Tom Holland Debuts First Official Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

  • Published on Dec 9, 2016
  • In honor of us premiering the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, we assembled an army of Spider-Men that included Tom Holland, who plays Spidey in the film.
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    Tom Holland Debuts First Official Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer
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Comments • 3 871

  • Artistry Avenue
    Artistry Avenue 2 days ago

    Perfect boi

  • TheRealEnoc
    TheRealEnoc 2 days ago

    The real Spider-Man, but is the fakest one

  • jhonny sumacc
    jhonny sumacc 4 days ago

    No one:
    Disney: can you do a backflip
    Tom: i can
    People that can do back flips: am i jus a joke to you

  • Joacquin&Lucas Atienza

    That’s insane

  • jaden love
    jaden love 5 days ago

    how would you not recognize his voice

  • jaden love
    jaden love 5 days ago

    tom is my baby

  • Marie Vanleeuw
    Marie Vanleeuw 6 days ago

    2:58 I just love how his eyes completely lit up when he saw everybody in front of him

  • Austin Riggs/ Spider Tin

    I'm Spider Man

  • Selene Wolf
    Selene Wolf 6 days ago

    The cuteness 😘😍

  • Sebastian Johnson
    Sebastian Johnson 6 days ago

    Is it me, or does every single time Tom comes on Jimmys show seem like everything is just, well, a little... more... scripted than usual?

    • Head Pudding Brain
      Head Pudding Brain 4 days ago

      Probably because the boy can't be trusted to not blab everything lol

  • Teja D
    Teja D 7 days ago

    I' I love Tom holland

  • Jessica Prebeck
    Jessica Prebeck 7 days ago +3

    Jimmy:Can anyone do flips and these stuffs
    2:35 Tom: Yes I can
    2:35 Random Guy on the right: yes I can do

  • mushymina
    mushymina 7 days ago +2

    tom holland: is 21 looks 16 acts 8

  • Mai Tran
    Mai Tran 7 days ago +1

    If Comic Con was gonna be like that tho.

  • Alexander Jacob
    Alexander Jacob 8 days ago


  • Alexander Jacob
    Alexander Jacob 8 days ago

    i can do a backflip

  • M. M.
    M. M. 8 days ago

    On 0:44, on your left, you see Captain America.

  • Tousha
    Tousha 9 days ago +1

    So many dimensions

  • Yuberky Hernandez
    Yuberky Hernandez 12 days ago

    It looks like 1’0000 spider man

  • Lizeyda Castillejos
    Lizeyda Castillejos 12 days ago +1

    I love Spider-Man

  • moonlight lunar
    moonlight lunar 12 days ago +1

    True marvel fans know who spider-man is by his voice

  • Purple Boy
    Purple Boy 12 days ago

    Spider Men!!!

  • Rex
    Rex 13 days ago

    Imagine driving home after a long day of work and a group of Spiderman people pass your car

  • JCarlitos 3
    JCarlitos 3 14 days ago

    the Jimmy Fallon show has more sand than a beach

  • Dares with Friends
    Dares with Friends 14 days ago

    Is it weird that I smiled when he took off the mask

  • Kausika S.V
    Kausika S.V 15 days ago +1

    This is so funny

  • Nwekh Fal
    Nwekh Fal 16 days ago

    This Is Spider Verse

  • Zoe Buschjost
    Zoe Buschjost 16 days ago

    I knew it from the voice

  • Yenthi B
    Yenthi B 16 days ago


  • zarya main
    zarya main 17 days ago

    Tom: yes, im the real spiderman
    Tobey: am i a joke to you

  • speeter tv
    speeter tv 17 days ago


  • - Nivada -
    - Nivada - 17 days ago

    why am i here, youtube recommendation?

  • Valeria Limon
    Valeria Limon 17 days ago

    Happy birthay

  • E3 TV
    E3 TV 17 days ago

    Happy birthday Tom Holland

  • Weeb Master
    Weeb Master 18 days ago +1

    Dam this is upsetting I thought we were gonna see our actual boy spider Man our guy pizza time

  • Dean Maalam
    Dean Maalam 18 days ago

    I miss tony stark

  • KingNoob
    KingNoob 18 days ago


  • oKaiSeRo TheEmperor
    oKaiSeRo TheEmperor 19 days ago

    What's the point of having so many spidermans if Tom come out by himself?

  • Bacon Gaming
    Bacon Gaming 19 days ago


  • MorgaineRiddlePrince
    MorgaineRiddlePrince 19 days ago

    Soo, one is a criminal. Good luck police

  • soraiha azmei
    soraiha azmei 19 days ago +1


  • HydraPlaysYT
    HydraPlaysYT 19 days ago +1

    everybody wearing spiderman stuff is like in Spiderman into the spider verse when spider man died

  • 20H _Delirium
    20H _Delirium 19 days ago

    Tom is just so cute!!!

  • Cul Doode
    Cul Doode 19 days ago

    Will the real slim shady *I MEAN* SPIDERMAN please stand up

    S1rNOOBS_AL0T 19 days ago

    Spoiler man, spoiler man, spoils anything that he can, spoils this, spoils that, look out!, here comes spoiler man🕷🕸

  • Mika 03
    Mika 03 19 days ago +3

    When he said “i can” i knew it was tom😍😍😍

  • Hex
    Hex 20 days ago

    You can tell by the voice

  • Qat with a Q
    Qat with a Q 21 day ago +2

    Can you imagine the traffic this caused?

  • Mystrangeslimes Shop

    Idk if it’s just me but when he smiles I smile 🤣❤️

  • Mystrangeslimes Shop
    Mystrangeslimes Shop 21 day ago +3

    Right when he spoke I was like, THERE HE IS YEP

  • Xio Carranza
    Xio Carranza 21 day ago +3

    4:24 Tony: “Thats not a hug Im just getting the door for you”
    Me: *Crying at the club*

  • jesus i need u
    jesus i need u 22 days ago

    Thats a lot of spoodermans.

  • Xavier Salinas
    Xavier Salinas 23 days ago

    Spider man!

  • Jeilah Merciales
    Jeilah Merciales 23 days ago

    Shjjjjjt im dying😍

  • tony rogers mcufan
    tony rogers mcufan 23 days ago

    The man with the spider-man suit was the best I think...

  • LunarSpace
    LunarSpace 23 days ago +2

    Real Tom Holland fans can spot Tom before he raises his hand 😂😂😂

  • ツDark40Ninja ツ
    ツDark40Ninja ツ 23 days ago


  • JDavid101
    JDavid101 24 days ago

    Look at that spiderverse

  • David Cavazos
    David Cavazos 25 days ago

    love you spider man

  • CJP Gacha
    CJP Gacha 25 days ago +15

    Thanos: I have the biggest army!
    Tom Holland: Hold my beer

    SOPHIA GAMING 26 days ago

    The accent of Tom Holland I can already tell thats Tom Holland

  • TheDrunken Beast
    TheDrunken Beast 28 days ago +1

    I miss stark

  • Ca Đóa Lan
    Ca Đóa Lan 29 days ago +3

    His voice is HEAVEN OF CUTEEEEE omg ;;w;;

  • Suzan Endluri
    Suzan Endluri 29 days ago +2

    4:33 me when teacher calls me out when they're teaching. 🤣

  • Suzan Endluri
    Suzan Endluri 29 days ago +1

    2:55 that hairflip tho 😂

  • Flexx_Kid _Caden
    Flexx_Kid _Caden Month ago

    Wait you guys aren't the real avengers I can tell hulk gives it away

  • Normality
    Normality Month ago

    2:34 Poor dudes raised their hands 😂

  • crystalRplaysOZ
    crystalRplaysOZ Month ago

    what if someone else could do back flips?🤔😂

  • Gaminggirl indo
    Gaminggirl indo Month ago


  • Rosey Mosy456
    Rosey Mosy456 Month ago

    Wow Tom Holland really is YeH most perfect guy for Spider-Man ❤️

  • Syds vids
    Syds vids Month ago

    Every interview like this he always is cheering for himself I love him

  • nancy kim
    nancy kim Month ago


  • DVD 918
    DVD 918 Month ago

    Its like what RDJ did

  • Khine Win!0
    Khine Win!0 Month ago

    How to spot Tom Holland
    That one 5 ft guy

  • Ameer khan
    Ameer khan Month ago

    song name?

  • Eiachele Cahilog
    Eiachele Cahilog Month ago

    When Jimmy took the masks off of 3 spidermen
    me: aw f^ck, he gonna do this to all of them? I just want my Tom Holland

  • Cynthia .G
    Cynthia .G Month ago

    Iron man is back

  • Ine s
    Ine s Month ago

    Ou sont les français ptdrrr ?

  • Kaushik Agarwal
    Kaushik Agarwal Month ago

    Look at these kids of today, tom holland the best spider man ?
    I tried to not laugh.

  • Big About
    Big About Month ago +1

    Did Bruce Banner received the Nobel prize in the MCU 04:37

  • too many fandoms
    too many fandoms Month ago

    I just recognized him by his voice

  • Alexa Estrada
    Alexa Estrada Month ago +3

    I love u 3000

    From,Tony Stark

  • CottonyAttic300
    CottonyAttic300 Month ago

    I don’t know why, seeing the costumes reminds me of Into the spider verse

  • Spiderson3000 _21
    Spiderson3000 _21 Month ago

    The cutest one is tom

  • joness diaz
    joness diaz Month ago

    Why is Guillermo holding an egg???

  • Rachelgabrielle Capili


  • Kennedy Tran
    Kennedy Tran Month ago

    Rip iron man

  • smiler
    smiler Month ago

    Why is Kimmel slurring??

    BRADER KOMJOO Month ago

    My name is jimmy

  • Eleato h
    Eleato h Month ago


  • cool noob 123
    cool noob 123 Month ago

    Tom Holland is the best in the world

  • Selah Show Productions

    Who else is here after Endgame wishing we were back to these simple times😔

  • Eve Webb
    Eve Webb Month ago

    As soon as I heard him say " I can Jimmy, I can" I knew it was him

  • Ash Mangahis
    Ash Mangahis Month ago +1

    when he said he can flip his voice gave it away hahahhahaha

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Month ago

    Here after Endgame😭😭❤

  • CeeCee Owusu
    CeeCee Owusu Month ago

    dang when miles said “anyone can wear the mask” i don’t think he meant all y’all at once

  • Mark Angel Mondigo
    Mark Angel Mondigo Month ago +1

    I know I'm sinning when I'm staring the whole time in his bulge

  • The Jaas Bros
    The Jaas Bros Month ago +3

    Anyone after the end game??☹☹☹i love you 3000

  • 『Reindeer Online』
    『Reindeer Online』 Month ago +1


  • 163____cm98
    163____cm98 Month ago +6

    The minute he spoke I knew it was him ! 🥰