• Published on Aug 4, 2016
  • Hey, we can't all be Casey Neistat... lol but I sure did try! and fail... Check out my other social medias down below!
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    Music creds:
    Udntknw by Weirddough
    Come With Me by Nora En Pure
    This Girl Instrumental Remix
    Thank you, my artsy farts!
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  • norma morales
    norma morales 14 hours ago

    the license plates

  • Ali Husayn
    Ali Husayn Day ago

    the music used to be in sync at this part 5:53

  • Hoxie Girls
    Hoxie Girls Day ago +1

    At the begging
    liZa: going to the door
    uS: ... what
    LiZa: you thought

  • Clara's Universe
    Clara's Universe 2 days ago

    No hate or anything tho

  • Clara's Universe
    Clara's Universe 2 days ago +1

    Why was that the tittle??????

  • Dexter Bejos
    Dexter Bejos 3 days ago

    Why do you changed the music in the videos?

  • Hugo Merino
    Hugo Merino 4 days ago

    Haha the intro was so funny

  • Hafsah YAQUB
    Hafsah YAQUB 5 days ago +1

    Everyone else saying so why don’t I join in.


  • Emerson Horton
    Emerson Horton 6 days ago +1

    Puts cup of tea up to her mouth:
    Me: don't drink it, it's gonna be hot
    Drinks tea:
    Liza: it's to hot!!!!
    Me: told you :/

  • Lyndsay Davis
    Lyndsay Davis 6 days ago

    I am a huge fan of your videos

  • Cadence Detommaso
    Cadence Detommaso 7 days ago

    Why is the MUSIC Different I like the other music

  • Priyamvada Nair
    Priyamvada Nair 7 days ago

    I knew I was not crazy for thinking the song is different. It's sad that I know all musics to her video. I gotta get a life. Oh well, just one more video.

  • Cherry Gacha xox
    Cherry Gacha xox 8 days ago

    ok i looked and the music has changed,look at the teens react to her vs now

  • Amethyst Garcia
    Amethyst Garcia 8 days ago

    The music changed or I’m going crazy and deaf

  • Brownie
    Brownie 9 days ago

    *that sounded panful*

    That was bad XD

  • Marianna Constanda
    Marianna Constanda 9 days ago

  • Katie Kiss
    Katie Kiss 11 days ago

    i love her

  • Yuliana Sandoval
    Yuliana Sandoval 11 days ago

    Who ever copyrighted her music im beat yo as$🙄😡the video is still funny but it was better with the og

  • Μυρτω Ξεχασιαρα

    Yeah the music is different

  • Skyxe
    Skyxe 12 days ago +5

    The music is different and i dont like it anymore :(

  • Cookies _121121
    Cookies _121121 13 days ago

    I miss Liza :(

  • Mariah Damrau
    Mariah Damrau 13 days ago

    The sugar in the coffee 😂😂it’s meeeee

  • Anete Klaos
    Anete Klaos 15 days ago +2

    TVclip copyrighted him and/or changed the music

  • Nam Tran
    Nam Tran 15 days ago +2

    darn it youtube you ruin every music liza edit in her video

  • Emilia Dawe
    Emilia Dawe 15 days ago

    Exactly where is this girl her annual montage music

  • Dianne Mikkelson
    Dianne Mikkelson 15 days ago

    3:12 Me when my hot chocolate is done.

  • Allison Marie
    Allison Marie 16 days ago +1

    she changed the musicccc

  • Jazzy
    Jazzy 16 days ago +1

    2019 peoples watching has she changed music or just me???

  • Caitlyn Smith
    Caitlyn Smith 17 days ago


  • isold klara
    isold klara 17 days ago

    Oh wow i thought i was the only one who noticed the music changed. Why it do that? I dont like it

    SISTER SHOOK 17 days ago

    Liza literally has been changing the music. I think she got copyrighted

  • yoandy Ruiz
    yoandy Ruiz 17 days ago

    Oop--- why is the music different o.o

  • Tane Hima
    Tane Hima 17 days ago


  • Leah Abernathy
    Leah Abernathy 17 days ago

    When my crush breathes

    LORENZR 18 days ago

    Is it me or she changed all the music from all of her older videos... we love TVclip copyright strikes

  • Maria Sala
    Maria Sala 18 days ago

    Yeah the new music changes the vibe of the video entirely

  • Iovely Ieah
    Iovely Ieah 20 days ago

    You seriously just brushed your teeth then drank coffee I-

  • Sonny Star
    Sonny Star 20 days ago

    ok i’m like actually triggered the music is different wtf

  • Siwar Alahmad
    Siwar Alahmad 25 days ago

    She changed the music , the one before was better. 🙁

  • Siwar Alahmad
    Siwar Alahmad 25 days ago

    She changed the music , the one before was better. 🙁

  • ILoveCookie
    ILoveCookie 28 days ago

    Thought I was going crazy when I heard the music difference

  • llama queen
    llama queen 28 days ago

    What happened?? All the music is changed

  • Jackie Laporte
    Jackie Laporte 29 days ago

    I can't stop laughing😂

  • Reneilwe Mogonedi
    Reneilwe Mogonedi 29 days ago

    Hi Liza I see you changed the music can you plz put it back bcz it was perfect the way it was ppl r wondering why did you change so we as your fans ask to put back the music that you used before because it was perfect as it was

  • Reneilwe Mogonedi
    Reneilwe Mogonedi 29 days ago

    Why did she change the music?!?!?!?!!

  • Star Green
    Star Green Month ago

    I disliked because liza changed the music. The old music is sooo much better and actually with her cut schenes

  • M. Smith
    M. Smith Month ago

    Yo Liza, you need to write intros again. You've done the can't think of any intro bit too many times.

  • Ananya P
    Ananya P Month ago

    She took a Volkswagen key and drove a Mercedes 🤔

  • Vaavaa naanaa
    Vaavaa naanaa Month ago +2

    Why is the music changed? Who else prefers the old one?

  • Samantha Hernandez
    Samantha Hernandez Month ago

    I like how it said tsunami warning and the music is super hipe

  • Surapathi Kiran
    Surapathi Kiran Month ago

    Please start making funny content, I used to be bored of seeing these same old videos and now I'm even more bored after you changed the music, it was so good. Whatever you do, I want the old Liza back.

  • Anika Scolastico
    Anika Scolastico Month ago

    Am I the only one who noticed how she stepped on her right foot and then grabbed the other one in pain

  • Dejah Tyler Ward
    Dejah Tyler Ward Month ago

    Who else in Liza intro you also say yeaaaaahhh

  • Imelda Garcia
    Imelda Garcia Month ago

    Did any one notice that she changed the music? It used to be like ooooo yea or something like that

  • Jocelyn Flores
    Jocelyn Flores Month ago

    The music changed 😂

  • you cyut or whateva

    Liza changed the music.... awwwwww

  • saphia deiry
    saphia deiry Month ago

    Literally me

  • Berat Vin
    Berat Vin Month ago +1

    The old edit was better

  • Ann Anderson
    Ann Anderson Month ago

    Love the tan. Id say jealouse but I'm comfortable in my own body. You are beautiful little brown grl. I appreciate you umlout.

  • Mr Flibbles
    Mr Flibbles Month ago

    This is the best video EVER!!!!