Peter and His Heckler - "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" with Andy Samberg


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  • Rhapsody
    Rhapsody 2 hours ago +1

    Anyone else actually go on the website?

    UNTAMED UMTAMED_WiLlY 4 hours ago +1

    2:17 awkward'

  • R Puccio
    R Puccio 5 hours ago

    this is actually really good for a jimmy fallon video

  • ARC 06
    ARC 06 6 hours ago +1


    -HIKARI MOCHI- 13 hours ago


    MEME MASTER 64 14 hours ago

    The cakedonalds website is real

  • pie man
    pie man 15 hours ago

    The only thing I thought about was how he looked like the guy in the Lorax

  • Greta Beesley
    Greta Beesley 15 hours ago

    OMG I do this for movies!!! I do it unknowingly and then I reflect and don't give a shit, then I reflect again later and get embarrassed, anyone else do this or am I alone in comentating and critiquing movies and such?

  • Kevin Er
    Kevin Er 16 hours ago

    You guys are the best two thumbs up

  • But Then What?
    But Then What? 16 hours ago

    Jimmy really beltin it out damn,, also this whole thing is just a beautiful masterpiece

  • XxJeremiglia_69420 Kim
    XxJeremiglia_69420 Kim 17 hours ago +3

    Like if Will Ferrell was better lol

  • dankvader123
    dankvader123 18 hours ago


  • Ryan Lorch
    Ryan Lorch 18 hours ago

    Andy's doing a wonderful Will Ferrell impersonation

  • Fedor Vladimirovich
    Fedor Vladimirovich 20 hours ago

    2:19 jesus christ she actually tried to suck his finger

  • Madison Frodsham
    Madison Frodsham 20 hours ago


  • Caitlin Buchanan
    Caitlin Buchanan 21 hour ago

    The website is actually real.

  • Sandman Dealer
    Sandman Dealer 21 hour ago

    The site is actually pretty cool too, it’s a shame they’re only open for 15 minutes on Monday

  • Noghtmore Doshie
    Noghtmore Doshie 21 hour ago +1

    When I came to New York for a theatre trip we went to the NBC station and we went to the Tonight Show studio and the room was actually tiny they use wide camera lens’ on the cameras to make the room seem bigger when it not MAGIC

  • Brett Theiser
    Brett Theiser 21 hour ago

    Is the text at the end the stock iMovie font

  • Kevin Meyers
    Kevin Meyers 21 hour ago

    the blank stares was the best part

  • Ju_ Swain
    Ju_ Swain 22 hours ago

    It’s an actual wensite

  • skyeisinmanyfandoms
    skyeisinmanyfandoms 22 hours ago

    jake is that you

  • Sage Chan
    Sage Chan 22 hours ago

    I would go to cakedonalds in a heartbeat

  • Jacqueline Jones
    Jacqueline Jones 23 hours ago

    I never knew that I needed this

  • peachcakes
    peachcakes 23 hours ago

    Mr. O'hare who lmao.

  • oh Yeah yeah
    oh Yeah yeah Day ago


  • Gregor Baby
    Gregor Baby Day ago

    Dat Mugatus piano tie doe 😂 😂

  • Caleb Billingsley

    Shrek Retold did it first......

  • Ethan L
    Ethan L Day ago

    This bit is so bad. Do people actually laugh at this shit?

  • I’m a Disappointment

    That audience member kind of sounds like the odd1sout! 😂

  • Kierra Mack
    Kierra Mack Day ago

    This is beyond corny and super stupid

  • Guy Jamieson
    Guy Jamieson Day ago

    walking in the place is tight

  • Jasmine Samantha

    This is my favorite song.

  • ViaAyres
    ViaAyres Day ago

    I’m glad this exists. Lol

  • Victor Lopes
    Victor Lopes Day ago

    Jake Peralta undercover

  • brysonbrwn91
    brysonbrwn91 Day ago

    that audience member kinda thicc. and the way she ate that frosting :0

  • GostFalconFPV
    GostFalconFPV Day ago is funny! 😁

  • Sofia Panizza
    Sofia Panizza Day ago +2

    Lol it's 4:20 long

  • Kevin Kyei
    Kevin Kyei Day ago

    I like how the video is exactly 4 min and 20 seconds long

  • cool sloan
    cool sloan Day ago

    Did anyone else notice that the video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long


  • Unlucky Girl 13
    Unlucky Girl 13 Day ago

    That guy in the audience is me

  • Action Cat
    Action Cat Day ago

    This is so stupid I love it.

  • Devyn MacLauchlan
    Devyn MacLauchlan Day ago +1

  • Enoc_2326
    Enoc_2326 Day ago

    RIP to the bitch at 2:19 she thought she was gonna suck on his finger

  • Yvonne Granger
    Yvonne Granger Day ago

    Anyone else actually go to the website? It’s hilarious 😂😂😂

  • PumpedUpBricks
    PumpedUpBricks Day ago

    This is so annoying. Why can't that idiot just let the guy sing. Smh

  • Claire Yeater
    Claire Yeater Day ago

    who else went to

  • Angel Herndez
    Angel Herndez Day ago

    The website is real!

  • Atheena Chelsea
    Atheena Chelsea Day ago

    Please do: "say something" by a great big world next!

  • SnoopSnep
    SnoopSnep Day ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Percy Henderson
    Percy Henderson Day ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Jaida Blizard
    Jaida Blizard Day ago

    This is my type of humor

  • Shane Babb
    Shane Babb Day ago

    Why does Jimmy look like he’s tryna sell me some “O’Hare Air!”?

  • Toasty
    Toasty Day ago

    I need a hype person in my life to fan crowds to cheer louder for me.

  • Autumn Henderson-Brazie

    *Jimmy finds another reason to sing*

  • Iain Kilcar
    Iain Kilcar Day ago

    This reminds me of John otway singing house of the rising sun

  • SakurakoO.O
    SakurakoO.O Day ago

    1:31 "have fallen into the same ___ ____ routine"

  • Bianca Lopez
    Bianca Lopez 2 days ago is an actual website and its funny as shit

  • Chingiz Zhylkybayev
    Chingiz Zhylkybayev 2 days ago

    What did we do to deserve Andy Samberg? He is comedic perfection.

  • How YouDoin’
    How YouDoin’ 2 days ago

    Ok but please go to the website and keep scrolling down there was so much work put into that website

  • Hillary R
    Hillary R 2 days ago

    Jimmy reminds me of Kevin from the office 😂

  • Violet 7733
    Violet 7733 2 days ago

    Yep, the best video on the internet

  • Aamenah Khurram
    Aamenah Khurram 2 days ago

    I've had both of these haircuts on and off up till the age of 12

  • WolfPack *
    WolfPack * 2 days ago

    The heckler is my nana lol

  • __ Chapman__
    __ Chapman__ 2 days ago

    Jimmy looks like the guy from the Lorax

  • Kelcey M
    Kelcey M 2 days ago

    This video is 4 minuets and 20 seconds long

  • Jacob Tobias
    Jacob Tobias 2 days ago

    I agree, poems suck

  • Jacob Tobias
    Jacob Tobias 2 days ago


  • ajs7878
    ajs7878 2 days ago

    Songs that sound happy but in reality are sad or dark is a genre that i wish would come back

  • Reid Erickson
    Reid Erickson 2 days ago

    This isn’t better than the journey onr

  • Dom Herndzz
    Dom Herndzz 2 days ago

    jimmy looks like the guy from the lorax

  • oriza
    oriza 2 days ago

    Chills... Literal chills.

  • Evania Endellion
    Evania Endellion 2 days ago

    The CakeDonalds website is fucking hilarious!

  • Rob Donnelly
    Rob Donnelly 2 days ago

    The legend is true.. the website exists!

  • Scum Bag pul
    Scum Bag pul 2 days ago

    I love that actually exists

  • Omar Beno
    Omar Beno 2 days ago


  • Alexandra Seeberger
    Alexandra Seeberger 2 days ago

    I miss Andy playing skit characters

  • Fabian Collier
    Fabian Collier 2 days ago

    Peralta, what are you doing?

  • Veronica Holme
    Veronica Holme 2 days ago

    I went to I was not disappointed.

  • Charmaine Cruz
    Charmaine Cruz 2 days ago

    Visited and I was not disappointed 😂

  • Om Prakash
    Om Prakash 2 days ago

    Wouldn't you sand up your butt 😂

  • Raisa Shams
    Raisa Shams 2 days ago

    ok but actually go to the cakedonalds website and listen to the jingle.

  • Lilly Dauenhauer
    Lilly Dauenhauer 2 days ago

    This video is 4:20

  • Isabella Lucas
    Isabella Lucas 2 days ago

    Omg the cakedonalds website is real. They have all the cakes I want at my birthday lol

  • logan dupuis
    logan dupuis 2 days ago

    That cake Donald’s site is damn near one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen you can tell someone put a shit ton of effort into it just for lols 😂

  • Kevin Ray
    Kevin Ray 2 days ago

    His new wife is super pretty, can’t believe he didn’t throw the rest of that cake on the ground tho. Happy birthday to the ground.

  • The Angry Dudeist
    The Angry Dudeist 2 days ago

    Joey Lawrence age 8 wants his hair cut back, dude...

  • Jenna Gorddard
    Jenna Gorddard 2 days ago


  • Abby beckley
    Abby beckley 2 days ago

    I actually searched up cakedonalds and I’m dying because a website came up😂 they didn’t lie when they said it was real🤣🤣

  • Caxton
    Caxton 2 days ago

  • Grace Gardner
    Grace Gardner 2 days ago

    Cake Donald’s is an actual website

  • Amelia
    Amelia 2 days ago

    “ let it die, let it die “

  • Kapps M
    Kapps M 2 days ago

    He kinda looks like Kevin Malone

  • Allen Aguas
    Allen Aguas 2 days ago

    Please go check out the restaurant 😂

  • JessieSevenfold
    JessieSevenfold 2 days ago

    The brother of the Park's Ranger guy who yells everything.

  • zeynab abdi too
    zeynab abdi too 2 days ago

    andy samberg is my favourite human being

  • The Corvette fan
    The Corvette fan 2 days ago


  • Galactic Animations
    Galactic Animations 2 days ago

    Omg cakedonalds is a real website 🤣

  • Matt Von schirnding
    Matt Von schirnding 2 days ago

    I want it that way would work well!