfriend bought me $50 worth of tea and put it all in a giant fishbowl. This was a year and a half ago. It’s still 2/3rds full. Help

  • Jay or Brenda Demeuse
    Jay or Brenda Demeuse 13 hours ago

    SOOOOOO.... if I want to eat Menchie I could and you'll let me so 👌

  • Nicole Warfield
    Nicole Warfield 14 hours ago

    I collect stuffed animals

  • Galaxy 5
    Galaxy 5 15 hours ago

    I collect tiny stuff

  • A Blood
    A Blood 16 hours ago

    Take a shot every time she says tea...

    Lights out

  • Rakia Brahimi
    Rakia Brahimi 17 hours ago


  • Max West
    Max West 20 hours ago

    I collect hoodies... I have over 100

  • non 18 pluser on de looose

    *sees oolong and pu'erh* dRaGoN bAlL sQuAD wHeRe Ya At¿?

  • Sofia schisler
    Sofia schisler 23 hours ago

    Everybody send Cristine the rarest tea u can find, now!

  • •Mystic Moonlight•


  • ნინო ბახტურიძე

    U colect markers notebooks and hoods

  • Da CRAZY Lady
    Da CRAZY Lady Day ago

    Who else took 10 min to make tea just to see this video?😂

  • Living in a Crazy world

    Can you be my mom you give great advice!🤣😝😊

  • Cookie Tek
    Cookie Tek Day ago

    You are the best but so loud you woke up Angelina and she is my sister

  • Alex Lewis
    Alex Lewis Day ago

    I collect books. When I was little though I collected dolls...

  • yumalai duran
    yumalai duran Day ago

    omgggg baby menchie is soo cute and small

  • ofcl.mariee
    ofcl.mariee Day ago

    i collect glitter, little glass bottles, and glitter in little glass bottles

  • Kayo_
    Kayo_ Day ago +1

    They need to make a video about their relationship and the story of how they got together

  • Trixie Farber
    Trixie Farber Day ago

    why is there so much simply real talk

  • GachaGirl Le
    GachaGirl Le Day ago

    Ive just started collecting hoodies

  • Isabel Gilchrist

    I collect Beyyyyyyyyys

  • Jennifer Jefforson

    ToDaY i aM a SOcK

  • Mia Tangerud
    Mia Tangerud Day ago +3

    Cristine: As you grow older you change style
    Also Cristine: Oooo there's a star!

  • Zazzinator
    Zazzinator 2 days ago

    Is it weird I’m wearing the same colour jacket and pants as her rn

  • Liane Van Der Star
    Liane Van Der Star 2 days ago


  • Tobi Yaubka
    Tobi Yaubka 2 days ago

    I collect DVDs and manga books Japanese comic books and art books and a lot of art on the internet

  • Cierra Cervantes
    Cierra Cervantes 2 days ago

    I collect Penney's even though it's really weird a hobby it's just something I've always done

  • Cottonpuppy 21
    Cottonpuppy 21 2 days ago

    I really collect literally all the same things you do cause all is asome

  • Alissa Kremzar
    Alissa Kremzar 2 days ago

    Ok so instead of 100 layers of nail polish, you should do 100 cups of tea.

  • Natlie Hart
    Natlie Hart 2 days ago +3

    If I took a shot for every time Christine said tea, I would be to wasted to continue before the clock hit one minute.

  • david podehl
    david podehl 2 days ago

    Fit tea is a laxative

  • Disney Girl
    Disney Girl 2 days ago

    i collect stuffed animals i have a stuffed animal that looks just like menchie

  • Cornelia Vejrup
    Cornelia Vejrup 2 days ago

    But I wanna eat the tea :c

  • Bird Knight
    Bird Knight 2 days ago +1

    Haha when she find something she likes she gets it all that is like me with blankets

  • Elira Bee
    Elira Bee 2 days ago

    So sorry I don't like tea

  • V Ken
    V Ken 2 days ago

    Cereal I’ve gone crazy 😂

  • EmeDarkSoul Torres
    EmeDarkSoul Torres 3 days ago

    One day along time ago I sow that you had a box with all types of tea

  • EmeDarkSoul Torres
    EmeDarkSoul Torres 3 days ago

    Where do you buy your tea?

  • Meiji Montage
    Meiji Montage 3 days ago

    I collect tea cups, certain cups, and tea I like tea

  • Moira Zarndt
    Moira Zarndt 3 days ago

    I collect things I call "pretties" they're all kinds of pretty delicate things, such as porcelain dolls, music boxes, little glass sculptures of birds, etc.

  • Chlodor Doedor’s Fantastic messes

    God dam it Christine now I have way to much tea it’s just so good-

  • MyLifeAsFreya
    MyLifeAsFreya 3 days ago +2

    I have a problem for copying people I love I’ve ordered David’s tea now 😂😂

  • Jeffrey Pratt
    Jeffrey Pratt 3 days ago

    i love TEA

  • moroiiangel
    moroiiangel 3 days ago

    I collect books and craft supplies

  • Sophia Guthrie
    Sophia Guthrie 3 days ago

    Owl stuff lots of owl stuff

  • clover playz forever
    clover playz forever 3 days ago +1

    I collect hoodie also socks and slippers I AM A SOCK CRISTINE (with no h)

  • Randomness
    Randomness 3 days ago +1

    Imagine you go to cristine’s house and she ask you: would you like tea or coffee
    And you say tea and then the conversation would never end

  • PastelPinkUnicorn
    PastelPinkUnicorn 3 days ago

    I collect air in my nose but don't worry, it's free and I let it out :))

  • Theresa Etchen
    Theresa Etchen 3 days ago +1

    Why do the leaves look like hamster food

  • WarriorsDream 34
    WarriorsDream 34 3 days ago +1

    Baby Menchie!!

  • Sasha's AG Dolls
    Sasha's AG Dolls 3 days ago +1

    Um ....I like collecting *clooothhes* I hope everyone else does too 😂🤣

  • Brooke Morin
    Brooke Morin 3 days ago +1

    David's tea is awesome I love them and it's tea time bitch ilysm

  • Kawai Chan
    Kawai Chan 4 days ago +1

    Can you sleep in a holo bath

  • Bo and Ari The Ghosties

    I collect coloured pencils. I had a ton but threw out all the short/broken ones. Still have a lot though, probably more than I should.

  • Cup Cakes
    Cup Cakes 4 days ago +2

    Christen loves holo and tea so why don't people invent holo-tea

  • Cup Cakes
    Cup Cakes 4 days ago +1

    Rooibos means redbush

  • EhitsJulian
    EhitsJulian 4 days ago +1

    I collect Harry Potter shit smh

  • Crazy Kitty Wyatt
    Crazy Kitty Wyatt 4 days ago +3

    stuffed animals ima hoarder dont judge me

  • Crazy Kitty Wyatt
    Crazy Kitty Wyatt 4 days ago +1

    toys i dont play with

  • Crazy Kitty Wyatt
    Crazy Kitty Wyatt 4 days ago +1

    books i dont read

  • Crazy Kitty Wyatt
    Crazy Kitty Wyatt 4 days ago +1

    bboks i dont read

  • Kalle Cat
    Kalle Cat 4 days ago +1

    My Dream is to try all the fruity teas 🍌🍎🍉🍓🍒

  • Shelby land
    Shelby land 4 days ago +2

    I wear pants and t shirts because my friends do

  • Theresa Etchen
    Theresa Etchen 4 days ago +2

    The way she looks at Ben when she eats the popcorn.

  • Lynne McGee
    Lynne McGee 4 days ago +2

    As a fellow tea collector, I was dying. I need those teas! I also collect books, notebooks, eye shadow pallets, nail polish and VHS tapes (the last one is my husband's collection as well we have over 1000).

  • Kevin Trott
    Kevin Trott 4 days ago +2

    as soon as you where talking about tea fit my brother said I found a tea shirt

  • playlister plays
    playlister plays 4 days ago +1

    I collect tea too

  • Kawaii Marshmallow
    Kawaii Marshmallow 4 days ago +2

    Christine you think that’s bad my mom has a bag full of 250 bags of peach tea

  • Ace McCumber
    Ace McCumber 4 days ago +1

    I collect fruit bars from Hawaii that are made of dried fruit. In which at some point I make into tea. My aunt sends me them.

  • Ace McCumber
    Ace McCumber 4 days ago +1

    She ate raw ginger

  • That Lost Sock
    That Lost Sock 4 days ago +1

    Is it okay if I ask what teas you used for the iced teas?
    P.S Tea or Sweatpants?

    GANDALF GACHA 4 days ago +1

    I collect books... boring

  • Megan Fitch
    Megan Fitch 5 days ago

    I collect tea

  • gouri samba
    gouri samba 5 days ago


  • LaValery Arellano
    LaValery Arellano 5 days ago +1

    I collect bts merch but that's kinda expensive and I'm kinda broke so I just have 40k(and counting) pictures of them saved instead xD

  • Heidi LaPlante
    Heidi LaPlante 5 days ago

    I’m weird and collect knives, swords, skulls, and rocks

  • Dapoptart
    Dapoptart 5 days ago +1


    THE MF

  • Hannah Franklin
    Hannah Franklin 5 days ago

    Teddys.....I collect teddy bears, and not just bears but bunnies and cats and dogs and any animal you can think of.....I'm a teen....OOF😑

  • klaur412
    klaur412 5 days ago

    Donate the spilled tea to Ben

  • Th3Mangroveguy Seedling

    How fruit punch was maid

  • Mcgaggie The dogo
    Mcgaggie The dogo 5 days ago

    Rocks.... ((also Wool socks

  • Folajimi Ogunyemi
    Folajimi Ogunyemi 5 days ago

    Have you ever thought about boba tea

  • Ramona and Grace
    Ramona and Grace 5 days ago

    I used to collect the pens that you bet with

  • Charlotte Stott
    Charlotte Stott 5 days ago

    Who thinks cristine should try to make Holo slime

  • Madeline Fucci
    Madeline Fucci 5 days ago

    Witch do you like more cold tea or hot tea

  • Lucy Heartfillia
    Lucy Heartfillia 5 days ago

    I love collecting art supplies

  • Karin Sunwalker
    Karin Sunwalker 5 days ago

    I collect perfume tester 😂 I’m strange 😂🍾

  • Nichole Price
    Nichole Price 5 days ago

    I collect craft supplies.

    OUR CHANNEL 5 days ago

    Christine gets high on nail polish and tea what a life!! 😂😂 The end thooo

  • Piper Fleuren
    Piper Fleuren 5 days ago

    I am come collecting telescopes

  • meela music
    meela music 5 days ago

    I collect socks

    CECELIA LAMPSON 6 days ago

    I collect knives. I have a problem:(

  • Bellbie Goodridge
    Bellbie Goodridge 6 days ago

    I collect can't coins and have....No idea why?