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  • Published on Nov 13, 2018
  • Today, Rihanna recreates the Wild Thoughts look with her very own makeup tutorial. Watch to get Rihanna's iconic blue eyeshadow look from the Wild Thoughts music video using Fenty Beauty's Moroccan Spice Palette and Stunna Lip Paint.
    Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free.
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  • Katty Dangelor
    Katty Dangelor Day ago

    I want her to become a voice actress for my cartoon, which is called "The Last Rainbow Radience" and I want her to be the voice of the main character in this cartoon. Let she send at least a couple of sentences that I dictate with her voice

  • SZY
    SZY Day ago

  • José Manuel Gamero palomo

    Rihanna mi amor kis kis shela good love is you biotifull la laif te amo te amo em mi name for love for you

  • kaila s
    kaila s 4 days ago

    Please create a BB cream!

  • zero pixy
    zero pixy 5 days ago

    i like your eyeshadow

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar 7 days ago

    Ypur laugh alone can make someone fall in love with u

  • Evanio Melo
    Evanio Melo 8 days ago

    Você é muito linda, parabéns.
    Os Brasileiros te amo

  • Faith Brack
    Faith Brack 8 days ago

    She is awesome!I was so excited to see that she released a makeup line that included so many shades!Fenty Beauty is the makeup to buy!😊

  • zozo zozo العزيز


  • zozo zozo العزيز


  • Rondol Kirkwood
    Rondol Kirkwood 10 days ago

    Love it! Your New Subby!!

  • Sofia Licir
    Sofia Licir 10 days ago

    that aries moon really came thru in this tutorial, LOVE the jewel tones

  • TheNoviva
    TheNoviva 11 days ago

    i love her

  • Peter
    Peter 12 days ago

    This is the kind of friend you need in your life: a cool freakin Rihanna

  • Global Preset
    Global Preset 12 days ago

    Que hermosa eres tu si eres bella como quisiera que cuando al levantarme abriera los ojos te viera a ti

  • Ida Kajanus
    Ida Kajanus 13 days ago

    Her glow is goals

  • Jenna wells
    Jenna wells 13 days ago

    RiRi needs her own makeup channel like omg I'd watch all day long

  • Star 333
    Star 333 13 days ago

    Very fucking beautiful!!!! 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍💋💋💋💋💋

  • Royan Hasjim
    Royan Hasjim 13 days ago WE LOVE RIHANNA !!!!!

  • flademir francisco
    flademir francisco 16 days ago

    Very good !

  • john clodion
    john clodion 16 days ago

    Épouse moi wsh t trop bonne 😍😍😍😍

  • Barry Arame
    Barry Arame 17 days ago


  • Valeria Ligueño
    Valeria Ligueño 18 days ago

    Rihanna falta subtitulado en español

  • YourzTruely, Anastasia

    Bomb 🧨

  • Rana Rafique
    Rana Rafique 19 days ago

    I like you voice so nice song

  • vitor camilo
    vitor camilo 20 days ago

    Rouba briza !

  • tar tar. رامي االحمصي.

    هلو ☺☺

  • Zézel _YL
    Zézel _YL 21 day ago

    OMG this woman is so beautiful , I love you RIRI ❤️🥰

  • Hendrik Schmidt
    Hendrik Schmidt 21 day ago

    You want speech coach 🤣🤣 i speak not faster than my brain think 😂😜

  • tehuty world
    tehuty world 22 days ago

    5 Stars :) - Please check out - we would love to help promote your brand. Excellent Work! #Rihanna

  • Lovee 06
    Lovee 06 24 days ago

    Waouwwww 😝😝😝😍😍

  • józsi mos
    józsi mos 28 days ago

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  • gusel nazarova
    gusel nazarova 28 days ago


  • Jose Cuallado
    Jose Cuallado 28 days ago

    Ah el color Dorado le keda muy bien a las Reinas , asi como tu .
    Hace años ke bailo tus canciones incluso al principio sin saber kien eras, me encantaban y disfrutaba mucho al bailarlas.

  • Jose Cuallado
    Jose Cuallado 28 days ago

    Me encantan tus tutoriales , eres muy guapa y si encima te arreglas estas ke rompes , estoy seguro ke si estubiera ahi te pondria muy nerviosa .

  • M I
    M I 28 days ago +1

    She’s so beautiful 😍😍

  • Cristina Alfaro
    Cristina Alfaro 29 days ago

    Which song is in the backround?

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez Month ago

    Mamacita estás muy guapa

  • Ritali Justin
    Ritali Justin Month ago

    ❤❤❤ leve me 😜 br

  • Parkour I.F
    Parkour I.F Month ago

    Ohhhh my god so beautiful riahanna 😍😍😍

  • luis ortiz
    luis ortiz Month ago

    Dios yo amo esa mujer

  • katyle vitoria teodoro ricardo lima lima

    Maravilinda amoooo rihanna

  • Paula Santos
    Paula Santos Month ago

    I Love y

  • Robert Stevenson Jr

    My favorite lady...

  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago

    I fergert hew re2 sepll hert 🤕🤢👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  • Fernanda Tovar
    Fernanda Tovar Month ago +1

    Qué signo eres Rihanna

  • Nathan Hunter
    Nathan Hunter Month ago

    ReLeAsE MoRE mUsiC AhHh

  • Guil Franc
    Guil Franc Month ago

    Hey stunning lady, good to see you again 😍😍

  • Issabela Kia
    Issabela Kia Month ago

    Love it Rihanna it was beautiful and ur funny too

  • Leonardo Sa j.
    Leonardo Sa j. Month ago


  • Iiset Arias
    Iiset Arias Month ago

    Beautiful riri some day I will be in one of your concerts greetings from Ecuador

  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago


  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago


  • Ositias
    Ositias Month ago

    3:56 that laugh 💕

  • Giuseppe Evaroni
    Giuseppe Evaroni Month ago


  • Sadou asta-adji
    Sadou asta-adji Month ago

    Rihanna 😍😍😍

  • Mevlüde Özer
    Mevlüde Özer Month ago

    Yavrum takılar yıkılıyor sen zaten mükemmels"in😍😍😍😍😍

  • Leah Renee
    Leah Renee Month ago +1


  • khalifa Diop
    khalifa Diop Month ago +1


  • Susie  Lowe
    Susie Lowe Month ago

    stoned ri ri ....i know them eyes girl ....stunning as always 💜

  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago

    Thenmtke eut🐱😱🐺🥊⌚🥛

  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago


  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago


  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago

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    Troy Crith ll Month ago


  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago

  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago


  • Troy Crith ll
    Troy Crith ll Month ago

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  • Daorsa
    Daorsa Month ago

    Is Kylie Jenner or Rihanna better
    -Kylie comment
    - Rihanna like
    Im gona like my own comment because Rihanna is Poppin 🤩😍❤️

  • Robbin Hatchett
    Robbin Hatchett Month ago

    On February 20th, a Goddess was Born!! One of the most Iconic, Baddest, and Game changing Artists of this Generation to ever do it!!

  • Kesha Soimis
    Kesha Soimis Month ago


  • प्यार दिल

    love u riri, but i didnt like this eye shawdow make up u put on.

  • Kuro
    Kuro Month ago +1

    Salut alors mon ami Maxime dit qu'il ne vous aime pas que puis je lui dire pour qu'il change d'avis

  • Iasmim Mel
    Iasmim Mel Month ago

    Q voz . 😏🤤😍❤

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu

    Gorgeous 😍that blending tho 😀💕💯

  • Matrix End
    Matrix End 2 months ago

    Riri Sis we miss you😢😢😢💖❤️💕💯 Aotearoa NZ

  • Doreeshia Birungi
    Doreeshia Birungi 2 months ago

    I love you Gal. Riri please make for us new music. I miss you on stage singing for us. I wish I could meet you. U seem so cool down to earth friendly person to hangout with.

  • ikram ela
    ikram ela 2 months ago

    0:23 😂😂

  • njc 04
    njc 04 2 months ago


  • Emily
    Emily 2 months ago

    Who else wants Rihanna to do ASMR?

  • Александр Маркевич

    Я люблю тебя робин

  • Mustafa Poyraz
    Mustafa Poyraz 2 months ago

    I don't understand why you don't want to subscribe while I'm free to subscribe to my channel

  • توته و روان
    توته و روان 2 months ago +1

  • عالم روميساء

    My dream is to see you rihanna l love you

    • Yussif B.a.k
      Yussif B.a.k 25 days ago

      Well it's not you dream it is god tall you that so been Happy and did it I m within for you the moon Engel Queen you have fans very very good fans well real even I why girl I need that fans that fans real fans in heaven#

  • عالم روميساء
    عالم روميساء 2 months ago +1

    My dream is to see you

    • Yussif B.a.k
      Yussif B.a.k 25 days ago

      Well real trying to seen me you looking be....I love you for every they Moon Engel Queen rihanna the luck Queen and respect,

  • عالم روميساء

  • عالم روميساء

    plz abonne vous my channel

  • William Of Love
    William Of Love 2 months ago

    I think blue color is the cause of your look is enhanced, and of course..
    You look amazing!

  • مزاجي
    مزاجي 2 months ago

    now I notice why the girls always bsy

  • Bianca vitória
    Bianca vitória 2 months ago

    Kkk paródia Diogo

  • Adore Chantel
    Adore Chantel 2 months ago

    Baddie Riri those eyes 😍 she a real one like her personality !!

  • Shannon Donegan
    Shannon Donegan 2 months ago

    I’m so happy you started doing the tutorials, you are so beautiful.

  • binboda
    binboda 2 months ago

    Now I’m dying to do this look but I just know I’ll look goofy with such a bold eye and lip at the same time while Riri looks just right smh. I’ll still try tho, I have Stunna but need Moroccan Spice

  • Athena Bruh
    Athena Bruh 2 months ago

    Guyanese gang 🇬🇾

  • Jen Xoxo
    Jen Xoxo 2 months ago

    They need to make rihanna inspired contacts cause her eyes are sooo beautiful! Ugh! Does anyone know where I can get that color?

  • hachege
    hachege 2 months ago

    "you never stop till the camera is cut"

  • abcrag abc
    abcrag abc 2 months ago

    Girrrl! I love your style. I'm all about a quicky because I too am always in a hurry. I need your Fenty goodies honey, but momma is a hard working, single woman and my bills and kids needs come first. I have to settle for Elf, NYX affordable. Some day 💘🔥

  • Dawon P Lott
    Dawon P Lott 2 months ago

    Oooh why do folks hate?.Yall folks with the disses need to love yall selves lol.. We adore you RI RI, and those mezmerizing green eyes(my fav color)..Working me😚

  • Brittany Pruitt
    Brittany Pruitt 2 months ago

    I want to meat you and I am 9 years old but I still wanna go to your Concerted

  • Ahmad BsamAmar
    Ahmad BsamAmar 2 months ago