Best VIRAL Asian Makeup Transformations 2019 😱 Asian Makeup Tutorials Compilation / part43

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Best VIRAL Asian Makeup Transformations 2019 😱 Asian Makeup Tutorials Compilation / part43
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Comments • 2 013

  • Veronika Girl
    Veronika Girl 5 hours ago

    I am wondering what do their parents think? Even do they can recognize their own daughter with make up??? 😂😂😂

  • Tony F
    Tony F 12 hours ago

    Nice color contacts - look good on you!

  • maria zlatov
    maria zlatov 19 hours ago

    3:39, what the heck is that piramid chin? are you tryna resurrect Anubis?!

  • maria zlatov
    maria zlatov 19 hours ago

    so the third lady passed from your aunt Brenda that never misses a church day to yo girl Latrish rich bitch.

  • unknown _
    unknown _ Day ago

    Some of the girls are making there face even worse with makeup

  • Food with gluten

    Some of these were like LSD trip to me with all dem filters and special effects xD
    ps. Men need to shut up about makeup and girls.Girls can do whatever they want to their faces.

  • Lara Artaza
    Lara Artaza Day ago

    *r a i n a p p e a r s*

  • Lugh On The Loo
    Lugh On The Loo 2 days ago

    Some of them are creepy.

  • Andreia Bianconi
    Andreia Bianconi 2 days ago

    O que é esse negócio que elas passam no pescoço?😮
    What is this business that they wrap around their necks?😮

  • Carmen Montero
    Carmen Montero 2 days ago

    Can someone xplain me what is the thing that (for example) girl in 6:23 uses for the nose?

    • Carmen Montero
      Carmen Montero 2 days ago

      Btw I find extremely beautiful the girl in 7:11

  • Norma Valadez
    Norma Valadez 2 days ago


  • Jobu LOL Blond
    Jobu LOL Blond 3 days ago

    This gives hope to me! Argh, I gotta start using makeup!

  • Mariano Micu
    Mariano Micu 3 days ago

    Bottomline: never marry someone you haven't seen without make-up.

  • mrs tiggy
    mrs tiggy 3 days ago

    golira change to a french doll. fat pig change to snow beauty. oh no. help god. is not a sin?w

  • Thenight
    Thenight 3 days ago

    Too much foundation is not cakey look?

  • yuna park
    yuna park 3 days ago

    Okay they would lool so muchh better with matching foundatiom they just lool rlly ashy lmao0

  • THELightWarrior
    THELightWarrior 3 days ago

    What a shame they all want to alter their natural appearance so radically.

  • Mel Ilian
    Mel Ilian 3 days ago

    4:36 just put the speed in 0,25x and watch. Why is she using that filter she looks weird af.

  • Mikasa D.loffy
    Mikasa D.loffy 3 days ago

    All this women are beutyfull before and after makeup...

  • evelyn grace
    evelyn grace 4 days ago

    God save these girls from rainy days

  • Nita Gara
    Nita Gara 4 days ago

    ay!!! Con razón despues las demandas por feas!!! Engañando desde la cara jjajjj


    Que es lo que se toman?... Que se hacen en los ojos...que cosas tan raras.jajaj

  • Мухаммед Микаилов

    Murderers will take note🤣

  • Brenda Alheli
    Brenda Alheli 4 days ago

    Sin ofender, pero queriéndose hacer la cara "fina"
    Parecen extraterrestres y frentones y se ve raro :v
    Crítica constructiva

  • Mimi
    Mimi 5 days ago

    7:16 someone knows her ig?

  • chenleiselixir subliminals

    i dont care if someone wants to put a lighter or darker fundation regarding their real color skin but girl, that v chin, that its just creepy af

  • Star far
    Star far 5 days ago

    Girl in the first clip was she going for the vampire look. In fact were all the girls going for that, making there faces white makes them look stupid inside and out.

  • Claire Lanuza
    Claire Lanuza 6 days ago

    What's with all the face filters that keep warping their face shape

  • Ingrima
    Ingrima 6 days ago

    Many use a camera filter at the end as well, that exaggerate the pointy chin and strawberry shaped head!!! Obvious unless you're a child or stupid.

  • Kukaeva Z
    Kukaeva Z 7 days ago


  • Laura Graves
    Laura Graves 7 days ago

    Why Chinese facial recognition software works on everyone. Except the Chinese.

  • turan guney azerbaycan

    If they are from asia so WHERE AM I FROM EXACTLY😐🔫📣📢

  • Elisa Delgado
    Elisa Delgado 8 days ago

    Se elas podem por que eu não ? Kkkkk

  • WayVisual LiuYangYang

    Some of them did it to white that's it's look unnatural

  • Sara Walsvik
    Sara Walsvik 8 days ago

    Me in the Begin : shock
    Me in the end: just like the begin
    Lmfao ugly

  • Pinkipinki •
    Pinkipinki • 8 days ago

    Oa saktekarlar

  • NIGL
    NIGL 9 days ago

    Definitely, the first date should be at the beach or swimming pool.

  • Mitsuki.Cosplays Xoxo

    4:25 SHE HAS A FILTER ON!!

  • Angela Choi
    Angela Choi 10 days ago


  • md psp dwk
    md psp dwk 10 days ago +1

    7:40 she's make up verry natural different from yge others wkwk lol

  • md psp dwk
    md psp dwk 10 days ago +1

    3:00 and 3:43 she is beautiful (natural) without make up 😍

  • Seventh Star
    Seventh Star 10 days ago

    Im really happy to see comments that are not conforming entirely to this beauty standard of pale, thin and perfect. Their personalities are cute and makeup is fun, but we dont have to hate who we are! The more beauty standards dont look like you: the more money companies can make! Ik for many Asians this is the ideal but lets be easier on ourselves 💗 Our features are unique and full of natural beauty 😍😍😍

  • MariaeLelè Love
    MariaeLelè Love 12 days ago


  • rahel chemjong
    rahel chemjong 13 days ago

    Oooo first girl was so pretty with out makup

  • 박예빈
    박예빈 13 days ago +1

    대체 저 스프레이는 제품명이 뭘까

  • ᄒᄒ
    ᄒᄒ 13 days ago

    처음 나오는 분 맨얼굴 넘 예쁨

    PRANTOSH DAS 13 days ago

    Natural beauty is always beautiful😍💓

  • Deus Forte
    Deus Forte 13 days ago


  • Deus Forte
    Deus Forte 13 days ago


  • worldofelegance15
    worldofelegance15 15 days ago +1

    Do these girls have individual tutorials? I want to know what stuff are they using, I can't even get an eyeliner that won't smudge 😭

  • Priyanka Singh
    Priyanka Singh 15 days ago

    What is the spray name.
    That they were spray on their body??

  • Dino Seal
    Dino Seal 15 days ago

    Makeup is supposed to be art, but instead all these people are doing is changing their entire appearance to fit a social norm, and spreading the idea that dark/tan skin can't be beautiful

  • jotaBDN
    jotaBDN 15 days ago


  • stay real
    stay real 15 days ago


  • dotory kim
    dotory kim 15 days ago

    화장 개못하는 사람들 진짜 많다..

  • Gastón CG
    Gastón CG 15 days ago

    is exactly the same as when a boy lies for FUCK ....

  • 사랑
    사랑 16 days ago

    3:36 excuse me what the fuck

  • Сергей Борисов

    Страшно так жить. Как потом просыпаться вместе ???

    SIORIKIRA 16 days ago

    Anybody knows what is this whitening spray they use?? Also saw many of them drinking smth too

  • Song Ashley
    Song Ashley 16 days ago

    The vids are covered with extreme filters, irl, they probably can't walk out their front door because the make up is applied heavily :/

  • Hans Bjorgman
    Hans Bjorgman 16 days ago

    6:14 The least alien looking.

  • Teresa Rodriguez
    Teresa Rodriguez 17 days ago

    órale! Nomàs no salgan a la calle cuando aya un pinche aguacero porque ni la hada madrina de la Cenicienta las va a salvar😲😱😲😱😲😱😲😱😂😂😂😂

  • Lucipur
    Lucipur 17 days ago

    The really white foundation makes them look like a mix between ghost and alien [especially when they tape their faces]. >-< Be proud of who you are instead !

  • TJ&
    TJ& 18 days ago


  • nativered1 Harris
    nativered1 Harris 18 days ago

    hard to believe most of these videos didnt have a filter on. their chin was way too pointy at the end.

  • Nina Ricci
    Nina Ricci 18 days ago +1

    En que país o países de Asia es donde hacen esto??

  • Melanie Marchenko
    Melanie Marchenko 18 days ago

    It"S just too extreme to go from obese to skinny!!!!!!!! That would look really out of proportion to have a skinny face on a obese body type, don't you think? Or do you actually say that these fast paced videos are real? SO I"M A NON-BELIEVER! Please show these videos slower........LIKE A STEP BY STEP application.

  • Ася М
    Ася М 18 days ago

    Когда мне было 13-14 лет тоже в моде были розовые тени)) А это было давно... Стиль макияжа, конечно, интересный, но очень уж одинаково девчонки выглядят... А ещё эти "острые" лица меня немного пугают🤔😎😊

  • Mercy mers Debbarma
    Mercy mers Debbarma 18 days ago

    Those chin looks like a pointed pencil soo creepy 😂

  • darkspectre
    darkspectre 18 days ago

    As a makeup artist/cosplayer, I just want to know the name of the tape they're using. Cause it works wonders on changing the shape of ones face. Same with that nose applicator thing. What is it?