Why Him? - Movie Review


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  • T T
    T T 10 days ago

    watching this movie a second time made me hate this movie.

  • bossgiancana
    bossgiancana Month ago

    The daughter was a kid. They shoulda got a adult woman at least.

  • Aya Almaghrabi
    Aya Almaghrabi 6 months ago

    am i the only one who found this movie cringy

  • andrew cruz smith
    andrew cruz smith 9 months ago

    In the second half of the last season of how i met your mother they reference. This movie all the time .

  • Zahir Junejo
    Zahir Junejo 10 months ago

    The unrealism in this movie turns it into a bollywood movie. App maker earning shit loads to have a mansion? Plz. Cmon. Guy starts talking about J2EE platform on a normal conversation? Seriously, i wouldnt be surprised if he is lonely. Enterpreneurs partying? Ummm....Idk.

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia 11 months ago

    it's the girl from ed sheeran's perfect song

  • fangirl sharon
    fangirl sharon 11 months ago

    that "girl" is Zoey Deutch, excuse me.

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face Year ago

    stop with the fucking hands

  • ThatKidWithSwaG1
    ThatKidWithSwaG1 Year ago +1

    no alcohol required, but marijuana definitely encouraged lol

  • Tyre Wallace
    Tyre Wallace Year ago +1

    No lie. This was not all that great. Not a big fan of raunchy humor

  • lawin moyak
    lawin moyak Year ago

    This movie is not funny at all. I repeat : NOT FUNNY.

  • Rich Homie Coon
    Rich Homie Coon Year ago

    There's very few Comedies that I've seen that made me *tired* from laughing, and this was one of them.
    It was just great 👍.

  • Beau Haynes
    Beau Haynes Year ago +2

    i had to watch this with my mom and dad and it was the worst fucking time of my entire life

  • floatingskateboard guy

    his hand movements trigger me

  • Eric Ciuzio
    Eric Ciuzio Year ago

    wow I thought that the mother sucked, she wasn't funny at all and annoying, I've never like that actress though

  • Bryan Cintron
    Bryan Cintron Year ago

    This movie was awesome

  • Isabella Forti
    Isabella Forti Year ago

    ТТhis is thе niсеist mоviе i еvеr sее!!! I аdvisе еvеrуbоdy tо waаtсh it :) twitter.com/3a742b0ef52cad046/status/865025117184602112

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera Year ago

    I waaatсhеeed Why Him? full movie hеree twitter.com/3a742b0ef52cad046/status/865025117184602112

  • Clint Hodges
    Clint Hodges Year ago

    you sound like a dbag like you could do better this movie was funny as shit

  • The Champ
    The Champ Year ago

    i watched this on the plane today good movie

  • DaffierSquare2
    DaffierSquare2 Year ago

    Hееееrе is rеаlly full ааааnd hd Whу Him? => twitter.com/69b6683d49cd97f25/status/865025117184602112

  • carlee elizabeth
    carlee elizabeth Year ago

    re: keegan michael key ruling the world: god, i hope so.

  • Potato- AKA Da Mystic

    I actually really loved this movie, but like, there are a ton of reviewers say it's terrible, I mean, Ebert gave it 1.5/4 and RT gave it 40% I don't fucking understand why

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf Year ago

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  • amstel 54
    amstel 54 Year ago

    i liked it 😉

  • duckster181
    duckster181 Year ago

    "Double Dickin, I don't know what the h*ll that is. You're one sick f*&k, but I like you" LMFAO!!!!!!!

  • Mr Blue
    Mr Blue Year ago

    I do not think I have any interests in seeing this movie

  • Garrett Garrett
    Garrett Garrett Year ago

    This movie 90% of the time didn't make me laugh. So damn cringy. It reminded me of the worst of the American Office with Michael. I liked the actress who played the mom tho. I enjoyed Kiss. Not enough to get me to watch it ever again tho. Waste of the Cranston. Loved The Interview and This the End, but not this. I honestly was expecting it to get a 'good if you were drunk' rating.

  • Jergus Spodniak
    Jergus Spodniak Year ago

    The part with the chicken was the best part in the movie

  • Matthew Osman
    Matthew Osman Year ago

    Ok I just watched the movie why him there were some funny parts but I didn't really like it I would say it would be a better time if I was drunk yah now its a party wait what this was the shittiest movie ever

  • Turkey Leg
    Turkey Leg Year ago

    predictable plot?? you knew she was going to say no to his marriage proposal at the end?

  • Franky V
    Franky V Year ago

    this movie sucks... hard. didnt laugh at all.

  • Dancerama6
    Dancerama6 Year ago

    Jeremy is high when he makes these right?

  • InQuickWeTrust
    InQuickWeTrust Year ago

    This movie was fucking hilarious

  • TheRedman790
    TheRedman790 Year ago

    Sorry. Totally disagree. Not EVEN alcohol could make this movie funny.

  • ZombiEater Reviews

    that movie was terrible

  • superflyerzz
    superflyerzz Year ago

    i just watched the movie and i grinned a little bit for 2 times , the story was so thin and the movie was so long that it lost its comedy for 95%of the time, the cast acted really great but the writing for a comedy sucked so bad, if you ask me the dad and his son came with the best jokes in the movie

  • Ashton Hamer
    Ashton Hamer Year ago

    Double dickings

  • Bruno Vazquez
    Bruno Vazquez Year ago

    It wasn't funny, end of story.

  • Feras Nj
    Feras Nj Year ago

    Lmao rly ? this movie was a cringe fest. how on hell that was a decent comedy movie ? it's simply not.

  • Mallika Banerjee
    Mallika Banerjee Year ago

    I thought the movie was okay. It had it's share of poop/pee/dick/ball/ass jokes that go on a bit long but nothing too bad. Overall the characters are all likable and fun to watch.

  • Sudeep Chopra
    Sudeep Chopra Year ago

    Sounds like a white 'Get Out'

  • ClectaSkiMusic
    ClectaSkiMusic Year ago

    Yeah he got money dad hates him first then dad thinks about his money then dad likes him....

  • Creep vids
    Creep vids Year ago

    I wonder if Jeremy actually fist bumped the camera too hard one day

  • Alex Moffat
    Alex Moffat Year ago

    IMO: This movie was sorta cringe when I watched it, and the punchlines weren't very funny at all. Contrary to Jeremy's opinion I know, but here in Australia, and when I watched it, not one person in the cinema laughed throughout the whole movie...

  • shade 5150
    shade 5150 Year ago

    it was a really good movie my only problem was all the cussing James Francis character did it made him look stupid when he really wasn't

  • Moviemen Reviews
    Moviemen Reviews Year ago

    jeremy! u inspired me man. im doin movie reviews now thanks to u and chris s. hope to be as good as u someday

  • That Guy on the Left

    Review Silence

  • santiago chaparro

    Its more like dog shit to me

  • Blue kid
    Blue kid Year ago

    jeremy whats with your hair ... u look so handsome with ur well groom hair..

  • Wannabe_Baby
    Wannabe_Baby Year ago

    Is this an American adaption of the British sitcom "Cuckoo"?

  • Not omer adini
    Not omer adini Year ago

    Are you serious this movie fucking sucks

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas Year ago

    This movie was hilarious.

  • Kendrick Llama
    Kendrick Llama Year ago

    I just saw this movie on a group date with some friends. They all thought it was great. I thought it was a mediocre, cliché pile of shit. This movie is MOSTLY low brow and straight forward humor. Not exactly my thing.

  • The Addiction Show - Sandy, Son & KristaCoff

    This movie was retarded. It felt over trying, people pleaseing that had no meaning.

  • BboyElectrick
    BboyElectrick Year ago

    Movie was one of the best comedies I've seen

  • Queen Elizabeth's Toilet Paper

    I don't wike it

  • Eric Vagina
    Eric Vagina Year ago

    seen it last night. pretty funny. just a generic easy money maker tho. and reality if someones daughter was gonna marry someone worth 200 million why the fuck would a father not approve.... not like he made the money illegally or anything. ...

  • ed1rko17
    ed1rko17 Year ago

    I surprisingly found this movie fucking boring as shit! Thought I would love it but nope.

  • BriansRadioReviews

    I was expected James and Bryan's relationship to be a little more tense than it was, but I still enjoyed watching it though.

  • Free Bee
    Free Bee Year ago

    Cranston is ok.but this movie sucked balls! All the comedy is just franco saying profanity

  • Good one!
    Good one! Year ago

    wow yeah I thought it was going to be shit on but I might watch it now

  • cheitner
    cheitner Year ago

    why is this dude talking with his hands.

  • skivvy09
    skivvy09 Year ago

    wtf is wrong with your hands.

  • betterthanyou
    betterthanyou Year ago

    Chris Stuckmann is better than you.

  • Riki Kage
    Riki Kage Year ago

    40% on RT… ffs what's wrong with this movie? It's funny , good acting simple plot what is wrong with it?!!!

  • Janson Chen
    Janson Chen Year ago

    This movie is dirty and I like it. Laugh like hell. What else to say

  • SSj3Ninja
    SSj3Ninja Year ago

    one word, boring

  • Jason Thornton
    Jason Thornton Year ago

    why do you always leave me with a bloody nose you fool!

  • Cran KaDub
    Cran KaDub Year ago

    Just saw this with my dad fuck my life

  • mcfigu
    mcfigu Year ago

    I just came back from the cinema. This movie was really good!

  • Vinny Banana
    Vinny Banana Year ago

    You know what idk why this movie gets hate I thought it was funny. Better than a Paul Feige movie that relies on pop culture refrences and one liners. This was pretty good. It was well written with a good setup and the jokes pay off. The filmmaking felt generic and looked like all the other comedies but it did make me laugh. Its funny so fuck it I like it.

  • Haley Wilburn
    Haley Wilburn Year ago

    How can you not know Tammy 2? Everyone knows Tammy 2.

  • Ryuken Devereaux
    Ryuken Devereaux Year ago

    I loved Son in law :) Review son in law! please and thank you

  • TheNipunMarwaha
    TheNipunMarwaha Year ago

    J Dawg! If you liked the mom go watch some episodes of Will & Grace. She plays a pill popping alcoholic secretary to for Debra Messing's fashion business. And to boot she does nothing because she's married to a millionaire and doesn't actually need the job so all she does is be drunkenly sarcastic. It's gold!

  • Twitch
    Twitch Year ago +2

    "Ok, stop motorboating your dad and elevate me a pitch." XD one of my favorite James Franco lines.

  • Misty Rose
    Misty Rose Year ago

    I didn't expect to laugh so much, but I did xD Comedies don't get to me much nowadays, pleasantly surprised.

  • JerkOffGaming
    JerkOffGaming Year ago

    Saw the trailer and I was like this will be shit but when it came it out I'm like fuck it and watched it surprised me it was funny asf

  • Kent Abrahams
    Kent Abrahams Year ago

    This movie is so damn funny alcohol would not be a bad idea

  • The Booth
    The Booth Year ago

    We just uploaded our review for Why Him? and would love for you to check it out and give us your thoughts!

  • stefan kureljusic

    I dont get why it got so bad reviews. If you laugh and have a really good time, how can a movie be considered bad. Is it bad because i't doesnt have a Politically correct based story. People are weird

  • Quick Clips
    Quick Clips Year ago +1

    I just got home from watching it and I thought it was a good movie. There isn't much or really any negative stuff to say about it. Megan, I new would be funny cause I like her in Will & Grace. Bryan always delivers in his roles no matter who he is portraying and he did it again in this film. James was very funny in this movie, I usually think that he tries to hard to be funny in his movies to which it then is just not funny, but in this film he did great. I would give this film a 7/10.

  • annmcfly
    annmcfly Year ago

    Okay, I was halfway through this review and I stop watching (for spoilers) because I need to go watch the movie first. Brb Jeremy.

  • Phil F.
    Phil F. Year ago

    I'm surprised! Rotten tomatoes raped it more or less, I'm glad you like it, though!

  • B. Wayne
    B. Wayne Year ago

    Worst movie of 2016

  • Vincent Marin
    Vincent Marin Year ago

    So wait you mean to tell me your the Internet James Franco ? 🙄#this

  • Jake Silver
    Jake Silver Year ago +1

    What a piece of shit, Sorry Jeremy taking your reviews with a grain of salt from now on.

  • JosPlays
    JosPlays Year ago

    Just saw it. Loved it. Now going to buy some blue crystal meth.

  • Timothy Gein
    Timothy Gein Year ago

    going to see it today!

  • smushie8
    smushie8 Year ago +1

    It was literally the funniest movie I've watched in my entire life no joke

  • lil Alo g
    lil Alo g Year ago

    I liked it

  • Kirsty Allan
    Kirsty Allan Year ago

    Loved the film. Havnt laughter so much at any other film I've seen. Was totally shocked to see guest appearances from gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

  • Pangga Bean
    Pangga Bean Year ago

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  • ItsEpicXD
    ItsEpicXD Year ago

    IMa bout to see this movie, thoughts?

  • Andy
    Andy Year ago

    "YES!" -William DeMarco, 2016

  • Shawnee FirstRider
    Shawnee FirstRider Year ago +2

    How does Jeremy not know Karen Walker ?!

  • Jose Morazan
    Jose Morazan Year ago

    No hate but I'm surprised Jeremy doesn't know Megan Mulluly, she's pretty famous but it would be awesome if she was in more movies

  • parnesian parrapio

    Saw it today, it's pretty funny! Go watch it! ❤

  • Gabe Boggs
    Gabe Boggs Year ago +1

    hilarious movie but a little awkward watching it with my parents

  • Lesnar with the belly flop

    This movie was funny as hell I laughed every scene