Adam Richman Fanboys Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 17, 2017
  • The "Man v. Food" veteran knows a thing or two about spicy-food challenges, but how will he fair against the wings of death? Find out as Adam Richman takes on some hot questions and even hotter wings with Sean Evans, proving his deep-dive knowledge of previous guests along the way. From DJ Khaled jabs to Chris D'Elia quotables, Richman gives Brett Baker a run for his money as the Hot Ones superfan of note.
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  • MissGimpsAlot
    MissGimpsAlot Day ago

    His "mom" voice was so great 😆

  • Voodoolady Ink
    Voodoolady Ink Day ago

    I want to hang with his mother. Seriously. Who do I contact?

  • no way!
    no way! 2 days ago

    oh look he gained the weight back, and to think he lost his food network job from being a douche about losing weight

  • tom201
    tom201 2 days ago

    other tv stars seem a bit arrogant but adam is loving every moment of the show. what a nice and humble dude.

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown 2 days ago

    Perfect balance between appreciating the food and having fun with an extreme challenge...and he eats the whole wing every time when most guests just stop at a bite. Respect. 👊

  • Joban Singh
    Joban Singh 3 days ago

    @1:33 what is the track? Like it starts at 1:33 end at 1:38

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 3 days ago

    Favorite guest. Legend

  • Edwin Black
    Edwin Black 3 days ago

    Does anyone else feel like Adam is a combo of Drake AND Josh??

  • FunnyVideos Snapchat/richyung

    What about mark wiens on the show

  • zeromod1
    zeromod1 3 days ago

    Super what? 11:30

  • TheJaybrone
    TheJaybrone 3 days ago

    I don't have to take and out of the sentence who I support. I support the Rams AND whoever is playing the Raiders.

  • Robespierre1758X
    Robespierre1758X 4 days ago

    mans a total Jew FRAUD

  • richgarc84
    richgarc84 5 days ago

    That 420 cafe did him dirty with the ghost pepper extract.

  • mtiller2006
    mtiller2006 5 days ago

    I did enjoy Man vs. Food, though some of those challenges were way out in left field. And the one where he referenced those hottest wings where someone said to pour the entire ghost chili sauce into the mix, I really think that was a challenge that should not have counted because that much hot sauce could literally cause serious trouble what with the high amount of Scoville units. I'm very surprised he didn't wind up in the hospital from what he suffered, I really felt for him that time.
    But to see him do this challenge for Hot Ones, it's like watching Man vs. Food all over again! Awesome stuff!

  • The Bongo Player
    The Bongo Player 6 days ago

    Fuckin oath, most Americans are unaware of how much they are missing out on with chicken salt and tim tam slams.

  • Indio Ochoa
    Indio Ochoa 7 days ago

    Sean!!!! A small request if you could make it possible to get Rodney Carrington and Toby Keith on a duo interview that would be awesome!!!! Keep on rocking it brother

  • Marque Aguilar
    Marque Aguilar 8 days ago

    yo yo yo get ski mask the slump god on this bich

  • image30p
    image30p 8 days ago

    Excellent guest! Very funny!

  • Eddie Myler
    Eddie Myler 8 days ago

    Guessing sauce came up his nostril when he coughed! 😨. Great guest, I dig on his shows.

  • VivaValdez
    VivaValdez 9 days ago

    22:43 "The least douchey cookbook you will ever find, plus it has the entire history of chocolate as a rhyming poem..."
    Adam, you seem to have misunderstood the point you were making here...

  • Victor Macias
    Victor Macias 10 days ago

    Dude u have to take so many tums after every show

  • James Wheet
    James Wheet 10 days ago

    Carmel and Zionsville Indiana both now!!!
    I have two pics on the wall for a 1 pound and a year later my brother and I both ate a two pounder for an 8x10 on the wall, life size door pic is a 4 pounder and I think there may be 3 people total to complete it

    YADEZ 11 days ago

    All of America has asked for 'Nardwuar' to be on First We Feast Hotones.

  • hippydippy
    hippydippy 12 days ago

    I love how his lips get redder & redder! Good Job!!!

  • Lyle Swann
    Lyle Swann 12 days ago

    5:46 Adam quoting Buffalo Bill. Priceless.

  • lietz13
    lietz13 12 days ago

    The guy from Man vs Food is name dropping Jonathan Swift and using it correctly. Impressed by this, what a self-aware and intelligent man, would watch more programming he hosts.

  • bubbaj007
    bubbaj007 12 days ago

    Max Payne, Nice reference

  • Daniel Gray
    Daniel Gray 13 days ago

    The only thing I disagree with is Tottenham fuck them we beat them 4-2 recently.

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones 13 days ago

    Did anyone else read "Adam Richman Fatboys out..."

  • Larry Becker Jr
    Larry Becker Jr 13 days ago

    Da bomb seems to be the hottest one....everybody thinks it hot..

  • The20KurGan
    The20KurGan 13 days ago

    The way Adam pronounced Saiyan hurt me on a personal level

  • Doom Ander
    Doom Ander 13 days ago

    I didn't know AngryJoe had a interview.

  • Mike Vilogi
    Mike Vilogi 13 days ago

    ROFL When Adam quotes Buffalo Bill From Silence of the Lambs

  • Joseph Stepp
    Joseph Stepp 14 days ago

    You can tell he isn’t all there mentally 😂

  • prashanth prakash
    prashanth prakash 15 days ago

    Sean Evans your awesome!!

  • icewallowcman
    icewallowcman 15 days ago

    he makes up white ppl look bad

  • Collin Meyer
    Collin Meyer 16 days ago

    Im jelous you never fuck up your white shirts.

  • cipher88101
    cipher88101 17 days ago

    Wow really interesting interview and a great guest. Great hearing about some of the things that happened on Man vs Food.

  • Wes Davis
    Wes Davis 17 days ago

    I don't understand why on this show you have Crystal hot sauce supposedly hotter than black label valentina? No way, I use an entire bottle on a rotisserie chicken, but I don't touch the black label valentina that shit's fire.

  • Shawn Stephenson
    Shawn Stephenson 18 days ago


  • James Murray
    James Murray 19 days ago

    Holy shit though... He might be one of the best guests.

  • James Murray
    James Murray 19 days ago

    Sweet.. I'm in the srq 😂

  • Derek McDonough
    Derek McDonough 21 day ago

    This is awesome

  • vegan penguin
    vegan penguin 21 day ago

    Get daniel tosh

  • Daniel Manclark
    Daniel Manclark 21 day ago

    Green Street reference when talking about football teams being like Israel and Palestinians haha

  • camq0789
    camq0789 22 days ago

    Probably the only guest to clean the entire bone.

  • Scott Zeall
    Scott Zeall 22 days ago

    He’s such a chill guy, I didn’t realise how down to Earth he was; plus he is wicked at British accents! Really enjoyed this one.

  • Xzeralt
    Xzeralt 23 days ago +3

    I love how they're both fans of eachother's work

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 24 days ago

    Kodak black would be funny

  • moronicadam
    moronicadam 25 days ago

    should invite matt stonie onto the show next

  • Louise Goldsmith
    Louise Goldsmith 27 days ago

    I loved his British accent normally Americans make me cringe when they do a British accents

  • krissy6161
    krissy6161 Month ago

    I loved this one!!

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor Month ago

    Chicken salt s/o St. Morang, Yarra River, Epping, Jerilderie, and Townsville

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor Month ago

    6:50 come to a 9ers vs Raiders game and leave on a stretcher...

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor Month ago

    I drink big bottles of Valentina... great on tacos and burritos

  • Nathan O'Keefe
    Nathan O'Keefe Month ago

    Holy shit, I love this dude. Man v. Food always seemed so genuine and Adam is a huge reason why.

  • Dare to Know
    Dare to Know Month ago +6

    Man, he's even funnier when he allows himself to be uncensored

  • roastmypig
    roastmypig Month ago

    this jewish cunt, fuck him

    ALLUPINYA Month ago

    I can't stand the new man versus food guy he's not funny he looks dumb and it's just not the same without Adam

  • David Hellus
    David Hellus Month ago

    Adam is a champ!

  • verunn cheekock
    verunn cheekock Month ago

    i thought he was the actor that played smegul

  • razorback6111
    razorback6111 Month ago

    He's surprisingly good at accents

  • Jsalcedo23
    Jsalcedo23 Month ago

    Adam's pop culture references is insane.

  • Mat Langevin
    Mat Langevin Month ago

    and thats how you eat wings... hot or not.

  • clschamwv
    clschamwv Month ago

    what is she a great big fat person?

  • morbidmanner
    morbidmanner Month ago

    I was next to Adam on the wall of shame in the Nascar Cafe =P

  • upsidedown macchiato2

    I have never finished an epispde of hot ones until now. My boy Adam! What a great episode!

  • BostonSecret45
    BostonSecret45 Month ago +5

    he literally a hot ones superfan LOL

  • Dominus Ghaul
    Dominus Ghaul Month ago +3

    Adam has one of the best, most genuine and grounded personalities of any celebrity in the world. Fucking love this guy.

  • Chris Berry
    Chris Berry Month ago

    Adam Richmond is the 🐐!!

  • ThatBritte
    ThatBritte Month ago

    "Sometimes my arms bend back" I LOVE HIM MORE NOW

  • clark evans
    clark evans Month ago

    Love that they use Blair's. My go to sauce since somewhere in the 90's

  • clark evans
    clark evans Month ago

    Love the technique...words right out of my mouth.

  • Dana McFadden
    Dana McFadden Month ago

    "I feel like it was a little bit of a bitchy one" Great comment and Adam saved face by adding more. Yale grad I had no idea. I have more respect for the guests that eat the entire wing.

  • PewPew_McPewster
    PewPew_McPewster Month ago +2

    Adam's a sweetheart. Glad to see he's doing great. Much respect.

  • Silver skyline
    Silver skyline Month ago

    Wtf where is your egg bowl and your balloon whisk??? why in fresh hell are you scrambling eggs in the pan!! NOO

  • Zygwired
    Zygwired Month ago

    Leaving this he's a Spuds fan

  • Future weapon
    Future weapon Month ago

    His voice is iconic

  • Aaron Serrano
    Aaron Serrano Month ago

    I loved this episode. We need Dwayne The Rock Johnson on here! Please! :) Ask what it's like going into fatherhood!

  • Tania Boyd
    Tania Boyd Month ago

    Adam Richman and Andrew Zimmerman so freaking awesome guys and shows

  • Alexander Herlan
    Alexander Herlan Month ago

    "like when max payne takes that drug".... my man, Max Payne!!!

  • Misstah J
    Misstah J Month ago

    He lost me when he said "Mozerell" and "Super Sai-yan"

  • Chris Irish
    Chris Irish Month ago

    No waste on the food either.. ate all the wing, and worked through it, an experienced Vet to watch lol.. one of my favorite Food Network stars..

  • Junior Soqui
    Junior Soqui Month ago

    Finally. Someone that leaves the wings clean off the bone.

  • Joe Harker
    Joe Harker Month ago

    Eggs and hangovers should never be a thing

  • Spyhydro hydrosmoke

    Get Roman antwood on

  • keyboardbeats
    keyboardbeats Month ago +2

    Eddie Murphy! Eddie Murphy! Come on Sean Eddie Murphy!

  • Fat Loser
    Fat Loser Month ago

    This guy Sean Evans is one tough fruit. I never seen such a girlie guy eat spicy food like its nothing.

  • MrMartena56
    MrMartena56 Month ago

    "I still think it's funny that Khaled came here with his own chef, had 3 wings and was out. 'THESE WINGS IS MONEY, THEY MAJOR KEY SON. I'M DONE SONE. HERE YOUR HINGES FUCKBOY'"

  • Jimmy Bocanegra
    Jimmy Bocanegra Month ago

    Damn adam torn up that dirty dick

  • Zachary Woodford
    Zachary Woodford Month ago

    I cant help but feel like they pay the guests to say they like the hot ones sauces. Every single guest seems to go out of their way to say how tasty it is. Even of it is really good that's too much of a coincidence

    • Zachary Woodford
      Zachary Woodford Month ago

      +B.R. V. maybe. I haven't seen that one. But of all the 20 or so I've seen it seems like theres always an extended positive review of their sauces. I dont mind btw, they have a business to run. Get that promotion lol

    • B.R. V.
      B.R. V. Month ago

      Zachary Woodford I’m pretty sure Wanda Sykes said she didn’t like it but it does seem funny they usually say they like them the most. Maybe they’re just trying to be nice

  • Pookie Scrub
    Pookie Scrub Month ago

    Rip Anthony bourdain :(

  • Kino
    Kino Month ago +1


  • Conn Moss
    Conn Moss Month ago

    love how much adam knows about the show and previous episodes

  • Ghetto Batman
    Ghetto Batman Month ago

    Love this show its the bomb lol

  • Erik Kangas
    Erik Kangas Month ago

    Good sport! Very engaging. Super cool that he was so knowledgeable about the show as well. Awesome episode.

  • Dopamine
    Dopamine Month ago

    The real Adam Richman is so much cooler than the TV one.

  • miguel gonzalez
    miguel gonzalez Month ago

    We all assumed that you operated that way of eating a whole bunch of food daily based on how fat you were before you became famous for it and then lost weight so yeah that's what happens to humans nobody assumed you were an vegan

  • MrSpeedweasel
    MrSpeedweasel Month ago

    Adam 'Thick Daddy' Richman.

  • Samuel Robredo
    Samuel Robredo Month ago +3

    420 munchies you arseholes. Chilli extract can kill.