'Go do whatever': This Washington Wizards season is making Rachel Nichols very happy | The Jump

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Scottie Pippen play "Make or Miss," recapping some Carmelo Anthony-esque jab steps from Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, Gary Harris and Joel Embiid hitting circus shots in Denver Nuggets vs. Portland Trail Blazers, whether Duncan Robinson of the Miami Heat or Davis Bertans of the Washington Wizards was more impressive with their 3-point shooting, a 100-point NAIA game from Jarrett Culver's big brother, J.J. Culver, and Bradley Beal throwing down a big dunk vs. the Charlotte Hornets.
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Comments • 175

  • Icy King
    Icy King 7 days ago

    I don’t like the fat guy

  • Jack man
    Jack man Month ago

    So we jus gonna act like Garry Harris didn’t get fouled after his 3rd step smh

  • Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    Hearing Rachel say “bang out” and “hot hands” turned me the f*** on

  • Magnolia Trees in the Meadow


  • Heir
    Heir Month ago

    My poor Wizards

  • Armon bob
    Armon bob Month ago

    Melo not what he use to be but don't act like he wasn't the iso king a while back the disrespect

  • newthrash1221
    newthrash1221 Month ago +2

    windhorst gets saltier by the day. and i'm not talking about his diet. clowns.

  • SDE Byrd
    SDE Byrd Month ago

    I hate this fat dude no cap


    0:43 🔥🧡💝

  • Cheerioss -
    Cheerioss - Month ago

    Blazers finally back to being the Blazers. If dame wins blazers a ring it’ll hold as much weight as Dirks for the Mavs.

  • sld1776
    sld1776 Month ago

    Rachel celebrating the baseball and hockey championships was really fun to watch. You can see she's a sports fanatic, and not just doing her job.
    She may have to wait on that Wizards championship parade, though....

  • luis Macara
    luis Macara Month ago

    Brian windhorst atittude just pisses me off so much. He is so condescending, especially to rachel

  • B Witit
    B Witit Month ago

    Windhorst needs to stop hating on melo jeeeez

  • carlsong643
    carlsong643 Month ago

    13 threes and 20 free throws means you can't get an even number as a total score smh

  • Black Prince
    Black Prince Month ago

    Bradley Beal should come over to the Portland Trailblazers.

  • mazzb305
    mazzb305 Month ago +1

    "Make or Miss League" is such an asinine statement. That's like saying the NFL is a Tackle or No Tackle league.

  • Logan Vojtasek
    Logan Vojtasek Month ago +29

    Rachel- “Hes fun, their fun, Bertans is fun”

    Kawhi 👀

  • Kai Long
    Kai Long Month ago +9

    1:16 Gary “Gary Harris” Harris?

  • Aaron Long
    Aaron Long Month ago +1

    It's not a 'make or miss league', it's HORSE with flops.

  • Schauncy North
    Schauncy North Month ago +1

    Bertan is a beast hope someone grabbed him dude

  • Moneybagbandz
    Moneybagbandz Month ago +3

    As a Wizards fan, I'm enjoying this tank throughly. And Rachel is right, Bertans needs to be resigned. So shut up Windhorst you roundman

  • Dan Pirn
    Dan Pirn Month ago


  • Armed Titanium
    Armed Titanium Month ago

    Honestly 60 shots to get 100 points isn’t bad

  • Chris James
    Chris James Month ago

    older brother*

  • KN Byam
    KN Byam Month ago +2

    3:34 for the Wizards story. I have to stop clicking on these videos, they drag along before getting to title.

  • Bobby Portis
    Bobby Portis Month ago

    So much disrespect smh. We’re in a transition year waiting for John Wall to comeback who always took us to the second round only to narrowly lose to the one seed due to a lack of bench. We have a bench now that’s getting a whole year to develop until he’s back. Why would we blow that up? Wall, Beal, Brown, Rui, Bryant with Wagner, Bertans, McRae off the bench is a solid team that’ll only get better with time.

    • Bobby Portis
      Bobby Portis Month ago

      202few Gunnz it’s cause he’s been playing through pain. New GM has a new long term identity and that won’t be an issue anymore

    • 202few Gunnz
      202few Gunnz Month ago

      Bobby Portis wall has been holding them back for about 2-3 years haven’t been healthy enough to fill his potential

  • Roadrunner
    Roadrunner Month ago

    That's the home team. Go Wizard's

  • Natnael Goitom
    Natnael Goitom Month ago +5

    Honestly I just watch wizards game to watch isaiah Thomas always will have love for him Thomas will always be a celtic

  • Jason Lipscomb
    Jason Lipscomb Month ago +1

    Where my sad wizard fans at?

  • Annette H
    Annette H Month ago

    My patience has officially ended for Windhorst, only took an extra 40 seconds. Usually I feel bad reading all the fat jokes about him, but now, I will read them free of a guilty conscience. Dude is an asshole.

  • Jeremiah Jones
    Jeremiah Jones Month ago +15

    He BIG MAD MELO is proving him wrong EVERY NIGHT.

  • rickey alexander
    rickey alexander Month ago

    I would make love to Rachel Nichols like nobodies business

  • Will Bowden
    Will Bowden Month ago +2

    That Dame shot still gives me chills

  • MXP
    MXP Month ago +8

    Bro Melo may not be in his prime but he can definitely teach Dame some moves. This how you know the fat dude has never played basketball in his life 💀

    • SDE Byrd
      SDE Byrd Month ago

      Exactly how are you dumb enough to say "do you want dame learning iso ball from melo" melo still stands as one of the greatest scorers in nba history so.... um yeah that would be ok

    • adyingshadow
      adyingshadow Month ago

      He never has. Just like what Barkley said, all these "analysts" who have never played sports hide behind the numbers just to pretend they're something

  • K Murr
    K Murr Month ago

    Brian is a HATER.. idek why

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams Month ago

    Duncan Robinson shoulda been a Spur

  • Edwardo Nunez
    Edwardo Nunez Month ago +2

    Rachael is Starting To Be Molly Level Annoying

  • Kawhi Leonard
    Kawhi Leonard Month ago

    Aren't they 7-16. That's pleasing ?

    • Ryan Djidi
      Ryan Djidi Month ago

      To watch they are i mean they compete but imo often either scott brooks draws a dumb play or they straight up run out of actual nba players (basically rn they have 7 actuall nba players and chiozza and schofield which are g league players) or they just dont have a closer

  • Semi
    Semi Month ago

    That 100 points was terrible. It wasn't a great accomplishment. He took 62 shots and missed a ton. It wasn't very efficient at all. Tons of players could get 100 if they had 27 free throws and 62 shots.

  • jdelgado216
    jdelgado216 Month ago

    that "wow" from Scottie had both surprised and disappointment lol

  • Jim Readey
    Jim Readey Month ago +4

    Check your math, Brian -- a player can't score 13 threes, 20 FTs, and end up with 100. Or any other EVEN number.
    (HINT: J.J. Culvert only made 12 threes.)

  • Grimes
    Grimes Month ago +89

    Windhorst talking a lot for someone who looks like a basketball

    • Daniel Perez-Gonzalez
      Daniel Perez-Gonzalez Month ago

      @Max rainmaker You have over corrected. I'd imagine it'd be easier for most to take serious coaches/analysts who looked like they used to play basketball. Also for what it's worth I think one of the best analysts out there was Leigh from the starters and he certainly wasn't a pro.

    • Grimes
      Grimes Month ago

      @Max rainmaker It's not about him talking basketball but the little slick comments he makes every two seconds.

    • Max rainmaker
      Max rainmaker Month ago

      ah this argument again. cant be a good analyst without having played in the nba. by that logic, coaches would need to have been better nba players than the players they coach.

    • Daniel Perez-Gonzalez
      Daniel Perez-Gonzalez Month ago

      @Gokul Varadan Agreed

    • Gokul Varadan
      Gokul Varadan Month ago +6

      In spite of that he is one of the few analysts I can listen to without wanting to kill myself

  • Suwu
    Suwu Month ago +2

    Fat white boy always got something to say 🥮🧁🍩🍪🥙🌮🍧🍰🎂🥜🤡😂

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    76th comment 🌘🌍🌰

  • Tony Vincent
    Tony Vincent Month ago

    Bradley Beal is gonna be on the trading block come Sunday, Wizards can get allot back in return for him. A top team in the West or East could really use him on their team for a playoff push.

    • poppa rich
      poppa rich Month ago

      no trade clause this season. He signed to play with Wall...

  • Andrew Paredes
    Andrew Paredes Month ago

    im tryn make rachel nichols very happy

  • Eks TheGod
    Eks TheGod Month ago +6

    What Melo do/say to Windhorst? He always got something negative to say

  • Matthew Law
    Matthew Law Month ago +3

    gary harris travelling all the way across america to get that shot off

  • Tim Riley
    Tim Riley Month ago +4

    Bryan windhorst does not know how to joke around and keep it light lol

  • Curve God
    Curve God Month ago

    Rachel is a terrible host

    • Ryan Malone
      Ryan Malone Month ago

      @bigballerju07 that's what I was about to say. Rachel does a great job with this show, but Windhorst is annoying

    • bigballerju07
      bigballerju07 Month ago +3

      No she is great. Its Brian. But even a great host can't do anything if their co-host like Brian is not that good or funny.

  • Jah
    Jah Month ago

    Dallas should make a trade.

  • Abdullah al-mamoon
    Abdullah al-mamoon Month ago +2

    Rachel was gangster on that one. lol

  • claudus12
    claudus12 Month ago

    Wizards should be dropped from the NBA

  • Luis Marcaida
    Luis Marcaida Month ago

    It’s jarrett’s lil bro tho

  • Big White
    Big White Month ago

    Washington ratings are down 27% hahahahaaaa

  • bubble butt
    bubble butt Month ago +29


  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen Month ago

    ESPN hates small markets in the nba

    • Chef Flee
      Chef Flee Month ago

      Eric Allen on god bruh they always bash small market teams and when the small market teams are doing good they don’t even speak about them

  • fie
    fie Month ago +10

    I want Rachel underneath me

  • oh money
    oh money Month ago +5

    Duhh no one in their lineup was ever known as a defender 🤦🏾‍♂️ They have a 5'9 point guard what do people expect

  • DuRaun Pierre
    DuRaun Pierre Month ago +40

    "The WIZARDS?!" Dude almost lost it lol