Why do Boeing Aircraft Start & End with a 7?

  • Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • Why do Boeing Aircraft Start & End with the number 7? In today's video, I explore the answer to this question. We head back before the Second World War, discuss how the War impacted Boeing and what led to the 700 series of aircraft. I also discuss what's next for Boeing in regards to the naming of their aircraft.
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Comments • 759

  • Dj's Aviation
    Dj's Aviation  6 months ago +97

    With more time on my hands I decided to put a little more effort in the editing of this video. I’ll still be changing it and fine tuning it over the coming weeks but I’d be interested to hear your take on it? Did you enjoy the new cuts / transitions. If not how would want me to improve? After all, I can make the videos but I also want you to enjoy them.

    • Da Hawk
      Da Hawk Month ago

      A good thing to explain in this vid was why Boeing skipped "717". And that's because this is what they called the KC-135 military version of the 707. When that name fell out of use, it left a hole that was filled in the 90s.

    • Cancerous Child
      Cancerous Child Month ago

      Why this username

    • Saif Luizz
      Saif Luizz Month ago

      Where is the airbus video on this topic 🤔

    • SiliconBong
      SiliconBong 2 months ago

      Hey KIWI's it's all been worth it!:there we are; 6:43 :)

    • Snehasis Ghosh
      Snehasis Ghosh 4 months ago

      American got talent

    KOEN BEARD 2 days ago

    Can they do 808 818 838 etc,

  • Mac Varakorn
    Mac Varakorn 2 days ago

    Maybe the 800 series might be a heavy cargo transport aircraft or maybe they might be restarting the Boeing 747 AAC (Airborne Aircraft Carrier) For U.S.A.F or maybe it might be Super Sonic aircraft which mean they might be restarting the Boeing 2707 ( a super Sonic aircraft ) or maybe it might be a Space plane.

  • Event Horizon
    Event Horizon 3 days ago

    Wasn’t the original 707 call the “dash 7”?

  • Devang Jain
    Devang Jain 4 days ago +1

    Nice video DJ. Please can you make a video on Concorde also

  • Chase Berggren
    Chase Berggren 5 days ago

    At first I thought I liked the idea thrown out to start with 808, then 818, 828, and so on, but the more I think of it, keeping the 7 as the first number and ending it with a MAX or X or something makes sense if the airplane strongly resembles an earlier plane. For example, as mentioned on this video, if the proposed 797 coming out in the mid to late 2020s looks a lot like the 757, why not call it the 757-something. Less of a shock in the beginning and more importantly what makes sense while keeping the 797 number unused until such time as a truly new plane is introduced, like a next generation supersonic type.

  • mister garcia
    mister garcia 6 days ago

    It's 2019. Next naming sequest should be 737-Crash; 747 -SJW, 787-LGBTQ

  • Dan Hood
    Dan Hood 10 days ago

    Changing the last digit wouldn't work since the last digit is usually used as short-form for a variant (Boeing 733 for 737-300, 744 for 747-400, etc.). I think 800 series makes the most sense for future aircraft, though I think Boeing will keep the 737 and 747 names in particular as long as they can.

  • Mercian Mapper
    Mercian Mapper 10 days ago

    Why not 7xx7?

  • Air Mizrat
    Air Mizrat 11 days ago

    What is name is Boeing going to use to name Boeing Yellowstone One since Boeing all out of numbers that start and end with the number 7?

  • Scxttish
    Scxttish 12 days ago

    The 800 series could be for the future electric powered airliners.

  • Nicholas Martinez
    Nicholas Martinez 13 days ago

    Soon they’ll run out of 7s and will go 8s
    I swear I said it before he did and had to edit my comment

  • Jeebus
    Jeebus 16 days ago

    Meh, i'll vote for 755, 766, 788 etc

  • DailyTrainee Official
    DailyTrainee Official 17 days ago +1

    787F lol

  • Anim3Raptor
    Anim3Raptor 18 days ago

    how about 7107, 7117, 7127

  • Dario Impini
    Dario Impini 21 day ago

    What's the difference between a "turbine" powered airplane and a "jet" powered airplane?

  • Jethro62105
    Jethro62105 21 day ago

    Boeing Despacito

  • TeaDrivenDev _
    TeaDrivenDev _ 21 day ago

    "...we can't really imagine seeing something like this occur nowadays." You should read up on Microsoft's internal versioning vs. their product names....

  • Alfie bartlett
    Alfie bartlett 22 days ago

    7107, 808, 606 or 708??

  • Russell Cannon
    Russell Cannon 22 days ago

    They might hesitate with 808, 818, etc. because 8 is widely held to be an unlucky number in some Asian countries. Cheers, Russ

  • janis317
    janis317 24 days ago

    The number 7 symbolizes both completion and perfection.

  • Manuel1723 _
    Manuel1723 _ 24 days ago

    Wowwww, nice video! Very informative!

  • Sillekram YT
    Sillekram YT 25 days ago

    At orientation for Boeing I was told it has to do with some sort of paper from the FAA that lets them operate said paper is number 700

    Y2CELICA 26 days ago

    Will Boeing make a 797

  • Kevin Lewis
    Kevin Lewis 26 days ago

    Similar to 300 and 400-series piston-engined prop aircraft, I expect the 807, 817, etc. - maintains a "7" for ten new aircraft, then onto 9x7.

  • NiceMuslimLady
    NiceMuslimLady 28 days ago

    I thought Boeing stopped making the 757. I have also heard that Boeing is planning on ending 747 production soon.

  • David Fusco
    David Fusco 29 days ago +1

    Very informative video, thanks! The B-24 was built by Consolidated Aviation, not Boeing.

  • NeS program
    NeS program 29 days ago


  • BLOX Roehrl
    BLOX Roehrl Month ago

    I think that they would agree that the planes are not going to be used anymore, and they'll invent something.

  • Ian McGreevy
    Ian McGreevy Month ago

    4 prefix = sounds like death within Chinese cultures
    (BTW Hence no BMW four -series)

  • Devin Graves
    Devin Graves Month ago

    B 24 wasnt Boeing AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    But other than that good video...

  • Mohammed Armaan
    Mohammed Armaan Month ago

    Or they could switch to a 4 digit system like 7007, 7117, 7227,...... Like if u agree

  • shaiq butt
    shaiq butt Month ago +1

    How about like this
    777,737,787 (s, s+, xs, xs max) or B1, B1+, B1 max, B2, B2+,B2 Max, B3, B3+, B3 max B4, B4+ B4 Max, B5, B5+, B5 max, B6, B6+, B6 max, B7, B7+, B7 Max, B8, B8+, B8 Max, B9, B9+, B9 max, just like how Samsung and iPhone does it.

  • LordTrayus
    LordTrayus Month ago +1

    Or they could just keep upping the numbers...7-10-7, 7-11-7, 7-12-7, etc...

    KEISHA IM32 Month ago

    I just realized there are 717 comments also 717 is a Boeing plane crazy right

  • datsuntoyy
    datsuntoyy Month ago

    I've always thought it was funny how they make a completly new aircraft and just add a new suffix. Serioulsy, how many different 737's are there of all different size? To me, a 737 should have a fixed fusealge and wing size, change that and it's no longer a 737.

  • Ronald Baskett
    Ronald Baskett Month ago

    I think they should use the naming system they had for the cancelled SST. It was named the 2707. I think that concept should be explored, for example, 2727, 2737, etc.

  • xsplice
    xsplice Month ago

    800 series is supersonic? hmmmmmm.......

  • Next Step Gamer
    Next Step Gamer Month ago

    Boeing 720 : am i a joke to you 😢

  • E Lavaii Neverbackdown

    Because if James Bond 007.

  • Da Hawk
    Da Hawk Month ago

    Boeing should have called the 727 the 737. And then called the 737 the 727. This way when you had a 727, 737, or a 747, all you would have to do is look at the middle number and you'd know how many engines your plane had.

  • Larry Parks
    Larry Parks Month ago +1

    Only exception to this naming style was the Boeing 720.

  • joedavtav
    joedavtav Month ago

    7-10-7, 7-11-7 etc

  • Brodie
    Brodie Month ago +1

    Maybe just add an extra 0 like 7007

  • Jim Richards
    Jim Richards Month ago

    Boeing did make a 720 aircraft.

  • Michael Ackerman
    Michael Ackerman Month ago

    I am sorry, but I could not figure out why the various models end in "7". I understand that the JETS are 7XX and that the piston-driven are 3XX; however, all of the 3xx series that are airliners ALSO end in "7"; ie, 307 - the B17-based airliner and the 377 Stratocruiser, a B29-based passenger liner.

  • William James
    William James Month ago

    800 series would be better from a marketing perspective to market it as the next generation of aircraft

  • Anuj Velani
    Anuj Velani Month ago +2

    Can you please make the same video for airbus and also make a video on different aircraft manufacturers coming up other than aitbus and boeing

  • anthony pratt
    anthony pratt Month ago

    What's so wrong with going to the next number 8. The Boeing 8A 8B 8C or Boeing 800..?

  • Alan Michigan
    Alan Michigan Month ago

    Why not just continue on as they have been? There is nothing saying you can't say 7107 or 7117?

  • David Foster
    David Foster Month ago

    You should've talked about the Boeing Yellowstone Project, which is set to replace the 737 sometime after 2030.

  • don meurett
    don meurett Month ago

    Don't forget the B-52, 5+2=7

  • Jaleel Connelly
    Jaleel Connelly Month ago

    1:30 weird flex but ok

  • Owen Scheider
    Owen Scheider Month ago

    What about boeing 7107

  • Jalen D
    Jalen D Month ago

    Airbus is the same way. Starts with 3. Ends in 0-1

  • Axel Playz
    Axel Playz Month ago

    boeing 101

  • Lucas Newman
    Lucas Newman Month ago

    I feel like he says "disposal" a lot

    [LP] AZ GAMER Month ago

    What Boeing After 797 ?!!?...807 ?

  • Ben McClure
    Ben McClure Month ago

    7107 7117 7127 etc?

  • JMG_99
    JMG_99 Month ago

    I've heard they might actually keep the 7X7 format, but make the X two digits instead of one, think 7107 (Seven-ten-seven) or 7117 (Seven-eleven-seven)

  • Patrick Powers
    Patrick Powers Month ago

    I don't really think it matters at all. Call it Windows 3x - that will still be accepted. we seem to think that product naming is important - it is not - in the long term - in any way important.

  • Kdw Edselstein
    Kdw Edselstein Month ago

    If a Boeing 808 was made Hawaiian Airlines would be all over it.

  • Noah's Comics
    Noah's Comics Month ago

    3:51 a 3 digit NuMbEr

  • Cameron Bratz
    Cameron Bratz Month ago +1

    What about the F/A-18 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ark Files
    Ark Files Month ago

    I saw the one world QANTAS 747 at Sydney airport when it was being checked and serviced.

  • Ashly
    Ashly Month ago

    damn what do you think that a Boeing 420 would look like

  • Joe Fenner
    Joe Fenner Month ago

    I love the look of all the qatar planes

  • Wortem14
    Wortem14 Month ago

    I think they should start making upgraded modern versions of the classics, I’d love to see a modern upgrade of the 707, that plane was pure class, I mean, what other planes have a Roger Miller song about them?

  • Nitch Dawg
    Nitch Dawg Month ago

    3:17 uhh, the B 24 was made by Consolidated Aircraft, not Boeing. It was known as the Consolidated Model 32
    Still great vid, just wanted to give a clarification. I love WW2 aircraft

  • marinazf
    marinazf Month ago

    There is a 2707

  • Chamnap Cheng
    Chamnap Cheng Month ago

    7 is a holy number, 7 is a very good choice for Beoing. China is on the bandwagons by choosing number 9 as their lucky number for passengers aircraft. Airbus chose number 3 to name their aircraft. It appeared odd number is the option to name their aircrafts.

  • Dudepilot 747
    Dudepilot 747 Month ago

    9:20. I do not like the idea of jumping straight to the 757-X name, because they only did the 757-200 and 300. The 757 could continue on with the 400, 500, 600, etc just like the 737 (They have the 737-100, 200, 300 ,400 ,500 ,600, 700 ,800, 900, and the Max 7, 8, 200, 9 and 10 plus the military variants). It may be possible to do a 757-100, but it sounds a little weird to me.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Month ago

    Seems logical to me to just add a digit: 7007, 7117, 7227, and so on.

  • Sphere723
    Sphere723 Month ago

    There was an engineering joke that the 707 was named after the decimal of root 2 over 2 because of all the triangular fillet welds it used.

  • Máximo
    Máximo Month ago

    8:55 seems like gpws callouts

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera Month ago

    Or maybe it’s because they say that seven is the best number and Boeing is literally the most best

  • Paul Riddle
    Paul Riddle Month ago

    I remember the 2707 Sonic Cruiser. I think that they should reuse names like that. Like 2707, 2717, 2727, etc. I feel that would be a good idea to keep it original kinda. Plus it sounds cool!

  • Phim Nyuj Vais
    Phim Nyuj Vais Month ago

    Why airbus chose 3 & 8 ?

  • Donuts For Life
    Donuts For Life Month ago

    I recognized the 787 because of the flat nose

  • Jason patel
    Jason patel Month ago

    300 series

  • RobloxGamingHP
    RobloxGamingHP Month ago

    Next Video title why does Arbus start with a A?

  • blewyd
    blewyd Month ago

    Lol there was a boeing ad on this video

  • Carl FortniteRoblox

    737BCF. 747BCF

  • Julian Rivera
    Julian Rivera 2 months ago

    It´s obviously because of Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • LEOVINEAL Guadalupe
    LEOVINEAL Guadalupe 2 months ago

    7 was lucky

  • Justin Montreuil
    Justin Montreuil 2 months ago

    Will turbojet aircraft be re-introduced in the future?

  • Adrian Hatter
    Adrian Hatter 2 months ago

    Probably a longshot, but what about keeping the 7_7 series going, but double the middle number, like 7007, 7117, 7227, instead of going for 7107, 7137, 7207, 7217 and so on? I do like keeping the same numbering sequences but adding more names or numbers like they're doing with the 737-MAX for the next generation

  • Ben Winship
    Ben Winship 2 months ago

    I like the edits makes the video look really sleek and nice. Keep it up bro!

  • Jon Winters
    Jon Winters 2 months ago

    Boeing propeller driven aircraft had 300 and 400 designations, I see no reason why they can't make the 797 and then move on to the 808. The real question I have is: what happened to the 717?

  • blackflagqwerty
    blackflagqwerty 2 months ago

    The Porsche 911 was supposed called the 901 but Peugeout had trademarked all the car numbers with a 0 in the middle

  • Gabriel James Eramian
    Gabriel James Eramian 2 months ago

    the next Boeing will replace the Boeing 757. Its the Boeing 797, and it's coming

  • Data Wargaming
    Data Wargaming 2 months ago +1

    They were going to do the 2707.... why not go with 27x7 then?

  • Mackenzie Toscan
    Mackenzie Toscan 2 months ago


  • Peter Reimer
    Peter Reimer 2 months ago

    I have been on the Boeing Factory tour. The guide explained the numbering system. The reason all the jet planes end with a 7 is an homage to James Bond and 007. In the sixties, 707 just sounded sexier than 700 and so on.

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia 2 months ago

    The B-24 was designed by Consolidated, not Boeing.

  • Michael Kape
    Michael Kape 2 months ago +1

    But, but, but did we forget the fabled (and now gone) B-720, which came out after the B-707 and before the B-727? It was a smaller variant of the B-707, still with the four engines but a shorter range. Then there's the retrofit naming of the MD-80/DC-9 from when Boeing acquired McDonnell-Douglas. The new name (and going backward in time, so to speak) is the B-717. By the logic you stated, this should actually have been the name for the B-720. So far as future naming goes, we can also look to the past. When Boeing was going to build its ill-fated SST, its name was the B-2707-using the addition of a fourth digit in front. (Why it wasn't the B-1707 is anyone's guess.) Also, the Max and X variants have all been launched for existing lines still being manufactured. The B-757 is no longer being made. Suddenly popping out a B-757X or B-757Max would not be logical at all. There is a completely illogical but highly logical reason for going into an 800 series: in the Chinese culture (and China is a huge customer for Boeing), the 8 is considered a lucky number.

  • Albert Tseng
    Albert Tseng 2 months ago

    I was thinking it would be named Boeing 7-10-7

  • B1GBOI 03
    B1GBOI 03 2 months ago +3

    Hold on a second, the B24 was designed and manufactured by Consolidated, not Boeing?
    Also you said 500 was for turbine powered aircraft and 700 for jet powered aircraft, they are essentially the same thing....

    • Jebi Se
      Jebi Se 12 days ago

      gas turbine can be turbo prop too... not sure if they made any of those.

  • Michelle Thomsen
    Michelle Thomsen 2 months ago

    They will do 8 something 8

  • DrTeeth
    DrTeeth 2 months ago

    Please stop using plural forms of verbs when talking about a singular entity, viz Boeing.