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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast Year ago +102080

    Shout out to the youngest guest in Hot Ones history!

  • S7
    S7 8 hours ago

    Is no one gonna question the fuckin NUGGIES?

  • Mooskrum
    Mooskrum 8 hours ago


  • Armando Becerra
    Armando Becerra 8 hours ago

    How do I marry her she's the most gorgeous woman ever🔥🔥

  • Buster Cherry
    Buster Cherry 8 hours ago

    I like when she says "cock" like, 5 times.

  • Chowder !
    Chowder ! 10 hours ago

    we love a yungbuld reference we need yungbuld on the show

  • deltaskarmory1
    deltaskarmory1 10 hours ago

    6:02 is nobody gonna mention how good that Burp and all the other Belches where like she just doesn't give a Damn and that's what i love about her

  • it’s Natalie
    it’s Natalie 10 hours ago

    I’m watching this March 29th 2020

  • Leander Barreto
    Leander Barreto 12 hours ago

    Pretty sure this is child abuse

  • Dripzye
    Dripzye 13 hours ago

    I just realized vegetarians can’t go on this shoe

  • Michéal aranki
    Michéal aranki 13 hours ago +1

    i can, i can, i CANT, i cant, i can, i really cant,
    *wow, what a mix of emotions!*

  • blizzunt420e
    blizzunt420e 13 hours ago

    I know this is a show where you have celebrities on to eat spicy hot wings but you should exclude Fake obnoxious poser guests like this. She’d make the perfect star for one of those cringe videos


    Check this out. you will love him

  • Silke J
    Silke J 13 hours ago

    I like Billie Eilish. I'll like her more 5 years from now when the need to wriggle around has somewhat lessened.

  • Surender Dhillon
    Surender Dhillon 14 hours ago

    Background music from 7:40?

  • G’s YouTube etiquette

    This should have been called “Billie Eilish gets a bellyache while eating spicy wings”

  • Melissa Moore
    Melissa Moore 15 hours ago


  • Myself
    Myself 15 hours ago

    put Finneas on Hot Ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luigi
    luigi 16 hours ago

    I can’t I can I can I can’t I can I can I can’t
    : 13 yo girls: 😧🤭🤭😧😧😦😦 ThAtS DeeeEEEp BrO

  • sanura udrius
    sanura udrius 16 hours ago

    She is so boring!

  • Jorge Chavez
    Jorge Chavez 16 hours ago

    Well we didn't get to see her putting the things in the mouth like tyra did. So ... maybe she didn't eat it

  • GameLover COOL
    GameLover COOL 17 hours ago

    Me looks down, wheres my charger!?

  • Mickey Garlock
    Mickey Garlock 17 hours ago

    I'm not the biggest fan of her (music) but she is real for sure.

  • Mickey Garlock
    Mickey Garlock 17 hours ago

    I'm Wax Bottles and Candy Cigarretes old.

  • Bane Kolevski
    Bane Kolevski 18 hours ago

    those lips are so good

  • FourTortoise 104
    FourTortoise 104 18 hours ago

    In the 8 minutes I spent watching this, I’ve learned: A. That she curses like a 11-year old on Xbox Live when their parents are not around to attempt to “fit in.” B. Burps and is not polite or humble about it. Makes someone with morals basically feel awkward in the moment and forces you to deal with it. C. Does that thing people who think they are “above” others do when they scoff at questions they are asked. Making you feel stupid for asking even though it’s an interview they signed up for. Billie Eilish, the present day version of ‘13-‘14 Lorde.

  • skeech1979
    skeech1979 19 hours ago +1

    Who is this 12 year old? Why is she dressing like a emo-pop-pimp?

    BABBAR 19 hours ago

    HOT SAUCE !!

  • Saul Smith
    Saul Smith 20 hours ago

    Every job turns into a he is so right even my dream job turned into work

  • Tamil Eniyan
    Tamil Eniyan 20 hours ago

    Is she vegan....?

  • Justin Tan
    Justin Tan 20 hours ago

    13:58 Im lying in my bed at 1am and i literally jump out of my blanket.

  • FAHJA17
    FAHJA17 20 hours ago

    God she's so manly.

  • The House that Jack Built

    I love bobby eyelashes!

  • sippin sick0
    sippin sick0 21 hour ago


  • sippin sick0
    sippin sick0 21 hour ago

    She said "Im dipping my water I mean my lips"

  • Brendan Hamp
    Brendan Hamp 21 hour ago

    Allergies? Or was she smoking Lucifer's lettuce?

  • Soggy Juice
    Soggy Juice 21 hour ago

    Dose she have chicken nuggets

  • Soggy Juice
    Soggy Juice 21 hour ago

    I want to try these wings

  • Daniel Timmins
    Daniel Timmins 21 hour ago

    I’m in March 29th 2020 a year from when her WHEN WE ALL FALL A SLEEP WHERE DO WE GO album came out

  • marius Braun
    marius Braun 22 hours ago

    ain´t she vegan ?????

  • Anubis
    Anubis 22 hours ago

    hahha eating hot wings is one thing but going to shit on the next day is another .....
    it burns 2 times

  • Johnny DT
    Johnny DT 23 hours ago


  • Omegelfilebusters Tv
    Omegelfilebusters Tv 23 hours ago

    But they fire tho

  • Omegelfilebusters Tv
    Omegelfilebusters Tv 23 hours ago

    I felt when she said they'd let them play full length songs

  • Kirlian222
    Kirlian222 Day ago

    She is so annoying. Even Evan is annoyed. Damn, horrible guest.

  • Minyaweth
    Minyaweth Day ago

    I'm late but I'm I the ONLY one that thinks she sounds a lot like Meg from family guy. I may just be weird.

  • Jessup O'Dell
    Jessup O'Dell Day ago

    Says she's a bargain shopper instead of Gucci, but then says she spends $200 on a hoodie because its sarcastic. Gtfo, she fake.

  • Jessup O'Dell
    Jessup O'Dell Day ago

    She is so fucking fake. Why the fuck everyone so hyped about her? She's a typical teenager.

  • Jessup O'Dell
    Jessup O'Dell Day ago

    Talking like they a special local thing (wax soda) gtfo

  • Kairi Tosch
    Kairi Tosch Day ago

    Who else has natural rbf like if you do

  • Liberty Teeter
    Liberty Teeter Day ago

    Let us see with a resting bitch face 😂😂😂 im dying

  • Ayush Negi
    Ayush Negi Day ago

    Now i wanna eat something spicy too💕💕

  • Ella Dentson
    Ella Dentson Day ago +1

    Billie: it tastes like an anus!
    Me:so you know what that tastes like....

  • Cherish 123
    Cherish 123 Day ago

    She just dipped are hand in the water then drank the water

  • Super Mario in real life Kid

    I know this is old but why dose she look high as fuck

  • Shaylee Nielsen
    Shaylee Nielsen Day ago

    Oh my god! Your reaction to Da' Bomb is honestly very funny

  • Masons bald head
    Masons bald head Day ago +1

    This reminds me of the dumb locker room talk

  • Grant Worrell
    Grant Worrell Day ago

    did she ever get her beanie

  • jacob boudreau
    jacob boudreau Day ago

    Moxie isn't only awesome... I'ts wicked awesome and approved by mothah

  • immortal mp1
    immortal mp1 Day ago

    Shes ugly as shit

    • Crybaby K-12
      Crybaby K-12 Day ago

      Complete opposite. What’s wrong with you?

  • Ronald Ward
    Ronald Ward Day ago

    wow billies coming on strong!

  • Rostislav Dimitrov

    I very wan to see Billie Eilish 🌺❤

  • J.T The Greatest

    "I can't I can I can't i can nvm i can't i can't "

  • Emma Peacock
    Emma Peacock Day ago

    Billy : I can’t no I can what no I can’t what yes I can what no I really can’t 😂😂😂

  • Ericka Vela
    Ericka Vela Day ago

    Amo esta mujer! 😍

  • Cherish 123
    Cherish 123 Day ago

    How does Billie ellish knows what anus takes like

  • Andrei Vlad
    Andrei Vlad Day ago

    6:02 me every time after taking one sip of Pepsi.

    FAT YOSHI Day ago +1

    17:55 for all of you horny bastards

  • Asia brown
    Asia brown Day ago

    I’m happy more girls have that deeper toned voice for females. I feel normal.

  • H A S H L Y
    H A S H L Y Day ago +1

    Me encanta como hace sus muecas en cada segundo que pasa 💚😍💚😍💚

  • KxK96
    KxK96 Day ago

    I love Billie but you can tell she's really that young by the way she speaks, ugh kinda annoying at times xd

  • Dan Willey
    Dan Willey Day ago

    Art INVITES interpretation.

  • Filip Mårtensson


  • Evalynn Bedsaul
    Evalynn Bedsaul Day ago

    Bro my first talent show I sang happiness is a warm gun

  • John Kaleb
    John Kaleb Day ago

    Please get Keanu Reeves

  • Snowy Pxws
    Snowy Pxws Day ago


  • StoneCold SteveAutistic

    I thought it was a boy...

  • Saydys adventure !