Why Him? - Movie Review


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  • Dominic Lowe
    Dominic Lowe 9 days ago

    Kiss was the best scene

  • T T
    T T 3 months ago

    watching this movie a second time made me hate this movie.

  • bossgiancana
    bossgiancana 4 months ago

    The daughter was a kid. They shoulda got a adult woman at least.

  • Aya Almaghrabi
    Aya Almaghrabi 10 months ago

    am i the only one who found this movie cringy

  • andrew cruz smith

    In the second half of the last season of how i met your mother they reference. This movie all the time .

  • Zahir Junejo
    Zahir Junejo Year ago

    The unrealism in this movie turns it into a bollywood movie. App maker earning shit loads to have a mansion? Plz. Cmon. Guy starts talking about J2EE platform on a normal conversation? Seriously, i wouldnt be surprised if he is lonely. Enterpreneurs partying? Ummm....Idk.

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia Year ago

    it's the girl from ed sheeran's perfect song

  • fangirl sharon
    fangirl sharon Year ago

    that "girl" is Zoey Deutch, excuse me.

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face Year ago

    stop with the fucking hands

  • ThatKidWithSwaG1
    ThatKidWithSwaG1 Year ago +1

    no alcohol required, but marijuana definitely encouraged lol

  • Tyre Wallace
    Tyre Wallace Year ago +1

    No lie. This was not all that great. Not a big fan of raunchy humor

  • lawin moyak
    lawin moyak Year ago

    This movie is not funny at all. I repeat : NOT FUNNY.

  • Rich Homie Coon
    Rich Homie Coon Year ago

    There's very few Comedies that I've seen that made me *tired* from laughing, and this was one of them.
    It was just great 👍.

  • Beau Haynes
    Beau Haynes Year ago +2

    i had to watch this with my mom and dad and it was the worst fucking time of my entire life

  • floatingskateboard guy

    his hand movements trigger me

  • Eric Ciuzio
    Eric Ciuzio Year ago

    wow I thought that the mother sucked, she wasn't funny at all and annoying, I've never like that actress though

  • Bryan
    Bryan Year ago

    This movie was awesome

  • Isabella Forti
    Isabella Forti Year ago

    ТТhis is thе niсеist mоviе i еvеr sее!!! I аdvisе еvеrуbоdy tо waаtсh it :) twitter.com/3a742b0ef52cad046/status/865025117184602112

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera Year ago

    I waaatсhеeed Why Him? full movie hеree twitter.com/3a742b0ef52cad046/status/865025117184602112

  • Clint Hodges
    Clint Hodges Year ago

    you sound like a dbag like you could do better this movie was funny as shit

  • The Champ
    The Champ Year ago

    i watched this on the plane today good movie

  • DaffierSquare2
    DaffierSquare2 Year ago

    Hееееrе is rеаlly full ааааnd hd Whу Him? => twitter.com/69b6683d49cd97f25/status/865025117184602112

  • carlee elizabeth
    carlee elizabeth Year ago

    re: keegan michael key ruling the world: god, i hope so.

  • Tate
    Tate Year ago

    I actually really loved this movie, but like, there are a ton of reviewers say it's terrible, I mean, Ebert gave it 1.5/4 and RT gave it 40% I don't fucking understand why

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf Year ago

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  • amstel 54
    amstel 54 Year ago

    i liked it 😉

  • duckster181
    duckster181 Year ago

    "Double Dickin, I don't know what the h*ll that is. You're one sick f*&k, but I like you" LMFAO!!!!!!!

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue Year ago

    I do not think I have any interests in seeing this movie

  • Garrett Garrett
    Garrett Garrett Year ago

    This movie 90% of the time didn't make me laugh. So damn cringy. It reminded me of the worst of the American Office with Michael. I liked the actress who played the mom tho. I enjoyed Kiss. Not enough to get me to watch it ever again tho. Waste of the Cranston. Loved The Interview and This the End, but not this. I honestly was expecting it to get a 'good if you were drunk' rating.

  • Jergus Spodniak
    Jergus Spodniak Year ago

    The part with the chicken was the best part in the movie

  • Turkey Leg
    Turkey Leg Year ago

    predictable plot?? you knew she was going to say no to his marriage proposal at the end?

  • Franky V
    Franky V Year ago

    this movie sucks... hard. didnt laugh at all.

  • Dancerama6
    Dancerama6 Year ago

    Jeremy is high when he makes these right?

  • InQuickWeTrust
    InQuickWeTrust Year ago

    This movie was fucking hilarious

  • TheRedman790
    TheRedman790 Year ago

    Sorry. Totally disagree. Not EVEN alcohol could make this movie funny.

  • ZombiEater Reviews

    that movie was terrible

  • superflyerzz
    superflyerzz Year ago

    i just watched the movie and i grinned a little bit for 2 times , the story was so thin and the movie was so long that it lost its comedy for 95%of the time, the cast acted really great but the writing for a comedy sucked so bad, if you ask me the dad and his son came with the best jokes in the movie

  • Ashton Hamer
    Ashton Hamer Year ago

    Double dickings

  • Bruzeks ?
    Bruzeks ? Year ago

    It wasn't funny, end of story.

  • Feras Nj
    Feras Nj Year ago

    Lmao rly ? this movie was a cringe fest. how on hell that was a decent comedy movie ? it's simply not.

  • Mallika Banerjee
    Mallika Banerjee Year ago

    I thought the movie was okay. It had it's share of poop/pee/dick/ball/ass jokes that go on a bit long but nothing too bad. Overall the characters are all likable and fun to watch.

  • Sudeep Chopra
    Sudeep Chopra Year ago

    Sounds like a white 'Get Out'

  • ClectaSkiMusic
    ClectaSkiMusic Year ago

    Yeah he got money dad hates him first then dad thinks about his money then dad likes him....

  • Creep vids
    Creep vids Year ago

    I wonder if Jeremy actually fist bumped the camera too hard one day

  • Alex Moffat
    Alex Moffat Year ago

    IMO: This movie was sorta cringe when I watched it, and the punchlines weren't very funny at all. Contrary to Jeremy's opinion I know, but here in Australia, and when I watched it, not one person in the cinema laughed throughout the whole movie...

  • shade 5150
    shade 5150 2 years ago

    it was a really good movie my only problem was all the cussing James Francis character did it made him look stupid when he really wasn't

  • Moviemen Reviews
    Moviemen Reviews 2 years ago

    jeremy! u inspired me man. im doin movie reviews now thanks to u and chris s. hope to be as good as u someday

  • That Guy on the Left
    That Guy on the Left 2 years ago

    Review Silence

  • santiago chaparro
    santiago chaparro 2 years ago

    Its more like dog shit to me

  • Blue kid
    Blue kid 2 years ago

    jeremy whats with your hair ... u look so handsome with ur well groom hair..

  • Wannabe_Baby
    Wannabe_Baby 2 years ago

    Is this an American adaption of the British sitcom "Cuckoo"?

  • Not omer adini
    Not omer adini 2 years ago

    Are you serious this movie fucking sucks

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas 2 years ago

    This movie was hilarious.

  • Kendrick Llama
    Kendrick Llama 2 years ago

    I just saw this movie on a group date with some friends. They all thought it was great. I thought it was a mediocre, cliché pile of shit. This movie is MOSTLY low brow and straight forward humor. Not exactly my thing.

  • The Addiction Show - Sandy, Son & KristaCoff

    This movie was retarded. It felt over trying, people pleaseing that had no meaning.

  • BboyElectrick
    BboyElectrick 2 years ago

    Movie was one of the best comedies I've seen

  • Queen Elizabeth's Toilet Paper

    I don't wike it

  • Eric Vagina
    Eric Vagina 2 years ago

    seen it last night. pretty funny. just a generic easy money maker tho. and reality if someones daughter was gonna marry someone worth 200 million why the fuck would a father not approve.... not like he made the money illegally or anything. ...

  • ed1rko17
    ed1rko17 2 years ago

    I surprisingly found this movie fucking boring as shit! Thought I would love it but nope.

  • BriansRadioReviews
    BriansRadioReviews 2 years ago

    I was expected James and Bryan's relationship to be a little more tense than it was, but I still enjoyed watching it though.

  • Free Bee
    Free Bee 2 years ago

    Cranston is ok.but this movie sucked balls! All the comedy is just franco saying profanity

  • Good one!
    Good one! 2 years ago

    wow yeah I thought it was going to be shit on but I might watch it now

  • cheitner
    cheitner 2 years ago

    why is this dude talking with his hands.

  • skivvy09
    skivvy09 2 years ago

    wtf is wrong with your hands.

  • brivanas
    brivanas 2 years ago

    Chris Stuckmann is better than you.

  • Riki Kage
    Riki Kage 2 years ago

    40% on RT… ffs what's wrong with this movie? It's funny , good acting simple plot what is wrong with it?!!!

  • Janson Chen
    Janson Chen 2 years ago

    This movie is dirty and I like it. Laugh like hell. What else to say

  • SSj3Ninja
    SSj3Ninja 2 years ago

    one word, boring

  • Jason Thornton
    Jason Thornton 2 years ago

    why do you always leave me with a bloody nose you fool!

  • Cran KaDub
    Cran KaDub 2 years ago

    Just saw this with my dad fuck my life

  • mcfigu
    mcfigu 2 years ago

    I just came back from the cinema. This movie was really good!

  • Vinny Banana
    Vinny Banana 2 years ago

    You know what idk why this movie gets hate I thought it was funny. Better than a Paul Feige movie that relies on pop culture refrences and one liners. This was pretty good. It was well written with a good setup and the jokes pay off. The filmmaking felt generic and looked like all the other comedies but it did make me laugh. Its funny so fuck it I like it.

  • Haley Wilburn
    Haley Wilburn 2 years ago

    How can you not know Tammy 2? Everyone knows Tammy 2.

  • Ryuken Devereaux
    Ryuken Devereaux 2 years ago

    I loved Son in law :) Review son in law! please and thank you

  • TheNipunMarwaha
    TheNipunMarwaha 2 years ago

    J Dawg! If you liked the mom go watch some episodes of Will & Grace. She plays a pill popping alcoholic secretary to for Debra Messing's fashion business. And to boot she does nothing because she's married to a millionaire and doesn't actually need the job so all she does is be drunkenly sarcastic. It's gold!

  • Twitch
    Twitch 2 years ago +2

    "Ok, stop motorboating your dad and elevate me a pitch." XD one of my favorite James Franco lines.

  • Misty Rose
    Misty Rose 2 years ago

    I didn't expect to laugh so much, but I did xD Comedies don't get to me much nowadays, pleasantly surprised.

  • JerkOffGaming
    JerkOffGaming 2 years ago

    Saw the trailer and I was like this will be shit but when it came it out I'm like fuck it and watched it surprised me it was funny asf

  • Kent Abrahams
    Kent Abrahams 2 years ago

    This movie is so damn funny alcohol would not be a bad idea

  • The Booth
    The Booth 2 years ago

    We just uploaded our review for Why Him? and would love for you to check it out and give us your thoughts!

  • stefan kureljusic
    stefan kureljusic 2 years ago

    I dont get why it got so bad reviews. If you laugh and have a really good time, how can a movie be considered bad. Is it bad because i't doesnt have a Politically correct based story. People are weird

  • Quick Clips
    Quick Clips 2 years ago +1

    I just got home from watching it and I thought it was a good movie. There isn't much or really any negative stuff to say about it. Megan, I new would be funny cause I like her in Will & Grace. Bryan always delivers in his roles no matter who he is portraying and he did it again in this film. James was very funny in this movie, I usually think that he tries to hard to be funny in his movies to which it then is just not funny, but in this film he did great. I would give this film a 7/10.

  • annmcfly
    annmcfly 2 years ago

    Okay, I was halfway through this review and I stop watching (for spoilers) because I need to go watch the movie first. Brb Jeremy.

  • Phil F.
    Phil F. 2 years ago

    I'm surprised! Rotten tomatoes raped it more or less, I'm glad you like it, though!

  • B. Wayne
    B. Wayne 2 years ago

    Worst movie of 2016

  • Vince
    Vince 2 years ago

    So wait you mean to tell me your the Internet James Franco ? 🙄#this

  • Jake Silver
    Jake Silver 2 years ago +1

    What a piece of shit, Sorry Jeremy taking your reviews with a grain of salt from now on.

  • JosPlays
    JosPlays 2 years ago

    Just saw it. Loved it. Now going to buy some blue crystal meth.

  • Timothy Gein
    Timothy Gein 2 years ago

    going to see it today!

  • smushie8
    smushie8 2 years ago +1

    It was literally the funniest movie I've watched in my entire life no joke

  • lil Alo g
    lil Alo g 2 years ago

    I liked it

  • Kirsty Allan
    Kirsty Allan 2 years ago

    Loved the film. Havnt laughter so much at any other film I've seen. Was totally shocked to see guest appearances from gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

  • Pangga Bean
    Pangga Bean 2 years ago

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  • ItsEpicXD
    ItsEpicXD 2 years ago

    IMa bout to see this movie, thoughts?

  • Andy
    Andy 2 years ago

    "YES!" -William DeMarco, 2016

  • Shawnee FirstRider
    Shawnee FirstRider 2 years ago +2

    How does Jeremy not know Karen Walker ?!

  • Jose Morazan
    Jose Morazan 2 years ago

    No hate but I'm surprised Jeremy doesn't know Megan Mulluly, she's pretty famous but it would be awesome if she was in more movies

  • parnesian parrapio
    parnesian parrapio 2 years ago

    Saw it today, it's pretty funny! Go watch it! ❤

  • Gabe Boggs
    Gabe Boggs 2 years ago +1

    hilarious movie but a little awkward watching it with my parents

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 2 years ago +12

    This movie was funny as hell I laughed every scene