Inside One Of The Only Skittles Factories In The US

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • This Skittles factory helped shape the economy of the small town of Yorkville, IL. The 19,000-person town gets tax benefits for building the giant candy factory. Today, the factory employs 425 people, who make millions of packages of candy and gum a year.
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    Inside One Of The Only Skittles Factories In The US

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  • john smith
    john smith 11 days ago

    Gum helps kids in exams. What corporate BS. Fxxk that nonsense.

  • nasir baker
    nasir baker 14 days ago

    Must be nice

  • Genesis Barajas
    Genesis Barajas 23 days ago

    Finally something cool from my hometown.

  • Los Vegan
    Los Vegan Month ago

    So that’s where all the candy I got from 4th of July Dame from

  • Lone Ranger
    Lone Ranger Month ago

    I think she has eaten more than her fair share of candy.. she dont need no more LOL

  • Errl Sweatshirt
    Errl Sweatshirt Month ago

    Mint dude...

  • SHELBY GT500 Supersnake

    How 69 was made?!?

  • Dolphin Blue
    Dolphin Blue Month ago

    Skitttles used to be good until they got rid of the Lime Skittles and replace them with gross green apple skittles. Whoever thought green apple skittles was a good idea should of been fired a long time ago.

  • Most cops are nazis

    In this video you will learn how sugar is turned into diabetes

  • CKBreezy
    CKBreezy Month ago

    Marshawn lynch has entered the chat

  • Kert Tamm
    Kert Tamm Month ago

    Rainbows are caused by fumes that have escaped Wrigley's factories. FACT

  • captainfoxgamer
    captainfoxgamer Month ago +1

    I’m getting a Charlie and the chocolate factory vibe for some reason.

  • Hyunho Ji
    Hyunho Ji Month ago

    Welcome to inside the source of diabetes and obesity

  • Pats Nation
    Pats Nation Month ago

    My home town, and the amount of skittles you get on Halloween is ridiculous

  • Anton Woudwijk
    Anton Woudwijk Month ago

    It be lit if your dad works there comes home brings candy and gum

  • Carson Up
    Carson Up Month ago

    I want a job there :)

  • Erik Mattson
    Erik Mattson Month ago +1

    Plano IL: We have a world famous plastic moulding company that boosts our economy.
    Neighboring Town of Yorkville: We got candy and cross country runners.

  • Noah Sunday 2836
    Noah Sunday 2836 Month ago

    This is where 69 was born

    JUST CALL ME WEBB Month ago

    More red Skittles, buttholes!

  • jaba kalandarishvili

    I loooooooove skittles!! 😄😄😄

  • Bobbi
    Bobbi Month ago

    I’m craving Skittles now...

  • Rold4n20
    Rold4n20 Month ago

    Half the pay “100%”

  • Crazy h8cker
    Crazy h8cker Month ago


  • Jesus
    Jesus Month ago

    Skittles gum🤔

  • Taste The Rainbow
    Taste The Rainbow Month ago

    That's how I was made kids

  • I like Potatoes
    I like Potatoes Month ago

    So it is true, rainbows go to die in Illinois.

  • Chip Van winkle
    Chip Van winkle Month ago

    Alexandria Occasional Cortex needs to watch your video to see how she screwed up her district by not having amazon locate their. Basic info that our wonderful socialist representative doesn’t know. Sad and dumb.

  • Vegas Slots Live!
    Vegas Slots Live! Month ago

    Who writes these titles? Why not just say “inside the only skittles factory in the US” one of the only is redundant. Society is becoming pretty dumb considering editors don’t even know how to write properly anymore either.

  • Hot4 Teacherz
    Hot4 Teacherz Month ago

    Don’t care about Yorkville or property taxes

  • what the fuck
    what the fuck Month ago


  • Thomah Perin
    Thomah Perin Month ago +1

    I wanted to see skittles are made not hear about taxes

  • Diamond Heart
    Diamond Heart Month ago

    Skittles Are My FAVORITE Candy And Has Become My Marine Sons FAVORITE Too! We Send Them To Him And His Platoon Overseas All The Time And The SMILES That It Brings, Having That Skittles From Back Home... Just Brings Immense Happiness ♥️😁

  • Isaac Schute
    Isaac Schute Month ago

    Could you tell them to make the juicy fruit gum a little thicker

  • Seth Riggle
    Seth Riggle Month ago

    Oh yay! That wonderful unconstitutional income taxes! Yayyyyyyy

  • Samarth Agrawal
    Samarth Agrawal Month ago

    Hoping to watch how the candy factory works
    I get to see that how their tax structure works

  • Hitler 666
    Hitler 666 Month ago

    Looks like a fun job

  • dmadd4643
    dmadd4643 Month ago

    Makes me sad, actually. There was a Hersey's factory in my home town for almost 30 years...then, out of the blue, they said they were shutting it down. A few months later, 200+ people out of work, no more chocolate smell on the breeze. I really hope the same doesn't happen to this town.

  • E M
    E M Month ago +1

    I put a whole bag of skittles inside my ass..

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +1

    So many salty comments in the comment section. Which is odd, I figured a candy video would have sweet comments.

  • Richard Diogenes
    Richard Diogenes Month ago

    (Sing along with me). Sugar in the morning Sugar in the evening Sugar at suppertime Every motherfucking idiots eating sugar all the time.

  • Waves Palm
    Waves Palm Month ago

    I like how it's made but I can't be the only one who dislikes skittles

  • xoukio
    xoukio Month ago +1

    her p0ssy taste like skittles

  • Gyuri Serfozo
    Gyuri Serfozo Month ago

    6ix9ine at home

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    666 dislikes

  • Sabiq Tamir
    Sabiq Tamir Month ago

    Willy Wonka.

  • Matthew McSheffrey
    Matthew McSheffrey Month ago

    Do they need a Dentist after giving out all that free candy& gum to the kids.????

  • Matthew McSheffrey
    Matthew McSheffrey Month ago

    Do then

  • romanlepricon
    romanlepricon Month ago

    Wrigley's ad

  • Panditch _ZA
    Panditch _ZA Month ago

    I need to go live there

  • Zachary Newkirk
    Zachary Newkirk Month ago

    Some heroes don't wear capes

  • James H
    James H Month ago

    There s one skittle that got stuck!

  • merchant099
    merchant099 Month ago

    I bet the local dentist is loving that plant!

  • Sam Goldberg
    Sam Goldberg Month ago

    I live in naperville and have never heard of this place ..

  • sasasassaassa
    sasasassaassa Month ago

    This was a great commercial for corporate subsidies , but I still don't know how Skittles are made.

  • Sean White
    Sean White Month ago +1

    **Eating Skittles by myself minding my own business** "Hey those are made in Yorkville"

  • I have micro penis 2 2

    If I worked their, i will be good for life. Free skittles 🤤🤤🤤

  • Military Motivation

    I live couple of miles from Yorkville...

  • Breanna Bocook
    Breanna Bocook Month ago

    Wanted this to show me how skittles are made... very disappointing lmao

  • Gabby S
    Gabby S Month ago


  • MrBlackOwner
    MrBlackOwner Month ago

    Hey, the community gets money from the new workers who pay taxes on breakfast while we pay almost no property taxes on our million dollar factory, so here’s some free gum to make you forget that! Brilliant

  • Black Sheep Productions

    Yay yorkville

  • D.A. 小丹
    D.A. 小丹 Month ago

    75 new jobs!! And donated chewing gum to local students to better focus on tests! 😀

  • Joseph Griffin
    Joseph Griffin Month ago

    I wonder if they get free candy as a bonus lol

  • Universe Milkshake
    Universe Milkshake Month ago

    Watch out though... Leslie Knope is coming for you... c:

  • Prim4te
    Prim4te Month ago

    Entry level factory workers are making $28usd per hour?

  • Sassy Antelope
    Sassy Antelope Month ago

    Skittles are yummy but for me once I eat something for a long time I hate it
    This is random but I aw someones van had a picture of this man pooping on a toilet ACTUALLY

  • Holts Weird World
    Holts Weird World Month ago +2

    I was eating Skittles when this popped into my feed.

  • Sierra Rambles A Lot

    But they’re a giant company and you’re telling me they only pay $200k a year at most??? Stop trying to butter up the situation that’s bullshit.

  • John Saberhagen
    John Saberhagen Month ago

    I wonder if the workers have Dental Insurance

  • Tank DaDank
    Tank DaDank Month ago

    Take a shot every time she says 75

  • orlando124431
    orlando124431 Month ago

    And then once they pay that full tax, they move out.

  • DarkSoldier0238
    DarkSoldier0238 Month ago

    good old Yorkville

  • Security Officer
    Security Officer Month ago

    They forgot to add the people that die from eating this posin garbage

  • Platinum Alpha
    Platinum Alpha Month ago

    Whoa so many gay people in one factory 😂

  • Atomi Rotta
    Atomi Rotta Month ago

    I dont like skittles tbh

  • Cosme Orta
    Cosme Orta Month ago

    Lies ... I saw the commercial of the guy milking the giraffe that was eating from the rainbow

  • iiEvolutions Gamer
    iiEvolutions Gamer Month ago

    there better be some good pokemon on route 47

  • Daniel Kammerling
    Daniel Kammerling Month ago

    Skittles are originally British

  • The Kyogre Fan
    The Kyogre Fan Month ago

    My teeth hurt watching this but at the same time I'm hungry lol.

  • Walid ELFEKI
    Walid ELFEKI Month ago

    We just need more green skittles in each pack...

  • Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger Month ago

    I dont know what I'm more interested in. Skittles or my diabetus

  • Jouse Martinez
    Jouse Martinez Month ago +2

    We damn well know unicorns poop them out!

  • Peace Walker
    Peace Walker Month ago

    all about tax and money and ppl dont know these factories make alot of pollution

  • xxgetyourmindrightxx

    Wait hold on, if this is one of the only skittles factory in the US which was added in 2016. Where were they made before that?!?

  • Laura Harris
    Laura Harris Month ago

    I thought skittle were made by milking rainbow eating giraffes !!! what !!!

  • Emma Hartvig
    Emma Hartvig Month ago

    19,000 isn’t that small of a town

  • Comic Guy
    Comic Guy Month ago

    One of the few candies I like is skittles.

  • The Dead Gachatuber

    Skittles are gross


  • Stefi Diaz
    Stefi Diaz Month ago

    I was waiting for the part where they tell us how skittles are made...

  • secret222
    secret222 Month ago +2

    Can't wait till all 75 of those jobs are automated

  • secret222
    secret222 Month ago


  • Emad Ahmed
    Emad Ahmed Month ago +1

    How can you be inside "one of" the "only" Skittles factory in the US?

  • AllCentralFlorida
    AllCentralFlorida Month ago

    In some areas, they make most than teachers

  • issac Robles
    issac Robles Month ago

    69 should work there🤣

  • Agustin Romo
    Agustin Romo Month ago

    75 employees.... really. 400 something in total. That is nothing

    • Max
      Max Month ago

      Agustin Romo that’s a good portion of the town.

    JOE ENDICOTT Month ago

    Is it one of or only?

  • sr41790
    sr41790 Month ago

    That's my job!

  • Wyatt Cervantes
    Wyatt Cervantes Month ago

    Taste the Rainbow! 🌈

  • Brizxy
    Brizxy Month ago +1

    I’m eating skittles right now, lol.

  • Sai Rithvik n
    Sai Rithvik n Month ago

    _We give away free diabetes_