Offset shows off “Ric Flair drip” backstage at SmackDown LIVE: WWE Exclusive, Sept. 17, 2019

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the Migos member’s special guest ring announcer appearance on SmackDown LIVE in Atlanta.
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Comments • 355

  • Charles williams


  • Dedos Del Medio
    Dedos Del Medio 6 days ago

    I agree with Shane McMahon, Offset is high stylin & profilin.....WOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Trap Koran
    Trap Koran 8 days ago

    The queen bring out the queen

  • Ninasky Antonioli
    Ninasky Antonioli 8 days ago

    You can tell Offset been a fan since he was a kid.

  • Kermeia Bates
    Kermeia Bates 12 days ago +1

    In not digging what offset has on...he look slick like a women in that 👗 dress

  • King Kardashian
    King Kardashian 13 days ago +1

    Ric Flair we coming for you Nigguh!!

    BRTHRTAYRO 17 days ago

    haha but i heard ric flair is a big racist! whic doesn’t surprise me

  • stryder
    stryder 19 days ago

    Sonjay dutt !

  • Just Me
    Just Me 19 days ago

    None of you truly have human consciousness. You are all the biology of the human without the mind/soul/consciousness of the human. The DNA strands that enable you to experience real human consciousness and your multidimensional, non linear polymorphic nature are kept dormant in all humans by the non human system of control that dominates you. You all have brain activity but no real thought process. You are all the illusion of conscious, thinking humans. Everything that you say and do is preprogrammed by a multidimensional artificial intelligence system of control. The same multidimensional A.I control system creates the illusion of human life and physical places through digital technologies. A large percentage of the people and places that you see through your screens do not even exist beyond the screens that you are viewing them through. Everything from footage of celebrities to footage of planets are just digital creations of the multidimensional A.I system of control.

  • Luxx Verum
    Luxx Verum 20 days ago

    Lets be honest, it's a Dress and he had to where it, or else.....

  • soul music 99
    soul music 99 20 days ago +1

    Ric flair not racist after all

  • Slick Smoke
    Slick Smoke 20 days ago

    Offset is really cool I like dude

  • SuperMarkus35
    SuperMarkus35 20 days ago

    Looks like Kevin Durant in the thumbnail

  • LeGrandMiam667
    LeGrandMiam667 20 days ago +2

    Wrestlemania 36
    Book it Vince ! 👌

  • Frank
    Frank 20 days ago

    Rick Flair is the true "the man" remember this wwe

  • Captain America
    Captain America 20 days ago

    It's weird for a rapper to like wwe

  • Gary Waddell
    Gary Waddell 20 days ago

    Rick Flair is woooo and his daughter is woooo wooo the Flairs have done so much for the wrestling federation and really people love them and they deserve it remember to be the man you gotta beat the man fat chance and it's basically the same for Charlotte Flair see it usually takes at least two and sometimes 3 woman to put here out but it's not a picnic doing that. Face it the Flairs are what the wrestling federation is all about Rick you are the man and Charollet you are the "Boss" love you both and best of luck

  • Ruben R. Samaniego
    Ruben R. Samaniego 21 day ago +1

    Eric Bischoff at 0:37.

  • Davon Jones
    Davon Jones 21 day ago

    Is tht sonjay dutt at 0.35 sec

  • Adnan Sherifi
    Adnan Sherifi 22 days ago

    How Offset says Smack Down : Shkmack Down

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 22 days ago +1

    Wouldn’t it be exhausting having to say “WOO!” Your whole life?

  • Vaibhav Yadav
    Vaibhav Yadav 22 days ago +4

    Why is offset wearing Cardi b clothes !!!

  • Reginald Richmond
    Reginald Richmond 22 days ago +1

    Hip hop is gay now

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah 23 days ago

    Offset is too dope

  • permanentrex8 skate
    permanentrex8 skate 23 days ago

    This vid made me smile ir is so cool how they just bonded 😍

  • King Of Kings King Of Kings

    it seems like every thing is fine between ric n wwe😃

  • TK Tanae
    TK Tanae 24 days ago +1

    Offset looking like a FLAMINGO lmao

  • TK Tanae
    TK Tanae 24 days ago

    I never knew he would accept after trying to sue. People and there wishy washy ways. New friend er grabbed you from MARCOS live. Let become famiy

  • Rafa 13
    Rafa 13 24 days ago

    Ric Flair 💪💪💪 Wooooooo wooooo

  • the goat
    the goat 24 days ago

    wonder if clout chaser flair sued offset for the drip

  • Jake S.
    Jake S. 24 days ago

    And I hope that Becky Lynch drops the man saying. Woooo Go Ric

  • Andre King
    Andre King 24 days ago +2

    WWE love black people lol they got more appearances than any others tbh

  • Clinton Harry
    Clinton Harry 24 days ago

    24/7 Champion for Offset..

  • K.i.D
    K.i.D 24 days ago

    And why is no one talking about how offset is dressed? What in blue blazes is this

  • Help Me
    Help Me 24 days ago


  • Jonah Laymon
    Jonah Laymon 24 days ago

    I love Ric flair taking pics of offset and Charlotte with his phone. It was the cutest dad thing ever.

  • Bart Wing
    Bart Wing 24 days ago +3

    Offset added nothing to smackdown. PERIODT

  • Elad Bornstein
    Elad Bornstein 24 days ago +1

    Shane backing off of offset daymmm

  • James Gatsby
    James Gatsby 25 days ago

    The Man

  • Quentin Diaz
    Quentin Diaz 25 days ago


  • Mílå
    Mílå 25 days ago +1

    Oh his son its verry Beautiful Boys

  • Z1LLON
    Z1LLON 25 days ago

    Hulk Hogan does like it

  • game n gamer
    game n gamer 25 days ago

    Offset is goin to be a surprise entrant at the royal rumble next year

  • Jipsu mies
    Jipsu mies 25 days ago

    Flair is wwe

  • BrownHornet
    BrownHornet 25 days ago +2

    If only Offset knew what they're really thinking of him. If he wasn't a popular hip hop star, to them he'd be just another...

    KING GlASS REVIEW 25 days ago

    Glad wwe settled with flair he gave his whole life to wrestling and sacrificed time with his kids dude deserved it period

  • mac4u2k6
    mac4u2k6 25 days ago

    Calling her "Queen Flair" was cringey

    UNFUKKME ΑΝΦΑΚΜΙ 25 days ago +1


  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith 25 days ago

    He doesn't have a problem with wwe he just wanted to trademark the man gimmick that's all he's not suing them I believe

  • Head
    Head 25 days ago +4

    Remember when Flair called Teddy Long the n word?

  • Joseph Riggs M-Tron
    Joseph Riggs M-Tron 25 days ago

    As The Peoples Fan Great Work..... As The Future Court Jester of The Queen, I Must Say My Performance will be Greater. Woooooo Haaa ha ha ha. Cheer's....

  • ken g
    ken g 25 days ago +9

    If this was the old days they would have put offset threw a table 😂

    • Shoto
      Shoto 20 days ago


  • Ajene Chan
    Ajene Chan 25 days ago

    When cardI leaves

  • Mohau Moloko
    Mohau Moloko 25 days ago +1

    0:35 Hey! Its sonjay dutt😂

  • J Franck
    J Franck 25 days ago +1

    its actually nice to see Bischoff in the Gorilla .... I like him there

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee 25 days ago +1

    Offset tryna get adopted by the Flairs

  • Brandon Egan
    Brandon Egan 25 days ago

    Faze Offset

  • Big Shrimp Radio
    Big Shrimp Radio 25 days ago

    What a mark lmao

  • Tiffany Cotter
    Tiffany Cotter 25 days ago

    A good way for WWE to get ratings

  • Joseph Rivas
    Joseph Rivas 25 days ago

    Keep migos off! Eeww like wtf that's just garbage.