Tom Holland Debuts First Official Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

  • Published on Dec 9, 2016
  • In honor of us premiering the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming, we assembled an army of Spider-Men that included Tom Holland, who plays Spidey in the film.
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    Tom Holland Debuts First Official Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer
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Comments • 3 407

  • Leidy Marcela Zapata Garzon

    Expo Spiderman

  • Fiorella Noemi Tilleria Mereles

    Omg Tom is super adorable😍😍😍 i want to be in a movie with her😆

  • Andres Fajardo
    Andres Fajardo 8 hours ago

    This reminds me of the grammys when Eminem performed the real slim shady hahaha

  • Allah Bakash
    Allah Bakash Day ago

    Lovely my friends I am spiderman fan

  • David grey
    David grey Day ago

    Dang it Peter you gave your identity away

  • Daniel GG
    Daniel GG 2 days ago

    I thought was far far home

  • Diamond Gamer
    Diamond Gamer 2 days ago

    The guy kinda looked like guillermo from jimmy Kimmel live

  • Diamond Gamer
    Diamond Gamer 2 days ago

    One of them was guillermo right?

  • Gintoki Sakata
    Gintoki Sakata 2 days ago

    Kagebunshin no justsu!!!!

  • • Nakos •
    • Nakos • 2 days ago

    Tobey Maguire is the real Spiderman.

  • Alejandro 2018
    Alejandro 2018 2 days ago

    I thought this was spider man far from home trailer

  • Jamie Angkapatyakit
    Jamie Angkapatyakit 3 days ago

    Look at all these chickens

  • Oliver Awesome
    Oliver Awesome 3 days ago

    My sister boy friend is Tom Holland

  • Yahli Ben Sira
    Yahli Ben Sira 5 days ago

    The boat is a reference to Spider-Man 2

  • Paula’s World!
    Paula’s World! 6 days ago +1

    How can he do flips i can only do the..........................i cant do anything😐😐😐

  • emma
    emma 7 days ago


  • Kela  Pearse
    Kela Pearse 7 days ago

    Quick as a flash he raised his hand in the background I was like "There's the cute little cupcake" :3

  • Zach Madge
    Zach Madge 8 days ago

    Did anybody else see the Captain America outside?😂

  • Assassin warrior
    Assassin warrior 9 days ago

    *there still coming*

  • Jordan Nicholson
    Jordan Nicholson 10 days ago

    Spider-Man! XD

  • White Cream
    White Cream 11 days ago +1


  • Sonic Screwdriver
    Sonic Screwdriver 11 days ago

    *hears Tom's voice instantly knows its him. *

  • Jagjot Singh
    Jagjot Singh 11 days ago

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  • Jagjot Singh
    Jagjot Singh 11 days ago

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  • SofiatheMiraculouslover _27

    Not going to lie, His voice was a straight giveaway 😆😆😆

  • Nolan Dewey
    Nolan Dewey 13 days ago

    yall already know these guys look like the fake spiderman from the costume party in spiderman ps4

  • Wilmay Cayanong
    Wilmay Cayanong 13 days ago

    It's tom

  • FBスコスコ〜
    FBスコスコ〜 14 days ago


  • Lyn Aguilar
    Lyn Aguilar 14 days ago

    The trailer was 2min 18sec

  • Yeemofurever 01
    Yeemofurever 01 16 days ago

    Is it a common thing to just see a bunch of people dressed up in spider suits or just dressed unusual on Hollywood Boulevard?(not bad, but not your typical outfit) Cause that doesn’t happen where I live.

  • GOOSE plays
    GOOSE plays 17 days ago

    Spiderman with a egg

    CPT. PRICE 19 days ago +5

    Lmao, I knew it was Tom when he was like "I can!"

    1 year ago
    "hey, i accidentally drunk purchased like 100 spiderman costume"

    1 year ago

    Moviekid 2001
    Moviekid 2001
    1 year ago

  • Arugzi Xjpxh
    Arugzi Xjpxh 20 days ago

    omg I love tom Holland

  • charlotte Mcmiller
    charlotte Mcmiller 23 days ago

    Pray every night so I can Be in a movie with tomholland

  • ImmuneEmpire39
    ImmuneEmpire39 23 days ago

    Tom Holland sucks as spider man he sounds like a 13 year old girl

  • Audrey Hubatka
    Audrey Hubatka 24 days ago

    I just LOST IT when they started running I can’t 😂

  • Scoot999
    Scoot999 24 days ago


  • Spidey Homecoming 8/9
    Spidey Homecoming 8/9 25 days ago

    LAMO It made MY TVclip Crash!!😂😂😂😂

  • Puddin Woman
    Puddin Woman 25 days ago

    “I CAN! I CAN!”
    Hmmm, I WONDER who that could POSSIBLY be.....😂

  • lespatriotsfan
    lespatriotsfan 26 days ago

    The smile after his mask is taken off is the cutest thing

  • thúy nguyễn
    thúy nguyễn 26 days ago

    I love that precious boy

  • Nolan Abell
    Nolan Abell 27 days ago

    I’m a Raimi fan, but this film reignited my love for Spider-Man

  • Mega Plays! Random Games!

    Toms like he doesn’t know he’s under the mask and then he realizes IM UNDER THIS MASK AYEEEE

  • Michaela Sangster
    Michaela Sangster 27 days ago

    when he said "I CAN!" I feel like i'm going to pass out because he's so cute

  • Erik Rivas
    Erik Rivas 28 days ago +1

    Jaja cris evans

  • coffee
    coffee 28 days ago

    I don’t know why I love this video so much

  • Hey You
    Hey You 29 days ago


  • Taeyang's forehead
    Taeyang's forehead 29 days ago

    It wasn’t just me who could spot him while they were running into the studio, right?

  • Ft.Roxie 87
    Ft.Roxie 87 29 days ago

    "I can Jimmy, I can! I can!"

    *we all knew that he is such a big adorable child! XD*

  • abnormalpoet
    abnormalpoet Month ago +1

    I like Tom as Spiderman because his spider man actually looked like a teenager.

  • Nether Ninja
    Nether Ninja Month ago

    It’s the clone saga again

  • Zizz YT
    Zizz YT Month ago

    the guy holding the egg was adorable

  • Brandon09088
    Brandon09088 Month ago

    Tom is so small

  • Tesla Holliam
    Tesla Holliam Month ago

    I'm sorry but that ending with IronMan and SpiderMan was amazing! I haven't seen that trailer and I've watched the movie twice

  • Ava’s World
    Ava’s World Month ago

    i can jimmy!

  • Shine Misa
    Shine Misa Month ago

    😂Omg I love spider man 😂

  • Ara Kim
    Ara Kim Month ago

    "I can Jimmy! I can!" GOD DAMN THAT WAS ADORABLE

  • Hamilchu
    Hamilchu Month ago


  • Litten14
    Litten14 Month ago

    This is like the Spider-Men side Quest from Spider-man PS4 but on steroids

  • Mustache Man
    Mustache Man Month ago


  • Cesar Cruz
    Cesar Cruz Month ago

    0:55 that's HOLLYWOOD for ya

    And Tom came from the other door

  • Willmer Calvo
    Willmer Calvo Month ago +1

    3:22 Thank Me Later

  • Weight Overload
    Weight Overload Month ago

    0:42 Spiderman enter the Tom Holland verse

  • MaloneZ
    MaloneZ Month ago

    lol imagine if andrew garfield and tobey maguire were there and took their masks off

  • adam power
    adam power Month ago

    Spiderman pointing meme intensifies

  • Jennie is a Hater Slayer

    The funniest spiderman i've ever known.

  • Joaquin Rios
    Joaquin Rios Month ago

    Guillermo the Real Spider Man .

  • SSJ Mitchell
    SSJ Mitchell Month ago

    Tom is the only one who can do a flip

  • Banana Time
    Banana Time Month ago

    Look at the bald guys head 3:23

  • Lord Flame
    Lord Flame Month ago

    *I couldn’t stop staring at the guy with an egg*

    LGCEC Month ago

    this reminds me gmod

  • 28gold
    28gold Month ago

    Look at the one with the sun glasses
    Your welcome

    LILTACTICAL • Month ago

    tss spoiler man

  • foxuru fox
    foxuru fox Month ago

    I knew that was spiderman at first

  • Kithria Does Stuff
    Kithria Does Stuff Month ago


  • Sam Mulholland
    Sam Mulholland Month ago

    A room full of virgins

  • Nezumi
    Nezumi Month ago

    One of the spider-mas needed to hold a pizza box.

  • januar the baller
    januar the baller Month ago

    all peaple as spider man is funny 1 thing how does he do backflip

  • Ed Sharp
    Ed Sharp Month ago

    When they run in they look like a bunch of bad guys run into your level ready to beat you up

  • Manuel D
    Manuel D Month ago

    I knew it was Tom when I heard his voice

  • RBGuy 17
    RBGuy 17 Month ago

    I love tom holland

  • Base Plate
    Base Plate Month ago

    3rd guy literally lays an egg

  • Ani-Gamer Studios
    Ani-Gamer Studios Month ago

    2:59 When your friend is in the school newspaper but you’re in the background

  • David 13
    David 13 Month ago


  • Grace Ken Rose Fuentes

    Nah I like tobey maguire

  • leslie huerta
    leslie huerta Month ago

    He’s so short😍😍😍😍

  • leslie huerta
    leslie huerta Month ago

    2:30 when Tom speaks it gives it away! I love him n his voice

  • Freddy Freaker
    Freddy Freaker Month ago

    This is J. Jonah Jameson's nightmare

  • Diamonds4Sale - YT
    Diamonds4Sale - YT Month ago

    Imagine if the Spider-Man who did the backflip wasn’t Tom Holland 😂😂😂

  • Ayushi Raj
    Ayushi Raj Month ago

    Anyone can easily recognize him by his voice even if he says just two words "I Can"

  • 80s stuff with Drew & Kyle

    you could tell it was him because he had a microphone

  • Samuel Louwerens
    Samuel Louwerens Month ago

    Will the real spidey please stand up?

  • LucasMorris
    LucasMorris Month ago

    How awkward would it have been if someone else also offered to do some flips

  • Kelly N
    Kelly N Month ago

    That's a lot of spiders

    CRINGE_OUT! Month ago

    What’s sad is that two days ago a sixth grader did that with way less run time


    3:54 can someone tell me the song

  • Mahin Akhter
    Mahin Akhter Month ago

    When he said i can ik it it was him

  • Angelina Squeo
    Angelina Squeo Month ago +1

    I'm in love with this adorable dork.

  • SA Music
    SA Music Month ago

    Omdddsss his smile and his voice when he said “I can jimmy I can” soooo adorable I’m dying