Why do Boeing Aircraft Start & End with a 7?


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  • Dj's Aviation
    Dj's Aviation  Month ago +63

    With more time on my hands I decided to put a little more effort in the editing of this video. I’ll still be changing it and fine tuning it over the coming weeks but I’d be interested to hear your take on it? Did you enjoy the new cuts / transitions. If not how would want me to improve? After all, I can make the videos but I also want you to enjoy them.

    • Snehasis Ghosh
      Snehasis Ghosh 19 days ago

      American got talent

    • Neel Adake
      Neel Adake 20 days ago

      Try using more animations and different pictures rather than just playing footages on the screen 👍 👍

    • Hungry Guy
      Hungry Guy Month ago

      They really have only 2 choices unless they want to completely abandon their numbering scheme altogether:
      787, 797, 7107, 7117...
      787, 797, 808, 818...

    • Gulliver Yang
      Gulliver Yang Month ago +1

      Oh, at which airports, it's always the same with that big bush blocking the touchdown point.

  • Alessandro Peroni
    Alessandro Peroni 3 days ago

    They could use hexadecimal numbers (A B C D E F) or change it into the 7007 serie 😉

  • Studyin’Me
    Studyin’Me 8 days ago

    I want a 757-(X/400/8/9)

  • Hype Beast104
    Hype Beast104 8 days ago

    What about the dream lifter

  • Aresfire2
    Aresfire2 9 days ago

    7117, 7127, 7147 & so on!

  • QuarioQuario54321
    QuarioQuario54321 10 days ago

    Being should instead call the NMA the 757X and use 797 for a Boeingized A380

    ALXNDR_DNV 13 days ago

    I believe it would be sth like the 7107 (7 ten 7) or 7117 etc
    Looks quite weird noe that im looking at it

  • Annie D
    Annie D 13 days ago

    Like the Airbus A220

  • Brian Beard
    Brian Beard 13 days ago

    The B-24 was built by Consolidated, later Convair not Boeing. I think you meant the B-29 or the B-17.

  • Greg Alexander
    Greg Alexander 16 days ago

    Is Boeing going to use the Aurora D8? And how would they name it?

  • Chain
    Chain 17 days ago

    Because 789 (7 ate 9)

  • Doogle Ticker
    Doogle Ticker 18 days ago

    Shocking times we live in...

  • Emirates 565
    Emirates 565 18 days ago

    Seven *SOMETHING* Seven

  • Poor Budget Gamer
    Poor Budget Gamer 19 days ago

    Maybe they will name their future aircraft like Airbus A330 neo, they change the back number to 800, 900. The Boeing 737 - 17 would be cool

  • Giresh Sachdev
    Giresh Sachdev 21 day ago

    Interesting facts. Thank you 👍✔️

  • Chris Drummond
    Chris Drummond 21 day ago

    How about we call all aircraft flying deathtraps?

  • Arch Vile
    Arch Vile 22 days ago

    Curious question to all aviation experts. Why are there 2 names for a jet aircraft? 727-200. Why not just make it a single number that way they are easier to be identified and used generally. A B722, B721, B762, B763, A342, A343, A345, A346 and so on.

  • gartlin9
    gartlin9 22 days ago

    Hmm what about a aircraft called the 7-10-7 🤔

  • Heather T.
    Heather T. 23 days ago

    I doubt executives care about the names of the aircrafts they are buying. I’m sure executives are more worried about how the aircraft will suit there needs and how it will make them money.

  • Schtuperfly
    Schtuperfly 23 days ago

    I feel after the 7-7 numbers are used up they should move to 77-7 numbers because it is the logical progression of lucky numbers

  • Antonio Buccheri
    Antonio Buccheri 24 days ago

    At the end of the video it seems like in the last spotting shot you can see a Vueling A320... is it right?

  • Glen Miller
    Glen Miller 25 days ago

    Following a hexadecimal system, the next aircraft could be 7A7 ....

  • viking squirrel
    viking squirrel 25 days ago

    Boeing made the B-29 . B-50 , 377 , BBJ3 , A-10 E-6 Tacamo F15 so not just 7_7

  • TheCriminalViolin
    TheCriminalViolin 26 days ago

    From all I have seen, read & heard, Boeing and Embraer still have not came to an agreement on any merger/acquisition. I woul STRONGLY prefer it to stay this way too. Embraer remain wholly independent while stick the middle finger up to and into Boeing's face. For me, the branding of an aircraft changing suddenly from a company's traditional scheme has never made me skip a beat, feel uncomfortable nor gain any confusion. Also, I will still consider and call the C-Series by the Bombardier brand, even as much as I love AirBus, in order to keep with what the planes actually are, which is Bombardier aircraft. It's like if god forbid Embraer does stupidly decide to merge with Boeing, I will still call them by their proper names, not Boeing.

  • gerard downes
    gerard downes 26 days ago

    An old colleague told me once that the numbering started with the number on the door for the design office where the first big jet came out. It was known as the 707 office and the name worked its way over to the jet and they kept with it.

  • Joe Chang
    Joe Chang 27 days ago

    nma should be probably reuse the 757 name

  • Robin Rabec
    Robin Rabec 27 days ago

    Perhaps you might like to comment on the origins of the B707 name...my understanding the a/craft has a swept wing of 45 degrees..the Sin of 45 =.707 and hence the inherited name of that pioneering jet airliner.... , maybe ??

  • Fred
    Fred 27 days ago

    I’m use to saying 748 or 78X as in putting the -XXX number after the 2 first numbers

  • gavin kemp
    gavin kemp 28 days ago

    how about going with the 7000 series. with the using pronouncing the 2 middle digit together and using mainly these that roll of the tongue for example the 7107 seven ten seven 7127 seven twelve seven. or they could use letter like the 7A7 or the 7F7

  • Domingo Vergara
    Domingo Vergara 28 days ago

    Could they reuse the 7 series as 7A7, 7B7, 7C7, etc., etc.?

  • defcat123
    defcat123 28 days ago +1

    As an aviation fan, these are great vids

  • Kid Adventurer
    Kid Adventurer 28 days ago

    What would the number series be for spacecraft???

  • Jeff P
    Jeff P 29 days ago

    Boeing 2707 would be an ideal designation; rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

  • mattcolver1
    mattcolver1 29 days ago

    Too bad Boeing stopped making the 757. Airlines are hanging on to those aircraft now because they make for great short haul International flights to lesser served airports. At the time Boeing stopped production because 2 engine aircraft weren't allowed to fly international over water. Now they're allowed.

  • Chris 24
    Chris 24 29 days ago

    A 757x would be really cool when I fly someday it would be cool to say I’m flying a 757 since it is such a nice aircraft

  • Michael W. Perry
    Michael W. Perry 29 days ago

    I suspect Boeing will go to a 8x8 numbering (808, 818...). That follows the same pattern, giving familiarity, and the larger numbers suggest newer and better. The Chinese would like that too, since they consider "8" a lucky number. That is a big market, particularly when overseas Chinese are taken into account.
    I've always wondered about a different numbering issue. Why does the two-engined 737 have that 3 and the three-engined 727 have the 2. After all, there's the 747 with four engines.

  • Daniel Blumenthal Hoffman

    I don't think they will be going with 743 or the like. Every aircraft has a short code in order to be identified in paperwork with agencies such as the FAA. In the case of a 787-9, that would be B789. A 747-400 is a B744. It would be way too confusing to use that naming scheme where many of them already exist.

  • Stratowind
    Stratowind Month ago

    Boeing 701
    Pronounce it like 7 o' 1
    7 o' 2
    Sounds decent.

  • Kieran Calverley
    Kieran Calverley Month ago

    What about an electric 800 series

  • Firstname LASTNAME
    Firstname LASTNAME Month ago

    797 is planned to replace the older 757s

  • Timothy Gooden
    Timothy Gooden Month ago

    This guy has no clue and that’s all I’m allowed to say about that

  • MyTech
    MyTech Month ago

    The 800 series is taken.

  • gabriel Sturdevant
    gabriel Sturdevant Month ago

    hey bud, the B-24 was consolidated, not boeing

  • Jc Dock
    Jc Dock Month ago

    They could do 7X8, it would make sense if they want to keep the 700 numbers and still have a similar feel

  • Luis Pereira
    Luis Pereira Month ago

    They can always start again and keep the 7s. How? 7 double-o 7

  • Filippo Fittipaldi
    Filippo Fittipaldi Month ago

    For future aircraft why not change the middle digit to an alpha? For example, 7A7.

  • Charles Yeo
    Charles Yeo Month ago

    Boeing 404. Plane not found. Lol

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams Month ago

    808 would probably be for electric aircraft.
    909 for super-sonic aircraft.

  • Mark Smolarek
    Mark Smolarek Month ago

    737 is model but when you name a variation i never say 737-300.. I Just say 733 or for an 800 a 738.. Gets complicated with the max series. 73m8?

  • Nick Bryan
    Nick Bryan Month ago

    Didn’t Consolidated make the B-24?

  • james curtis
    james curtis Month ago

    Your answer to the question was "pretty much because they do..." not really an answer....

  • Phughy
    Phughy Month ago

    7X7 X being 10, is also an option. Or use the alphabet 7A7 etc

  • Donny Peters
    Donny Peters Month ago

    7:37 get that trash out of here

  • James Teel II
    James Teel II Month ago +3

    I was waiting with great anticipation for you to mention one of the simplest ideas of them all, and the one I hope will be the likeliest of the choices for Boeing when the time comes. It is the change which really isn’t a change at all, but to just continue...
    the *7-10-7; the *7-11-7, the *7-12-7, and so on and so forth. I’m not aware of any rule that states that the naming system must remain 3 digits. People in general, like continuity, it brings us a sense of comfort. And I’m sure the people at Boeing understand the importance of engendering this sense of comfort, especially in the marketing of machines in which so many of us will be asked to entrust our lives.😉
    What do you think about this particular naming idea DJ? I know some have mentioned this below, and many of us conceived of this idea simultaneously. For after thinking on it, I searched the web and found myriads of identical thoughts on the subject.
    (* dashes intended only to delineate the speech pattern of the proposed newer models)

  • Mathew McLean
    Mathew McLean Month ago

    Very informative and very interesting.

    I'm curious about this subject as well.
    I'm curious to see what an Airbus a390 or Airbus a360 would look like in the future or what kind / size of aircraft it will be

  • Timothy Mulholland
    Timothy Mulholland Month ago

    The B-24 was not a Boeing plane. It was made by Consolidated.

  • Brent Flora
    Brent Flora Month ago

    How about staying in the 7 family but give it 4 digits, exp. 7071, 7172, 7270, 7371, 7472, 7571, 7672, 7771,7872 & 7971! It's a kind of code that is used by many different industries, on all kinds of tools, equipment & even some vehicles use 4 digits or a letter & 3 digits etc.....!

  • Natewatl
    Natewatl Month ago

    An interesting thought comes up concerning Airbus. A & C have become obsolete. How about B for the Brexit era? Hahahahaha!

  • hbarudi
    hbarudi Month ago

    If this current naming convention stays, the 800 series will be alternative energy powered aircraft. Combining hydrogen fuel cell power for propulsion and a battery (APU) for the cabin and cockpit, that is very possible to build an alternative energy powered aircraft that can complete at least one earth orbit before running out of power. Hydrogen is lightweight and very good for the aircraft engines. Hydrogen stations can be added to every airport that use electrolysis of water to make hydrogen and fill the aircraft before they fly. Solar panels around the airport can provide the power to electrolysis of water and the airport can also power all the building needs (lights, heat/ac, flat escalators, and infrastructure) with another set of hydrogen fuel cells.

  • bobs5050
    bobs5050 Month ago

    How is the 720B explained then. I flew on one of those.

  • Dee Anna
    Dee Anna Month ago

    The 787 is the most beautiful aircraft in the sky.

  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , Month ago

    Boeing still has 2 options left, 7D7 & 7T7 based on their biggest sales agent name who sits in white house !!

  • 조하현
    조하현 Month ago

    Well, I think, because there were plans of Boeing 2707(Supersonic Airliner), the name of Boeing 1707 sounds quite natural to me. What do you think?

  • Wesley Johnson
    Wesley Johnson Month ago

    Their sst was called the 2707, I wonder why they couldn’t do something like
    And so on

  • Ruth Elisa Luna
    Ruth Elisa Luna Month ago

    As long as they take me where I want to go in one piece, for now. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wilde_Nicholas_P.
    Wilde_Nicholas_P. Month ago

    How about 7A7, 7B7, 7C7, 7D7, 7E7, ... and omitting 7F7 to not confuse it with freighter aircraft, omitting 7i7 and 7o7 to not confuse people with the 717 and 707 respectively.

  • BillySmith777 Official

    You forgot boeing 720, but nice video

  • Pres W2PW
    Pres W2PW Month ago

    I don't see any reason not to do 7A7, 7B7, 7C7 etc. I think that (with the exception of 7H7, 7O7, 7V7, and 7W7) they all sound every bit as "snappy" as 7#7 variants. With aircraft design and lifecycles as they are, that should take us well into the next century or beyond, although that might mean reverting back to the 6 series for rocket power! (Bring back the actual 727, please)

  • Amihai Freed
    Amihai Freed Month ago

    I think that they might be reserving the 8x8 series a new type of aircraft, perhaps flying wing, or autonomous passenger craft.

  • Amihai Freed
    Amihai Freed Month ago

    Considering not much has changed in aircraft design other than construction materials, and the changes in laws governing trans-oceanic flights, I think that Boing might bring back the 757 / 767 with new varients.

  • The Automaticist
    The Automaticist Month ago

    Why not a 7107?

  • Ashraful Islam
    Ashraful Islam Month ago

    7α7 7β7 7γ7 7X7 7D7 ...
    there are lots of options

  • UnOriginalOne
    UnOriginalOne Month ago


  • Chamer TUC
    Chamer TUC Month ago

    Great and interesting video. I'm agree with you and liked B767's example

  • Shane Kane
    Shane Kane Month ago

    Bring back the Boeing 757!

  • Talab AL Abdalla
    Talab AL Abdalla Month ago

    very beautiful Air port view , I like it....

  • Lucas Farmer
    Lucas Farmer Month ago

    why don't they do something like 7077, add a zero in the middle

  • Albert Calis
    Albert Calis Month ago

    How does the proposed-but-canceled Boeing 2707 SST fit into the numbering mix?

  • Albert Calis
    Albert Calis Month ago

    The original number for the Boeing 707 prototype was the Boeing 367-80.

  • Nerris Nassiri
    Nerris Nassiri Month ago

    Why do the numbers jump around? I.e. why did we go from 707 to 727, but 717 was just recently released?

  • Scott Lathrop
    Scott Lathrop Month ago

    The new 7107

  • Kim Sertangkai
    Kim Sertangkai Month ago

    I think that's easy enough. Long time ago Boeing had their SST program: "Boeing 2707". So to continue with 4 digits instead of 3 is quite obvious and not new to them. After Boeing 797 it is natural to assume that the next one in line could be the Boeing 1707, 1717, 1727 etc. etc.... Just a thought.

  • Dave Glo
    Dave Glo Month ago

    I’ll be flying on the 787 in a few weeks. That will allow me to boast that I’ve been on every Boeing jetliner since the 707. My opinion for numbers after 797 is purely subjective: 808 doesn’t sound cool. But 909 does!

  • SkyPesos
    SkyPesos Month ago

    The idea of specific aircraft types like 791, 749, etc will add to the confusion somewhat. A lot of people use IATA/ICAO codes for the aircraft (example: 789=787-9, 77W=777-300ER, 7M8=737-8 MAX) so I don’t think that boeing will do that one.

  • Crewiser
    Crewiser Month ago


  • FridgeBiTeR _CB
    FridgeBiTeR _CB Month ago +41

    When you see a 747-400 cargolux
    "is this captain Joe?"

    • FridgeBiTeR _CB
      FridgeBiTeR _CB Month ago +1

      +Sirius Black no but actually I watched that video right after I wrote this comment lol

    • Sirius Black
      Sirius Black Month ago +2

      Let me guess, you got that meme from a bellcc video

  • Michael S. Howard
    Michael S. Howard Month ago

    707,717,727,737,747,757,767,777,787,787, 7107,7117,7127..... 7xx7 so very obvious DJ

  • Steve Forster
    Steve Forster Month ago

    Wonder if they will ever have a 7700 (pilots will understand)

  • Brett Roberts
    Brett Roberts Month ago

    Awesome awesome thank you so much for this information. You never know what people are thinking in the business world

  • Javier Arreaza
    Javier Arreaza Month ago

    The B-24 wasn’t a Boeing product. It was built by Consolidated, I believe.

  • PunyHunk
    PunyHunk Month ago

    I like the editing, nice job! Sorry I haven't really showed up on any of your other videos.

  • Andrew Ye
    Andrew Ye Month ago

    3:18 The B-24 wasn't a Boeing aircraft, it was built by Consolidated. Quite different companies at the time. The "Boeing Model 32" - the X-32 - as you say is not a WW2 bomber either, it's a prototype stealth fighter.

  • VachuGames
    VachuGames Month ago

    4:57 Looks like reverse thrust in mid-air

  • Mandolinic
    Mandolinic Month ago

    Make it the 7000 series: 7007, 7017, 7027, ... , 7987, 7997. Should be good for many hundreds of years!

  • Diego C.
    Diego C. Month ago

    Names like 748 or 732 would conflict with the shorthand type names that use 748 for the 747-8, or 732 for the 737-200, wouldn't they? It could create confusion. There was the Boeing 2707 supersonic concept back in the day, so they could go with 27x7. But I think they will go with 8xx or something completely different altogether.

  • 250 Abos ohne Video
    250 Abos ohne Video Month ago +1

    I have seen a 787 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

  • Alex Parent
    Alex Parent Month ago +3

    I predict it will be 7107 (seven ten seven). But I hope they’ll do like 7A7 (seven Alpha seven)

  • Official SWolf
    Official SWolf Month ago

    Speaking of liveries. I still haven't gotten over the change Southwest did. I miss that old livery :(

  • Zak Jansen
    Zak Jansen Month ago

    177? 277? 377? 477?

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy Month ago

    Wow 11minutes just discussing the numbers