Natalie Portman Is Not as Pregnant as She Looks


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  • Rosa Rojas
    Rosa Rojas Month ago

    Still pregnant she's my crush

  • Luke Skywalker Endor
    Luke Skywalker Endor 3 months ago +1

    Im your baby too mommy

  • Fatima Elaidi
    Fatima Elaidi 3 months ago

    my favorite movie star

  • Fatima Elaidi
    Fatima Elaidi 3 months ago

    my favorite movie star

  • D. N.
    D. N. 4 months ago

    Anakin is the father isn't he

  • Carlo
    Carlo 4 months ago

    she is pretty as hell

  • Katherine Karen
    Katherine Karen 4 months ago

    She is so poised and soft spoken. A true inspiration. Love her!

  • amélie •
    amélie • 4 months ago

    natalie has the most beautiful smile in the whole universe omg ✨😭 i love her sm

  • LASPR777
    LASPR777 4 months ago

    That dress is so adorable!

  • Leyla Rustamova
    Leyla Rustamova 6 months ago

    *Hand on ear "We only have 39 left" I am dying

  • עופר אברהמי
    עופר אברהמי 6 months ago

    artist will get cancer traitor hooker מה את צוחקת? יא בת זונה. תמותי

  • wayne macle
    wayne macle 7 months ago

    natalie portman jew bitch! go back israel bitch

  • K Lu
    K Lu 8 months ago

    She's not gonna hang that ornament.

  • Hey it's Chloe
    Hey it's Chloe 9 months ago

    "it's so pretty" Her voice is so soft! 😍😍

  • Bartholomew
    Bartholomew 9 months ago

    That fake women has no child-bearing hips, bullshit mammary glands and is a victim of child abuse. The thing is a liar, not pregnant, trannies don't have the parts.

  • Michal Hrdý
    Michal Hrdý 9 months ago

    love her

  • Angela Gem
    Angela Gem 9 months ago

    Padmé is pregnant with Luke and Leia

  • StupidDumbGamerYT Fortnite and Vlogs!

    Is leia or Luke in der!

  • Jacob Kemezys
    Jacob Kemezys 9 months ago

    So basically she’s having her first Christmas & Hanukkah bush!

  • Nikhil Sharma
    Nikhil Sharma 10 months ago

    Quietly watching this Obe Wan said...
    Anakin is the father isn't he?

  • xoerina
    xoerina 10 months ago

    When Jimmy was geeking out over how adorable Natalie looks when she’s pregnant SO CUTE

  • lly y
    lly y 10 months ago

    Jimmy seems comfortable with Natalie but I mean she has an adorable personality😭🧡

  • Laura Daniels
    Laura Daniels 10 months ago +1

    ur...ur...ur... I think Jimmy had a stroke

  • ? ?
    ? ? 10 months ago +1

    “Anakin’s the father isn’t he?” “I’m so sorry.”

  • dani
    dani 11 months ago

    he's in love with her.

  • dani
    dani 11 months ago

    jeez she looks like she's in her early twenties she's so gorgeous.

  • Landon Harris
    Landon Harris 11 months ago

    This is the most quintessential Jimmy Fallon Interview ever

  • Antonia Saldías
    Antonia Saldías 11 months ago


  • blackham7
    blackham7 11 months ago +1

    I want to trade faces with her.

  • siegfrid martin
    siegfrid martin 11 months ago

    Leon is the real father

  • Chloe_Elizabeth
    Chloe_Elizabeth 11 months ago

    Is no one gonna mention she was Anne Boleyn?? Aw but Natalie's cute tho

  • Gowtham Selvam
    Gowtham Selvam Year ago

    She looks like Dakota Johnson.

  • Ahmad Almaiman
    Ahmad Almaiman Year ago

    He seems so happy 4 her!!! I've never seen a man that happy about a pregnant lady. Nice!

  • Gaurav Singla
    Gaurav Singla Year ago

    No pp

  • Gaurav Singla
    Gaurav Singla Year ago

    No interest ed

    AGUILAR Year ago

    She reminds me of Lana del rey

  • PinkGinger
    PinkGinger Year ago +1

    Who is more shy: Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley

  • Captain Of Catnip

    Jimmy seems drunk

  • Eloísa García
    Eloísa García Year ago

    She looks so sweet! :3

  • toijam Jayabati
    toijam Jayabati Year ago

    So beautiful

  • Christina Stephens
    Christina Stephens Year ago +1

    okay I know they're both married.....but I​ lowkey think Jimmy likes Natalie.

  • Nathalie NM
    Nathalie NM Year ago

    I love heeer!!!

  • Mary M
    Mary M Year ago

    So Chrismukkah is really happening ha!

  • Best Username Ever

    Ett skott i råttan har hon fått.

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie Year ago


  • jedan kaktus
    jedan kaktus Year ago

    She is gorgeous

  • Rubeus Hagrid
    Rubeus Hagrid Year ago +1

    Oh god she is the cutest thing on earth. Her voice is so relaxing and she has that mother vibe i just wanna hug her and sleep

  • AR MY
    AR MY Year ago

    Omg she amazing 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Yoyokitty Bro
    Yoyokitty Bro Year ago

    this is what millie bobby brown will look like I the future.

  • Emma Nicole
    Emma Nicole Year ago

    Jimmy gives her an ornament while Ellen is giving 30 foot tall rotating Christmas trees with iPads to everyone in the audience

  • alice hatterz
    alice hatterz Year ago

    It kind of does look like a pillow under there lol

  • irishbreakfast
    irishbreakfast Year ago

    at 240... oh that fuckin sound she makes! oooohhhh, damn! she is such a hottie! I knew shed be one! she was a cutie in the professional. its fun to be right! but depressing to see the decades flash by so quick. it reminds me I'm getting old fast.

  • Arzoo
    Arzoo Year ago

    Jimmy is so cute

  • Kaiya Peacock
    Kaiya Peacock Year ago

    i thought it was gonna be a star wars ornament

  • GiantSandles
    GiantSandles Year ago

    Jimmy's more excited about her pregnancy than she is

  • Rachel Amber
    Rachel Amber Year ago +1

    She is absolutely gorgeous! So beautiful and so intelligent.

  • David Chen
    David Chen Year ago

    I like this video, because Jimmy just keep talking and talking and talking. Didn't even stop when the video ends.

  • Vicky 12
    Vicky 12 Year ago

    Oh I just love her personality so much! 😍

  • AbbeKing
    AbbeKing Year ago +1

    JImmy literally asked her the question "are people treating you differently" after doing everything he did at the start of the video.
    The first 30 seconds of this video was probably harder for me to go through, than any jew ever had when they were hanging out in Germany during WW2.

  • t_ellah
    t_ellah Year ago

    So Chrismukkah finally happened!

  • Timbon TN
    Timbon TN Year ago

    soy fan de natalie portman pero no entiendo nada por favor pongan subtítulos al español plz,like si hablas español

  • Dragon Ghoststar
    Dragon Ghoststar Year ago +1

    PADME:I'm pregnant.
    Ani: this is the happiest moment of my life

  • Paprika Harris
    Paprika Harris Year ago

    HE HAD a crush on her.. when they were young... its understandable that he is happier than her but it is super cute at the same time ... seriously cute... its like when you see your crush 20 years laters and its just they are all grown up and having a second child and its like a dagger to the heart so its nice when u are not single.. but it was so cute how he reacted

    • lecoindeclaire
      lecoindeclaire Year ago

      Paprika Harris how do you know that he had a crush on her?

  • Aimee Carswell
    Aimee Carswell Year ago

    It's a real Chrismakkah

  • who knows
    who knows Year ago

    what a pretty bloodsucking cockroach.

  • Ricky Ricky
    Ricky Ricky Year ago

    one of my favorite

  • Kayra
    Kayra Year ago

    he's more excited about her baby than she is lol

  • Many85
    Many85 Year ago

    I like her dress!!!!

  • Precious Pecans
    Precious Pecans Year ago

    Oh wow she's Jewish. The more you know ☝🏾️

  • Clara Langston
    Clara Langston Year ago

    Love the way she laughs!!!

  • Delfina Laura
    Delfina Laura Year ago

    her make up

  • Audret Welch
    Audret Welch Year ago

    She just had her baby. In March 2017!!!

  • aly
    aly Year ago

    why is Jimmy so excited😂 tf

  • shinypokeAce
    shinypokeAce Year ago

    "Anakin is the father isn't he, i'm so sorry"

    SIKE! It's Ashton Kutcher!

  • Nana Ridzway
    Nana Ridzway Year ago

    I LOVEEE Natalie Portman since her first movie "Leon the Professional". But it's a pity she didn't get this kind of sassy role anymore when she's growing. I kind of miss the "old sassy Natalie". She has a much more interesting character back then. Now she's more calm, safe in her word choice. I wish she would be more crazy like back then

  • Aarav Tulsyan
    Aarav Tulsyan Year ago +1

    Vader " Oh Luke, I am your father"
    Natalie comes and says that she is not pregnant
    Vader: "Oh Luke, I am not your father"
    Luke " Oh yea"

  • harry potter
    harry potter Year ago

    she is so magical

  • FemBot
    FemBot Year ago

    Is Jimmy high on crack? I mean I think he is. For real. No one is that intense without crack.

  • Shanella Akhtar
    Shanella Akhtar Year ago

    Wish I had her looks

  • Shanella Akhtar
    Shanella Akhtar Year ago

    She's fucking beautiful god damn

  • Ke'Juan Moses
    Ke'Juan Moses Year ago

    She is incredibly beautiful!

  • GrV Kar
    GrV Kar Year ago +2

    She should have 3 children Leia, Luke and Leon Wow triple L

  • GrV Kar
    GrV Kar Year ago

    She should have 3 children Leia, Luke and Leon Wow triple L.

  • Aygul Hashimova
    Aygul Hashimova Year ago

    She's such a yummy piece of beautiful cake! Jimmy is on top :)

  • Emily Ustick
    Emily Ustick Year ago +1

    If she has a girl I hope she names her Leia. I'm a big Star Wars fan.

    • Emily Ustick
      Emily Ustick Year ago

      If she hated Star Wars she would've never audition for it

    • beetle juice
      beetle juice Year ago

      i'm pretty sure Natalie hate Star Wars

  • Mauricio Eduardo Vater

    I'm in love with Natalie Portman. Sweet beauty woman!

  • geronimo
    geronimo Year ago

    she seems nice. I heard she was a bitch while filming thor

  • Lua Rodriguez
    Lua Rodriguez Year ago +1

    Her dress is so cute!

  • Christian Camacho

    Statue of Liberty flame...

  • Christian Camacho

    are you familiar with Aventura?

  • Christian Camacho

    by the way I'm a Schizophrenic in recovery would you like to Start a Philanthropy??

  • Christian Camacho

    Natalie Your Christian who got you your Oscar award? I think it was my prayer, to Jesus

  • Anh Phạm
    Anh Phạm Year ago +1

    want to know the definition of Elegant. gg search Natalie Portman

  • songbirdcelebrity
    songbirdcelebrity Year ago +1

    omg she is the cutest person on this planet 😭

  • Cristian Vejar
    Cristian Vejar Year ago

    debo reconocer que el cine actual en general no es de mi gusto como tampoco los actores de hoy me convencen , a ecepcion de natalie portman es la unica actriz actual que me gusta en todos los sentidos una gran actriz la mejor de su generacion para mi gusto y mas encima increiblemente hermosa un encanto de mujer un angel.

  • Aliveinlight
    Aliveinlight Year ago

    Fake baby bump.

  • imiss toronto
    imiss toronto Year ago

    No Natalie it is NOT every jew's secret wish to have a Xmas tree!!!

  • Cande B
    Cande B Year ago +1

    She is smart, beautiful and talented. ¡It's the perfect woman!, f*cking jesus. Love you Natalie 💕

  • Focus Addiction
    Focus Addiction Year ago +2

    Most beautiful face someone could ever have.

  • bengalifob2
    bengalifob2 Year ago

    Is it me or Jimmy boy's actually funny?