Summer Menu | Meatball Pappardelle | Jamie’s Italian

  • Spicy free-range pork balls, garlicky tomato sauce, ’nduja, basil & parmesan with the freshly made pappardelle that clings on to all that beautiful sauce! Now available in Jamie’s Italian!
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Comments • 80

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones 2 months ago

    Turkey twizzler pasta 😂😂

  • C Rivera
    C Rivera 4 months ago


  • Hana Trifena
    Hana Trifena 8 months ago


  • Zara Shamlou
    Zara Shamlou 8 months ago

    Thanks 🙏

  • Jan de Jong
    Jan de Jong 8 months ago

    Didn’t this restaurant chain go bankrupt?

  • Douglas Roth
    Douglas Roth 9 months ago

    Nice balls Jamie

  • Ritchie Valens
    Ritchie Valens 9 months ago

    I love the old style telephone lead pasta look.

  • likemike
    likemike Year ago +1

    Ordered them once in your Birmingham Restaurant, absolutely stunning dish. Enjoyed them a lot, would recommend.

  • Kjca
    Kjca Year ago

    This is my staff food every shift 👌🏻

  • ましゅまろ星人

    He is so wonderful

  • Ariel Haeems
    Ariel Haeems Year ago

    I hate tripoline.

  • Mark H
    Mark H Year ago

    Was on holiday in London last week. Decided to order this in your Piccadilly restaurant and I have to say, it is really f-ing amazing! The flavour explosion from the meatballs combined with a little hotness of the sauce. Should have ordered 2 because the plate was empty before I knew it.

  • Rexy 9099
    Rexy 9099 Year ago

    I think producers cut out the bit where he drizzles extra virgin olive oil in the end, I cannot believe this

  • معرفه معرفه

    nice recipe 😍

  • Jeanne Amato
    Jeanne Amato Year ago

    You are a food artist

  • asmanourr as
    asmanourr as Year ago

    J'aimerai les avoir en français...j'adore tes vidéos je suis abonnées à my cuisine pour toi...😘😘😘😍😍😍

  • Molly Hennessy
    Molly Hennessy Year ago

    My fave recipe from you x

  • robbonserio
    robbonserio Year ago

    Jamie love your food mate as a proud Italian living in Sydney just love the way you cook.. but I’d like to know what that stove you are cooking on is called? Want to buy one and install it in my kitchen but I can’t find them anywhere ?

  • Eve S
    Eve S Year ago

    meatball & pasta is a American Italian dish :)

  • Rubens Barrios
    Rubens Barrios Year ago

    I agree with Jamie, that pasta w/meatballs is an awesome comfort food, and a pretty good indulgence. That made me hungry!

  • A Ex-Blacksmith UK

    I should not watch things like this video late at..... off to the kitchen to look for thing to cook, well just eat......

  • Willthefarming Boy

    How do you make the pasta

  • CSR CH
    CSR CH Year ago

    Mann.....u really grown old

  • AvariceUntied
    AvariceUntied Year ago

    1:20 Oi mate do you have a loicense for that knife?

  • SaleenE34
    SaleenE34 Year ago +1

    Why are you trying so hard to sell your restaurant...? It’s pretty pathetic.

  • bakerqazz
    bakerqazz Year ago

    i prefer your other video, you just plate it, there is no how to, everything is already done....would like to do it

  • JanuaryVK
    JanuaryVK Year ago

    ..and I don't even eat meat

  • 위아그루트
    위아그루트 Year ago

    scene stealer : a guy behind jamie

  • Joseph Onesta
    Joseph Onesta Year ago

    Thanks for these easy videos. I often have hypnotherapy clients whose eating habits are constructed from whatever local convenience food happens to be. Whether they come for weignt control, anxiety, depression, or what-have-you, really bad, chemical laden "food" usually plays a big part in their lives and the phrase "I've got to learn how to cook." is a daunting, thoroughly intimidating. Can't tell you how many clients I've referred to your channel, telling them with a kind of venn diagram, to simply choose the things in the junction of what they want to eat and what they think they can handle in the kitchen at the moment. Wonderful feedback from my clients. Thanks for the referral source.

  • Frood Tooth
    Frood Tooth Year ago

    Oh my that looks delicious!

  • Aljaž
    Aljaž Year ago

    Its bland... its dry... ITS RAWWW

  • Suneth Dhananjaya Basnayaka

    1 thing
    2 say
    3 words
    4 you

  • J C
    J C Year ago +8

    Weird video. Meatballs all done already, tomato sauce no recipe either, mix together and you get a great dish. Huh??

  • hotpink000
    hotpink000 Year ago

    Where is grandpa Gennaro :(

  • natbarron
    natbarron Year ago

    To all the whingers whinging about the lack of “information/recipe” for these dishes...! Would you expect to walk into a restaurant and have the chef come and explain in detail how he’s made every item on the menu???? NO!!! Jamie is giving you a quick demo and promoting what his restaurants are serving. Wanna know more about the meal he just made?? Go in and freakin’ try the dish at his restaurants!!! Wanna know more about how to cook?? Buy his freakin’ cook books!! Simple

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago +3

    1:50 ... and you know the chef still is in love with cooking. Bless u Jamie :)

  • 0047
    0047 Year ago

    desperation never tasted better

  • Aenean
    Aenean Year ago

    you got me with that promo - heading to the next Jamie’s Italian tomorrow!!! you did everything right

  • Dimiter Angelicheff

    thank you Jamie, this is look good

  • stephania kazoun
    stephania kazoun Year ago

    Wow what an amazing kitchen.

  • FallenPhoenix
    FallenPhoenix Year ago

    I must acquire a block of Parmesan that size :D

  • Iverson Allen
    Iverson Allen Year ago


  • Nikola Dj
    Nikola Dj Year ago

    Find some good old recepies Jamie dont complicate...

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden Year ago

    Those are not pappardelle Jamie :)

  • Zulul Warrior Mbeke

    I'm looking at the balls

  • pentrixter
    pentrixter Year ago +1

    This isn't Foodtube. This is free advertising. The nearest Jamie's Italian is 8 hours away by driving. Unsubscribed.

  • David Leresche
    David Leresche Year ago

    Hahahaha When Jamie make something italian, he sounds like Genarro :D :D Look ! So good, wonderful ! Look at that shape, wonderful :D

  • Nina loskovic
    Nina loskovic Year ago

    *jamie* *is* *my* *favorite* *celebrity* 💞💞💞

  • Alex De Ninno
    Alex De Ninno Year ago

    this is NOT PAPPARDELLE. ma poi basta cercare su internet 5 minuti

  • Douglas Roth
    Douglas Roth Year ago

    The balls in this video aren't as good as my balls

  • Ceduria
    Ceduria Year ago

    It's not supposed to be a recipee, guys. What chef would ever give away the recipe of the dishes currently available at their restaurant.

  • Человечек Саша

    Whyyyyyyyyy, whyyyyy, there is no your restaurant in my country

  • Alex Denford
    Alex Denford Year ago

    "Look at the colour"

  • Ilya Shishkunov
    Ilya Shishkunov Year ago

    Пришёл на чужую кухню и мешает готовить, мысли араба справа.

  • שקד טל
    שקד טל Year ago

    I loveee watching your videos you film at your restetant💟

  • loved012one
    loved012one Year ago

    Jamie hustlin' -- Respect! Nonchalantly busting out that mega cheese block lol

  • Elisabeth Bowring

    This is the dish I had when my husband and I visited London!! It was divine! The spice was unexpected but just as you said a bit sweet. Wish I could eat it again!

  • Brent Davis
    Brent Davis Year ago

    I’d have to shave half of that block of Parmesan on top of mine just because

  • Roxana Patricia Arias

    Your expression watching the plate ♥♡

  • rgl14
    rgl14 Year ago

    LOL that parm cheese block LOOOL so unexpected

  • Maycon Barreto
    Maycon Barreto Year ago

    Acha que consegue levar, vamos que eu tenho lenha !

  • Miles Chan
    Miles Chan Year ago

    Jamie Oliver is a fraud

  • Tormore Lad
    Tormore Lad Year ago +1

    Definitely paying a visit. Looks too good to pass up! Just wish there were some restaurants in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

  • Jay Firebaugh
    Jay Firebaugh Year ago

    Jamie's Italian! Yes! Jamie, you are awesome!

  • ignore
    ignore Year ago

    My man getting old
    -- And thicc

  • UrbanEDC LTD
    UrbanEDC LTD Year ago

    Hi Jamie, is Drinks Tube dead??


    Italian-American food. Yum! The evolved Italian pallete, taking it one step further.

  • Albanais Albanais

    Im looking at those balls

  • serge
    serge Year ago +1

    I had this amazing dish at Jamie's Italian in Liverpool, last month. It was delicious! I asked the waiter for some chilli oil, and he brought me something amazing - roasted chillies in olive oil. This made the pappardelle one of the top meals I ever had.
    Bravo jamie and gennaro for the recipe!!

  • Civi
    Civi Year ago

    1:24 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • gabriella delfina di blasio

    Jamie's Italian? You can't just mix pasta (wrong pasta variety, btw), parmigiano and tomatoes, and assume you're making an Italian dish. With those odd meatballs that looks more like a Lady and the Tramp meal, which is nowhere to be found in Italy.

  • Gülçin Kırkgöz

    Ellerine sağlık Jamie makarnayı çok severim geleli soslu ve peynirli olursa Türkiye İstanbul👌🏽👌🏽🙋🏻

  • manie23
    manie23 Year ago

    Where can I get that chilli?

  • Black Kitty
    Black Kitty Year ago

    I think foodtube should do the spicy ramen noodle challenge can any one help like this post or spread the word be so funny

  • Артём Нижник

    Как вкусно выглядит, слюни текут/delicious

  • David Ward
    David Ward Year ago

    Yea you can just grate all that Parmesan in please.

  • Bluebeck2
    Bluebeck2 Year ago

    Thats a big hunk of cheese Jamie. :)

  • Henrik Gostomski
    Henrik Gostomski Year ago


  • Darren J
    Darren J Year ago

    Meatball recipe?? Not giving too much away are we.

  • M B
    M B Year ago

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!