Peter and His Heckler - "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" with Andy Samberg

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Peter (Jimmy Fallon) tries to sing "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" but keeps getting interrupted by a heckler (Andy Samberg).
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    Peter and His Heckler - "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)" with Andy Samberg
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Aaron Dunaye
    Aaron Dunaye 19 hours ago

    I’d bang that chick with frosting

  • Sonu Vai
    Sonu Vai Day ago

    Andy Samberg is half brother of Adam Sandler.

  • Skyler Branson
    Skyler Branson 2 days ago

    i can't breathe skskskskks

  • NBD _ Chubzz
    NBD _ Chubzz 3 days ago

    Is the heckler from hotel Transylvania

  • Tushar Tank
    Tushar Tank 3 days ago

    Boyle, a murder

  • Nixxi
    Nixxi 3 days ago


  • Josh xD
    Josh xD 4 days ago

    The website doesn't work :'(

  • Makuta Depresserix
    Makuta Depresserix 5 days ago

    This is a gift to the world

  • Nazli Soyhun
    Nazli Soyhun 8 days ago +1

    You're welcome :)
    I was tired of my lady, (why?)
    we'd been together too long (what was your relationship like?)
    Like a worn-out recording, (of what? Funny animal sound?)
    of a favorite song (that makes more sense)
    So while she lay there sleeping, (what were you doing?)
    I read the paper in bed (which section? Obituaries?)
    And in the personal’s column, (what did you read?)
    there was this letter I read (oh my crap! What did it say?)

    If you like Pina Coladas, (I do, I love to drink)
    and getting caught in the rain (who would like that?)
    If you're not into yoga, (I don’t exercise)
    if you have half a brain (I do have half a brain)
    If you like making love at midnight, (ew gross)
    in the dunes of the cape (wouldn’t you get sand in your butt?)
    I'm the love that you've looked for, (what? We just met)
    write to me and escape (uh, no thanks, hard pass)

    (did you think about your lady?) I didn't think about my lady,
    (do you know how that sound?) I know that sounds kind of mean (uh no doy!)
    But me and my old lady, (wait, is this song about your mom?)
    had fallen into the same old dull routine (this better not be about your mom)
    So I wrote to the paper, (what’d you take out?)
    took out a personal ad (are you somebody’s poet, tho?)
    And though I'm nobody's poet, (good. poems suck)
    I thought it wasn't half bad (this brain is half gone)

    Yes, I like Pina Coladas, (same, I love to drink)
    and getting caught in the rain (that’s a bad thing to like)
    I'm not much into health food, (I only eat birthday cake)
    I am into champagne (I love all the alcohols)
    I've got to meet you by tomorrow noon, (whoa someone’s horny)
    and cut through all this red tape (where you gonna meet? Baskin-Robins?)
    At a bar called O’Malley’s, (big mistake, Baskin-Robins has cake)
    where we'll plan our escape (oh it’s lunch time. Let’s eat cake together)

    (Here is cake. Here I’ll put some on your nose. Now we’re married. We’re married now. You are my new wife. I am pregnant with your child.)

    So, I waited with high hopes, (did she walk in the place?)
    then she walked in the place (I knew she’d walk in the place)
    I knew her smile in an instant, (I’m so glad she walked in the place)
    I knew the curve of her face (walking in the place rocks)
    It was my own lovely lady, (is this song still about your mom?)
    and she said, "Oh, it's you" (I’ll just assume it’s not about your mom)
    And we laughed for a moment, (and what did you say?)
    and I said, "I never knew" (classic quote)

    That you liked Pina Coladas, (oh there was more to the quote)
    and getting caught in the rain (why do you like that?)
    And the feel of the ocean, (why do you like getting wet?)
    and the taste of champagne (what is this song?)
    If you like making love at midnight, (why is this song exist?)
    in the dunes of the cape (just call it a beach)
    You're the love that I've looked for, (I’m not a lady. It’s just my hair)
    come with me, and escape"(what is existing? Why are we here? Why do human have consciousness, but no other animals do? Come on new wife, let’s dance)

  • Roland Levy
    Roland Levy 11 days ago

    why didn’t tyler put this one on IGOR?

  • Aaron Chars
    Aaron Chars 11 days ago

    Andy Samberg is Will Ferrell's twin

  • Afra Tatarhan
    Afra Tatarhan 11 days ago

    Somebody please write the quotes so we can learn by heart and make this our anthem as empty people

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. 13 days ago


  • Ravioli Ravioli
    Ravioli Ravioli 13 days ago +1

    Jimmy and Andy was the duo I always wanted.

  • Laura Gallaher
    Laura Gallaher 13 days ago

    The website is not real. They lied to us

  • Billie Wicks
    Billie Wicks 13 days ago +2

    This is great. Andy samberg makes everything better

  • Bertin Iradukunda
    Bertin Iradukunda 14 days ago +1

    "I love ALL the alcohols"
    My motto.

  • Stefon Gabriel
    Stefon Gabriel 14 days ago

    Pretty funny sketch! My favorite still is the Will Ferrell Peter and his heckler.

  • SCOPED Howey
    SCOPED Howey 16 days ago

    So much better than will Ferrells version.

  • Logan Rogers
    Logan Rogers 16 days ago


  • miss SG
    miss SG 17 days ago

    Andy put a highlighter on that lady's nose, he's a makeup artist tOO!

  • miss SG
    miss SG 17 days ago

    Moral of the vdo : the society gotta criticize at every step u take, but u gotta keep singing ur song.... 💖

  • khfofo
    khfofo 18 days ago

    I love Andy Samberg lmao

  • jooni saw endgame and cried

    Ugh, why is he shouting, he is just an audience member >:[

  • Miss Hedley
    Miss Hedley 18 days ago

    Honestly I swear that would be Jake Peralta on an undercover operation 😂

  • ImDisconnected
    ImDisconnected 19 days ago +1

    Not so funny :/

  • HalfBloodQueenSlytherinOfThe21ChemicalBoyDisco!

    I can only see Jake Parolta now lmao

  • Thorsten Dillmann
    Thorsten Dillmann 20 days ago

    Miss Will Ferrell here

  • Maya Coburn
    Maya Coburn 20 days ago

    666 dislikes

  • Sanjana Rajagopal
    Sanjana Rajagopal 21 day ago

    Albert Einstibe

  • The Backwoods
    The Backwoods 21 day ago

    Look at how she bites her lip at 2:16 she wanted more than cake 😂

  • Meaghan Kehoe
    Meaghan Kehoe 21 day ago

    I didn’t like this not gonna lie

  • Romain Savioz
    Romain Savioz 22 days ago

    Cool cool cool cool cool

  • Benny Wolfe
    Benny Wolfe 24 days ago

    Is Andy Samberg from Brooklyn 99?

    • diehardrvdfan22
      diehardrvdfan22 23 days ago

      The comment below yours answers in the affirmative.

  • Carl Nueva
    Carl Nueva 24 days ago +2

    Andy Samberg is really funny and cool, watch his series "Brooklyn 99"

  • J. E. H.
    J. E. H. 24 days ago

    The is a lie.

    • diehardrvdfan22
      diehardrvdfan22 23 days ago +1

      In an alternate universe, this is the real line from Portal.

  • Shareen Mae
    Shareen Mae 26 days ago


  • Kaylee Meeker
    Kaylee Meeker 28 days ago

    Jimmy's hair is best.

  • Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix 29 days ago

    That girl just left that cake on her nose

  • Cee Dee
    Cee Dee 29 days ago

    Hair bwahaha😂

  • André Pansera
    André Pansera 29 days ago

    Jimmy is the operation game guy

  • Haydo Mo106
    Haydo Mo106 Month ago

    When he put cake on her nose she opened her mouth thinking he was gonna feed it to her... poor girl 😅

  • patrick mcglone
    patrick mcglone Month ago

    Ummmmmm No!

  • acount 1
    acount 1 Month ago

    Will Ferrell was better

  • TheEpicGamer19
    TheEpicGamer19 Month ago +1


  • alison adams
    alison adams Month ago

    tell me why andy samberg looks like a blond bran stark 😂

  • Lilly Ursula
    Lilly Ursula Month ago

    Jimmy looks like Mike Myers

  • Jennah Khazaal
    Jennah Khazaal Month ago

    *Im pregnant with your child*

  • Vishal P
    Vishal P Month ago

    what just happen

  • jawknee5
    jawknee5 Month ago +1

    Andy does a good Owen Wilson here.

  • Zach Zach Zach
    Zach Zach Zach Month ago

    This reminds me when Will Ferrell was the heckler 😂

  • Wednes dayy
    Wednes dayy Month ago

    I thought that this was snl at first

  • Sophie Moore
    Sophie Moore Month ago

    I don't think I have ever laughed so much. I love this duo!!!

  • joop foop
    joop foop Month ago +1


  • Gringo Mandingo
    Gringo Mandingo Month ago

    Jimmy Fallon is pretty talented

  • Nobita Nobi
    Nobita Nobi Month ago

    La la la la the video is 4:20 looooong

  • Mia Lane
    Mia Lane Month ago +1 is a real website where you can order anything to do with cake

  • Mai
    Mai Month ago +2

    "No, thanks. Hard pass!" I'm dying of laughing

  • Mary Dragonee
    Mary Dragonee Month ago


  • Critters are Real
    Critters are Real Month ago

    This is awesome

  • Michael K
    Michael K Month ago

    Thumbs down because there was no website. I was robbed!

  • Davy Brown
    Davy Brown Month ago

    Title of your sex tape?

  • FurbyBuddy
    FurbyBuddy Month ago

    I'm getting Sandman vibes from Jimmy fallons character

  • Charlee Wrzosek
    Charlee Wrzosek Month ago +1

    I need jimmy and John Mulaney next😂

  • Jake smith
    Jake smith Month ago +1

    OMG is real

  • Jake smith
    Jake smith Month ago +1

    This is like watching anything with my family

  • Nacnacnacatac - NAXA

    Imagine not getting claimed on youtube lol

  • Cheesy_ Chipz
    Cheesy_ Chipz Month ago

    Love is love ( ◠‿◠ )

  • James Maccenen
    James Maccenen Month ago

    “UH NO DOY”

  • Hallie Galloway
    Hallie Galloway Month ago

    this is a reason to LIVE

  • Larry 44
    Larry 44 Month ago +1

    Jimmy looks like Mike Myers

  • A D
    A D Month ago

    This is very Will Farrel-esque.

  • TJ loves lamp
    TJ loves lamp Month ago +6

    Andy Samberg looks like ringo Starr but with a blond hair

  • Micah
    Micah Month ago

    i just wanna know who the person in the audience was...

  • croakthedj
    croakthedj Month ago

    Cake donalds is not real

  • tbf-script
    tbf-script Month ago +1

    That's what I was gonna say lol +Volcan

  • bram bonte
    bram bonte Month ago

    The video is 420 long

  • ryan plonkaa
    ryan plonkaa Month ago

    Huh, does exist...

  • Deniel Buckel
    Deniel Buckel Month ago

    There is no cake Donald’s website

  • A AD
    A AD Month ago

    I love him so much hahahaha andy is a gift swear

  • Angel Vasquez
    Angel Vasquez Month ago

    Basically the same as when he's Carl in Parks and Rec 😂 😂

  • Joshua Koewing
    Joshua Koewing Month ago

    This is why Peralta isn't allowed outside

  • Nia M
    Nia M Month ago

    1:15 😂😂

  • Sierra Perry
    Sierra Perry Month ago

    We need more of Peter and His Heckler!

  • stirfrydontlie ____

    Can we appriciate that this is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long.

  • Jackson T
    Jackson T Month ago

    Walking in the place rocks

  • Pasathorn Yodtaweepornanan

    This is very entertaining.

  • Zachary Caltrider
    Zachary Caltrider Month ago

    Imagine thinking this is funny

  • vio
    vio Month ago +14

    That audience member is beautiful. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was planted.

    • Aaron Chars
      Aaron Chars 11 days ago

      Anna Kendrick's lookalike found

    • Laura Gallaher
      Laura Gallaher 13 days ago

      vio I’m pretty sure that’s his wife so not planted so much as him purposely sitting next to her when he went to do this sketch

  • roybenari
    roybenari Month ago

    This is actually funny, and also upsetting because you realize retroactively, Jimmy Felon can actually hold a character without breaking - which makes all the times he did all the more infuriating

  • Natalie Goslin
    Natalie Goslin Month ago

    what happened to the cakedonalds website!?

  • m. Stimson
    m. Stimson Month ago


  • bandite_thedog
    bandite_thedog Month ago

    Andy and Jake Peralata are one in the same

  • Benjiman Yocum
    Benjiman Yocum Month ago

    Jimmy’s wig and mannerisms make me think of Pete Holmes

  • Pranav Pednekar
    Pranav Pednekar Month ago

    That audience member is Anna Kendrick's mother

  • Rhielle Everet
    Rhielle Everet Month ago

    “I love all the alcohol”

  • zact lee
    zact lee Month ago

    "The heckler's wife." Coming to you this summer.

  • zact lee
    zact lee Month ago

    Hes the next will ferrel.

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski Month ago

    lol ahahah

  • Emily Belkowitz
    Emily Belkowitz Month ago

    I actually looked up the website. It’s terrible looking but real