DP/30: Hostiles, Christian Bale

  • Published on Dec 18, 2017
  • Shot in Los Angeles, December 2017
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  • Max
    Max 22 days ago

    He looks like the long lost third Mitchell brother.

  • Robbo
    Robbo Month ago

    He had to put his wedding ring on his pinky

  • Bibi Anna Sobia khan
    Bibi Anna Sobia khan 7 months ago

    πŸ˜‚ hehehehe batman to fatmam

  • Froggy Frog 9000
    Froggy Frog 9000 8 months ago

    Is this actually him or is he being a character all through the interview?

  • Palefish
    Palefish 8 months ago

    And now he's back to skinny...

  • Axhiro Madlander
    Axhiro Madlander 11 months ago +1

    he must of loved being incognito just stuffing his face at a diner, while people convinced themselves it wasnt him

  • - anne
    - anne Year ago

    i find him attractive even with the weight on

  • E Long
    E Long Year ago

    If it could ever be possible; one was curious to how it could be ever plausible to be placed within communication with Mr. Bale, Christian?

  • Trumpsa Puppet
    Trumpsa Puppet Year ago +1

    Man, I want to have his kittens. Let’s mate -mate!! πŸ˜πŸ’•

  • Blah Blah
    Blah Blah Year ago +1

    Never seen a celebrity who wears his stardom so lightly and is willing to risk all of it

  • LebenFree
    LebenFree Year ago

    It's hard to not respect a guy who is so dedicated he treats his own body like it's just part of the costume he will be wearing without a second thought. He's not even self conscious about his appearance no matter what direction it takes him. He knows he is above social scrutiny and goes in hard every single film. It's hard to imagine it's not even for the money either its just being a legend. Life long hero Mr. Bale.

  • Gmotion EDC
    Gmotion EDC Year ago +1

    Hostiles was bad ass.

  • Walike Karims
    Walike Karims Year ago

    Christian you came here to play Batman or fatman

  • A.E. Jabbour
    A.E. Jabbour Year ago +1

    Reading a lot of these comments it makes me wonder how many here actually watched the interview. Anyhow, one of the greatest -- if not the greatest -- actors working today. And talk about a man dedicated to his craft, wow.

  • Jenny Mayer
    Jenny Mayer Year ago

    Is it just me or do his eyes look smaller?

    • Phil Mitchell
      Phil Mitchell Year ago

      That, or the rest of his face got bigger as he gained weight.

  • Jenny Mayer
    Jenny Mayer Year ago

    Lose weight, grow your hair and eyebrows out, shave the goatee and you can look like you did 20 years ago again!

  • Ammar Nemo Actor
    Ammar Nemo Actor Year ago

    This is called a REAL Actor!!!!! Everybody!!!!!!

  • Guru Viswanath
    Guru Viswanath Year ago

    Get a bit more eyebrows Dawg!

  • Maria Arif
    Maria Arif Year ago

    What color are your eyes?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Year ago

    If I get million dollars to be fat I will be eating chips drinking coke all day ever hour

  • Maria Arif
    Maria Arif Year ago

    Have you ever had near death experience or have died and revived if yes then what was your experience and did you see GOD?

  • Hangry Hippo
    Hangry Hippo Year ago

    Jabba the Bale

  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User Year ago +1

    *Why christian? Why?*

  • Michael Hoffmann
    Michael Hoffmann Year ago

    christian whale

  • Patrick Richardson

    Club fifteen editor sign regulatory treatment ongoing constantly secret these.

  • Maria Arif
    Maria Arif Year ago

    jea mmaami I love ju

  • Maria Arif
    Maria Arif Year ago


  • Aditya Pandey
    Aditya Pandey Year ago +1

    Fatman : The Donuts Rises

  • Maria Arif
    Maria Arif Year ago

    Christian Christian bale,My name is Mahria it release my spirit now thank you

  • Maria Arif
    Maria Arif Year ago

    LOve your accent

  • magdalena spolnik

    The guy doing interview is painfully awkward and not funny.

  • TheZephyrZad
    TheZephyrZad Year ago

    lol being fat even changes the way you breath

  • Maria Arif
    Maria Arif Year ago +1

    Hello Christian, whats New?

  • Maria Arif
    Maria Arif Year ago

    And who was tge puppeteer?

  • Maria Arif
    Maria Arif Year ago

    Uff Tauba

  • ninjago girl #1
    ninjago girl #1 Year ago

    what happened to the 17 year old hunk half of my choir class thinks he is

  • Top Rock
    Top Rock Year ago

    Bale looks mean...he looks like a debt collector that would elbow you in the face take your money then slap your mom.
    Great actor..in no time he'll be back to his normal weight

  • john moore
    john moore Year ago +1

    One point on your political commentary... People don't come to America to become Americans....like it use to be. They come to change it re: (Religious worship, Capitalism, social program abuse....etc

  • Blackfeather Alexander

    Now he looks more like Aronofsky.

  • The Bread Boy
    The Bread Boy Year ago +2

    Okay, this is nuts, and just speaks to the sheer personal discipline of the man.
    At 1:20 he says this is the first time he's done a body transformation with the help of a nutritionist - meaning he was completely on his own for American Psycho (shredded) to Machinist (emaciated) to Batman Begins (absolute unit) to Rescue Dawn (POW)

  • Jav Ag
    Jav Ag Year ago

    Mierda, esta gordo, supongo debe ser una transformacion fisica para una pelicula.

  • Honzeek
    Honzeek Year ago +1

    For me best actor ever!

  • Ryan Erlandsen
    Ryan Erlandsen Year ago

    The hypocrisy on the left is hilarious. LOL. Isn't this the same guy who went on a violent tirade with his girlfriend and mother as well as DP Hurlbut on Terminator. Go back to England please. What a butt kissing session.

  • Blake Bauman
    Blake Bauman Year ago +2

    Is that a raincoat?

  • Leaderofbatz
    Leaderofbatz Year ago

    His hairline is so perfect

  • Jthunte
    Jthunte Year ago

    This guy needs to chill the fuck out

  • Jess Witherspoon
    Jess Witherspoon Year ago

    I wonder if he followed my current pizza/rum & coke diet to get heavy.

  • Lynn Turman
    Lynn Turman Year ago +1

    Those fingers, those chubby little fingers. Like he's playing a violin or something.

  • Real shit πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

    Most dedicated actor to every grace cinema. Man has undergone so many drastic weight changes just to embody every role wholeheartedly.

  • McLarenBMW
    McLarenBMW Year ago +1

    I wonder if he can still do 1000 stomach crunches lol

  • McLarenBMW
    McLarenBMW Year ago +2

    Christ he's even got middle aged dad hands, look at those chubby ass fingers LOL, he put on more fat for this role than for The Hustler

    • Da69expert1
      Da69expert1 Year ago

      Phil Mitchell lmao

    • Phil Mitchell
      Phil Mitchell Year ago +2

      He's become so fat he's had to put his ring on his small finger.

  • McLarenBMW
    McLarenBMW Year ago +1

    Let's see Paul Allen's tight pants.

  • Messofanego
    Messofanego Year ago +1

    4:11 Waiting for his upcoming films with Michael Mann and Todd Haynes (Act of God)!

  • K
    K Year ago

    even like this he still beats crapflecks bruce wayne

  • anthony PADULA
    anthony PADULA Year ago

    Comes across heavily medicated.

  • Sunny Nivea
    Sunny Nivea Year ago +2

    25:17!!! LOL

  • Austin Kelly
    Austin Kelly Year ago +2

    Best Actor of All Time. Actually lives next to me in Santa Monica

  • Isabella Iozzi
    Isabella Iozzi Year ago +2

    OH MY HEAVNES TO BETSY!!!! what happened to ur HAIR. dont get me wrong ur still beautiful but was also beautiful. what are you gonna do when you return as bruce wayne, i mean come on christain. (not garunteed that he will be back, but i have a feeling in my gut that he will.

  • Philippe Beauchamp

    I love that haircut! Kinda makes me wish he did a good drama with the same haircut.

  • SkylineToTheSeaAndMe

    He looks nothing like Dick Cheney, but I'm sure they will make him look like him as much as possible. Coughing.... when you have to give over 100 interviews and speak constantly (acting and communicating also). One of the bad parts of constantly being in the limelight.