so my subscribers made me a deathrun...

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
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  • Rojay Davis
    Rojay Davis Day ago

    Elliot is wearing lachy’s power merch

  • Tobias Afkas
    Tobias Afkas 2 days ago

    u a bot muselk

  • Infinity Gaming101
    Infinity Gaming101 2 days ago

    I remember the OG days when your outro music was bone dry by monster cat

  • UnshodMuffin 990
    UnshodMuffin 990 3 days ago

    Muselk just cheats.

    YT_GLARE 4 days ago +1

    12:20 lol fresh are you ok 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MaxMax
    MaxMax 4 days ago

    Code musulk

  • William Evans
    William Evans 5 days ago

    F Canada alpha brat came to play dumb and the and the and so will his whole family hope you are talking to your wife right now I am tired I am old and so will his whole family hope you are talking to me constantly I know you are talking to your wife right now I am tired I am old and so will be the time

  • Daniel
    Daniel 5 days ago

    Why is elliots neck so white ?

  • Speedy Cats23
    Speedy Cats23 6 days ago


  • LpsMia Green
    LpsMia Green 6 days ago

    His vids make me want to play but I suck at Fortnite

  • Nikki Villemaire
    Nikki Villemaire 6 days ago

    Watching these idiots go through the maze, I'm yelling at them to look at the bloody map in the top right hand corner!

  • William Farrell
    William Farrell 7 days ago +1

    I’m surprised liv didn’t come in after hearing Elliot scream “oh” after each death

  • Abdirahman Omar
    Abdirahman Omar 7 days ago

    My favorite rage vid

  • mortal gaming
    mortal gaming 7 days ago

    I likehow he didnt die at the end when he jumped off the mountain

    FOOFFEVER 8 days ago

    watch and like FOOFFEVER

  • J Dark
    J Dark 8 days ago +1


    Help support our cause.

  • Family Bucu
    Family Bucu 9 days ago

    welcome to deathrun. can I take your rage count?

  • Doug Paukert
    Doug Paukert 10 days ago

    U suck at death runs

  • That One Youtuber
    That One Youtuber 10 days ago

    Elliot...quit playing with Fresh...

  • Dara DeLorenzo
    Dara DeLorenzo 10 days ago +1

    Hey muselk I made a really cool hunger games map for you and your friends add me as friend agingchaff597 on xbox and I’ll change it to right map it took me 3 hours to make so I hope you like it! Pls like so muselk will see

  • Jax Reynolds
    Jax Reynolds 11 days ago

    I am sorry about the doors I hate them to

  • Dark Sniper
    Dark Sniper 11 days ago


  • BoLT fire
    BoLT fire 12 days ago

    hes so bad

  • nicklas dahl jensen
    nicklas dahl jensen 12 days ago

    ive know this is just matter of opinion, but saying some is a bot when they are doing badly/poorly is one of the most Stupids things ive ever heard.

  • Samir Ahamed
    Samir Ahamed 13 days ago

    Lankans better

  • Aidan Carey
    Aidan Carey 14 days ago

    Muselk doesn’t wear his merch. Only Lachlans. (Sub to him btw

  • Top10ing Lists
    Top10ing Lists 14 days ago


  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams 15 days ago


  • Bryannt777 *
    Bryannt777 * 15 days ago

    Who is PAKman1007?

  • JWC72
    JWC72 15 days ago

    Muselk I have a death run that you can try. Don’t have a code tho so my epic name is YT_JWC72. like so he can see pls thanks

  • Liam Heaney
    Liam Heaney 15 days ago

    Code muselk

  • Ye 19
    Ye 19 15 days ago

    Hey myself wana get view shout me out I have a deathrun that is like 90petcent doors

  • RichardTheAwsome Flores

    What is the code

  • The Russian Duck
    The Russian Duck 15 days ago

    This is not a racist comment but has anyone ever seen a black Asian person

  • DrOnKeN KN4Z1
    DrOnKeN KN4Z1 16 days ago


  • buddy 2
    buddy 2 16 days ago subscribe

  • ArcticSandz
    ArcticSandz 16 days ago +2

    Muselk I'm going to use ur code and I'm not going to change this code

  • Brian Gilroy
    Brian Gilroy 17 days ago +3

    It makes my day when I watch a muselk and fresh deathrun I love these so much ❤️

  • Rafi Sali
    Rafi Sali 17 days ago

    you suck dickhead

  • Lane
    Lane 17 days ago +1

    Can u make a video for people to get better at fortnite and show us and some tips please

  • Muhammad Arshad
    Muhammad Arshad 17 days ago +1

    I noticed that when you move to avoid traps you first you move fast to back then next time slowly so that's why you lose

  • Muhammad Arshad
    Muhammad Arshad 17 days ago

    Why you didn't see the map in the game corner that you will know there is a trap or not..I sawed that you were going in the wrong way didn't see the map.

  • Muhammad Arshad
    Muhammad Arshad 17 days ago

    Why do you use abuse language....please be careful

  • Makenna Girven
    Makenna Girven 17 days ago

    Hey there I love your content and im making a deathrun for u guys with 15 of my friends. If u wanna check it out add my epic TTV Queenscarlet. If u wanna help just add the epic and lemme know I got u

  • Jonah Ramos
    Jonah Ramos 19 days ago

    Not that hard though but probably for you

  • Jonah Ramos
    Jonah Ramos 19 days ago +1

    I got a death run for you if you got the skills add me in epic if you got balls epic is Younglorddaggerx

  • Bro T Walton
    Bro T Walton 19 days ago

    Whos packman 107

  • Jason Perez
    Jason Perez 20 days ago

    F*ck you fresh

  • Masonater5020
    Masonater5020 20 days ago

    Hes wearing power merch

  • Hayden Hutzler
    Hayden Hutzler 21 day ago

    Any one know what the island code is?

  • KAS
    KAS 21 day ago

    What's the code

  • Jaime Mejia
    Jaime Mejia 21 day ago

    Using code Muselk will make me a idiot

  • Drymaximilian2007 - Roblox and more

    After this Elliot lost the ability to open and close a door so he has to jump into them.

  • Nejc Likar
    Nejc Likar 21 day ago

    Hello toad is that you? 10:45

  • MrNightSlayer
    MrNightSlayer 22 days ago

    If you're missing Overwatch content or are looking for some Overwatch videos try checking out my channel, I do Overwatch and upload frequently.

  • Tosh Hodges
    Tosh Hodges 22 days ago


  • Sweaty_tryhard53
    Sweaty_tryhard53 23 days ago +1

    Hey guys. I have made a deathrun that is fairly hard. Some levels are just plain hard while others are directed at muselk. I really hope he sees this. Please like so that it has a better chance of being seen. I do not have a code so this is my only chance

  • Amy Doyle
    Amy Doyle 23 days ago

    Lanan has more subs then you

  • Alyssa Barnes
    Alyssa Barnes 23 days ago

    Muselk: “YOU BOT”
    “Please let me in...”
    “oh my God I’m So gOoD at deAtHrUns!!”

  • dat one guy
    dat one guy 23 days ago

    How I slide into them dm’s 24:16

    FLARE 23 days ago

    What’s the code

  • Bryan Vazquez
    Bryan Vazquez 24 days ago

    Muselks impulse throws physically hurt me

  • Vinny Dascoli
    Vinny Dascoli 24 days ago


  • Cooper Cassar
    Cooper Cassar 24 days ago

    Fresh:Yah yeet
    Muselk:What bro it glitched me out

  • IMyour DAD
    IMyour DAD 24 days ago

    Muselk, I made a death run too that I want you to try. Can you please try it so I feel good. I NEED EVERYONE TOO LIKE THIS SO MUSELK CAN SEE AND TRY. I don’t have a code either so I can’t have it featured, so I want him to try it so I can see if it’s good

  • Ellis Morgan
    Ellis Morgan 25 days ago

    #muselk 3levels

  • halldor victorsson
    halldor victorsson 25 days ago +1

    I created a deathrun for you muslek its hard i bet you cant beat it

  • zeluilu
    zeluilu 25 days ago +2

    Who is this PAKman 1007?

  • Konstantine Katsoulis
    Konstantine Katsoulis 26 days ago +1

    Ever notice how the more he does deaths in the more he sounds insane? Now he's hit a new high with that sentence.

  • ToxicPlays BTW
    ToxicPlays BTW 27 days ago

    it is a deathrun btw

  • ToxicPlays BTW
    ToxicPlays BTW 27 days ago

    can u plz try my map

  • Bonez JB
    Bonez JB 27 days ago

    Did anyone else wonder who pakman was

  • Manar Fathy
    Manar Fathy 27 days ago

    You are so good at these

  • konquestt
    konquestt 27 days ago

    to island

  • UnReal Oil
    UnReal Oil 28 days ago